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The SoZo Phenomenon
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Why you should be a part

of the SoZo phenomenon

Two dramatic developments in American society have come together to create a rare opportunity for you to change your future. The first is the growing concern about maintaining good health, as more Americans live longer. The second is the sense many have that they are losing control over their lives, that outside economic and societal forces are reducing their freedom to choose how to live. SoZo® is the answer to both.

SoZo is an intensely nutritious, high-antioxidant functional beverage formulated with a proprietary, patented ingredient, CoffeeBerry®including other powerful fruit and vegetable extracts that, together, offer a full spectrum of antioxidant protection for the body and the mind. It is now complemented by Ignite®, a mind/body beverage beyond energy drinks, and SoZo Select® Premium Coffee, which contains the anti-oxidant value of a serving of fresh blueberries in every cup. All three can help users of any age maintain good health.

Now, 78% of business owners cite having control over their lives as an important reason for starting their own business. There isn't much these days that you can control, but your income and your time should be within your control. A SoZo business gives you both. You earn what you're willing to earn; it's up to you. You schedule your work time, and you enjoy your free time.

Your own SoZo business has other advantages, as well. The up-front costs are minimal compared to other types of businesses, and you can begin immediately. There are tax benefits to a home-based business; though you'll want to consult your tax professional for details. Extra cash can be earned through periodic SoZo incentives. SoZo offers Health Benefits insurance plans so you can build your business and not worry about health coverage. It's also possible to find yourself sitting behind the wheel of a new BMW 325i with SoZo's new car promotion.

Of course, luxury travel is part of the SoZo Life®. Just last month, qualified SoZo Distributors relaxed for a few days at a resort/spa in Puerto Rico, enjoying the fruits of their labor.

When you join SoZo, you gain access to intensive training by professionals in the industry, and support from your sponsor ensures that you're never without help for your business. Indeed, SoZo is a business of teamwork and welcoming relationships.

You have many reasons to become a part of SoZo and change your personal and family life. Contact the SoZo Distributor who forwarded this to you and see how easily you live the SoZo Life.

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