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I have a BIG announcement about how you can save money by doing some computer repair work yourself, but first, please stick with me while I explain how we have arrived at this point, and what it means to you.

In 2003 we opened an on-site, mobile computer repair business in the St. Louis, MO area. We charged $117 per hour back in 2006 and made a very nice living. But with the economic crash in 2008 we (as a family) sat down and re-evaluated our priorities, and our rates. We decided that we needed to reduce our rates considerably, to $67 per hour to help our current clients keep their computers running, some of whom had lost their jobs. After all, more and more people are turning to their computers and the Internet to start on-line businesses and network marketing businesses and/or needing to update resumes and do new employment searches. As a result we have kept a large number of our regular clients and added many new clients.

We are now at a point where we are revising our business model to add remote service via the internet. We have found that about 80% of the work we do is NOT hardware related and can be accomplished remotely, saving valuable time and money for all parties concerned.

Here is where the BIG news will help you save money! We believe that many of the BIG computer repair companies (like the geeks and others) charge way too much for many of the simple jobs you could do yourself, IF you knew how. We are currently building a website - that when finished will provide tutorials to show you step-by-step instructions on how YOU can do many of the simple repairs yourself!

Think about it! You won't have some geek come to your door and charge you $149 (or more) to do a simple repair that you could have done in minutes yourself. No concerns about an unknown person coming into your home, no sur-charges for runaway gas prices. And think about it – do you REALLY believe those companies do an in-depth background check on all of those $10 / hour employees, all over the country?

I've spoken with some of those employees, even hired a few of them and none of them were up to the standards of our company.

Our concept is simple, teach you how to do the repairs that you are capable of doing and help you with the repairs that you don't feel comfortable doing – remotely - for a reasonable rate.
Our first focus is towards computer repairs, but our intent is to expand this website to include all kinds of tutorials that will help you save money, hence the name "TuTSUM" for Tutorials That Save U Money.

I am posting this here because the best source of ideas available is from a community of business minded individual and who better to tap into than my friends and Associates here at IBO.

So please, feel free to send me your thoughts and ideas on how this new website would be beneficial for you. For sure, if you are currently having a problem and would like a tutorial created to address your problem, please use the Message Center to drop me a note or contact me directly at .

Remember the old Chinese proverb about “Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will eat every day.”

We believe that if we teach people how to be more self sufficient with their computers they will have more to spend on the important things in their life. The computer has become a necessity for many people in business today. Big companies make LOTS of money by taking advantage of this situation.

The website is not available yet. When it is launched (hopefully within the next 30 days) it will be at .

Take the power back. We’ll show you how!!!

Thanks, and "GO IBO"!!!!!!

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