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Hello, my name is Don, and I am one of three partners who own and operate Mobile Computer Specialists (MCS) in St. Louis, MO. In 2003 I bought into a fast growing, national franchise for an on-site mobile computer repair business. A few years later my wife, Linda and son, David joined me in operating the business as we increased the number of technicians we needed. After a few more years we opened our own business. Linda is now in charge of the administrative aspects of our business and David is now in charge of the technical aspects of the family business. As for me, I’m now devoting my time to Marketing and Social Media!

Our new brand, Mobile Computer Specialists (MCS), has been performing quality on-site computer service for residential and commercial customers in the St. Louis area since. We have performed service on all kinds of computers, for all kinds of customers from marina wireless installations to air force bases; to national cosmetic chains to a national internet kiosk corporation. We have worked for national car rental chains and lawyers and dentists offices, and on and on. Not to mention all of the residential customers we have had such fun working with. We love our business and our customers!

We are now taking our business to the next level by adding remote service capabilities. This technology is the next generation of computer repair service and it allows Mobile Computer Specialists (MCS) the opportunity to utilize the internet to provide our vast array of computer repair experience to computer users outside of our local area. Because this is a relatively new technology, you may not fully understand what this means. This allows Mobile Computer Specialists (MCS) to reach customers in need of our unique talents anywhere in the English speaking world. Sorry, no hablamos Español (yet)!!!

Here we grow again! We have seen the plethora of big companies who charge an arm AND a leg just to fix a minor problem on your computer. We don’t think that you should have to pay $100 or more to these brutes for simple repairs that you CAN do yourself. I know … you don’t know how to do the repairs. Well that’s going to change! We believe that we can provide you tutorials, either in video format and/or pictures and text documents that will give you the exact steps, precautions and procedures to allow YOU to perform many of these repairs yourself. We are preparing a new website that will be completed soon called TuTSUM stands for Tutorials That Save U Money, and this website will initially provide many free tutorials and will include subjects pertaining to computer use and repair. Eventually we will be expanding the content into other subjects as well.

Check back often after the site is completed at as we intend to continually update the content of this website with not only tutorials, but also with tips, trick and shortcuts to help you become more effective on your computer.

We are VERY excited at the possibilities that await us in this new venture and look forward to connecting with each and every one of you!!!

Have a great day everyone!!!

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