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I've Got a Friend
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I just wanted to let you all know that right here on IBO, I met someone who is going to help this newbie advance her business. IBO Rocks and all of us are here to help each other. But sometimes, for people like me, we need someone to give us step-by-step directions in the areas where we are weak or confused.

So much about the internet confuses me. Which is why, I think, that I have tried and failed and spent so much money before. Not this time. I read something the other day that really resonated with me. Wanna hear it?


How about that. So, no matter what, I'm not giving up.

Just Been Paid and JSS Tripler sites were down for about 24 hours. But I'm happy to say those sites are back up now and doing business as usual. I'm still making money every day without doing anything and I can still withdraw the $$$ I make on a daily basis. But...for now I'm just going to let it ride and build up. Then I decided what I'm going to do.

Be Blessed Everyone and have a wonderful day.
Rev. M

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Rev. Margaret A. Franklin   1406 day(s) ago
Thanks Larry for reading and commenting on my blog. I appreciate the encouragement.
Larry `thePCGuy`   1406 day(s) ago
That is probably the top reason for so many peoples frustration; they half-heartedly go into a new opportunity and quit after only a week or two! Building a business takes months, years, even a lifetime!

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