posted on: 6/5/2012 5:28:07 PM EST
The Directory of Ezines Review
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The Directory of E-zines Review

Having been a member of the Directory of E-zines for more than a year now, I’m prepared to issue my review of Charlie Page’s Directory.

It is extremely rare in my view to spend about $ 200.00 on a product and be satisfied the product delivered more than was anticipated.

Charlie recently upgraded the site into a brand new format. Usually when someone changes something I’m mad, because I just got used to the old style. A good example is G-mail. What are they thinking?

The D.O.E. is a valuable resource for internet marketers for a variety of reasons. Let me list just a few that are the most important;

- Members forum where Charlie not only moderates but provides direct answers to your
- Members rewards and bonus areas include a wide variety of training / services that are
frequently upgraded; I wish you could see the long list of training resources; you can stay
busy for hours increasing your skills!
- High PR Value links to your site that will never disappear.
- Campaign data for D.O.E. campaigns that Charlie ran and tested giving you access to the
- A comprehensive directory of e-zine publications that accept advertising of various types
and also accept articles… Read that last part again because that is truly powerful!
- Member Only training webinars…

“Please note the list is not complete, and was only designed to be an overview”

Charlie was so convinced that this method of driving traffic was effective that after being a member he bought the company. I’m with you Charlie.

There is a category breakdown and searchable data base complete with contact information allowing you to pin-point the source of traffic for your next Solo AD. Many of the publishers provide a discount to you because you’re a D.O.E. member.

When I think of honor and integrity within the internet marketing Community, the first name that comes to my mind is Charlie Page and the Directory of E-zines.

Footnote; There are a large number of e-zines that accept blog posts. I signed up for a self improvement publication with more than 400,000 active subscribers that also accepts guest articles. I submitted an article that was approved and published within a month! Where else can you leverage a list of that size for free?

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Lisa Smith    1342 day(s) ago
This sounds great! Thanks for sharing, James! ~TWEETING!

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