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Obama, Clooney & You -- Your airfare and hotel -- covered
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Hello Everyone:

It's not to late to win dinner with President Obama and George Clooney at Mr. Clooney's home in California on May 10th. With your donation for as little as $3 by April 30, 2012 your name will go into the drawing. The campaign foot the bill for your airfare and hotel for you and one guest. airfare and hotel.
Obama, Clooney & You - NCM Enterprises Post
Camille --

I know this probably isn't the first time you're hearing about this, but chances like this don't come up very often.

And the deadline is approaching.

Chip in $3 or whatever you can to be automatically entered to go to L.A. and spend an evening with President Obama and George Clooney.

We'll cover airfare and hotel for you and whoever you choose to bring with you.

All you have to do to be automatically entered is donate what you can to support this campaign:



Julianna Smoot
Deputy Campaign Manager
Obama for America
I included some additional info from the following Obama Foodorama Blog. .
Camille Mitchell
NCM Enterprises

About Camille
President Obama on Tuesday e-mailed supporters urging them to enter the 'Obama, Clooney & You' sweepstakes. Campaign Manager Jim Messina also sent an e-mail asking supporters to make repeat donations to the President's re-elect warchest by entering the sweepstakes multiple times.

"I wanted to send a quick note about the upcoming get-together I'll be attending at George Clooney's house," President Obama wrote. "You should be there for this."

"Chip in what you can -- and your name automatically goes into the pot. Pitch in again, and same thing," Messina wrote.

The event will be on May 10th at Clooney's Los Angeles manse. Two winners will be chosen, and each can bring a guest. It's a good tool for some friendly bribery, another Campaign aide suggested on Monday.

The President asked for a minimum donation of $3, though the lowest dollar amount listed on the donation page on Obama for America's website is $15. OFA maintains that small donations are driving the fundraising, though those who don't win the sweepstakes will pay at least $35,800 to attend the event at Clooney's house, which is co-hosted by DreamWorks Animation CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg.

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4/7/2014  - First Lady Michelle Obama's "Soft Power" & 7 Facts about China
4/4/2014  First Lady Michelle Obama on the Importance of Studying Abroad -
4/3/2014  First Lady Michelle Obama, her daughters and mother meet China's
4/2/2014  It’s simple: Team Obamacare members didn’t let Friends go uninsur
4/1/2014  The "Rhodes" Ahead: First Lady Michelle Obama's trip to China las
3/28/2014   MIX IT UP with HAILE! - 12-year old chef whips up Healthy, Delic
3/27/2014  Haile Thomas, 12-years old is a chef and founder of several organ
3/26/2014  Kids' State Dinner cookbooks 2012 & 2013 (downloadable PDF)
3/24/2014   Calling all young chefs! the White House (April 5th deadl
3/23/2014  President Obama awards Medal of Honor to 24 veterans across three
3/20/2014  Ellen DeGeneres interviews President Obama about HealthCare & a s
3/17/2014  GM CEO Mary Barra offers update on recalls - March 17, 2014
3/12/2014   George & Mellody Lucas: A Powerful Philanthropic Force
3/7/2014  Leonard Pitts Jr.: Healing starts with '12 Years a Slave'
3/5/2014  That red gown designed by Detroit's Mark England..."A Cut Above"
2/14/2014  The Force is with George Lucas and his bride Mellody Hobson Lucas
2/11/2014  The State Dinner Menu for President Hollande: The Obamas Spotligh
2/9/2014  Reflection on the Week Ahead: PASSION
2/8/2014  GET TALKING: Here's everything you need to know to talk about hea
2/7/2014  Meet Microsoft’s new CEO and Chairman
2/4/2014  Hail To The "Chef"
1/24/2014  An Elixir for Body, Mind & Spirit!
1/22/2014   Diana Nyad: "Never, ever give up" -- This is most courageous and
1/19/2014  First Lady Michelle Obama & actress Eva Longoria asks everyone to
1/16/2014  First Lady Michelle Obama's "50th: Birthday - Michelle's Fitness
1/7/2014  Show Me The Curry hosts reveal top 3 Indian ingredients for a Hea
1/6/2014  How author Shirley Harris-Slaughter overcame a medical crisis
1/5/2014  Are you a Jaguar?
1/1/2014  Your 2014 Journey
12/31/2013  Gregory J. Reed, attorney & legacy curator leads a life with pass
12/29/2013  Sunday, December 29, 2013 – The 36th Annual Kennedy Center Honors
12/27/2013  Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom - The movie opens today, December
12/24/2013  Fiddler plays a Christmas Eve carol for you!
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9/14/2013   Movie Trailer Winnie Mandela -- Showing now at your local threat
9/12/2013  Susan Rice, National Security Advisor has the last Laugh
9/5/2013   "Don't Mess with Bill...."
9/4/2013  Do you have a viable solution or logical opinions on Syria?
9/2/2013  GOOD NEWS: Diana Nyad, age 64 becomes the first person to swim 11
8/24/2013  Tina Turner & Erwin Bach’s photos taken at the Wedding in Switzer
8/23/2013  In 2008: Reporter Wil Haywood interviewed Eugene Allen which beca
8/16/2013   'The Butler' made Barbara Bush cry
8/7/2013   A Must Watch: Senators John McCain & Chuck Schumer find common g
8/5/2013  REMINDER: The 21-Day Mediation Challenge--Miraculous Relationship
8/3/2013  We're celebrating Joan Elizabeth Higginbotham's "48th" Birthday t
8/1/2013  Why is Paula Deen “Off” the Air and Rush Limbaugh STILL “On” the
7/31/2013  Donna D Birthday Sale
7/28/2013  Celebrating Ramadan at the White House
7/25/2013  The Outsourcing Playbook: A List of Resources to Help You Delegat
7/21/2013  Stressed Business Woman: Create your Virtuall Team for twelve dol
7/21/2013  Mom and Pop Business Owners - Part 4 - DuBose & DuBose, co-founde
7/4/2013  Declare Your Financial Independence Today
6/20/2013  Tips on Getting a Loan to Start or Grow a Business --- TODAY: Thu
6/19/2013  How a Mentor Can Help Your Business - 4:00pm - Wed., June 19th -
6/18/2013  "How to Manage Your On-line Reputation" - 4:00pm - TODAY Tues., J
6/17/2013  TODAY at 4:00pm Join Us on Google+ Hangout for timely info during
6/16/2013  The Cheer leading Dad; You gotta love him - Father's Day June 16,
6/11/2013  "The Slacker Who Came in From the Cold"
6/9/2013  Beyonce Challenges Us to "Get Movin"
6/9/2013  of Thee I Sing A Letter to My Daughters by Barack Obama
6/5/2013  BRAVO! First Lady Michelle Obama "Stays the Course"
6/4/2013  A Civilized way to Wake Up in the Morning
6/3/2013  Jump Into June!
6/2/2013  6 Fitness Benefits of Hula Hooping
5/31/2013  MOM and POP Business Owners – Part 3: Gregory J. Reed, Esq. autho
5/26/2013  The Medal of Honor awarded to a remarkable US Army Captain who ne
5/20/2013  "Do Something!" for your community on Lemonade Day says Lucy
5/18/2013  Powerhouses: Oprah Winfrey & Tyler Perry form Partnership on OWN
5/15/2013  SPARK A DREAM! - Lemonade Day Detroit - Saturday, June 8th - Some
5/11/2013  First Lady Michelle Obama & special guest Prince Harry host a Mil
5/4/2013   Oprah interviews NBA Player Jason Collins & His Family - 7:30pm
5/2/2013  A Mother's Day Gift - Fitting for Your First Lady
4/22/2013  There is no room in the Inn for Lone Rangers -- How to Rise Above
4/14/2013  It's time to go Barefoot - Tuesday, April 16th
3/30/2013  A Gift for Grade School Kids: Children's Activity Book (PDF) - Ea
3/29/2013  Today is: National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day
3/28/2013  "Finding Freedom in Your Own Life" - President Obama on the impor
3/21/2013  Don't Hate Her Because She's Successful
3/17/2013  RARE Find: Lena Horne & Kermit sing "It's not Easy Bein' Green"
3/11/2013  Is Your Glass Half Full or Half Empty? How to Keep Your Glass Hal
3/4/2013  For every two miles driven; $1 can be deducted - Learn how Wed.,
3/3/2013  With 14,032,020 views in 10 days this video "Really Moves"
3/2/2013  84% of Small Business Owners Overpay their Taxes - Are You Guilty
2/25/2013  Abraham Lincoln Quote on Unfinished Work - Sat., February 23rd
2/25/2013  Abraham Lincoln's Quote on Commitment - Fri., February 22nd
2/24/2013  Abraham Lincoln Quote on Recognition - Thurs., February 21st
2/24/2013  Abraham Lincoln's Quote on Determination - Wed., February 20th
2/23/2013  Abraham Lincoln's Quote on Reputation - Tues., February 19th
2/23/2013  Abraham Lincoln's Quote on Preparation - Mon., February 18th
1/25/2013  William Shakespeare on Blogging & Branding like a Superstar
1/6/2013  "Happy Talk" is Good for You
1/4/2013  Start your New Year Pointing NORTH with Pam Perry
12/30/2012  A Brand New Year: Johnny Mathis and Jane Olivor "The Last Time I
12/29/2012  Can Kwanzaa's principals stop the Fiscal Cliff?
12/28/2012  The people who appreciate your message of "Thanks" the most...
12/24/2012  Yum! Yum! An eleven foot Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Christmas Tree
12/23/2012  Celebrate the Season: "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands" per
12/22/2012  The Key to Success is Passion: Nigella Lawson Rules
12/8/2012  Grammy Award Nomination for First Lady Michelle Obama and ‘Americ
12/5/2012  BO, The First Dog has a Gift for You!
12/4/2012  Kids' State Dinner at the White House & E-Cookbook by 54 Junior C
12/2/2012  My Favorite Things - Kathleen Battle and Al Jarreau
11/30/2012  Constructing Your Bridge over the fiscal cliff
11/29/2012   Obama, Romney have White House Turkey Chili Summit
11/28/2012   Obama to host Mitt Romney for White House lunch & 6 Ways to Make
11/27/2012  A Thank You Gift for Your Persistence on November 6th
11/25/2012  What do President Obama & Pam Perry have in common?
11/20/2012  "Beam Me Up, Scotty!" for CYBER Monday, Nov. 26th
11/14/2012  Press Release: Domaine Detroit Brands, LLC in time for the Holida
11/13/2012  New Tuesday Hours are Open Now at Detroit Institute of Arts & gen
11/11/2012  Veterans Day means Courage
11/4/2012  A message for Women and Friends of Women
11/1/2012  Breaking News! Mayor Bloomberg Endorses President Obama, Slams Ro
10/30/2012   GOP Governor Chris Christie heaps praise on President Obama for
10/29/2012  A Tale of Two Men on Hurricane Sandy
10/27/2012  A picture is worth a thousand words
10/25/2012   Colin Powell endorses Barack Obama for president & several other
10/20/2012  ONE TERM MORE, A political parody operetta
9/30/2012  Rev. Jesse Jackson: Attacks on Obama ‘Not Good for the Nation’
9/28/2012  Samuel L. Jackson Has A Message For Apathetic Obama Voters
9/26/2012  Send them a pink slip
9/25/2012  TODAY is FINAL Chance for - DINNER with BARACK (all expenses paid
9/20/2012  Whoopi Goldberg: Mitt Romney 'flushed his ideals down the drain'
9/13/2012  FINAL DATE: To enroll for expense trip to meet Beyonce’, Jay-Z &
9/10/2012  Fashion Designer Tracy Reese & First Lady Michelle Obama Followin
9/4/2012  First Lady Michelle Obama addresses the DNC TONITE, Tues., Sept.
9/3/2012  President Obama has a “magic touch” with Babies & Kids
8/31/2012  “Let’s make President Obama’s day….before the end of the day”
8/26/2012  “I’ve cleared this with Michelle” – President Obama Donates
8/23/2012  Do you remember this photo? Now see yourself in the front row
8/22/2012  DETROIT, MI Area -- RSVP: Presidential Debate Watches & Dinner at
7/29/2012  What did Donna Summer, The Bee Gees & Barbra Steisand have in com
7/27/2012  LET THE GAMES BEGIN!! - With Olympics Co-Branding, First Lady Mic
6/26/2012  How do you drink your political news? Straight or watered down
6/22/2012  Fly out to meet Barack & Michelle on the campaign trail for d
6/21/2012  See how you can Boost your Business this Summer
6/20/2012  President Obama reading ‘Where the Wild Things Are’
6/18/2012  My dad from Caroline Kennedy
6/17/2012  Have you heard of Fatherhood Buzz?
6/16/2012  Where were you June 16, 2008?
6/14/2012  Qualities of Positive Male Role Models - Father's Day & Beyon
6/10/2012  Obama’s data advantage
6/8/2012  TOMORROW, Sat. June 9th – Detroit’s Lemonade Day – “Spark a Dream
6/7/2012  The making of Obama's 'Call Me Maybe'
6/4/2012  Your chance to meet “That Guy” ends at 12 midnight Mon., June 4th
6/3/2012  “DON’T BE LATE” – Final Day -Mon., June 4th – All expenses paid f
6/1/2012  An all expense paid trip for two — “A New York Night” — Meet Pres
5/31/2012  American Grown launch: Michelle Obama BBQs with Rachael Ray at Th
5/30/2012  You can be Fashionable while “Making A Difference”
5/28/2012  RELEASE DATE: Tues, May 29th – Michelle Obama’s book American Gro
5/27/2012  Army 4 Spc. Leslie H. Sabo, Jr. awarded the Medal of Honor — & Co
5/24/2012  Have some FUN at Detroit’s Lemonade Day June 9th
5/23/2012  The Excitement Builds: Fly to New York and meet President Obama a
5/22/2012  Tale of Two Tomatoes
5/21/2012  Six milestone events occurred last week in Mark Zuckerberg’s worl
5/20/2012  Need a little inspiration? Stunning soprano Kathleen Battle perfo
5/19/2012   Mitt Romney's 1981 arrest and 4 other times he lost his cool
5/16/2012  First Lady Michelle Obama & Dr. Jill Biden Honor Military Moms at
5/14/2012  2nd Detroit Lemonade Day – June 9th 2012 – JOIN the FUN
5/13/2012  Happy Mother’s Day – “And I Love Her”
5/11/2012  Scrumptious Chocolate Chip and Walnut Cookies for Mother's Day
5/10/2012  Mitt Romney's past as a Bully
5/6/2012  President Barack Obama’s Remarks at the Ready to Go Rally in Colu
5/2/2012  This Mother’s Day give her an EcoSense Home – Deadline May 4th
5/1/2012  Do you remember where you were last year on May 1st? – Barbra Str
4/29/2012  George Clooney puts the "Fun" in Fundraising--respond by April 30
4/27/2012  The Early Bird Gets The Membership! -- Rapid Speaking Success Pri
4/26/2012  Obama, Clooney & You -- Your airfare and hotel -- covered
4/25/2012  Girls in STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
4/22/2012  “We Are the World” Earth Day & Beyond (Complimentary Gift)
4/17/2012  The Pearl Fishers is Sensual, Exotic & Exciting – Four performanc
4/16/2012  Thank you for spreading awareness with us
4/6/2012  Homemade Delights: Easter coconut cakes & Passover coconut macaro
4/5/2012  The Chosen Food – Histories, lore & savory recipes
4/4/2012  Find out why the Passover Seder obligates one to drink 4 cups of
4/3/2012  Rachel Maddow gives a spirited commentary of how the first Passov
4/2/2012  One Day Without Shoes – Tues., April 10th – Imported from Detroit
4/1/2012  To keep you going through busy times; enjoy this Indian beverage
3/30/2012  Legendary Gloria Steinem Supports President Obama
3/28/2012  The Story of Affordable Care Act: From Unmet Promise to The Law o
3/27/2012  National Women’s History Month – for Ladies & friends of Women
3/26/2012  LINK of the Sergio Marchionne 60 Minutes Interview from last nigh
3/25/2012  TONIGHT March 25th - 60 Minutes Interview with Chrysler’s Sergio
3/23/2012  Just For You — Fr*e Stuff? Yeah, We Got It! – posted by Anisa, TF
3/21/2012  A Lighter Healthier Side of Politics
3/20/2012  You Can Make a Difference by having fun – Tuesday, April 10th
3/19/2012  Runway to Win – A Creative Collaboration
3/18/2012  Robert De Niro to Host First Lady Michelle Obama in New York Mon.
3/17/2012  Are you having Irish Luck today??
3/17/2012  Grilling with Chef Flay & President Obama
3/16/2012  **Newly Released** – The Road We’ve Traveled from director Davis
3/12/2012  EATaly – An Italian Heaven
3/11/2012  Be the first to see it - The Road We've Traveled
3/10/2012  One month from today… Join Us…for this FUN event
3/8/2012  “oh Rush..our voices drowned out yours”
3/4/2012  Tell Limbaugh's advertisers: Stop supporting sexist attacks on wo
3/3/2012  A Nation’s Gratitude Dinner in pictures
2/29/2012  “To Find Your Own Way is to Follow Your Bliss” – Joseph Campbell
2/28/2012  Ruby Bridges visits with the President and her portrait
2/27/2012  NO COST: 2 mo. Merchant Account w/ Credit Card Reader & $150 Gift
2/26/2012  Obama Ad Trumpets Auto Revival In Michigan - Primary House Party
2/25/2012  S-T-R-E-T-C-H-I-N-G Can Heal - A Must Read Article
2/24/2012  Chef Marvin Woods "America's Healthy Chef"
2/21/2012  Cajun Chocolate Shake "a decadent delight" via Chef Emeril Lagass
2/19/2012  Team Comerford & Flay – Super Chefs Go to the White House – winni
2/18/2012  Team Mario Batali and Emeril Lagasse – Super Chefs Go to the Whit
2/17/2012  A Culinary Event of National Importance – Super Chefs Go to the W
2/16/2012  Michelle Obama shares her workout tips & music if you live in a "
2/14/2012  A Midair Courtship: Tuskegee’s Historic Love Story
2/13/2012  “I’ll Always Love You” – Whitney Houston from The Bodyguard
2/12/2012  Whitney Houston – “The Greatest Love of All”
2/11/2012  Michelle Obama on the Importance of “Date Nights”
2/10/2012  Spring/Summer 2012 Fashion Show - Jason Wu (part 3 of 3) - Portra
2/9/2012  Muse-Illustration-Design – Jason Wu, Fashion Designer (part 2 of
2/8/2012  Portraits in Creativity – Jason Wu, Fashion Designer
2/6/2012  Attitude rules in the Fiat 500 Abarth Super Bowl Ad
2/6/2012  Clint Eastwood’s Super Bowl AD – "It’s Half Time America”
2/3/2012  Anthony Hemingway – shares how he was selected by George Lucas to
2/2/2012  Check out this Snack designed Football Stadium for Super Bowl XLV
2/1/2012  “Hold Fast to Dreams…” Today is Langston Hughes 110th Birthday
1/31/2012  A Fascinating & Inspiring Person – Leon Panetta, Defense Secretar
1/30/2012  Have a Wonderful Winter!
1/28/2012  “How to Eat a Chicken Wing” & other tips, recipes for Super Bowl
1/27/2012  George Lucas talks about the movie Red Tails
1/26/2012  First Lady is interviewed by Mike Huckabee
1/23/2012  RED TAILS – A must see True Story
1/23/2012  Today is the Chinese New Year & the Year of the Dragon
1/22/2012  Eleanor Hoh shares "How You can Become a Wok Star"
1/21/2012  Introducing Eleanor Hoh & 2012 Chinese New Year
1/20/2012  Let It *Snow Let It **Snow Let It Snow**
1/17/2012  First Lady Michelle Obama’s birthday is today January 17th
1/13/2012  The Healthy Indian Diet – by authors Dr. Niraj Patel & Show Me th
1/11/2012  Follow Your Bliss Down the Yellow Brick Road
1/7/2012  An important message from Drew Brees
1/6/2012  The Collectors’ Club – G.R. N’Namdi Gallery (part 2 of 2) – Portr
1/5/2012  Portraits in Creativity – G.R. N’Namdi Gallery
1/1/2012   Happy New Year! - "Faith is taking the first step even when yo
12/31/2011  “In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.” – Co
12/30/2011  She was called “ugly” her whole childhood – What do you think?
12/29/2011  Meet Janice Bryant-Howroyd; she makes more money than Oprah Winfr
12/28/2011  IT WAS A VERY GOOD YEAR!
12/27/2011  TONIGHT – Kennedy Center Performing Artists Awards Televised – Ce
12/26/2011  Ring prosperity into the New Year with Black Eye Peas Curry
12/24/2011  On Christmas Eve - A Gift and Prayer for You & Your Family
12/23/2011  A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words
12/22/2011  The Kosher Kitchen & one of my favorite violinist Itzhak Perlman
12/21/2011  You’ll love 12 Days to Curry…
12/20/2011  JUST RELEASED: $25 Dinner certificates for ONLY $1 for your Gift
12/20/2011  Traditions are what makes the Holiday Season Special
12/19/2011  Meet One of President Bill Clinton’s Favorite Entrepreneurs & a G
12/18/2011  See, Feel & Hear “America at It’s Best!”
12/17/2011  JOIN US - 1923 Cafe - 1-7pm Sat., Dec. 17th because "Coffee Can S
12/16/2011  President Obama & the First Lady “Welcome Home our troops” & WE e
12/15/2011  SHEILA M. PALMER featured Textile Fabric Artist – 1923 CAFE – Sat
12/14/2011  TIME 2011 Person of the Year "The Protester"
12/13/2011  Michelle Obama, world record holder
12/12/2011  A Second CYBER MONDAY – This week is the biggest week for on-line
12/11/2011  Unique Holiday Hostess Gifts
12/10/2011  A timely message while Christmas Shopping this Weekend
12/9/2011  LET IT SNOW!! -- EDWARD is making a batch of Hot Holiday Rum Punc
12/8/2011  Are you classic and timeless; like this Lady?
12/6/2011  Community Lessons from Vermont while “Dreaming of a White Christm
12/5/2011  In Michigan: Join us Saturday, December 17th at CAFE 1923 to “Sme
12/3/2011  The Presidential Pie Obsession & “Favorite Things”
12/2/2011  “Shine Give Share” 2011 Holiday Theme
11/30/2011  39th Annual NOEL NIGHT – Saturday, December 3, 2011 – “Feel the S
11/29/2011  Are you "Sei Bella" today?
11/28/2011  Join me in a Civilized Way to Shop – CYBER Monday 2011
11/27/2011  See how Small Business Saturday can benefit you
11/26/2011  QUETARSHE – Felted Wool Scarves and Hats and TOMS SHOES – Botas a
11/25/2011  Show Me the Curry – Healthy Sweet Potato Chaat – Indian Salad
11/22/2011  Comedian Karen Alloy describes her BLACK FRIDAY experience - You'
11/21/2011  Have you Heard the News??
11/20/2011  Start Something That Matters – Blake Mycoskie, Founder & Chief Sh
11/19/2011  Style Your ‘Sole’
11/18/2011  TOMS SHOES - A "Socially Conscious" Business Model's wildly succe
11/17/2011  Meet Happy Employees at TOMS SHOES – “Socially Conscious” Busines
11/16/2011  How a “Socially Conscious” Business Model can increase your botto
11/15/2011  Are you trying to make sense of recent national & global events?
11/13/2011  "GIVING THANKS" -- Chef Marvin Woods Prepares a Delectable Southe
11/11/2011  Medal of Honor awarded to Sergeant Dakota Meyer by President Obam
11/10/2011  Hollywood has Joined Forces with First Lady Michelle Obama
11/9/2011  Experience the excitement of an Operation Shower
11/8/2011  Steven Spielberg makes a pledge supporting President Obama’s comm
11/7/2011  Wounded Warriors play basketball at the White House & Fitness bus
11/6/2011  Medal of Honor recipient Leroy Petry experienced “Three Miracles”
11/5/2011  Travels with the First Lady and Dr.Jill Biden - Joining Forces wi
11/4/2011  INSIDE[OUT continues to delight thur November 30th & Introducing
11/2/2011  Is this a Florist or Chef’s Dream? and Roasted Partridge & Pumpki
10/31/2011  HALLOWEEN “Fun” at the White House
10/30/2011  A Heartfelt Message from Pam Perry and a brief glance at Pam’s ne
10/30/2011  A TREAT Just for YOU!
10/29/2011  A Tale of Two Businesses
10/28/2011  Who is this Lady?
10/27/2011  If you ever wanted to be a Stay-at-Home Mom or Dad this business
10/26/2011  Family time is priority one with Sheri Wilcox - Successful busine
10/23/2011  Steve Jobs unveils the Apple iCloud in appearance June 6, 2011 -
10/22/2011  Oprah Winfrey shares a military family’s wish of coming home
10/22/2011  Secrets from Apple's Genius Bar: Full Loyalty, No Negativity
10/21/2011  Actor Tom Hanks shares a military family's story and gives thanks
10/20/2011  "Here's to the Crazy Ones" - narrated by Steve Jobs
10/20/2011  Jason Dandridge on "How to become The Hunted; not The Hunter" - R
10/19/2011  Meaningful Partners Steve Jobs & Bills Gates
10/18/2011  Steve Jobs rarely seen 1996 Wall Street Week with Louis Rukeyser
10/17/2011  Macintosh “Insanely Great” – An Innovative Business Model
10/17/2011  Social Good Summit - Radha Muthiah & Jose Andres - "Cooking for A
10/13/2011  MC Hammer’s Video on Social Media at Sanford University – Registr
10/12/2011  “The Exploring Edge” & 4 Steps to Social Media Success – A Pam Pe
10/12/2011  Christy Turlington Burns, founder, Every Mother Counts – Being of
10/10/2011  "How great leaders inspire action" by Simon Sinek on Apple, The W
10/9/2011  Steve Jobs “….you got to find what you love”
10/7/2011  Three Women Awarded the 2011 NOBEL PEACE PRIZE – “The next 20 yea
10/6/2011  1984 Apple MacIntosh Commercial – Steve Jobs “Imagined the Possib
10/6/2011  How are you reaching the majority of the world’s population which
10/4/2011  Social Good Summit – Richard Gere actor/activist & Pam Perry, PR
10/1/2011  BLAST OFF!! That Free Thing has officially launched - October 1,
10/1/2011  Against the advice of conventional banks & the government; Dr. Mu
9/28/2011  Learn how you can have more Influence than elites with $3,000 sui
9/27/2011  A Whole New Mind "Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future"
9/26/2011  The Goldsmith's Tale: "A Brief & Broadly Allegorical History of
9/19/2011  Part 2 - Shocking Predictions Came True! Are You Prepared?
9/19/2011  Part 1 - Shocking Predictions Came True! Are You Prepared?
9/17/2011  Build Your Own Economy