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Entrepreneur & Health Advocate
Position: CEO/FOUNDER OF VPKansas
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I am a entrepreneur and health advocate. My goal is to help small business owners get more exposure and remain the foundation of our nation. I Love my Country, my Family and Believe that through God All Things are Possible. The USA was founded on Our Indigenous Power and if we use this power as intended by our Creator, Freedom will Ring! Don't ever believe you have to live under Surrogate Power or you are giving away your Freedom! God bless everyone that reads this!

The Customer Advantage
Position: Associate
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This is a company that is for members only and made by members! If you want to help out businesses and get good deals for you and your friends this is the business to get into. It has a nice compensation plan as well.

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Viralprint Affiliate
Position: Master Member
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This company is about to launch and is set up for absolute success. We are all trying to advertise our businesses or refer someone to a business right! Now we can get 50% to 70% off marketing materials and make money referring any person or business looking to purchase marketing material.
This is an endless source of leads! I could go into detail, but you have to just check out the link and listen to this call! 209-647-1699 PIN 225039#
This company is just about to launch and it will go Viral! Also, it is FREE to join, NO FEES EVER, and NO Quotas EVER!

This is the link to my ViralPrint:

Reliv International
Position: MA
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I have been an independent distributor for a little over a year and have had a lot of fun with this company.
To get 10% to 20% off the amazing 24k, you just have to sign up for FREE and refer your friends to get the 20% discount on the 24K.
You will Have to enter: likemy24k to get access and your discount! You then will get your own website to refer friends so that you can get the 20% deal and enjoy 24K. Make sure to read the info tab on the bottom right side of the page.

Beyond Organic
Position: Mission Marketer
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I am an Independent Mission Marketer for Beyond Organic, and currently you can only get these products in the USA. These are amazing fresh food products that are Kosher and much more. You will just have to check it out to see how awesome this food really is.