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Lightyear Wireless / Why you need unlimited data with a smartphone?
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Are you old enough to remember when your car had roll up windows and you thought how lazy can someone be to pay extra for power windows. Then, you got power windows on your next car and wondered how you ever did without them. More smartphones are being bought today than ever before. Smartphones are to basic phones as roll up windows in a car are to power windows. We thought all we wanted a phone to do was to make phone calls, text a little, and maybe get email.

That was yesterday, once you experience a smartphone, you will never go back to a basic phone. Smartphones are truly handheld computers that can also make a phone call. The evolution of smartphones has become a literal goldmine for cell phone providers because they use data, alot of data. Verizon, ATT, and other providers have limitations on thier data plans, but charge alot for it. Sprint is the only company that has no limits on data as is advertised. Lightyear Wireless uses Sprint towers and phones, so if you like Sprint you'll love Lightyear Wireless. An Unlimited plan with Sprint costs $99 per mo., Lightyear Wireless $59.99 per mo., that's a savings of $40 per mo. Lightyear Wireless also has a referral program in which a customer refers 5 freiends who become customers and thier service becomes Free. Nobody beats Free. Lightyear Wireless is $70 cheaper than ATT and $75 cheaper than Verizon.

I am passionate about Lightyear Wireless because of the reasons stated and encourage anyone with a Smartphone to checkout Lightyear Wireless and start saving money today.

Call for more info at 985-400-0180 or go to my site at

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