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Lightyear Wireless offers a New phone called The Express
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The Express from Lightyear Wireless is an Android-powered smartphone that features a QWERTY keyboard and 3G speed. Shoot pics and video to share with your social network using the 3.2 megapixel camera with a flash and camcorder. The Express, which features a 2.6" capacitive touch display, also makes it easy to manage your calendar, send emails and text messages, and surf the Web. The Express also lets you share your 3G access with other Wi-Fi®-enabled devices via a built-in Mobile Hotspot.

Android 2.3

Ships with the Android 2.3 platform including access to Android Market thousands of the hottest apps, games and widgets. Plus seamless integration with Google apps like Gmail, Contacts, Calendar and Google Maps.


When coverage is available, experience broadband-like download speeds. The average download speeds range from 400 to 700 Kbps with peak rates up to 2 Mbps. All while on the Lightyear Wireless network.

GPS Navigation

With GPS access, you can instantly find everything you need around town or across the country — the best gas prices, the hottest restaurants, favorite destinations — and locate family members anytime.

Messaging (Email & text)

No matter how you message -- text, IM or email – you can stay in touch with ease with the built-in QWERTY keyboard.

Apps & social networking

Get just the apps, widgets, and ringtones that fit your lifestyle. Add more fun and function to the Express with integrated Google applications and Android Market.


Surf's up! The world wide web is at your finger tips with this Web-capable device.


Capture any moment with a 3.2 megapixel digital and easily send to your friends and family by attaching it to an email, just like on your computer.

Mobile Hotspot

This is hot! Your personal portable hotspot, connect just like you do with any Wi-Fi device. Optional $29.99/mo. Lightyear Wireless Mobile Hotspot add-on is required for Hotspot functionality.


Interesting things happen when you least expect them. You can capture these unexpected moments with short video clips that you can view, store and send to friends and family.


Don't miss a meeting, access your calendar and get reminders on the go.


Enables hands-free, short-range wireless communication using a Bluetooth headset and wireless uploading/downloading to or from a computer and more.

Linked Contacts

Link your contacts from a variety of sources, so accessing them is easy. Outlook, Google and Facebook accounts, your phone recognizes and links the information together, presenting it to you as one listing.

Also, have you heard about the Lightyear Wireless Winter Phone Blowout Sale? If you have not already become a customer of Lightyear Wireless or know someone who would like to become a customer, visit your Lightyear Wireless Website TODAY! EVERY phone Lightyear offers is on SALE for customers who port (transfer) their existing service and order the Unlimited Plan that allows you to Talk all you want, Text all you want, Surf the web all you want and make $5 in FREE international calls for ONLY $59.99 per month and if you refer a few customers, your service can be *FREE! Here are more details on our phones:

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