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You Only Have One Life to Live
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As I am sitting here watching one of the final episodes of One Life to Live, I am thinking about change. After 40 years, along with All My Children, this beloved soap opera will air it’s last episode on Friday, January 13, 2012 - yes, Friday, the 13th.

Change happens and even though this change has met with some resistance from fans from all walks of life, sometimes change is good. I’m not saying that this particular event is good, but what I am saying is sometimes it can be beneficial, especially when it comes in the form of a lesson. A better way to succeed, a convenience that can make your life easier. These are some examples of changes that are better.

The network believes that their extensive research of what today’s daytime viewers seemingly wanted, led to the decision to cancel these revered soap operas, and what they believed to be the changing patterns of the viewing audience; their goal is to focus on more programming that they feel to be “informative and authentic and centers on transformation, food and lifestyle — cornerstones of programming that resonates with daytime viewers as evidenced by the success of The View.”

Sadly, like many others, for me – this change is not good – this is not a benefit. I loved to escape into the world of Vicki, Todd and Bo. These characters remind me of my past – coming home from school, sitting down with my grandmother, and having those memories, is maybe why I enjoyed watching this little bit of esccape. These are memories – these are moments that can last with a person forever. I don’t believe that these new shows will have a history that my daughter, and my grand-child will remember forty years from now.

So enjoy life, make memories, learn as much as you can, escape to your dreams - live like there is no tomorrow, because you only have ONE LIFE TO LIVE.

Thanks for reading.

Best regards,


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Adrian Frank   1203 day(s) ago
GREAT Press Release, Lovette, fellow Empower Network-er! See ya in Austin, TX where we will RELEASE our Inner BA$$! GO EMPOWER NETWORK!!! Thanks for sharing, so back to da top with ya! God bless! :D

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6/26/2013  MyFunLIFE is Booming... Take ACTION NOW!
6/25/2013  I'm So Sorry....
6/22/2013  Are You Living A Lie?
6/19/2013  The "secret sauce" of multi-millionaires?
6/18/2013  Better Than Affirmations...
6/17/2013  Failure Can Be Your Friend
6/15/2013  Waking up on the wrong side of the bed?
6/14/2013  Your Future Success: How You Can Have Your Cake and Eat It Too
5/30/2013  Get Ready To.... GET READY!
5/28/2013  If I had to create $10,000 from scratch.....
5/27/2013  They Died Protecting Your Ability to Be Free
5/24/2013  Prepare For Rain
5/23/2013  The Right To Choose
5/21/2013  How To Double Your Traffic With Video
5/21/2013  "Free?" Are You The Thief or Have You Been The Victim?
5/20/2013  Is Your System In Place In Order To Reach Your Goals?
5/20/2013  The "SUDDEN" Growth In Network Marketing.... Why Now?
5/17/2013  Leaked Video... How It All Began
5/8/2013  Empower Network: The Ultimate Funded Proposal
5/7/2013  OMG - I'm Overwhelmed... Does This Internet Thing Really Work?
5/7/2013  The Truth About Internet Marketing and Succeeding Online
5/3/2013  Why Most People Fail In Intetnet Marketing
5/3/2013  Build Back-links to Your Blog With Empower Network
5/1/2013  Authenticity... and "The Truth Shall Set You Free"
4/30/2013  "When The Student is Ready.... The Teacher Will Appear"
4/29/2013  CONFUSION Leads To A Revelation...
4/29/2013  It's OK to Eavesdrop....
4/27/2013  I Hate Theories
4/26/2013  The Power of Belief... A Story of Transformation
4/25/2013  This is what's called "Cheating". :-)
4/24/2013  [VIDEO] 12 year old "tween" makes more than most adults
4/22/2013  [9PM EDT] We're Back from Chicago and We're Doing It Again..
4/22/2013  This works and makes money (4-steps)
4/20/2013  Eyes On Your Own Paper and Making Money....
4/20/2013  How To Get Rich WITHOUT Working Hard
4/16/2013  "A Piece of Blarney Stone" 10 Ways To Empower Your Communication
4/14/2013  Get A Piece of the Pie
4/14/2013  “Mindset Elevation” Training at 8 EST!
4/11/2013  Numbers Don't Lie
4/11/2013  Let's Get Rid of This LIE... Immediately!
4/8/2013  Is Empower Network For You?
4/6/2013  Do you REALLY need a license to do this?
4/6/2013  All About Internet Marketing
4/3/2013  Is It A Dream.... Or Is It A Reality?
4/1/2013  Finally A 2-Minute Meal That Is TRULY Healthy
4/1/2013  Being Greedy Or Helping Others....The Difference
3/30/2013  PROOF on Facebook (picture inside)... THIS Does Work
3/29/2013  Winning Your Own Personal Lottery
3/27/2013  Facebook is HOT!
3/27/2013  What Does It Take To Be Successful?
3/26/2013  What's Facebook Doing Now?
3/26/2013  TONS of FREE Facebook Traffic. Here's how...
3/25/2013  The Art of Greatness
3/24/2013  Are You Happy? (seriously)
3/23/2013  There is NOTHING Like Passive, Residual Income
3/22/2013  How Viral Blogging Members Make Lots of Money
3/22/2013  The Secret to Building a DYNASTY
3/21/2013  This Had NEVER Happened Before... until 2011
3/21/2013  He said, "I really wasn't prepared for this."
3/19/2013  Guide to Outsourcing
3/19/2013  Telling Good Traffic from Bad
3/18/2013  Hate Paying Taxes? (solution inside)
3/18/2013  Here's The Truth About "The Right Time"....
3/17/2013  For The Ladies....
3/17/2013  Book Lists That Will Make You Money
3/16/2013  The Missing Ingredient Is You.....
3/16/2013  Join Us At 2PM EST, March 16th, 2013, For Our Backyard Party
3/15/2013  Understanding The Journey To Success
3/15/2013  Could this be exactly what you're looking for?
3/14/2013  This Business STINKS, I'm Gonna Join Another One!
3/13/2013  Pass or Fail? Your Financial Report Card...
3/13/2013  Quickly END your Online Struggles Forever
3/12/2013  Private Meeting Details
3/12/2013  Fast & Furious
3/11/2013  Top Guru's Secret to Success [So Simple Actually]
3/11/2013  A "Self-Love" Breakthrough....
3/10/2013  How To Know When You're Blowing It
3/10/2013  Have You Looked Into Empower Network Yet?
3/9/2013  An Autoresponder- Do You Have One Yet?
3/9/2013  Are you a SLAVE to the "dream" you're selling?
3/8/2013  Shortcuts To A Successful Blog
3/7/2013  Are Your INTENTIONS Clear?
3/7/2013  The Art of Ambiguity
3/6/2013  This is the “Secret”
3/6/2013  A Woman's Point Of View in Empower Network
3/5/2013  Inside Scoop On HOT Product
3/5/2013  Why You Want To Do This NOW
3/4/2013  A Dynamic Powerful Tools Suite That Pays YOU 100% in Residual Com
3/4/2013  Benefits of Homeschooling
3/3/2013  So You Decided To Have A Home-Based Business
3/3/2013  7 Ways To Get Paid With EPX
3/2/2013   EPXbody Thrive…The Ultimate Wealth Building Opportunity
3/2/2013  The Story of the Centurion and The Jersey Girl
3/1/2013  Dream Your Life
3/1/2013  "Put down the phone... and pickup the pay checks!"
2/28/2013  CEO's Message: Proof of Momentum, and That What I Teach Works.
2/28/2013  BUSTED! OK You Got Me!
2/27/2013  How Would YOU like a 400.79% Gain in Your Business?
2/26/2013  Can I Really Make Money With Empower Network? And Who Should I Jo
2/26/2013  If you want to get rich from home, you have to have ____________
2/25/2013  Results are IN.... You Want To See This [For Home Biz Owners Only
2/25/2013  EPX Is Experiencing "HYPER-GROWTH"
2/24/2013  Happy Anniversary To Me!
2/24/2013  "The Set-back, is the Set UP, for the Come-back."
2/23/2013  The Networker's Dream Explained
2/23/2013  The 'Strugglers Formula' for Failure
2/22/2013  The Slavery Model Exposed
2/22/2013   I'm IN - I'm OUT - I'm Out - I'm In...Severe WARNING
2/21/2013  How To Use Twitter n Your Marketing
2/21/2013  How To Treat Your Subscribers
2/19/2013  Developing A Daily Strategy For Achieving Success
2/19/2013   Do I Really Need a List?
2/18/2013  Age-Proof Your Inner Body and Say NO To Heart Disease
2/18/2013  How Can You Have A Residual Income If You Can't Recruit?
2/17/2013  Billionaire J. P. Getty's Secret: You Can Learn It TODAY!
2/16/2013  ZIP-NADA-ZILCH
2/16/2013  Don’t Be Fooled By Look-Alikes, & Knock-Offs
2/15/2013  Let's Cut Through The "CRAP"
2/15/2013  Lies... Lies... and More Lies
2/14/2013  "The Way to Wellness" It's Time To Start A Healthy Life: Your 7 D
2/14/2013  Sales Funnel Basics
2/13/2013  It's A Whacky Wednesday Blitz!
2/12/2013  Has Anyone Ever Taught You This Secret?
2/12/2013  EPX Call Center Eliminates the Excuses & Turns Business into PASS
2/11/2013  4 Things ALL Articles Must Have - Don't Forget!
2/11/2013  I Hate Writing Articles - Isn't There An Easier Way?!
2/9/2013  Network Marketing Done The "Right Way"
2/9/2013  An Exciting, New Perspective
2/8/2013  Stop [Pay Attention!] 2013 Video of the YEAR!
2/8/2013  Giving Flowers for Valentine’s Day
2/7/2013  Why A Blog Is So Important
2/7/2013  What's The Entire Buzz About GVO?
2/6/2013  Finding Victory In Defeat
2/6/2013  Your Dreams Can Come True... Life-Changing Success Stories
2/5/2013  Why You Might Be "Cursed"
2/5/2013  Don't Spend $40 On Pizza and Beer... Buy A Downline!
2/4/2013  How Much Do You Want To Lose?
2/4/2013  If You Are Over-Weight, You Are NOT Alone!
2/3/2013  Remember When You Were A Kid....
2/3/2013  Who Is Robbing You Of 40 Percent Of Your Life Span
2/2/2013  Tired Of the Weight-Loss Struggle??
2/2/2013  Our Bodies Are RUSTING.....
2/1/2013  Goal-Setting, and What is Your "WHY???"
2/1/2013  What You Should Really Focus On (Hint: It's not Sales or Leads)
1/31/2013  What Does It Take To Be Successful in Empower Network
1/31/2013  Linear Income vs. Residual Income.... What's The Difference
1/30/2013  Training Only Gets You So Far......
1/30/2013  A Million Dollars Cash or A Penny... Which Would You Choose?
1/29/2013  Don't Be Mad At This...
1/28/2013  Leadership Exposed: Things You Thought You Knew About Leadership
1/28/2013  Building a Highly-targeted Opt in List: When Money Lies Beneath t
1/27/2013  How To Use A Tell A Friend Script To Drive Traffic By Tonight!
1/27/2013  Pros And Cons Of Private Label Rights
1/26/2013  The Key to a Better Life
1/26/2013  You Deserve The Lifestyle Of Your Dreams
1/25/2013  How to Make Money with Private Label Rights
1/24/2013  Creating Effective and Efficient Relationships
1/24/2013  Watch It Tonight....and Tomorrow You'll Earn Money! (Blueprint In
1/23/2013  Why Ad Tracking is so Important
1/23/2013  Here's What I LOVE About EPXBody....
1/22/2013  The Powers of a Positive Attitude
1/22/2013  Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure
1/21/2013  Superfoods for Fighting the Flu
1/21/2013  New Oppotunity to Add To Your Portfolio in 2013
1/20/2013  The Solution To Your Recruiting Dilemma...
1/20/2013  What Have You Got To Lose By Reading One More Self Improvement Ar
1/19/2013  Who Should Consider Becoming an Affiliate?
1/18/2013  Creative Notions
1/18/2013  How To Get Your Subscribers Begging For More
1/16/2013  Change the way you think... Change your eating habits…Change your
1/16/2013  J. Paul Getty's Time-Proven Secret
1/15/2013  What Does EPX Offer That Others Don't?
1/14/2013  Network Marketing Done A "NEW" Way
1/14/2013  Here's WHY EPX is Different.
1/13/2013  LIfe Is What You Make It - My Reflection
1/13/2013  Are These Stories Real?
1/12/2013  So Many People Have Asked Me Why...?
1/10/2013  Secrets Of Success With Autoresponders
1/8/2013  14,000 Leads in 8 Months for $0.00?
1/8/2013  The Difference Between Blog and Email Marketing
1/7/2013  Internet Marketing Introduction
1/7/2013  Tips for Achieving Your Goals
1/6/2013  REAL Usable Tactics For DAILY Lead Generation
1/6/2013  Escape The "Newbie" Zone
1/5/2013  10 Years of Struggling, and now BOOM!
1/4/2013  Prepare For The Rainy Day!
12/31/2012  Get Ready For 2013
12/25/2012  Merry Christmas... My Holiday Gift To You!
12/23/2012  It's Time To ELIMINATE The Major Cause of Stress!
12/23/2012  Do You "KILL" Your Distractions?
12/22/2012  "Free?" Are you the thief or have you been the victim?
12/22/2012  What Is Your Purpose??
12/21/2012  New Year, New You.... Try Something New
12/21/2012  Limiting Beliefs OR Is It Limited Vision?
12/20/2012  The END Is NEAR...
12/20/2012  We Should Talk.. You WILL Succeed
12/19/2012  Stop Losing Valuable Traffic To Your Website
12/19/2012  Get outside Of Your Comfort Zone
12/17/2012  How To Market Your Business Using Twitter & Facebook
12/16/2012  Last "Live" Call Of 2012 - This Will Be Huge... Don't Miss!
12/16/2012  Easing the Financial Burden of Christmas Shopping
12/15/2012  Does Sex Really Sell?
12/15/2012  The 8-Step Internet Formula...
12/14/2012  How to use Twitter in your Marketing
12/14/2012  Home Security Advice
12/12/2012  Are You Using This Simple Tool To Make Money On Auto-Pilot?
12/11/2012  How To "Delete" The Wussy Inside You
12/10/2012  Wanna Know A Seacret?
12/9/2012  Are Natural Skin Care Products The Answer To All Problems?
12/9/2012  Three Traffic Tactics That Won't Cost You a Cent
12/8/2012  Life Mapping: A Vision of Success
12/8/2012  "Who's the Boss?" 10 Ways To Start Taking Control
12/6/2012  The Road to IntuitionThird
12/6/2012  What Really Makes You Tick???
12/5/2012  Using Free Reports to Build Your List
12/5/2012  What Niche Marketing Really Is
12/4/2012  Why Seacret? Why Now?
12/4/2012  How to treat you subscribers
12/2/2012  How To Generate Traffic Using Only Free Methods
12/2/2012  Self-Improvement and Success
12/1/2012  Turn Back The Hands of Time
11/30/2012  How To Make $1,000 this weekend
11/29/2012  List Building The Secret to Making Money in Empower Network
11/28/2012  Creating Your Social Networking Website Profile
11/28/2012  Using Craigslist to Network
11/27/2012  Extra Money For The Holidays
11/27/2012  The Passion For Success
11/26/2012  Software Developers: Make Money by Selling Your Product’s Resale
11/26/2012  Saddest day of my life... why people don't succeed
11/25/2012  Why Ad Tracking is so Important
11/25/2012  Coffee With A Purpose
11/24/2012  Why You Continue To Fail...
11/24/2012  Opportunity is Knocking
11/23/2012  "Enlightenment" Your 7 days program to Positive thinking
11/23/2012  Power through the people
11/21/2012  Impossible is Just a Word
11/21/2012  Why I joined The Empower Network
11/20/2012  Shortcuts to a Successful Blog
11/20/2012  Planning A Thanksgiving Party For All Ages
11/19/2012  Empower Network: Just another MLSP?
11/19/2012  7 Reasons Direct Mail Works
11/18/2012  Most People Who Join, Don't Make ANY MONEY....
11/18/2012  The Excuse Buster
11/17/2012  You Just Lost A Commission....
11/17/2012  Are You Drowning? Need Help Getting Out?
11/16/2012  What did I produce today?
11/16/2012  Don't Give Up... Stick To It!
11/15/2012  Empower Network Shortens Learning Curve for Internet Marketers
11/15/2012  Just The FACTS.... for the Newbie
11/14/2012  Blogging: The New Economy
11/14/2012  How the Veteran Marketer can ROCK the Empower Network
11/13/2012  List Building The Secret to Making Money
11/13/2012  The Fireman
11/12/2012  Brand new tool for your Biz....
11/12/2012  Powerful, Hands-Free, Install-and-Go Backpage Ad Posting
11/11/2012  Empower Network: The Ultimate Funded Proposal
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11/10/2012  Maximum Leverage is CLOSING DOWN - Take Advantage of It!
11/9/2012  Urgent: Do this before the end of tonight
11/9/2012  Making money is a lot like scuba diving...
11/8/2012  The Best 25 Bucks I Ever Spent...
11/8/2012  Someone asked me a really silly question...
11/7/2012  How Will Empower Network Benefit Me?
11/7/2012  Blogging (for free) for some quick money
11/6/2012  FREE... is Good!
11/6/2012  How long will this last? (Tired of not catching the wave on the w
11/5/2012  And How Do I Promote My Blog??
11/5/2012  20 - 100+ Leads A Day.... FOR FREE!
11/4/2012  3 Steps to Marketing The Empower Network – OFFLINE!
11/4/2012  5 Steps to Succeeding in Empower Network
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11/3/2012  Pyschology And Tattoos
11/2/2012  Let's Talk About YOU!
11/2/2012  It's OVER... Done - Finished - Complete
11/1/2012   Make Money with Private Label E-book Resell Rights
11/1/2012  Easing the Financial Burden of Holiday Shopping
10/31/2012  Happy Halloween and Happy Birthday, Empower Network!
10/31/2012  Internet Marketing 101 - Not Using It Could Kill Your Business!
10/30/2012  The easiest Way to Create Articles
10/29/2012  How Your "Vision" Makes You Money...
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10/27/2012  Accounting Mistakes You Don't Know You're Making.
10/27/2012  You Are NOT Alone
10/26/2012  Do You Know These Unusual Traffic Strategies?
10/26/2012  Are All Autoresponder Leads the Same?
10/25/2012   200,000 FRESH LEADS = $200 PER DAY ON AUTOPILOT
10/25/2012  How to Make Use of Cheap Online Banner Advertising
10/24/2012  Relaxing with a Mental PDA" Your 5 minutes daily program to Stres
10/24/2012  Website Usability through Navigation Design
10/23/2012  3 Quick And Easy Ways To Build A Profitable Opt In List
10/23/2012  7 Ways To Make Money Using Nothing More Than Your List
10/22/2012  Here's Why Using Camtasia Can Increase Your Affiliate Checks
10/22/2012   Setting Your Goals - Easier Said, Easily Done
10/21/2012  "What Really Makes You Tick?" A Preparation To Self-Improvement
10/21/2012  Energy Healing 101: Pranic, Tantric, and Reiki
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10/17/2012  Landing Page Success Tips
10/17/2012  Try Vi-Tel For Free Today
10/16/2012  EZ Money Method Questions...
10/16/2012  Try Vi-Tel for NO-Cost!
10/15/2012  More than One Way to Skin a Cat: Adventures in Creative Thinking
10/15/2012  (NEWS) "Asian Man Makes $204,122.00 and Tells His Job ..."Screw O
10/14/2012  From Wheelchair to Walking - Nothing is impossible… (proof inside
10/14/2012  Did you see this about Pinterest WT...???
10/13/2012  NO More Failing... Get your 2 Week Free Trial Today
10/13/2012  As We Approach The Weekend...
10/12/2012  EZ Money Method - Newbie & Veteran's Friend
10/12/2012  I Learned That Vi-Tel IS DIFFERENT From The "Competition"
10/11/2012  What If You Didn't Have To Work Tomorrow?
10/11/2012  What If It Were True???
10/10/2012  Creative Notions
10/10/2012  Creating Effective and Efficient Relationships
10/9/2012  This Is The Slickest Tool I Have Ever Seen To Make Money!!
10/9/2012  What No One Ever Tells You About Business Opportunities...
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10/3/2012  Are You Looking For A Way To Earn More Income...???
10/2/2012  Video Hosting - Why "Not" YouTube ...
10/2/2012  Secrets Of Eliminating MLM Failure Online
10/1/2012  It's Not Everyday That You See This....
10/1/2012  This Is Why...
9/30/2012  How To Generate Traffic Using Twitter
9/30/2012  A Life of Health, Abundance and Freedom
9/29/2012  Direct Sales Wahm opportunities
9/29/2012  Are You Paying It Forward?
9/28/2012  "A Better You" Your 7 days program to self-improvement
9/28/2012  The Key to a Better Life
9/27/2012  GlobalOne Companies, LLC Announced Breaking 1,000 on the Alexa Ra
9/27/2012  It ends Thursday, Sept. 26th... (Last Chance)
9/26/2012  Life Mapping: A Vision of Success
9/26/2012  Let's Talk About ZNZ On Steroids...
9/25/2012  LocalAppBroker VS DCSLocal...?
9/25/2012  Life is About Choices and the Decisions We Make
9/24/2012  If I Only Had A Brain...
9/24/2012  Looking for an expert to teach you?
9/23/2012  Creating VIRAL Sales Funnels To Grow Your List And Profits
9/23/2012  Are you one of those....?
9/22/2012  Happy As You Want To Be
9/21/2012  Become A Local App Broker
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9/19/2012  Extra Income through Affiliate Marketing
9/19/2012  >THIS< traffic really pays you…
9/18/2012  Establishing a Relationship with Each of your Prospects in Affili
9/18/2012  Instant Cash Plugin's Latest Feature
9/17/2012  What To Do If Your Company Won't Let You Promote Online
9/17/2012  So Let's Break This Down... In Regards To What You Said
9/16/2012  Premium Level - Premium Lifestyle
9/16/2012  nifty lil' traffic trick..
9/15/2012  my shameful little secret...
9/15/2012  how to be strategically UNprofitable online...
9/14/2012  The LV Life: What Does "LV" Stand For?
9/14/2012  Welcome to The LV Life!
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9/10/2012  He Forced Me To Yawn... (true story)
9/9/2012  10 things that keep people broke
9/9/2012  Affiliate Links Just Became OBSOLETE...
9/8/2012  Something You Probably Didn't Know About Direct Sales Companies
9/8/2012  We have created what we consider to be the perfect home business.
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9/6/2012  ALL YOU NEED IS... TO BELIEVE!!!!
9/6/2012  How I Improved My Financial Situation In One Night?
9/5/2012  Facebook Protest and the POWER of LANGUAGE (day one)
9/5/2012  The POWER of hypnotic LANGUAGE (day one)
9/4/2012  Web Traffic: Your Online Business’s Key to Success
9/4/2012  What if AAA were to go MLM?
9/3/2012  The POWER of FOCUS...
9/3/2012  Placing Banner Ads
9/2/2012  What is Energy Deregulation?
9/2/2012  would an extra $100 per day help?
9/1/2012  Eliminate Your Household Bills
9/1/2012  Picking a business opportunity based solely on “How Much Money Yo
8/31/2012  Try Vi-Tel for NO-Cost!
8/31/2012  Weight Loss: Developing Your Own Weight Loss Plan
8/30/2012  Every Journey Begins with that first step! Lean on Us!
8/30/2012  How to treat you subscribers
8/29/2012  Saving Money and Your Bills: Tips on How to be Money Wise
8/29/2012  Here's Five Familiar Money Troubles -- Which Do You Want To Overc
8/28/2012  A Challenge To Women Who Would Never Dream Of Owning Their Own Bu
8/28/2012  The #1 Most Complained-About Industry!
8/27/2012  The Biggest Problems You'll Have With Most Business Opportunities
8/27/2012  Are you a SLAVE to the "dream" you're selling
8/26/2012  Money doesn't buy me happiness, but... (from David Wood, Empower
8/26/2012  What you need to know about Clickbank
8/25/2012  The Basics of SEO
8/25/2012  The Right Way To A Healthy and Respectful IM Chatting
8/24/2012  Ad swaps explained
8/24/2012  How to use Twitter in your Marketing
8/23/2012  Creating A Sales Funnel
8/23/2012  Creating a great squeeze page
8/22/2012  Hosting hosting hosting
8/22/2012  Got OTO (One-Time Offer)?
8/21/2012  The A-Z Of How To Keep Motivated! And To Get Back On THAT Horse
8/21/2012  The Dawn of A New Era
8/20/2012  Keep H.O.P.E. Alive - We Are Designed To Inspire
8/20/2012  Money-Getting Inspiration From The Beaches of Costa Rica
8/19/2012  Making money out of nothing but affiliate marketing
8/19/2012  Internet Etiquette
8/18/2012  The 3 Things To Avoid When Emailing Your List
8/18/2012  Promoting Your Business through Craigslist
8/17/2012  ViTel Announces Zeek Rescue Program
8/17/2012  Internet Unrest in Business Community
8/16/2012  A simple ‘wacky’ way to profit online
8/16/2012  Eat Right With Color – Why it’s important and how to do it
8/15/2012  going going GONE...
8/14/2012  What Innovation Can Do to Your Life
8/14/2012  YOU'RE LUCKY
8/13/2012  Anatomy Of A $100,000,000 Downline
8/13/2012  Stay at Home Moms: Make Money by Selling E-books
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