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Expert Marketers Leave Clues
Expert Marketers Leave Clues, Learn From Expert Marketers to Plan for your Success

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Learn From Expert Marketers to Plan for your Success

I’ve interviewed a lot of expert marketers in the past 6 years and all the successful ones share a common belief. It’s the “Can Do” attitude. It doesn’t matter what’s going on around them, who says it can’t be done, who says it can, they put on the blinders and do it. They make it happen.

Now along the way, we all pick up skills we need to develop to deal with different aspects of our businesses. As you grow and develop and learn more about how to do business and you start experiencing success, you develop your self confidence. You become more comfortable having intelligent conversations with other people in your industry.

You learn to set goals. And then you learn how to achieve them. Just thinking I’d like to make a million dollars this year isn’t going to do it. You need a plan. You need to plan your work and work your plan. I love expressions ?

And you have to learn how to guard your time. You have to be ruthless with your time management. I set a schedule for myself so my day is broken up into blocks.

I answer my email first thing in the morning until 10am. If I’m not done by 10, the rest waits until the next day. I’m in internet marketing not in fire fighting, so there’s no emergency that can’t wait until tomorrow.

Next I spend 2 hours on my marketing. At 12 I stop for lunch for 30 minutes. I read during my lunch and then I read until 1pm

From 1pm-4pm I work on projects

From 8pm – midnight I work more on projects and tie up loose ends

Time is more valuable than money. It’s the only thing all human beings share. None of us has more or less hours in a day. And you can never get back an hour you waste. My biggest pet peeve is to hear someone say “I’m just killing time.” I have nothing to do so I’m just hanging out killing time. What a waste of a life. You aim to become an expert marketer, so start using your time to the maximum.

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