posted on: 5/24/2012 8:59:22 PM EST
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Status Update

By Mark Macdonald

Wanted to share the benefits of the NEW Enhanced version of the RVL Meal Replacement Shake, (it has gone from fantastic to exceptional)... Lower sugar content to better stabilize blood sugar levels and control appetite, optimal pro/fat/carb ratio and calories per serving, with superior forms of ultra-pure protein, low-glycemic carbs, essential fats (omega3), easily digestible fiber, and full-spectrum phytonutrient antioxidants, plus it's Lactose & Gluten free! The New shake formulation is the best in the entire health industry and for those of you use to the sweetness of the original RVL shake, here's how you sweeten up the New shake... simply add some stevia, vanilla extract, 2-3oz of almond milk or low cal fruit to make your shake sweeter. And for those of you who love the level of sweetness in the new shake (Like me!), simply put a scoop in a shaker with water and drink up! Lets keep it rockin! Huge Hug!

I personally use it every day and I feel great.

Onno Onneken

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Deleon Duckworth   1279 day(s) ago
Sounds good!! This will be perfect for people trying to keep their blood sugar under control!

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