posted on: 5/23/2012 3:36:59 AM EST
How To Install iPad Screen Protectors

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1.Turn of the iPad. To apply an iPad screen protector without harming the computer or hitting the wrong keys, completely shut it down until the iPad screen protector is securely in place.


Take a lens or microfiber cloth and get it only wet enough to wipe off the screen. The iPad screen protector adheres best to a clean surface but can also trap dust inside and it could cause scratches overtime if not properly wiped down.


Once the screen is clean, line up the iPad screen protector to the edges of the iPad perfectly. Everything must line up before going any further so align all edges and buttonhole evenly.


Start from one end of the iPad and slowly work up. Take a finger and press firmly down as the protector is applied. Smooth out to the sides to let air escape to avoid any bubbling in the


Do the same for the whole iPad. Keep the edges aligned, move slowly to keep air out. It is hard to remove an iPad screen protector and start all over again with the same one so have patience. The couple minutes it takes is worth protecting the iPad.

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Mircea Ionel Jr   1281 day(s) ago
Screen protectors are vital in gadgets maintenance. Way to easy we forget about important things which impact out lives and costs us money. Thank Osaze for your heads up on this issue. Way to go Osaze!
Stephen Harris   1281 day(s) ago
Great blog post.
Zalee Harris   1281 day(s) ago
Hello Osaze! Welcome to IBO. Some people don't think about the common sense of applying screen protectors on cell phone or their iPad/tablet.
Deborah Howell   1281 day(s) ago
Hi Osaze, good blog, all spelled out. It is almost time to replace one on my phone, I'll try that first. Thanks for sharing.

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