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IBO Toolbox And IBOBooster: A Powerful Combination
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This is an update on IBO Booster as we have entered phase 2 We know that IBO is the best marketing platform on the web at this time. We see the power of the platform when we participate by commenting ,sharing press releases and advertising on the site. We see our sites being indexed by Google ,Bing and Yahoo and many times find our PRs on the first and second pages of these search engines. I know I couldn't have done that by my self and i have come to appreciate The folks that run IBO and the members that i have met through this Platform. This is all for free to us the users of this great site.

In order to maximize your exposure and potential on IBO Toolbox it is suggested that you comment on PRS , write PRS your self and Advertise on the site. If you do this you wil see your business get massive exposure. But participation is the key.

Make it a habit to comment on Peoples PRs Do it every day and you will see that effort rewarded. IBO is the place to be and now a member of IBO Stuart Smith has come up with a compliment to the IBO Platform. An enhancement to maximize your efforts and it is free to join. The IBO Booster program is outlined by Stuart below. I find that it is very easy to use and I do it 1/2 in the morning and I insure that the 10 folks that I comment on get more exposure every day for their business and I am doing what I do on the wall already. It just gives a sure time to comment and read these PRS. I continue to comment through out the day also to support those that I see. It is fun to do . Any way take the time to look at IBO Booster it will help you in IBO Tool box . If you would like to join with me my link is
Or join with any one else that you would like there are plenty out there participating Herman, Steve , Herve' ,Anne,Michelle these are but a few.

From Stuart Smith

That's right, just 1/2 hour per day to place a few comments on a total of ELEVEN members on IBOBooster.

What can that DAILY 1/2 hour do for you?

1) Give you a disciplined approach to placing comments on PRs and Wall Posts on IBO.

2) That REGULAR commenting lifts your profile on IBO and others will want to associate with you....this definetly works!

3) If you are EVERYDAY commenting on those ELEVEN members....what do you think those members are going to think of you when they see in their Inbox that you have commented on their IBO PRs and Wall Posts?.......Associate of course and return possibly return the favour to you and comment. We all know this is just human nature.

4) With the increased visibility and the disciplined approach from IBOBooster, you should benefit from the SEO conducted by IBO and see the results in increased business.

5) You are getting YOUR Profile AND preferred Website seen daily by those commenting on your PRs and Wall Posts through IBOBooster. They literally click the button on IBOBooster and they are both there in eye view for FREE. Of course a percentage of those viewing are going to be inquisitive and a percentage could join your opportunity........and all it has cost you is a little bit of time each day and zero expense! The member receives an automated email that their profile and web page has been viewed.

6) Non IBO members can join IBO through your IBOBooster link by clicking on the graphic. These referral members are valuable and can earn you additional credits on IBO.

7) A lot of people promote multiple business opportunities. You may want to give thought to our professional digital publication where you can promote multiple opportunities from your preferred website area. Don't forget that one size does not fit all in home business opportunities and often those looking for home businesses like to have a choice!

The successes already!

Here are a few of the successes in the very short life of IBOBooster:

"I do notice that when I comment on all ten on the list that my Profile views go up substantially. By at least 80 to 100 views"...this is from one of our members.

Since launching Phase 2 over 500 views have been made on member profiles and websites and members have been notified of these viewing by automated email.

We have THREE members who have each received over 300 views on their IBOBooster website. On a quick calculation members have received approx. 2000 views on their IBOBooster referral links since original launch.

So is IBOBooster working?..well I think you can see the answer to that already.

  ** You need to be a member of IBOtoolbox to comment. Click Here to create free account.
George Guay   423 day(s) ago
Thank you Virginia. You know that the IBO Booster is going to be a good thing to invest one half hour into. There will be more to come I am sure have a great night
George Guay   424 day(s) ago
Thank Hillary.Look forward to seeing you there Have a great day
George Guay   424 day(s) ago
Thank you James . I think you are right . It will only get better from here Have a great night
George Guay   424 day(s) ago
Thank you Shelley. Hope you have a great night
Don Merrill   424 day(s) ago
Hi George. Wonderful promo for IBOtoolbox! I tweeted this for you. I hope that helps a lot of other people to see it.
sharita stovall   424 day(s) ago
Great information!! Thank you.
George Guay   424 day(s) ago
Thank you Cheryl GO IBO and your IBO Spirit Have a great day
Marilyn Roberson   424 day(s) ago
Hello again, George! This PR is great and I hope some people sign up. I LOVE IBO Booster -- I've already seen a big difference and I'm getting to know people. You were the one that told me about IBO Booster and I can't thank you enough!
ralf dooley     425 day(s) ago
Nice press release about ibo booster. Have a great day
John Bow   425 day(s) ago
Great press release George, I liked and shared for you. Have a good week!!
Jaime Gueits   425 day(s) ago
Great PR! thanks for the information on IBO Booster, looks very interesting and deserving a closer look, will share for you.
George Guay   425 day(s) ago
Thank you Lowell There is alot of advantage with using it and it is free Have a great night
George Guay   425 day(s) ago
Thank you Anne The booster is working well Have a great night
Derek Davey   425 day(s) ago
Awesome ideas. Enjoyed your ideas. Just started and this will really help moving into the future. Thank you.
Maria Brown   425 day(s) ago
Great post George, Thanks for sharing " IBO Toolbox And IBOBooster: A Powerful Combination " have a great day.
Trish Parr   425 day(s) ago
I agree wholeheartedly George, following your advice anyone can promote their business for FREE... the white hat way. Thanks for sharing this!
George Guay   425 day(s) ago
Thanks Charles It will just keep getting better Thanks Have a great night
Virginia T EarthAngel   425 day(s) ago
Hey George, this is truly an awesome Program and concept - It just added Icing on the Cake LOL - You're doing a super job and I appreciate your hard work! Blessings 4 Success
George Guay   425 day(s) ago
Thank you Patricia Take a look It is free and it works Have a great night
George Guay   425 day(s) ago
Thank you Sharon Thank you for being on IBO Booster continued success to you Have a great day
Hillary Butler   425 day(s) ago
Great Post, I will be looking into this. Thanks!
James Drummond   425 day(s) ago
Thank you George, for the PR. I've just started using IBO Booster, and think it should help increase traffic. Have a great day!
George Guay   425 day(s) ago
Thank you Marlene I think you will like what you see have a great day
George Guay   425 day(s) ago
Thank you Herve' You have an awe some IBO Spirit Have a great day
George Guay   425 day(s) ago
Thank you Lori You will like what you see there Have a great day
Shelley Kuhn   425 day(s) ago
IBO is a fabulous marketing platform. Great informative post, George! Thanks for your visits and comments on my posts lately! Have a great Monday!
Cheryl Stephenson   425 day(s) ago
Totally believe in the power of IBO as well, on it everyday and writing PR's, welcoming newcomers, commenting, liking, sharing, it's great to be a part of something that is FREE but also a platform that is Helping us to be Seen and Heard...Branding ourselves. Thanks for the PR, George!
Lowell Shim   425 day(s) ago
This is a great post George, I will have to check this out later tonight when I get back home, have a few appointments, sharing this for you.
George Guay   425 day(s) ago
Thank you Scott and Dawn Have a great day and thanks for your IBO Spirit
Anne Ljostad   425 day(s) ago
I`m stopping by from IBObooster to thank you George for Sharing this AMAZING website to "Boost" our IBOtoolbox presence! I`ve got more than 400 views to my IBObooster website and I Love it! Thank you again for å well written and Informative PR, George! Go IBOtoolbox and IBObooster! Blessings, ~~ Anne
Charles Whitlock   425 day(s) ago
Good Job... Yes I'm using the system too... Thanks for sharing the IBO Spirit!!
Patricia Hill   425 day(s) ago
Thanks for letting us know about IBOBooster! I was not aware of it and will definitely be checking it out!
George Guay   425 day(s) ago
Thank you Aes It is working very well Have a great day
George Guay   425 day(s) ago
Thank you Trish Hope you have a great day
Sharon Beauregard   426 day(s) ago
Thanks George! I am so happy that I just joined IBO Booster. I am gaining and giving more support and it really does help you to prioritize some of the work that you are already doing here! It's powerful! Thanks so much for sharing and it's great to meet you!
Marlene Harris   426 day(s) ago
Hi George! Thanks for sharing this great info on IBO Booster. I will check this out!
Hervé Ndayi   426 day(s) ago
I'm using it, good PR, liked and shared for you George.
Lori Schwartz   426 day(s) ago
Thanks for informing us about IBO Booster George, I'm going to check into it right now!
Dawn & Scott Bennett   426 day(s) ago
Thanks for the tips! Bumped & shared!
Aes Holding   426 day(s) ago
Sounds great! I will check it out!
George Guay   426 day(s) ago
Thank you Warren for the twitter share Have a great night
George Guay   426 day(s) ago
Thank you Catherine Have a great night
Trish Parr   426 day(s) ago
Great advice George and worth boosting to the top once again!
George Guay   426 day(s) ago
Thank you Dragos It will only get better from here Have a great day
warren button   426 day(s) ago
Thanks for sharing this information, George!...Great advertising for IBO and IBOBooster!...Send this too Twitter for you!...Go IBO!
George Guay   426 day(s) ago
Thank you Bessie Have a great day
George Guay   426 day(s) ago
Thanks John for your comment Have a great day
George Guay   426 day(s) ago
Thanks Charles glad to see you are using it . IBO Booster will only get better as it grows and there are more participating Have a great day
George Guay   426 day(s) ago
Thanks Lonnie for sending it up Have a great Sunday
Catherine Nikkel   426 day(s) ago
Hadn't heard of this platform, checking it out now! Thank you for sharing - Great PR

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