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Sokule Free Business Social Site From Jane Mark
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Sokule Free Business Social Site From Jane Mark


Everyone who is making money online or even just trying to needs to be a member of Sokule business social site. As far as I'm concerned, Sokule is the number one place any Internet Marketer should get their ads seen. Sokule business social site is run by Jane Mark. Jane knows what Internet Marketers need, and she has made sure we have it in Sokule. Sokule is the perfect place to build your business.

Make yourself known on Sokule. Build your name. This is business-oriented social networking at its finest. You will be amazed by how much easier it is to sell things and get signups once people get to know your name. They want to know "you" -- not just what you are selling!

I have been a member of Sokule for awhile now, and I am amazed by how often I run into my own posts when searching for something online ... like on Google, or Yahoo, or Alta Vista, etc. I'm always very happy to run into my own posts, because I know that if "I'm" seeing them so often, "others" are seeing them, too!

When you post on Sokule, you can have your posts sent automatically to up to 89 different places, including many professional social network sites. I'm sure you can imagine how nice this can be. There's nothing like automated advertising. I sign into Sokule, click send, and my post is going all over the place. I love that!

Not only does Sokule offer you a live stream you can post to and a profile that holds your posts forever, you also have walls (full webpages) that you can post to. These "walls" remain out on the Internet, and they are definitely search engine friendly. I see them all the time while searching various things.

Let's look at some of the different ways you can post on Sokule.

1 -- First is the Post Message box. Free members can post messages of 140 characters. Paid members can post messages up to 500 Characters long in the Post Message box.

Free member posts will appear on Sokule free business social site and on Friend Feed.

Paid members' posts will appear on up to 89 Social Media Sites and targted blogs depending on your membership level at Sokule.

Here is the link to my Sokule postit page. Anything I post at Sokule business social site shows up here: -- As you can see from the page, anyone who visits this business social site can see many things I'm a member of. If you look at the top right, you'll see the founder seal. That is the lifetime upgraded membership, and if you can swing it, you should definitely consider it. That is definitely something to work toward, anyway, because by being a founding member, you can use everything that is already on Sokule and everything that comes out in the future -- for life. As a free member you can still post on Sokule, but you should look at the various upgrade options. There are many to choose from, and they all come with different options.

2 -- Posting Wall called Sokwall.

Here you can post messages as long as you like. You can add videos and graphics to your messages, and you can reach all 89 sites that Sokule posts to if you are a Silver member or above.

Sokwall also generates a unique link after you post. You can use that link by itself to promote your own site or pop it into 1Click Marketing Machine -- -- and have it promoted for you. You can also have that link pinged every 3 days if you want to at Kule Ping --

Sokwall at Sokule is one place you can generate unique links just by making a post about anything. Your link includes your search term, which makes it rank much better in the search engines.

Here is one of my Sokwall posts for 7 Minute Workout, a business opportunity I am in -- -- As you can see, my post is quite long. You are definitely not limited on Sokule. There are so many options available to you.

Sokwall is a particulary powerful posting place on Sokule because they also ping 33 weblogs with each Sokwall post that you make, and that lets the search engines know instantly that you just put new content up on the web.

Note: You must be a bronze plus member or higher at Sokule business social site to use Sokwall. So again, make sure to check the upgrade options out. There are different options to choose from, and I'm sure one is right for you.

** There is now a Sokwall 2.0 (newer addition to Sokule), which is even more friendly in the search engines. This is one of the best features I've ever seen on a business social site.

3 -- KuleWall with 1.4 million viewers (obviously something you should be posting on).

One of the best places at Sokule to post is on KuleWall. You can't place direct links on KuleWall, but you can post something and send them to your Sokule Page or a Sokwall page. They will be able to visit your outside website link from there.

KuleWall is located on hundreds of sites around the net with 1.4 million people belonging to those sites. It is located on many business social sites and also many other types of websites. Your posts are seen by them and also go to the 89 Social Media Sites and targeted blogs that Sokule posts to.

KuleWall is definitely a very responsive place to post. If you are a bronze plus or higher member of Sokule (not an expensive upgrade at all), you can use KuleWall.

So there you have it ... three different places you can post on Sokule. Each of those places are unique and offer excellent advertising.

You can post anything (with any link) at the "post message" box and on Sokwall.

KuleWall is restricted to your postit page or sokwall, kulebuzz and kulepagelinks. You are still advertising on KuleWall. You are just only sending people to the above sites to view your ad. They can get to your outside website link from there. I get excellent results when I post on KuleWall.

In fact, I get excellent results when I post ANYWHERE at Sokule! I am an extremely happy member. I finally got my lifetime founding membership, and that makes me even MORE excited about Sokule. It is truly awesome.

Here is my main link to Sokule:

Here is my postit page at Sokule:

I will definitely be looking for your ads there! I visit there many times during a day -- not just to post but also to see what others are posting. I pay close attention to people who are advertising at Sokule business social site.

Take care,

P.S. I do not want to confuse you, but Jane Mark has hooked a new free business social site to Sokule. It is call Yakamore business social site. If you are an upgraded member of Sokule you can also have Sokule send your posts to Yakamore automatically. Here is my Yakamore link: -- This is not something you should use "in place of" Sokule business social site, but this is definitely something you should use "along with" Sokule. I hope I'll be seeing your posts at both places! I frequent them both :-)

I think it's very important to be a member of many business social sites. That helps to get your name known and helps you to get sales. Social media can be extremely responsive.


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Sue Mitrisin   845 day(s) ago
Very comprehensive information Paula. I've seen you and Sokule around on the internet. Here's to your success! Go IBO!

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2/2/2012  Jane Mark Launched Yakamore - a NEW Social Site!
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