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Mineral Make up
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Youngevity® is commonly known as “The Mineral Company” because natural, plant-derived minerals are the foundation of our superior health and wellness product line. For years our health-conscious customers have been demanding a natural, healthy, mineral based makeup line! In response, we’ve researched and developed the finest makeup you’ll ever use–Youngevity® Mineral Makeup. There are no harsh chemicals, dyes, preservatives, animal testing, irritants, talc or bismuth. It is non-comedogenic, fragrance-free and hypo-allergenic. Youngevity® Mineral Makeup is 100% pure minerals. Wait until you feel the difference! You’ll be amazed at the light, airiness of these minerals and yet, the coverage is wonderful. With Youngevity® Mineral Makeup, the perception of your complexion will be natural perfection!

Anti-Aging makeup is forecast to see the biggest growth in the cosmetics and personal care division of retail sales over the next 10 years!

Why Mineral Makeup?

• Physician Endorsed • Award Winning • 100% Natural Minerals
• Hypo-allergenic •Non-Comedogenic •No Chemicals •No Dyes •No Animal Testing
•No Preservatives •No Irritants •Fragrance Free •No Talc •No Bismuth

Who recommends Mineral Makeup?
Leading Cosmetic Surgeons recommend mineral makeup to their post-op patients because mineral makeup is gentle and hypoallergenic, gives natural sun protection and provides great coverage.

What are the ingredients in the Youngevity® Mineral Makeup Foundation?
Pure, natural minerals: Mica, titanium dioxide, iron oxides. May also contain: zinc oxide and ultramarine blue.

Can I use it on mature skin?
Mineral Makeup is recommended for all skin, including mature skin. Because of the natural luminosity of the minerals, this makeup tends to camouflage fine lines and minor wrinkles, providing a lovely, youthful glow!

I can’t seem to find the perfect match for my skin tone, what should I do?
Use the two shades closest to your skin tone and blend them to create your own custom blend. Unlike the makeup you may have used in the past, mineral makeup warms up and blends with the natural oils of your skin, reflecting the light rather than absorbing it. Be sure to wait a few minutes after applying it before determining which shade is right for you.

I have oily skin, what can I do to reduce the shine?
Angel Face™ to the rescue! Apply it before and after you apply the Youngevity® Mineral Foundation for a shine-free look! Reapply as needed throughout the day. Once you’ve used this natural makeup and the correct skin care products for a
period of time, you may even find that your “oily skin” is no longer oily!

I need a concealer, when should I apply it?
For best results, apply your concealer prior to applying the Youngevity® Mineral Foundation.

You may achieve the coverage you desire by dipping the Ultimate Concealer Brush into the foundation color that is a shade lighter than you will use on the rest of your face. The Ultimate Concealer Brush provides maximum coverage and control. Apply the concealer foundation to your imperfections and then apply the foundation shade that best matches your skin tone
to the rest of your face. Carefully buff it over the areas you previously concealed to blend everything in for the ultimate
flawless appearance! Several people have found that after using Youngevity® Mineral Makeup and quality skin care
products for a period of a few weeks, they no longer require a concealer.

How do I apply the Lovely Glow Bronzer™?
It only takes a very small amount of the Lovely Glow Bronzer™ to achieve a very natural, healthy glow. Begin by dipping
your brush into the Bronzer and then swirling the brush on a tissue to remove excess minerals before you apply it very
lightly to your face. Be sure to apply to areas that are naturally kissed by the sun, such as your cheek bones, brow bones,
and nose. Don’t overdo it! Less is more!

Can I sleep in the Youngevity® Mineral Makeup?
It’s pure and natural, so you can if you want to! However, we don’t think it’s a good idea to skip any part of your beauty routine! We recommend washing your face and applying a good moisturizer to fortify and restore your skin before going to bed! Youngevity® offers many quality options to choose from such as NuVANTE Replenish™.

Mineral Makeup is recommended by dermatologists and aestheticians for all skin types
and various skin conditions, such as: acne, rosacea, scarring, age spots, broken capillaries.

Why Partner With Us?
Partner with an internationally renowned company...
For more than 10 years, Youngevity® has been successfully providing health and wellness products that offer the building blocks required to lead a full, healthy life. The best and most complete products that will allow healing to be done by the greatest physician of all... your own body! We embrace this same philosophy as we offer our exclusive Youngevity®
Mineral Makeup line.

Create an additional revenue stream for your business...
There are over 169,000,000 women in North America (Population Reference Bureau, Women of Our World) and we think most of them wear makeup! Facial makeup (foundation) represents the largest portion of makeup sales in the US( As your customers become more and more educated, their demand for all-natural, healthy makeup is at an all-time high! Whether you already carry a makeup line or you are
looking to offer one, we encourage you to compare our 100% natural makeup with everything else on the market and learn why Youngevity® Mineral Makeup should be your top choice!

Purchase at wholesale prices...
Our line is increasingly expanding, offering new colors and collections each season! Our professional brochures and samples make Youngevity® Mineral Makeup appealing to the most discerning patient or client. They’ll be extremely satisfied with the product line and you will realize tremendous profit margins as a result!

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