posted on: 4/18/2012 11:21:44 AM EST
Why I’m Motivated To Keep Going
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Throughout my life I have been giving a lot of hard obstacles and path to take. With each obstacle I have had to always prove myself to someone because they would always stop me from trying to progress and move forward in life. When I came across people like that in my life I would say to myself that I’m still going to accomplish my goals and make the best of it. Regardless of how long it took and the different paths I had to take I still ended up on top and in charge.

I never understood why some people have knowledge and never wanted to share it with others; they acted like it was going to do something to them if they did. When I was in the military as a Diesel Mechanic the guys thought I didn’t know much but proved them wrong passed all my test, graduated and moved on to the next school like they did. Always the only female in the class with the males of course so they knew everything right, wrong! It was funny because even now I still go to places and not tell people I’m a technician because I like to see what they tell me about my car before I say oh really I need what. Then when I start talking these terminology ladies they be like oh wow you know what you are talking about, they say you don’t look like a mechanic. LOL I ask, “well what are they suppose to look like?”

Now I’m a Information Technician working for the government still but on the civilian side a completely different field only because I did not want to keep being a grease monkey as they called me in the Navy. I’m motivated because no matter late I had to stay up working on engines and making fresh water, I did it and was successful. Now I’m fixing computer and putting in tickets still working my butt off in a decent office, no complaints here. I’m at the point where I was my business to be a success as well so I’m going to keep pushing for the sign-ups and leads I need hopefully people will see that I’m very serious and follow me and join my team.

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