posted on: 1/11/2012 2:27:14 PM EST
Obesity - What can we do to change!
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Obesity rates in the US are among the highest in the world.
As of 2008 33% of Americans are considered obese. And it is only getting worse!!
By the Year 2020 current trends will classify almost half of the US population. This is a very scary fact. It doesn't have to be this way.
There is a solution!!! Eat healthy and put the right kind of nutritional food in our bodies.
Get informed and make the healthy & tastiest choices for you!!
Choose the Body by Vi Challenge - Lose Weight, Get Fit and Be Healthy!!
YOU can find SUCCESS with The 90 Day Challenge!
You can Lose Weight, Win Prizes and Earn Money!!!
The Challenge is simple, fun and can save you money.
You don't have to eat expensive foods, you don't have to "weigh in", you don't have to count calories, you don't have to be forced to go to the gym.
This is the Program for YOU!
This program gives you nutritional support to help you curb hunger, burn fat and feel great from head to toe!
This Challenge isn't just for losing weight.
1) You can balance your nutrition with a once-daily boost to your health
2) You can see results and help shape your body with 60 power packed meals
3) You can support your active lifestyle with balanced nutrition and an advanced anti-aging and energy system
4) You can get ultimate shaping and nutrition support to help you transform your body and feel maximum results.
5) Or you can Take Your Athletic Performance to the Next Level. Fuel your body for ultimate performance with nutrients to burn fat, boost endurance, speed up recovery, and pack on lean muscle mass. This is for high-octane lifestyles and any athlete looking to up their game!
So why not make that choice to Join Today!
What do you have to lose? WEIGHT!!!! Your body will thank you!
Take a look at my website please sign my guestbook
Let's get YOU on the Train to a Healthier YOU!

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Sharee Johnson-Cammon   1491 day(s) ago
Hi Pat! It was very inspirational to listen to you video and read what you wrote on your Visalus home page! You can tell you are really dedicated to staying healthy! To your success! Sharee
David Glassey   1492 day(s) ago
Great info - keep up the good work.
Robert Coaster   1492 day(s) ago
Hi Pat thanks for sharing your article on obesity just saw a program last night about a lady who was over 900lbs who lost her life after bariatric surgery it was a sad story. Will tweet your blog.

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