posted on: 2/29/2012 6:22:26 PM EST
The Power of a Story
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The Power of a Story
Words - hold power and meaning.
If we hear stories enough we start to believe these stories.
We have the power to be able to create stories and events that are taking place in our lives.
When we come up with excuses - we associate words with the event and then we are our own victims.
So therefore, we need a new story. We have to stop looking for excuses. If we allow excuses to be who we are, it would be very difficult for us to succeed.

It is up to us to change our story. We have the fear of rejection. We should not sell ourselves with these stories of excuses and rejection. We tend to use these stories for not trying. Failure and fear are very powerful. We take words that people tell us too literal, and that their opinions matter. It doesn't matter what people think. What matters is what WE think.


We need to make a story that helps us to move our life forward!!!

My New Story was to get healthier - to lose some weight, to get fit and to gain some lean muscle. AND WOW am I ever glad that I decided to make that choice!!!
Will YOU choose a healthier lifestyle??
Please don't wait any longer - join the Body By Vi Challenge TODAY!
Please talk to me and let's get you on that road to a NEW YOU!!

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Wanda Robinson   136 day(s) ago
Pat thank you for sharing the power of a story
Yvonne Warner   1439 day(s) ago
Good choice Pat. Really, losing weight and getting healthier is the only chance we have of creating our story. Our Health is all we have.
Terri Pattio   1439 day(s) ago
Pat I enjoyed reading your blog. We all have a story to tell, and here's the thing just make sure it is positive, motivation and people will relate to it and get something good from it. ~Terri Pattio - MLM Coach/Mentor with a servant's heart.
Julie Klein   1439 day(s) ago
Great post Pat. I agree that only we can write our story - and re-write it as necessary throughout our lives.

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