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6/22/2015  Guaranteed to Save you money on your vacation. $100 for starters!
4/9/2015  How to get $2500 in free travel
4/1/2015  Get $2,500 in free travel today!
6/14/2014  The problem with "faking it till you make it"
6/2/2014  Your Weekly Dose of Vitamin Sea
11/10/2013  Football Team's Life-Changing Play
3/9/2013  The Dangers of Systems!
1/29/2013  Get Even" marketing!!
1/29/2013  Using mental "Power Snacks" to build your Biz
12/24/2012  Don't just celebrate Christmas - Live it!
12/6/2012  Network Marketers deal with Knuckle Headed Tire Kickers!
10/13/2012  Don't lose business because of no WiFi again
9/1/2012  VOMITING "leadership" vs TRUE Leadership
8/21/2012  PLEASE HELP us help a young lady in need
8/17/2012  How can we save our Zeek Rewards Team
8/16/2012  When will you break out of the “Glass Box”?
8/9/2012  Missing Business Application - INTEGRITY
5/15/2012  Don't stop before your blessing!
3/30/2012  "I CAN" is one hundred times more important than IQ!
3/29/2012  Be someone's answer to prayer TODAY
3/27/2012  Who has talent?? Beautiful story...
3/13/2012  "Someday" is a disease that will take your dreams to the grave wi
2/16/2012  "Ninja Baby Business Attitude"
2/2/2012  Who says you can’t work & play at the same time?
2/1/2012  Which is it? National Freedom Day or Slavery Day for you??
2/1/2012  Communicate! Make a Connection & Deepen Relationships
1/19/2012  Woman Cured of Stinkin' Thinking
1/18/2012  Part 2 - SERVICE - a Gift of "Life" to your Business
1/17/2012  SERVICE - A Gift of Life for your Business
1/11/2012  Is your business fear proof?
1/3/2012  Going Green dramtically impacts business in 2012!
12/30/2011  STOP Killing your Business! JUST STOP IT!
12/29/2011  Others can stop YOU temporarily – you are the only one who can do
12/28/2011  Change your words, change your world!
12/27/2011  Goals in writing can be $5000 bills with deadlines
12/27/2011  My Christmas Gift - FREE VIDEO EMAIL
12/26/2011  Mr Bean & the "Competition"
12/23/2011  Help a Child in need (& its parents) this Christmas
12/22/2011  Inspiring Display of Sportsmanship