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"Someday" is a disease that will take your dreams to the grave with you.
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Someday I want to get out of debt… Someday, I want to start a business… Someday, when I get a chance, I want to put together a list of prospects for my business…. Someday, I will call some people and see if they are interested in replacing their job someday! Someday, I “plan” to have a large team and be a top earner in my company & fire my boss…. Someday….

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In order to be successful in network Marketing field or any opportunity for that matter, you must have the following 4 points in place. Otherwise you will have failure.

1. A Dream – Your Why - In order to really “go somewhere” someday, you must have a dream that is as vivid as if in real life or it will not produce a plan.
2. A Plan – You How - A plan is the how you will realize the dream. It is the roadmap to the dream as well as the vehicle or equipment that you will use to accomplish the end results.
a. First of all a “Plan” includes picking the Opportunity, the Business, the Product or whatever it is that will produce the income.
b. Secondly, it includes time management – how many hours a week or a day you will WORK your plan.
c. Thirdly, it includes the system you will use. I personally like a few simple steps that EVERYONE (key to success) could do and that a high percentage can actually accomplish.
3. Action – Your When – YOU MUST GET PAST WHAT YOU WILL DO SOMEDAY! Someday never comes, however TODAY you can take that first action (the step 1 of the Plan). Today, you must build your business. Today you stop the “busy work” that is non-producing work – like getting your records lined up and your filing system and your voicemail and your blog setup etc etc. etc. These things are very important, but should never replace “business building actions”.
4. This Equals Results! – A Dream, A Plan and Action will ALWAYS produce results. People think if there are no immediate results, then it won’t work. However the averages always work in your favor.
Colonel Sanders took 1009 no over a 2 year span before he got his first yes to his business proposal but I think we would agree the rest is a profitable history!! Sooner or later, if you continue to repeat the “system” however terrible or wonderful it might be, someone will grab onto idea and the rest will be history….

….. That is, if you will someday stop saying “someday” and take action!

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Annemarie Berukoff   1418 day(s) ago
Great blog...I agree too many people live on the Someday Island. I agree the plan and sytem are the life rafts that will bring you closer to Security. I agree Someday never comes and that is a pity.
Tim Thorndike   1418 day(s) ago
Phil, this is great reminder to each of us that blogging is helpful, but not as productive as income-producing activity. It's filled with little way-markers, to help us keep our sights on the dream, the goal. Thank you!

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