posted on: 3/29/2012 10:39:28 AM EST
Be someone's answer to prayer TODAY
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How many times have we all heard, “Oh you are in one of those deals or one of those scams”!! I for one am not phased by such remarks because I know it is not spoken from truth or true understanding but rather from a bad experience they had from a less than reputable person claiming to be a Rep for some company or simply from hearsay of someone else’s bad experience.

First of no network marketer should ever be less than honest, truthful & real. This great industry if worked correctly needs NO hyping, exaggeration or spin.

Secondly, people buy into people. They do business with those they know, love and trust. Be someone who lives by the Golden Rule regardless of what they do, who they are with and how much or how little money there is to be had. We cannot hide who we really are!

Now, find someone who desire to change their lives. Bring some truth and integrity to the industry by helping that person change other’s lives. As Zig Zigler said so well, “Help enough other people reach their goals and you will meet yours” (my version)!

Every day there is someone praying for help. Be their answer to prayer! They will love you and God will bless!

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Don Sabelhaus   1409 day(s) ago
A Great article Phil, thanks for sharing your thoughts. Everyday we should strive to help at least one person in some way. TB&L my friend
Karen Kierscht   1409 day(s) ago
Enjoyed this post Phil. You're correct, we need to be ourselves. Also nice to meet you and thanks for adding me to your circle of friends. I look forward to experiencing the IBO Spirit.

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