posted on: 5/2/2012 3:35:53 PM EST
You Know You're Getting Old When....
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I have come enjoy very few television shows any longer. Unfortunately I get a deeper message when I watch certain shows. So that rules out alot of shows. One of my favorites actually was and I say WAS "The Big C'. A Showtime series with really great acting all about a woman that discovers she has skin cancer and it completely changes her outlook on life. She has an opportunity to form different friendships, improve the relationship with her son, (who is in high school) and reignite her relationship with her husband of many years... but then it goes off the track this season. Last season I accepted a few things I really didn't like and tried to overlook but this last show..not so much. They just had to go there, they had to mess with Christianity. Her high school son was searching for something to help him deal with the knowledge that his mother and father both had a brief affair. He was disappointed and distraught and when he came across a poster about a young People's Bible Group with much shame...he entered the room. The writers of the show made sure that he felt shame about going to this group. They portraited this group as foul mouthed teenagers and hypocrites. They portrayed it as perfectly acceptable to swear and be foul. He had met a young pretty girl in this group that had a crush on him. They ended up making out in a car together and her telling himshe was saving herself, but that was ok because their was another take so to speak without me being inappropriate, I think you get the idea. This is the trash that is available today and the spin is making me ill!

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Aldrin Serapion   1382 day(s) ago
Patricia , Thank you for posting. A bout the Big " C :) let e tweet this so any People can read this. liked :)
Baz Smith   1382 day(s) ago
Patricia, these sort of programs don't get a cahnce on our tV if Luke wants to watch one of his favourites!
Marian Gurowicz   1382 day(s) ago
So much of what you find on TV, especially if you tune into the "reality" shows is what my husband refered to as "skank TV." Further, as if want happens isn't bad enough, they edit the takes to make it look even worse. Not worth wasting my time on.
Patricia Juhrend   1382 day(s) ago
Glad to hear something so refreshing from someone so young like yourself!
Julie Klein   1382 day(s) ago
I so agree with you Patricia. We now have hundreds of channels from which to choose, and still more often than not, there is not a single program that I find entertaining.

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