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When to Rent and When to Buy
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The problem is that since I haven't been camping in nearly thirty years I don't own the necessary equipment to do so. I also don't anticipate that I will love camping so much that I'll want to do it every other weekend or even every other month. So I am not really keen on the idea of buying all new camping gear just to use one time. It just doesn't make sense to me.

Instead I looked into renting camping gear to save money. And what I found was astonishing. There are a number of local stores that will rent me a tent, sleeping bags, portable grills, basically anything I would need for a successful camping trip. And it is a whole lot cheaper. On, a camping gear rental site I found I could rent a three person tent for up to three days for only $37. If I were to buy a tent outright it would easily cost me $200-300. Now that's a good deal!

This whole idea of renting versus buying got me thinking about what else I could save money on. Take a look at all of the things you should consider renting instead of buying if you don't plan to use it very often.

So everybody probably has a hammer, wrench and other basic tools. We use these tools often when we need to hang a picture, repair a piece of furniture or put together our kid's latest toy. But what about a pressure washer or a power saw? These tools are used a lot less often and we probably could use the extra space in the garage they take up. Big box warehouses like Home Depot and Lowe's allow customers to rent tools for a lot less than the cost of buying it brand new. For example you can rent a carpet cleaning machine from them for $18 for four hours. If you were going to buy one it would run you about $150 or more. Next time you want to tackle a home improvement project look into renting your tools before you run out and spend hundreds of dollars buying all the tools you'll need to get the job done.

Most of the people in the U.S. aren't getting much use out of their bicycles right now. There's too much snow and it's too darn cold out! For those of us that only take the occasional bike ride it might be more financially savvy to rent one. New bicycles are expensive, easily running you a couple hundred dollars. Instead look into rental companies like or Simply choose your area and find the nearest rental location. You can even choose the type of bike you want to rent depending on if you are going mountain biking or just for a leisurely stroll around the city.

Designer Gowns
Unless you run in the same social circles as Donald Trump or President Obama you probably don't have that many occasions that call for a tuxedo or ball gown. Next time you get invited to a fancy wedding or charity event consider renting your dress instead of buying a new one. Sites like allow you to browse their selection of designer duds and rent that for a fraction of the price for four or eight days. They'll ship you the gown and even send you an additional size free of charge! After your event simply mail the dress back using their pre-paid mailing packages. I found a Chloe dress that retailed for $595 that I could rent for $85.

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zita slawinski   1475 day(s) ago
thats great advice knowing we don't go much camping either to rent is good thing to do now a days when we are very busy in our daily lives

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