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6/15/2019Daily Motivation - We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone
A wise man, Bryan Matteo once said, "Even the smallest act of caring for another person is like a drop of water, it will make ripples throughout the entire pond". Isn't it a great gesture, to make a positive difference in the lives of others, and help them escape a life of mediocrity, and failure. We all know people who are enthusiastic about projects, such as starting a new business, quit smoking, or a weight loss program. However, when they are not well motivated, or seem to doubt their abilities, the projects might not kick off as planned, or even come to a sudden stop. You do not need to be wealthy to make a difference in other people's lives. Make it a habit, at your place of work, or at home, to treat people fairly, reward them for positive behavior, and provide feedback, that will boost their morale, and motivate them. It takes little effort, but could have a great impact, when you make an effort to help others achieve their goals and dreams. This could include just listening, when they are looking for feedback, or asking how you can help. Giving them encouragement, when you see them struggle.
6/13/2019Daily Motivation - My life is a wondrous journey
The Amazing Journey of Life - In order to overcome life’s challenges, I have discovered, that I have to break many rules. I have to live life boldly, living it on my own terms, and never apologize. Instead of following the well-beaten path, I am following the one that is less travelled. Whenever I face adversity, I will just laugh. In fact, I will dance as though nobody is watching. I will never be depressed, or anxious about anything. I will always keep dancing, believing in myself, smiling, loving, and marveling at life, with hope and trust. Most importantly, I take pleasure in every moment of my amazing journey. Instead of imagining how far I should be, I will be grateful for how far I have come, and where I currently am. I never get anxious when I get lost, instead I am grateful for the beautiful new path in life, that I just discovered. It is my beliefs and values that are the road map for the kind of life that I have experienced, and when I look back at my life, I realize, that although life has always given me what I need, I did not always get what I wanted. During those periods of disappointments, I learned that it was some of my beliefs and values that were taking me down the wrong road. Although disappointed, I never give up. To achieve greatness in life, you must keep walking, regardless of the discomfort you feel in your shoes.
6/11/2019Daily Motivation - The sounds of nature bring peace when my soul is restless
Are there times when you feel down, and perhaps out of sync with the rest of the world? Well, so do most of us, when we are restless. When we feel this way, a long walk, hearing the sounds of nature, can truly be calming, giving you the peace that you need and want. Silence, especially when out in natural surroundings, calms the mind, allowing you to reach deep inside your soul, feeling peaceful, something that you rarely find during your busy days. The sounds, such as water flowing steadily down a gorge, and the trees whistling above, can be very inspiring. At the end of a rough, tiring day, sneaking down to a place like this, can be the best medicine for your soul. It will give you renewed energy, and take away the old, spent energy, raising you to greater heights and levels of confidence. In this peaceful state, you feel a new motivation coming from deep inside of you, something that you would not experience rushing through life. If you have a wandering mind, then you absolutely need a quiet place, where the mind can wander. Without leaving home, in your mind, find your most favorite place, perhaps a beach in Hawaii, like mine, where you can hear the sounds of the ocean waves. Or a place by a babbling brook.
6/9/2019Daily Motivation - I am creating the life of my dreams
A lot of people struggle through life. Day in, and day out, not really knowing what will happen next. They wing it as they go along. Oh sure, they talk about wanting better things, perhaps even day dreaming of a better life. However, they have no idea, that their destiny lies in their own hands. They don't understand that their hearts desires can take them to a better life. Having a dream is a great start, and there really is no secret, how we can make our dreams come true. Being specific, having an idea of what direction we want to take, is most important. Not just waking up in the morning, and wishing that our life was better. The reason so many people struggle in life, is that they do not know where they want to go. Perhaps you remember the story, when a young man was walking along, and came to a folk in the road. Suddenly a wise old woman appeared, and he asked the old woman for help. "Which one of these roads should I take?" The old woman asked him, "Where do you want to go?" The young man replied that he didn’t really know where he wanted to go. The old woman replied, "Then either road will take you there!" The thing is, you have to first understand where you are, and then decide where you want to be. This applies to every area of your life. If you want to lose weight, know exactly the kind of figure you want to see in the mirror. Decide on a plan of action to shed the pounds, don't lose them, chances are you will find them again, and then just DO IT!
6/7/2019Daily Motivation - I can always find something to be thankful for
Have you ever wondered why people are unhappy? It seems that nobody is satisfied with what they have. People are not content anymore. They crave more, higher promotions, better cars, lots of money and so on, leaving themselves overworked, and even depressed. We have stopped being ourselves, we are governed by our social class, and our jobs. Why have we stopped enjoying life? Everything seems to revolve around work and money. It’s like the world has become a competing playground. Nobody wants to feel left out, or be the odd one out. Everyone wants to fit in. Everyone wants to feel like they belong somewhere, either in a particular group, or with certain people. Is this what life is about? Why do we let our ego get passed our humanity? Why are people more selfish today? We seem to have forgotten the art of being thankful, forgiving, and giving, instead we have crowned ourselves with hunger for more money, and material belongings. Our hearts seem to be full of selfishness. We don’t seem to care about others. Why have we forgotten that we already have enough to be thankful for? Every time we upgrade our car, someone else, somewhere, is walking miles before reaching their destination, or worse, sleeping on the street, because they don't have a roof over their heads.
6/5/2019Daily Motivation - The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing
Are you finding it difficult turning your dreams into reality? Has it reached a level, where you think your goals are unachievable? If yes, then you are not alone. Lots of people tend to talk much about what they want to achieve, but do very little to enhance their chances of success. The ideas are plentiful, some might even be big hits, but it takes action to take the ideas from concept, to where you can take your idea to the market place. And that is where most of us fall down. Instead of taking bold, positive steps forward, we come up with excuses why things will not work. Take any of your friends out for a drink, and you will be surprised at the number of ideas that will be thrown around. But ask them which ones they have worked on, and you will hear a long pause. The thing is that an idea won’t bear any fruits, if no effort is applied. A person with a poor, negative mindset, is filled with excuses on why an idea cannot work, while a rich, positive mindset, will always find ways to get things done. Many people stand in their own way, keeping themselves from succeeding.
6/3/2019Daily Motivation - I can make a difference
Wait for a clear night, go out for a relaxing walk. Stop, and take a long, deep breath, and then look up to the sky. Marvel at the stars, while the immense vastness of the unknown cosmos fills your soul with wonders. Now ask yourself: What am I doing here? Do you truly understand what it means to be alive, and do you realize how the time to enjoy your gift of life is limited. Now do you want to continue living your life under a rock? Of course you don't. What you want, is to prove your real value, and make a positive impact in the world around you. And the best way you can make the most of your life, is by being in charge of your destiny. Incidentally, making a difference, is not an unachievable task, in case you are wondering. You don't have to be rich, or be a leader. You only have to understand that life is an ongoing process of cumulative changes, building on top of previous ones, and what you once believed to be true, may transform into something else in the future. Being mindful of this, you will quickly realize that your potential to make a difference is real, because you truly are a unique miracle of life, and everything you do, and experience during your lifetime, will never happen again.
6/1/2019Daily Motivation - I approach disagreements with an open mind
Whether it is a misunderstanding with a spouse, a friend, or perhaps a colleague, disagreements usually trigger plenty of stress in our lives. So, it always takes courage, and open-mindedness, to effectively resolve conflicts with others. The very first thing you need to do in such a predicament, is to detach yourself from the situation. This will put you in an excellent position to respond to any misunderstanding with a cool head. With a clear mind, you can begin the process of resolving your differences. Do not be intimidated, and never try to intimidate the person you are dealing with. Instead, do your level best to bring about a shared understanding of the issues. What may have appeared as a conflict, could have been a simple misunderstanding. Life happens, we make false assumptions, and get all worked up over trivial things. Before we know it, we become the judge, jury, and executioner, ready to start another world war. We should never judge another person. There is a verse from the good book (paraphrased), "Let the one of you, who has no faults, be the first to throw a stone." Always remember, we are close to being perfect, but none can claim perfection.
5/30/2019Daily Motivation - In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principles, stand like a rock
What matters most, is to live in the present, live now, for every moment is now. The path for your future already exists, for you have created that pattern in the past. If you are feeling good about yourself, then nothing else matters. If you want to excel in big things, then develop good habits, in doing small things well. Excellence is not an exception, it is a prevailing attitude, ingrained within you. Style can be what ever works, a fresh way to approach different situations. Being your best, is not so much about overcoming the barriers other people place in front of you. It is about overcoming the barriers you place in front of yourself. It has nothing to do with how many times you win or lose. It has no relation to where you finish in a race, or whether you break world records. But it does have everything to do with having the vision to dream, the courage to recover from adversity, and the determination to never take your eyes off your goals. If you are going to be a winner, you have to acknowledge the truth. It took your thoughts, creating the feeling, and taking action, and it is those choices you made, that got you to where you are today.
5/28/2019Daily Motivation - Today I am resourceful and resilient
Resourcefulness and resilience are traits, which we have to work on, and cultivate in ourselves over time. They are also characteristics, which we have to put into action in our lives every single day, if we want to overcome obstacles, climb mountains, and become the success stories, that we all know we can be. Start working to make your resolve stronger, and use your inner resources to become a more creative person. It is time to stop making excuses, because you feel like you’re not living up to your hopes and dreams. This means that every morning, when you wake up, you have to make the decision, that today you will use your ingenuity in all you do, and that you stick with your plan, until it is done. Once you start doing this consciously, you will begin to understand, that nothing can stand in your way. As a matter of fact you already have used your stick-to-itiveness, and your resourcefulness in your life before, haven't you? Have you not experienced challenges before, and overcame them? And you are still be alive and kicking today? Give yourself credit, when you deserve it. It provides you with greater knowledge of yourself, and the strength to carry on. Reminding yourself every morning, that you can and will be resourceful and resilient, is an excellent place to start. Celebrate your victories, and allow yourselves to admit that you have done a good job.
5/26/2019Daily Motivation - The more you like yourself, the less you are like anyone else, which makes you unique
Like yourself, and turn up your uniqueness! - How much do you like yourself? Pretty much I guess, right? Everybody loves who they are, or rather everyone should love themselves. But unfortunately there are those, who do not like who they are. Tell you what, that is an awful mistake, not to be yourself, and appreciate that you are who you are. If you like yourself, you will not try to copy others. You will have the freedom to be you, no matter what others may think of you. Being unique is something that you take for granted, but it really matters to be different from others. By being unique, you stand out, and other people will respect you for sticking with yourself. There is no gain in living a life that is not yours. In fact you are hurting yourself, trying to be a copy, when you have the power to craft your own success, by simply liking yourself just a bit more. I have done some statistics on the most successful people. One hundred percent of the most successful people in the world are unique. And do you know where they get that uniqueness? They get it from liking who they are. They do not care what others think of them, they are just being who they are.
5/24/2019Daily Motivation - I remain calm in the midst of stressful situations
How to Remain Calm in Turbulent Times - If you look at the world around you, you will most likely see things that can only be described as turbulent, and at times chaotic. From your personal surroundings, to the global events, the everyday life seems to be moving at a staggering pace. This regularly brings about changes, and situations that are unexpected, to say the least. You find yourself involved, either professionally or privately, in settings that can overwhelm you, and turn your life inside out. A relationship might be put in jeopardy, with a single heated argument, that both partners regret later on, but their pride blocks them from saying they are sorry. A bad day at the office can lead to a great job being lost. Any of these incidences can lead only to one thing, endless stress. But, this does not have to be this way. While you cannot control the outside world, you can control the way you react to it. Even more importantly, you can fully influence the way you accept those same situations. With a clear and calm mind, there is no storm that can sink the ship of your inner being. Of course, it is not easy being calm, when the stress of the world bears down on you. Many times, it might seem easier to buckle under the pressure.
5/22/2019Daily Motivation - A friend is someone who gives you total freedom to be yourself
Choose a friend who accepts you as you are - "Show me your friends, and I will tell you who you are", is a saying that will remain ageless. Yes, friends define us, and in return we define them. Friends are the ones who pick us up, when we are down, who rejoice with us, and who cry with us. But there is one thing most people do not understand, a friend should never be the one to ask you to change for them. If you have really found a good friend, they will never impose change on you. Letting you be, is one attribute, that your true friend will give you. So in turn, don't be the one to play the change factor on your friends. Feel good that you allow them to be who they want to be. And in return they should also give you the space, to be who you always wanted to be. But that does not mean that you should let your friends get in trouble. Or vice versa. Friends should be a good influence, as long as that influence does not impose change. Friends do not let their own get into a mess, if they can help it. As much as you need your space, you should also be prepared to take one or two words of advice from a friend.
5/20/2019Daily Motivation - Each wise food choice I make, takes me closer to a healthy lifestyle
Being motivated has its success in the harmonious balance between the mind, the body, and the soul. If one is out of sync, our system is out of balance. Therefore, we must resolve to commit to looking after each element of our trinity. In order to become and remain motivated, we need to be fueled. This means, literally ... food. In fact, it forms the basis of everything, in and around us. What we ingest gives us energy, and subconsciously determines how we feel. Each choice we make in life, is a mindful decision in any number of directions, and each bite we eat should no different. Why is it that the act of healthy eating is brushed aside, made a seemingly trivial act in our mission to succeed in life?We eat on the run, ingesting food that isn't fit for human consumption, to save time, for what? So we can cram even more into our already busy day? Eating should be a mindful experience. Remember we fuel our bodies to give us the energy to reach our dreams. This means learning and understanding what goes into your body, and how it impacts the balance of the whole you, mind, body, and soul. This also means motivating yourself to control your desire, and make healthier decisions.
5/18/2019Daily Motivation - When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace
It seems to me that the inhabitants of this planet, especially in the western part of the world, have lost the meaning of life. It is all about striving to improve their lives, and there is nothing wrong with that, but at the expense of others? Kids are taught to be tough, get the other guy, before they get you. Winning is everything, the losers are nobodies. These kinds of attitudes contribute to conflicts, and at a higher level of society, even wars. They grow up as individuals, who are only focused on being powerful, and beating others politically, professionally, and, yes, even spiritually. People have lost their humanity, and replaced it with hunger for power, greed, and dominion. We can almost say that this has turned people into animals, who become unworthy leaders, who continually disturb the peace of the world. Greed becomes their sole sense of drive, because all that they can think about is themselves, and that, which will benefits them.LOVE is the answer. The world was meant to be a beautiful place to live, but instead, we only know war and conflict. People are more focused on finding fault in others, and punishing them for it. They forget that no one is free of blemish. Life is not about perfection, it is about love.
5/16/2019Daily Motivation - If you learned from defeat, you haven't really lost
You have been working hard on your goals and dreams. You are always giving it your very best. You are an optimist, hence, you anticipate success. In fact, always expecting success, being positive that you will reach your goals, is the only way to make sure you will succeed. Defeat never crosses your mind. Yes, you can be victorious in your quest, however there is always a chance that challenges will slow you down. When you battle through these challenges, you may even hit a wall, that stops you in your tracks. What to do? Unfortunately, most people will be defeated at this point, and throw in the towel. But you will not be defeated. The word is not even part of your vocabulary. Your optimistic outlook in life, your positive attitude, is what lifts you up again, and again. You take your loss as a valuable lesson. You heard it said, that life is a school of hard knocks. Yes, you will get knocked down at times, but you will never give up. Handling your defeat in a positive, constructive manner, provides you with the tools to learn from your mistakes, and you will start new, with the knowledge that your missteps will not happen again.
5/15/2019Daily Motivation - I am considerate of others
The Importance of Being Considerate of Yourself - Being considerate of others is an important attribute in life, that can help you establish good relations with those around you. It requires you to be polite, caring, and treat people with dignity and respect. In short, putting your best foot forward. Some people might find it hard to be considerate, and I ask myself, why? In our society today, it seem that people are confrontational, showing little respect, being on edge. If we display those kinds of attributes, are we really at peace with ourselves? Isn't that where it all starts, being considerate of ourselves first? We can learn all the "mechanics" of looking like a considerate person in the business world, "putting on a show" to close the deal. You can take classes, learning negotiating skills, and tactics, but is that really you? - How do you treat yourself? - Do you ever get down on yourself? - Do you love yourself? - Do you respect yourself? - Do you have peace in your life?
5/14/2019Daily Motivation - Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow, it only saps today of its joy
Humans have the power to imagine what they want in their future, and that power of imagination contributes to bringing the things you want, into reality. On the flip side, the same is true when you worry. Worrying is something, most people would rather do without. However, it almost seems hardwired into the human system. It is a negative form of imagination, that can drive people into anxiety, and even depression. Worry makes any situation worse, not better. Worry has a way of taking the joy out of the present moment. When you worry about things or events, you see them unfold in a negative way. You fret about what might happen tomorrow, yet tomorrow has not yet come. During those anxious moments, when you are buried deep in thoughts, wondering what the future holds, you miss to enjoy some of the best things that life has to offer, right here and now. While you can fret and sigh as much as you want, there are things you may not be able to change. You can worry about whether it will rain tomorrow, but you do not have the power to control nature. Worrying about things you have no control over, is a way of giving small issues a big shadow. A lot of time can be spent fretting about something, only to realize, that what was giving you sleepless nights, was an issue that just needed time to get resolved. In essence, your anxiousness took time out of your day, that was better spent enjoying life.
5/13/2019Daily Motivation - When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around
Take A Second To Remember The Good Things In Life - Each of us have moments when life seems less than perfect, and perhaps even bleak. Have you ever reached a point in your life when you are so overwhelmed, that you want to scream out loud, and want the world to stop? Did you ever come to a point in your life, when you hit a wall? Or come to a crossroad, that left you reeling, not knowing what to do, when your mental state brought you close to being depressed with life's situations? The reality of life is that just surviving can be a struggle, and life in the world today moves so fast, that we feel we are so busy just trying to keep up, not leaving us time to even think. So what are we to do, to keep our sanity? STOP! - Quit focusing on the things that overwhelm you, and just be in the moment. Breathe in the wonders around you, and put back the positive spark, that seemed to have gone out of your life. As you take another deep breath, and take stock of your life, you will notice that your life isn't so bad after all. Yes, you wish that life would be better, but you also notice that many people around the world are a lot worse off than you are.
5/12/2019Daily Motivation - All of our problems start in our mind
Success and Failure is a State of Mind - It is no secret, the human mind is the most amazing thing we are blessed with. In fact, it amazes me how we can train the mind, to channel energy in a particular direction. We have all heard about positive and negative thoughts. Nothing can change your life as fast, as making positive thoughts your daily companion. Having a positive mindset, serves to channel your energy in the direction you desire. On the other hand, negative thoughts are your worst enemy. Think of anger, fear, hopelessness, greed, envy, anxiety, and similar thoughts. All these bring nothing good to the table, except to create turmoil in your life. We are living in a fast-paced world, and you want to refrain from any type of negative thinking, at all costs. Negative thoughts squeeze your energy, kill your motivation, and worse yet, they have a negative impact on your health. Luckily, we are blessed with this powerful tool that reside within, to differentiate, and direct, our thoughts, and that is our MIND. You can train your mind to achieve anything you want in life. However, you need to be careful what you allow to go into your mind. If you feed your mind with positive, success creating thoughts, you create a belief system so strong, to overcome anything that may stand in your way. But, the reverse is also true.
5/11/2019Daily Motivation - Forgiving makes me feel light and free
Forgiveness is a great attribute of love, that helps people to forget, by releasing the pain and negative feelings created by people or events. When someone hurts you, it is entirely your responsibility to let go of the bad feeling. It is possible that the other person regrets his or her actions, and apologize, you still have to let go of the pain, for forgiveness to become a healing experience. It is a way to create inner peace, and to set yourself free. Forgiving someone is not about making light of a situation, or pretending that it did not happen, because it did, and it may have been horrible at the time. But staying with those thoughts and emotions is harming you, and will continue to do so, until you forgive those that hurt you. The people that caused your painful reaction, often have no idea of the pain they have inflicted. They have their own issues to deal with, and not thinking or caring about how you are feeling, after the event happened. When you hold a grudge, injustice, hurt, or hate against someone, or something, you are holding it against yourself. Your negative thoughts and emotions towards them, for what they did, will never impact their lives, only yours.
5/10/2019Daily Motivation - There is nothing which we receive with so much reluctance as advice
Advice - to take or leave it? - It seems that nothing was ever offered by people more freely, than advice. We all have people in our lives, who think that we should have done something a little different. Everyone seems to have everyone else’s life figured out, even when theirs is not exactly a picture perfect one. Is there a specific right way of doing anything? Should anyone ever dictate how we ought to live? Where and when do we create the boundaries? Who sets the rules? Who actually gave them that legislative right? I don’t have the slightest idea. Actually, no one does. I do not pretend to know what is best for someone. I won’t tell you how, or when to seek advice. Neither would I tell you to ignore someone's opinion, that may be contrary to mine. And even if I ever give advice to someone, how would I know if the advice is heeded? In everyone's life there are periods of uncertainty. We may feel lost and confused, we might even come to a crossroad. If you are ever at this point, don’t hesitate to look beyond yourself. Don’t be hard-headed and proud to ask for a second opinion.
5/9/2019Daily Motivation - I allow myself to love freely
Every day when you wake up, you look at a blank page in your book of life, waiting to be filled with exciting things you experience during the day. Things that will forever be part of you. When the sun sets, and you lay your head on your pillow, the details on that page cannot be erased. It is easier to be happy, than it is to be sad, and it in your power to make this choice every day. Choose love, it is the greatest power in the universe, and it is right there within you. Love is a beautiful thing, and only those who freely participate, can truly testify to its power. The daily activities of your life will always bring with it things that might cause you to be concerned, like bills to be paid, inadequate salaries, conflicts, and other stresses. Sometimes you have no control over what happens in the world around you, so why not let go, and focus on the good things around you. Denying yourself a chance to love, and be loved, will not settle any of your challenges. Free your mind from all these troubles. Choose to love, and be loved. Give yourself freely to the one you love, and watch the worries of life lighten, or even disappear. Kick off the nagging thoughts of negative possibilities, and allow yourself to be absorbed by love, and the bliss that comes with it.
5/8/2019Daily Motivation - The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are
The art of being self - Life is sweet, and it is good, as well as being fun, when you have people around you. People's lifestyle either attracts you, or they make you distance yourself from him or her. It is true, that when you admire someone’s lifestyle, you could end up trying to emulate their life, making an effort to live up to their standards. Is that a recipe to a happy life? We are all unique! Every person is created in a unique way. Even our fingerprints are different from one person to the another. That being the case, then why do people struggle so much to be like others, who seems to be doing well in their life? Imagine what it would be like if we force everybody into being short and slender, or having everybody wearing the same clothing. It's only when a person accepts him or herself for who they are, that they will be able to understand their true purpose of living.You have the key to your own happiness, and that is to be yourself! - If you want to live a happy life, don't try to be like somebody else, you are not them. We were created to be who we are, unique in our own way. We have the power to utilize our abilities and talents to become a super star. The super star in our own life!
5/7/2019Daily Motivation - Time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining
If you ever had to replace a roof, then you are aware that you want to make the repairs when the sun is shining. This same scenario holds true in our own life as well. Fix things in your life, before they get out of hand. Fixing a leak in the roof of our house, is best done when the weather is favorable. There are many things going on in our lives, and it seems like most of us are part of a fire brigade, putting out fires here and there, running from emergency to another emergency, rarely taking time to do some planning. Keeping things on an even keel, is one of the secrets of life. Try doing things when they are supposed to be done. Turn your worrying time into productive, advance planning and thinking time. Positioning yourself ahead of schedule, is the best place to be. One thing we have in our favor, and that is the medium of time. We can leverage our time to our advantage. No matter what is happening in your life, with proper planning, you will always have the upper hand. Setting your priorities in the right order, you will always come out a winner. Others, who let things go, until they become emergencies, are wasting a lot of time putting out fires. Having a plan, and dealing with issues as they come up, is the best way to handle it. Analyzing the situation, and using your time and resources to fix what ever needs fixing.
5/6/2019Daily Motivation - Everything I need is all around me
Most of us want it all, family, a successful career, vacations, a great social life, and lots of excitement ... sounds familiar? The list can sound exhausting, it almost seems unreachable. But when you actually think about it, all you need for a harmonious state of mind, and a fulfilled soul, is right before your eyes. All you need to do is turn to your inner vision, we do have it all, but often forget. It seems that we rather look at things that frustrate us, our greatest fears, our inhibitions, hard-to-reach goals, lack of money, lack of free time, etc. In that sea of troublesome thoughts, we neglect the happiness, that always lights our way. It always shows us those wonderful things, that combined into something we call life! Love, trust, respect, freedom, creativity! It is those fundamental elements, that create the basis for your peace of mind. Once you feel the unstoppable pulse of the world around you, you will never get lost in negative thoughts again. As you raise yourself into the sphere of positive thoughts, you will come to the conclusion, that all you need for the fulfillment of your life is here! Right in front of you! All around you! Right now! You can feel the energy, the zeal, and the passion. Life is happening! It teaches you lessons, it provides you with all the small pleasures, like hearing your children’s laugh, or drinking a cup coffee with a friend. What you feel right this second is all yours, and it is what makes you, who you are.
5/5/2019Daily Motivation - Integrity means that you are the same in public as you are in private
The Power and Value of Integrity - Being steadfast and true to yourself might not be the easiest thing in the world for some people. Often, it seems a lot easier to be shifty and shady, like so many people, who at one point in their lives, decided that integrity means nothing to them. These individuals are determined to reach their goals, no matter what it takes, even if it means being dishonest and deceitful. Because of this decision, some even look like successful individuals, especially when it comes to accumulating material wealth. One might start to wonder if this approach is not the right one for everybody, no matter what they do, or what kind of a person they really are. Let's stop for a minute. Deep down inside, you already know that this is not the truth, in spite of the fact, that people with integrity, do not always have the easiest life, and that their integrity will regularly be tested, by those who have little of their own. It even seems that people of integrity get a worse deal, than those who are shifty and deceitful. However, through generations upon generations, we learned that integrity always pays off, for those who have what it takes to stay true to themselves.
5/4/2019Daily Motivation - I take time for renewal
Examine Your Life, Renew Your Spirit, and Make It Happen - You have to understand your past, for you to appreciate your future. That means you can renew yourself only after you examine your past, and learn from it. It might be difficult, because you find your weaknesses. More specifically, you will find things that went wrong in your life. Was it a bad business choice? Did you fall in love with the wrong person? Did you drink too much? On the other hand, reflecting on your past also gives you a chance to recognize your strengths. For example, are you resilient? Do you care about your loved ones? Do you recognize your unique talent? Turn your strengths into the building blocks of your future. Maximize your strength as much as you can. And above all, think positively of yourself! Your positivity will radiate from you, as energy radiates from the sun. Leave negative people behind, they are a drain on your energy. Seek new relationships and build new bridges. Let go of the past and think big. Remember, you are no longer weak. Instead, you are a powerful person, with a renewed spirit. The world is yours to conquer, choose to pursue your dreams. Dream big dreams!
5/3/2019Daily Motivation - I accept the consequences of my actions
You probably have been warned many times to think before you act. The reason for that is very simple, every action, however small it might be, results in certain consequences. The consequences can be negative or positive, depending on the nature of the action. The tragic part is that most people are unaware that their actions bring about the consequences. To make things worse, they blame other people for the consequences that their actions have caused. It is important that we not only realize that actions have consequences, but that we also take the responsibility for the consequences of our actions. If people are unaware of the consequences of certain actions, they are at risk of repeating acts with negative results, or, on the flip side, they might not repeat certain actions that give them positive results. Similarly, people who refuse to take responsibility for their actions will certainly keep repeating fatal mistakes that will hinder their progress. Failing to take responsibility for one’s actions creates what is termed as victim mentality. A victim mentality is where a person tends to think that they are unwitting pawns in a large scheme, where they have no control.
5/2/2019Daily Motivation - Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome
You are a Success! - Everyone sees success from their own perspective. Some see success in reaching great heights in the business world. While others aim for achievements in education, or climbing the corporate ladder. In the real world, most people never see the success they are dreaming of. To be a success, you don't have to achieve lofty positions. Working toward your goals and dreams, you will encounter obstacles, some of which may seem insurmountable. Overcoming these obstacles in life is a success on its own. True success in life lies in becoming the best you can be, giving life your best from deep within yourself, and tackling and overcoming the roadblocks of life. People are at different stages in their life, coming from various backgrounds. Don't fall into the trap of comparing your "successes" in life with somebody else. People from wealthy background may not have encountered the struggles that a person from a poor background had to deal with.
5/1/2019Daily Motivation - Make the best use of what is in your power, and take the rest as it happens
People will always have an excuse why they are not happy with their lives. Most of the excuses sound like this, "I don’t have enough money", "I need a bigger car, and a bigger house", or, "I need a better phone with all the gadgets"! Sounds familiar? Have you ever stopped to ask yourself this question, "What do I have?" Human needs will never be satisfied, no matter how hard we try. A good example is, you are walking along, and someone passes you on a real fancy bicycle, and you admire it, and think, hey, I would like one of those. Then it's a nicer, more expensive car. Next, a private jet, and an ocean yacht, a retreat in the mountains, and on it goes. There is nothing wrong with wanting any of these things. But do you think that all this stuff gives you fulfillment in life? Never let the future steal the joy of the moment. Having it all, does not always mean you will be happy. You do not have to strive to find happiness. Pick up your phone, and call up a friend from the past. Put your phone aside and go for a hike, or take a nature walk with friends, and enjoy each other’s company. Just forget about what you don’t have, and take the time to appreciate what you do have. Spend more time with your family. You don’t have a car? Good. Now you can cycle to work. The exercise is good for your body.
4/30/2019Daily Motivation - Your talent is God's gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to God
Every person is born with a talent. A talent that no one else can see, but we feel that we have it inside of us. It’s as alive as our heartbeat, and it resonates with joy every time we use it. Some people are physically gifted, while some are born with a high IQ. Some are deeply spiritual, and try to bring meaning from the unknown. Every scientist, every artist, every preacher, every doctor, and every writer, has its place and duty on earth. Every talent finds its niche in our society, and how we use our talents is our way of giving back to society. On a more spiritual plain, God’s gifts are best utilized when we put some meaning in to them. It is our supreme duty on earth to find what God has gifted us with, and make that gift a guiding light in our lives. Our purpose on this planet is a journey of self-discovery, and it is only possible when we exploit our talents to the last drop. There is a popular saying that, "God helps those, who help themselves", maybe God has already helped us with our unique talents, we just need the courage to discover, and make use of them. Our mortal lives are defined by years and numbers, but with our talent, and the work we put into them, we can become immortals.
4/29/2019Daily Motivation - I am fearless when pursuing my goals
Each day brings countless opportunities. I will always go after what I desperately want, and will not wallow in anxiety and fear, and I refuse to be a spectator in my life. I am fearless when I pursue my goals with steadfast tenacity, and unwavering commitment. I am thankful for the dreams I have, for myself, my family, and the world around me. They fuel me to forge ahead, and continue to follow my dreams. These dreams I have, will continue to shape my life. They define my purpose and motivation. My life is determined by my relentless, and fearless pursuit of these dreams. I will shape my life and legacy by all the dreams I have. I am not just a dreamer, I am a fearless and ambitious visionary, and I will make my dreams come true. I am not afraid to step out of my comfort zone, and start living. I made up my mind a long time ago not to be bound by fear. I embraced courage, and found liberty and freedom. I never consider giving up when frustrated, or cower under the weight of unfulfilled dreams. I have scaled high heights, and crossed vast distances. But, my courage will make me scale even higher peaks, and see horizons I never thought possible. I will live my life as one who truly fears nothing. I will not be limited by the fear of failure, discouraged by the fear of losing, limited by the fear of the unknown, frustrated by the fear of missing out, or crushed by the fear of rejection.
4/29/2019Daily Motivation - I am fearless when pursuing my goals
Each day brings countless opportunities. I will always go after what I desperately want, and will not wallow in anxiety and fear, and I refuse to be a spectator in my life. I am fearless when I pursue my goals with steadfast tenacity, and unwavering commitment. I am thankful for the dreams I have, for myself, my family, and the world around me. They fuel me to forge ahead, and continue to follow my dreams. These dreams I have, will continue to shape my life. They define my purpose and motivation. My life is determined by my relentless, and fearless pursuit of these dreams. I will shape my life and legacy by all the dreams I have. I am not just a dreamer, I am a fearless and ambitious visionary, and I will make my dreams come true. I am not afraid to step out of my comfort zone, and start living. I made up my mind a long time ago not to be bound by fear. I embraced courage, and found liberty and freedom. I never consider giving up when frustrated, or cower under the weight of unfulfilled dreams. I have scaled high heights, and crossed vast distances. But, my courage will make me scale even higher peaks, and see horizons I never thought possible. I will live my life as one who truly fears nothing. I will not be limited by the fear of failure, discouraged by the fear of losing, limited by the fear of the unknown, frustrated by the fear of missing out, or crushed by the fear of rejection.
4/28/2019Daily Motivation - Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence
Is your glass half full or half empty? - Imagine two students waiting to take tests. One of them "knows" they are going to fail, but the other one has hope. Which one do you think performed better. Hope is what inspires us to do well. Keep having faith in your dreams and your successes! Being pessimistic blinds you, and hence, limits your opportunities. Will you turn something down just because you think you can't do it? But how do you know? You never tried. Have the confidence to grab those opportunities with both hands, and make the most of them. Optimism is a constant companion of high performing people. So you've tried something a thousand times, but it still hasn't worked? Actually, it has! You have learned that there are a thousand ways it won't work, but how many more ways could you try? Having faith, in not only what you want, but what will need to happen, is a key quality to having a successful life. Musicians who stand on stage have total faith in themselves that they can perform. They don't run away and hide, because they have convinced themselves they are terrible musicians! Otherwise where would they be? Playing in the streets? Or maybe just playing in there own private space!
4/27/2019Daily Motivation - Nothing is softer or more flexible than water, yet nothing can resist it
Water is a unique element. Among its characteristics, softness and flexibility rank as the most outstanding. Put water in a cylinder, it will take the shape of the cylinder. Put it in a bowl, it will take the shape of the bowl. It is very flexible, and very soft. But despite all that, water can overcome any obstacles standing in its way. It overcomes not by force, but by finding an alternative path. You might have seen how water circumvents stones in a river, nothing will stop its flow. This phenomenon holds some lessons for us, as human beings. Number one, sometimes flexibility overcomes. If you try being rigid in all circumstances, you will break, or fail. If there is an obstacle standing on your way to success, you have two options, remove the obstacles, or go around it, just like water flows around things set in its path. Sometimes working on removing the obstacle might be futile. Therefore, learn to live with it, and transcend the obstacle another away. Do not be stubborn, and insist on doing things your way. If it is not working, try another option, that is more viable. Being rigid will only delay, or even keep you away from success. Barbara Oakley, the author of "A Mind for Numbers", advises that if you are trying to solve a difficult math problem, and you get stuck, you should ease off, and turn your attention to something easier.
4/26/2019Daily Motivation - It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see
There is a huge difference between looking and seeing. To look, is to simply glance at something, without thinking about it. To see, is to absorb, interpret, and understand what you are looking at. And then use it, and incorporate it into your life. For example, using what you see, to advance towards your goals or dreams. You can set your eyes on great, and beautiful things, but these won't matter at all if they don't inspire or encourage you. How you use what you see, is what is important. For instance, you can look at a beautiful painting by Vincent van Gogh, and use what you see as motivation to take up painting as a hobby. If you are already an artist, you should look at the works of other established artists, and use these as your inspiration in taking your art to the next level. Using the things we see as a measure in improving ourselves, is part of being human. We look at the accomplishments of others, and we feel motivated to perhaps accomplish the same things. It will drive us to work harder, to be smart and to think, and to be more helpful to others. Make it a point to expose yourself in the success of other people. Read biographies of successful entrepreneurs, look at what they are doing, and learn about the things that make them so successful. Everything you see, has its own meaning. Explore, and use them to better your own life, and the lives of others.
4/25/2019Daily Motivation - I am free of the need to be right
Everybody wants their opinion to be heard. A discussion of ideas could possibly turn into an argument, because each individual wants to get their point across. Each person believes that they have a better idea than the other. Everyone involved in the discussion thinks the same, which usually causes a clash of thoughts. The argument can go on and on, unless someone is open-minded, and humble enough to stop talking, and just listen to what others have to say. We have to admit that sometimes we tend to doubt other people's capabilities to think things through, because we think that our opinions and thoughts make more sense. With this kind of thinking, we will never broaden our horizons, and as a consequence, we will never grow and learn. It would be helpful if you consider the fact, that every individual has their own experiences, which molded them into who they are, and taught them the knowledge they possess. They will be able to contribute information, that might be new to you in some way. Always open yourself to new ideas, and information that will add to your knowledge. The key factor is respect. If you know how to respect others, it follows that you recognize everything about them, including what they have to say. Active listening is essential, because instead of just listening to what one has to say, you dig into the statements that they relay, and ask questions to clarify things.
4/24/2019Daily Motivation - Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment
Most people think of school, or the military, when they hear the word discipline. They forget that discipline is a way of life, where you restrain yourself from actions, that might be destructive, hurtful, and unnecessary. In fact, discipline is the only way to achieve your goals in life. Discipline keeps you focused. You may want to go out and party the whole night, yet you have an exam the following morning. Self-discipline will keep you from regretting decisions, that you make in the spur of the moment. Discipline also allows you to gain the respect from the people you deal with. Your boss, for instance, will notice how dedicated you are to your job, and he might consider you for a promotion. Your coach will recognize you as a potential leader, setting a great example of a disciplined person. He most likely will consider you as the captain of the team. Everyone wants to be associated with someone who has the discipline to create a bright future for himself. Even those who shun you, because of your principled lifestyle, will soon realize, that if they had stick with you, they might be as successful as you are. Discipline also allows you to do things, that are good for your body, mind, and soul. You will eat right, exercise as often as you can, and even more importantly, you will put your loved ones first, in everything you do.
4/23/2019Daily Motivation - The sky is filled with stars, invisible by day
Time to realize how good things really are ... right now! - As you may have experienced already, things don’t always go the way we plan. Sometimes our success is delayed, we falter, and start to wonder if what we are doing is the right path to take. We have to realize that life can be full of hurdles. Such hurdles can overshadow the positive things, that matter most to us. When we are struggling, we start comparing ourselves with others. We start to question what we do, and maybe even doubt our values. We are adding stress to our lives, get involved in drama situations, and negative thoughts keep spinning out of control. Staying active, and on purpose, becomes a big challenge. As we soak ourselves in our negative thoughts, good things become blurred, and are invisible to us. STOP! - Challenges will cloud our vision, but keep following your dream in spite of them. There are solutions and opportunities everywhere, even in all the challenges we are facing. When we concentrate on the negative, those opportunities cannot be seen. Start by appreciating the good you have in your life. Appreciate yourself first of all! Count the blessing you experienced in life. Those little successes you had in the past, will give you the self-confidence, that tells you, YES I can do it!
4/22/2019Daily Motivation - Live so you do not have to look back and say "God, how I have wasted my life"
Life is too short to live it with sadness and regrets. You need to discover your purpose for your life, the reason why you are here. Only then can you experience life, and live it to the fullest. By living on purpose, you are doing justice to yourself. The majority of people go through life, like living on a merry-go-round, seeking something, but not really knowing what, or why. They are wasting most of their precious time in life. Could it possible be that life is just about eating, drinking, and to be merry? We all were given a gift, a talent that is tailor made for us. The discovery of that gift is the ultimate fulfillment of your purpose on earth. It is what gives you the personal satisfaction, when you look back at your life. For a lot of us, the happenings in our life are a series of events, sometimes shrouded in mystery, giving us a feeling of being dust in the wind, blown into different directions. Yet we are so unique, like a snowflake, and born for a specific reason and purpose for our life. Even as you get tossed around by life’s challenges, it is these experiences that will profoundly mold you, and help you create the life that you dream of. The lives of people like Mahatma Gandhi, or Mother Teresa, were not all smooth sailing. But they had a purpose, that drove them over the rough spots in life.
4/21/2019Daily Motivation - Focusing my efforts empowers me
The Astonishing Power of a Focused Mind - Experts in the field of mind research inform us that our minds have tremendous potential, that can take us to the highest levels of success, when we utilize its full power. At the same time, we are warned that the power of the mind can virtually destroy us, if we use negative projection. Focusing your mind means sorting out the non-essential thoughts, that are present in both the conscious and the subconscious levels. The secret lies in reprogramming your subconscious mind, by channelling positive thoughts and feelings, and eliminating fear and self doubt, which often derail our progress. When we focus our minds on a certain goal, it seems to align with the vital forces of the universe, to direct every aspect of our being towards the realization of the goal. People we refer to as genius, have learned to focus their minds on certain goals with such exceptional intensity, which yields extraordinary results. Prime examples would be high achievers in sports and business. Top producers do not divide their minds between several endeavors. They stay focused on the task at hand, until they reach their goals. Every human being, men or women, has the potential for greatness, when they focus their minds on their particular goal.
4/20/2019Daily Motivation - The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time
Life is beautiful. Yet, at times, it can seem overwhelmingly difficult. Do not despair. The secret is, and always has been, to live in the moment, one day at a time. In our minds we visualize what we want to accomplish within a certain time period. Trying to accomplish too many things, can be overwhelming, and we end up being disappointed, and frustrated. Instead of multitasking, why don’t we focus on one thing, and carry it through to completion? While there is no harm in having many goals, it is critical for you to think things through, and plan what you will do, to accomplish all of them. For instance, if you have ten things that you want to do, before the day is over, you break down these activities into sub-activities. and set a time frame for each activity. Complete each task, one at a time. If you only complete 8 out of the 10 tasks, that is a 80% success rate. Looking at all the things you want to accomplish in life, your plate might look like it is overflowing. Just forget about everything else, and focus on what is most important. Trying to concentrate on too many things at once, your attention will be divided, as you do not give the tasks at hand the due attention that it deserves.
4/19/2019Daily Motivation - Today and each day I love my life
Love Yourself and Your Life, and Cherish Every Moment - Life is a precious gift that many people take for granted. You may not have all the things you wanted, or the dream you always longed for, but that does not mean that your life is not worth celebrating. Success in life is not what you have, or what earn, it is what you make of it. You want to cherish and celebrate today, and every other day of your life, with as much pomp and joy, as you did when you got your first promotion, or had your first baby. The most important thing about life is family and friends. You may argue, you may stop talking to each other for a while, or you may even fight with each other. These things happen, but they should not dampen your hope for a better tomorrow. Renew each day with forgiveness in your heart. Let yesterday’s troubles stay in the past. Live in positivity today, and every day of your life. Make new friends, build new networks, and work on becoming a better person. You can do it, so stop wasting time, and just do it. Every day you want to appreciate the fact that you are alive. Not everyone has the joy of seeing the world as you do. You can walk to the nearest store, grab a snack, and then go back to your home.
4/18/2019Daily Motivation - You cannot push anyone up the ladder unless he is willing to climb
We all desire to be successful in all that we do, be it in academics, social life, or business. Every small success is a great motivation in the climb to the pinnacle of success. However, achieving success is easier said than done, it is not presented on a silver platter. Success takes time, effort, and perseverance. And here is where most "would be success stories" end. No sooner do we get started, we encounter obstacles, diverting our attention. Overwhelmed by these hurdles, most of us put aside noble intentions, and succumb to the "whatever" mentality. Every person you interact with, has a part to play in your life, either pulling you down or lifting you up. Throughout life, you will encounter negative people, who are out to get you off track, impeding your progress. On the other hand, there will be those, who are there to lift you up, and help in your quest for success. When you set out to reach your dreams, you will no doubt find like-minded people, to support your efforts. But do not forget, you are in control of your future. You have to condition yourself for greatness, and develop a mindset of success. Each day is a new opportunity to face life anew. Forget past mistakes and failures, and face your responsibilities, and any fears, courageously.
4/17/2019Daily Motivation - Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own actions
Many of us spend way too much time, looking for happiness in our lives. We tie happiness to personal goals, I will be happy if I go on a trip, when I buy a big enough house, or maybe I need a new dress! But, is it really that great a feeling to have stuff? Are you truly happy and satisfied with the material world? No. We move on to our next 'want'. And the cycle continues. Happiness is not that big house, neither is it that trip you've been planning for years. Happiness is right here. It is within you. Only you can find peace within yourself. And joy will follow. How do you actually find this happiness within you? The world is full of negativity, the newspapers, television, radio, and even the social media, are nothing but a bloody record of the past days. How do you actually steer yourself away from the worldly chaos, and actually find your own peace? The answer is rather simple, you may have guessed by now. Yes, it is, "Your Conscience". That little voice in your head, and all you need to do is listen, to be happy. It is an easy decision. This little voice in your head was softened over the years, because of constant neglect. We are ignorant of the fact, that this voice is all we have going on for us. It tells us right from wrong and is our constant companion. All you have to do is listen.
4/16/2019Daily Motivation - Kind words do not cost much. Yet they accomplish much - Blaise Pascal
Character is how you treat people, when you expect nothing from them in return, and we should learn to treat all people with kindness. People might not like you, be kind anyway. They might misunderstand you, be kind anyway. They might treat you badly, be kind anyway. They might be rude to you, be kind anyway. Treat people with kindness, and you will be rewarded generously. Kind words can brighten a dull day, heal a wounded soul, and bring a smile to a sad face. You might not help them relieve their burden, but treating them with kindness makes them feel better. They say what goes around comes around, so when you are kind to strangers, people will be kinder, more tolerant, and more understanding towards you. The best things in life are free, and kind words are one of those things. Acts of kindness cost us nothing. It can be as simple as smiling at the cashier at the grocery store, or giving up your seat to an elderly or pregnant woman. Opportunities to express kindness are all around us, and we just need to pay attention to the people we interact with daily, to know where, and how we can express kindness. Remember, you attract who you are, or simply put, the people who will be drawn towards you, are the people who exhibit similar character traits and habits as you.
4/15/2019Daily Motivation - You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream
Are you discouraged because you are thinking that it is too late to set new goals, and work towards achieving them? If you are, here is some great news for you. There is no age limit for dreaming a great vision for your life, and setting goals to achieve that dream. There are no limits to the size of your dream, and you don't have to stop yourself from dreaming, or setting a new goals, because of age. Age has no bearing on the process of dreaming, setting goals, or creating the desire to achieve those goals and dreams. Success comes to those people who dream, create visions, and always take advantage of opportunities that come their way. They have no fear that they might run out of time. You, and only you, can prevent yourself form achieving what you want in life. If you program your mind that you cannot make it because it too late, then that is what will happen. On the other hand, if you believe that regardless of the situation you are facing at the moment, you can dream a new dream, and make it a reality, then there is no doubt that you will be successful. There are many things that one can achieve in a single year. In fact, with commitment and dedication, you can achieve goals, that otherwise may take years to achieve, if you were not that serious.
4/14/2019Daily Motivation - You don't learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing, and by falling over
Do you remember how you learned riding the bike? Like most people, you can clearly remember how you used to fall, and injure yourself. But despite the injuries, mockery, and laughter from your friends, you kept pushing on. Our early experiences also apply to our day-to-day life, when we focus more on getting up, as soon as we fall, and most importantly, to never giving up. We live in a society, that is full of rules. And most of the time, we are so committed to following them, rather than following our heart, and our instinct. "Get good grades", that will allow you join the prestigious learning institutions. "Follow the company rules at all times", and you will climb the career ladder faster. "Success" is all about following a set of rules, that have been designed by the establishment. But how come that a lot of the most successful people seemed to have ignored those rules, and have taken a different route? Think of Bill Gates, not finishing his university studies. How about the "Rebel" Richard Branson, who did things in an unconventional manner, or Elon Musk at Tesla, and his ambitious ideas? Well, all these people have achieved success by not following rules, but by rising again, after failing. Becoming an achiever, or a successful entrepreneur, is not so much about following rules but believing in yourself.
4/13/2019Daily Motivation - When you learn, teach. When you get, give
If you want to learn more, then you must be willing to share your knowledge with others. By sharing with others, you will gain a better insight and mastery in what you know, and in the process, contribute to the betterment of society. There are many benefits of sharing the knowledge that you have with others. Besides improving the world around you, you will also get personal satisfaction, adding to the happiness in your life. There is nothing more satisfying than contributing to making the world a better place. You don’t have to be wealthy in order to give. Every person has something to give, regardless of their social or financial status. For instance, helping an elderly person cross the street, is a form of giving. The same applies if you volunteer to empower the society, based on the knowledge that you have. If you have professional knowledge, don’t keep it to yourself, just to protect your interests. For instance, if you are a real estate expert, don’t hold back information when advising your client, simply because you want to exploit that client. Share what you know, and you will be surprised, how things will turn in your favor. The more you give, the more you will receive, and the more you teach, the more you learn.
4/11/2019Daily Motivation - I am committed to my goal of healthy living
You Are Not What You Think You Are - You Are What You Think - What are we doing here in this life? Are we just running around, putting in time? No. We are here to transform, to grow, and evolve. The life that we have been given is a true gift from The Universe, and we need to cherish that gift. In order to cherish it, we need to strike a balance between our inner world and the outer world. In between are our dreams, goals, and aspirations. Are you fully committed to your goal of healthy living? Our outer world is merely a reflection of what goes on in your mind. Our bodies are vehicles in which we carry our being. This vehicle needs to be nurtured, taken care of, fed, and cultivated. Healthy living is the fuel, the driving force, it is what keeps us moving, and growing. We are all part of the universal energy, dancing to the rhythm of that energy. And that rhythm is the physical manifestation of our being. What is the purpose of this dance? Is the dance itself the purpose? Or is the letting go, being present in the moment, letting the light, the warmth, and the love illuminate our minds, part of the purpose of our existence.
4/11/2019Daily Motivation - I am committed to my goal of healthy living
You Are Not What You Think You Are - You Are What You Think - What are we doing here in this life? Are we just running around, putting in time? No. We are here to transform, to grow, and evolve. The life that we have been given is a true gift from The Universe, and we need to cherish that gift. In order to cherish it, we need to strike a balance between our inner world and the outer world. In between are our dreams, goals, and aspirations. Are you fully committed to your goal of healthy living? Our outer world is merely a reflection of what goes on in your mind. Our bodies are vehicles in which we carry our being. This vehicle needs to be nurtured, taken care of, fed, and cultivated. Healthy living is the fuel, the driving force, it is what keeps us moving, and growing. We are all part of the universal energy, dancing to the rhythm of that energy. And that rhythm is the physical manifestation of our being. What is the purpose of this dance? Is the dance itself the purpose? Or is the letting go, being present in the moment, letting the light, the warmth, and the love illuminate our minds, part of the purpose of our existence.
4/10/2019Daily Motivation - Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other
We are taught to pursue our goals by being dedicated to them. So working diligently towards your dream life, is indeed what you have to do, because it is far too easy to get off track. We are so easily distracted by self-doubt, by critiques of others, and especially by those "real-life" responsibilities, be it family, paying the rent, or anything else we really can't ignore. We all know that we have to work hard, but the real critical key is to remain focused, not to be distracted. Once your eyes are focused on your success, it's just a matter of staying on course. Imagine pin-pointing a place on a map, once you've located it, it is just a matter of going from point A to point B. Following those distractions, will take you off the direct path to your goals. Yes, these short-term distractions may take you down some pleasant roads, but they will mostly end up as dead ends, or long detours. So don't get distracted. Once you have set your mind, it is not a matter of IF, it is a matter of how, and when. Trust in your own ability, and believe that you deserve the success you are seeking. People who truly achieve their goals, are not simply "lucky", they have trained themselves to say "no" to the everyday distractions, that seduce most of us.
4/9/2019Daily Motivation - You can't let praise or criticism get to you. It's a weakness to get caught up in either one
Are you occasionally confronted with criticism from people who, for some strange reason, feel that you don’t know anything about what you want to do with your life? If you are not careful, these words of discouragement might end up playing mind games with you, and could end up messing with your head. These confrontations can be frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Regardless of whatever it is these people say, you need to stay on course, and keep working towards your goals, in spite what others may think of you, and your goals. The thing is, what one person says about you, is totally immaterial to your own progress in life. We know already, that everyone has an opinion on everything. But that doesn’t mean their values should apply to your life. You have goals and dreams, that you place high value on, it does not matter what other people think. There is always a possibility that you could do better in your life, than what you are doing right now. And this is in spite of the praise you hear from others, telling you how great you are doing. Don't get too confident, and start to think that you don’t have to work too hard any more. Stick with your plan. Think more about your goals, without being swayed by people's opinions. Your main objectives are the goals you set for yourself, and the plan you laid out for their accomplishment.
4/8/2019Daily Motivation - God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today. Have you used one to say Thank you
We take time for granted. Many people think that money is their most precious asset. It is not. Time is by far our most valuable asset. However, we don't seem to value it the same way as money. If you want to understand why you should be grateful for this amazing gift, that you have been given, keep on reading. Picture yourself having a bank account that each day starts with $86,400. You can use all of the funds as you please. However, there is one condition. The money does not accumulate. That being said, the money you do not spend today, will not be added to tomorrow's amount. It is lost, if you do not use it. What would you do? Would you not spend every penny, to make the most of it? Of course you would. Guess what, every day you are given 86,400 seconds. And as with the bank account example, they do not accumulate for the next day. You either use them, or lose them. With such a great gift, how can we not leave some time for gratitude? All it takes is one second a day, to say "Thank you". "Thank you" for my life. "Thank you" for my loved ones. "Thank you" for all the stuff we have. "Thank you" for all the opportunities we have each and every day. "Thank you" for allowing us to be thankful. "Thank you" for giving us 86,400 seconds a day, and the ability to get the most out of every second. The list is endless for each of us.
4/7/2019Daily Motivation - You cannot find peace by avoiding life
Finding Your Peace in Life - Avoiding life, is like running away from your problems, they will always find you in the end. I see it like this, assuming, you only get one life to live, so you might as well make it the best you can. Stay away from all the drama, negative people, and bad influences in your life. Find positive influences, happy people, and things that make you laugh, and feel good. You will have a peaceful life, if you feel good about yourself, and do the things you want to do. If you have big dreams, figure out what it takes to reach those dreams, and make it happen! Take that first step towards success! If you fail, just pick yourself up, and try again. The possibilities in this life are endless. You can be the person you really want to be, and do anything you want to do. Be an inspiration to the people around you. Keep your feet on the ground, your head in the clouds, and get involved in life. Encourage others to really get involved in their life as well. Spread the love, the peace, and the cheer about that life is awesome! Do not entertain any negative thoughts, and don't let the hate that you see around the world affect you.
4/6/2019Daily Motivation - When you win say nothing, when you lose say less
Be Your Own Challenge - We all have days, when we want to celebrate our new found success, the goal we have been striving for so badly, or days with the anguish of failure. On days like these, when you want to shout it out to the world, especially about your success, restrain yourself, and save your enthusiasm, and let it be, along with the rage of your failure, the driving force for your next battle. Let those unsaid words fuel your effort to your next goal. Crying about your failure, or feeling low, is not a bad thing, neither is expressing your joy after you get that much wanted success. By all means do it, but keep it to yourself only. Shed those tears alone, behind the curtain, and come out with a courageous smile, that will tell the world you are all right, and on a winning streak. You do not want to be one of those horses, who will write a success story for one or two seasons only, you are here to write many chapters of success. Winning is not just a one time achievement in life. And even when a win, don't say a word, remember you are in this race of life for a lot more.
4/5/2019Daily Motivation - When you have to make a choice and don't make it, that is in itself a choice
We have the gift of free will. We have the power to choose either right or wrong, or not to choose at all. Your life today is a direct reflection of your past choices. Where you live, where you are in life, and what you do, are all based on your previous choices. The choices you make today will influence your tomorrows. Not deciding, is in itself worse than making a wrong decision. If you go with the flow, hoping that the waves will deposit you on green pastures, then you are preparing yourself for regrets, and disappointments. In whatever you do, you have to be decisive. Success never happens by chance, but by design. You have to be a person who takes action, to propel yourself forward. Everything is based on your choices. If there is something in your life you don't like, make the decision that you don't want it anymore. You have to want to change it. We are talking about firm decisions. That you really want change, and that you are ready to pay the price. When you choose to change, and really mean it, the universe is on your side, and conspires to make it happen. Where you previously saw mountains, you start seeing mole hills, or even level ground. Where you previously saw challenges, you start seeing opportunities. Challenges will come your way, and that is a promise. But if you are determined enough, you will find a way to get through them. Make a choice that you want to change, and put everything on the line, if you truly want it.
4/4/2019Daily Motivation - Adventure inspires me
The Purpose of Adventure in our Lives - Ever got lost in a forest, when on a trip with your friends? What did you do? If that ever happens to you, you would do everything possible to survive. You would cross rivers and mountains. You would light a fire using stones, like we learned as boy scouts, or whatever you could find to keep your friends and you warm. You would hunt and gather food, even if you had no idea, or any experience in hunting. That is exactly how life is. Life is an adventure, and it is up to us to live it and enjoy it. The power of adventure is to inspire and drive progress in our life. It is the spirit of adventure that will keep you up and running, even in the most challenging situations. It is the same spirit that will compel you to start your business, or any other venture you dream of. That is the spirit that will make you follow your dreams, even when people say it is impossible to achieve. Through adventure you get to explore lands that have never been explored before, you get to learn new things, that you have never imagined in your wildest dreams.
4/3/2019Daily Motivation - You can never be overdressed or overeducated
Our lives are not defined by the rules or boundaries others set for us, but by those we actually set
4/2/2019Daily Motivation - You are what you think all day long
It is not unusual to wake up in the morning, and find your mind is full of negative thoughts, despair, disappointment, and failure. We all go through that. Our thoughts race around, and unfortunately, it seems that negative thoughts are easier to entertain, than positive ones. We have to be on guard, and remember that we are a sum total of our thoughts, whether good or bad. Our thinking will dictate the direction our lives will take. There is always a pull, an attraction of the things, that we entertain in our mind. That is why it is so important to fight the negative thoughts that crowd your mind, and replace them with positive ones. If you believe you are a winner, those thoughts will definitely bring you to that place where no obstacle is able to stop you. If you believe you will fail, no matter how much you try, the thoughts of a failure will drag you down. You can always expect your thoughts to materialize, and what you are, can be traced back to your thoughts each day. Deep down inside you there are some beautiful thoughts which, you can concentrate on. There are so many good things to think about, and a bright future to look forward to. Thinking about these things will reenergize you, and help you become more positive.
4/1/2019Daily Motivation - When you are good at something, you'll tell everyone. When you're great at something, they'll tell you
There are tasks that all of us are capable of doing, and then there are things that set us apart from other people. Each one of us is blessed with talents, areas we are really good in. These are the areas where we can really shine. Doing what we are good at, gives us confidence and trust in ourselves. What if we start going around, and telling everybody how good we are, boasting about our abilities? It would be a waste of time and energy, since nobody would listen. I think it is quite human though, that we tend to boast a bit about the little things we have achieved. However, the best way to gain attention, without trying to convince people, is by doing exceptional things, being a person who stands out from the crowd. If you find that people do not realize all the good things you do, then take it on as a challenge, become the best you can be, at what love to do, and go from being good, to being awesome at what you do. But remember, you do not become a high achiever, for other people to notice, you do it to reach your goals, and make your dreams a reality! Your positive actions will do the talking for you, instead of just mere words, and it won't go unnoticed. Let the people do the talking, while you are busy creating your dreams!
3/31/2019Daily Motivation - I am bold and confident
Life is a long journey, and along the way, you will experience situations, that make your life difficult, and that can include people, who try to put you down. We all have some difficulties in our lives, but don't let any of those events, or people, get you down. You have the same power, as anybody around you, including the people we call "winners" or "gurus". They are no different from you, or the people you hang out with. However, the one thing that sets them apart, is one word, one tiny word, BELIEF! They have what a lot of people are lacking, and that is they believe, they believe in themselves, and they believe in their dreams. The know exactly where they are going. They live their lives bold and confident. Being bold does not mean that you are better than others, and neither does it mean that you are stronger than others, it actually means that you are strong enough to stand for what you believe in. Being bold and confident can help you achieve anything you want in life. If you believe that you can actually make it in life, nothing will stop you from achieving what you want.
3/30/2019Daily Motivation - Goals allow you to control the direction of change in your favor
Create your own luck and succeed at anything you put your mind to - While some people may argue that it is just plain luck that determines how your life pans out, the simple truth is that those who are happy, successful, and fulfilled create their own luck. There are nay sayers, only to discourage you from dreaming big, as they don't believe that they are capable of becoming a huge success in their life. So they discourage you from dreaming big dreams, because they are scared of getting left behind. Whether you have your sights set on becoming a successful investor, an independent entrepreneur, or your dream is to sail around the world on your own yacht, or you would like to sculpt a lean beach body, your first step towards achieving your dream, is to write down your goals. Don't be afraid to dream big, with in capital "BIG", because you are the one who gets to decide what you are capable of achieving. There is no shame in wanting to live in a stunning ocean front mansion, or having your eye on driving a Maserati, or any other luxury car. Remember to be clear about exactly what it is that you want out of life, as once you have identified your major objective, you will naturally start to take small, achievable steps towards turning your dreams into reality.
3/29/2019Daily Motivation - Never let your memories be greater than your dreams
Why is it that some people lead desperate lives, while others really enjoy living? Is it because of a lack of money, a bad environment, or perhaps it is even a curse? Maybe you lost your job just recently, or missed a promotion? Does that mean that your life is ruined? There is one thing that most of us fail to understand. Yesterday’s failures and successes have no relationship with our tomorrows. What do we usually do? We kind of celebrate our past achievements, and we beat ourselves up over yesterday’s failures. What happens when we do this? Most likely we become confused and hopeless, living in the past, doubting our abilities. Our goals and future dreams become obscured. When you miss hitting your target for today, never think it is the end of the journey. There is always a tomorrow, presenting us with new and unique situations, reminding us that life will continue. If we allow our past failures to dictate our future, we may not have the courage to try new adventures, or take advantage of new opportunities, that are there for us every day. Our past mistakes should serve as guiding lights, that we can use to correct our actions today and tomorrow. In fact, when we try new ventures, we get to advance our skills set, and gain experience, which will be critical for our future.
3/28/2019Daily Motivation - When all is said and done, success without happiness is the worst kind of failure
I heard a quote somewhere that said, success is not the key to happiness, but happiness is the key to success. People chasing happiness through success did not just start with our generation. You are not the first person to realize that when you reach your lifetime goals, you may not find happiness. No, this started long ago. So there is no reason to be depressed, when you reach the end of your search, and find no happiness there. You just have to wake up to the reality, that true happiness comes from within, and no amount of success can buy you happiness. It is truly sad, when people who become successful are not happy. At some point in their lives, they felt that happiness would come from reaching their goals, or from the attainment of material possessions. There are many people in the world today, who are looking for happiness through success. The common belief is that when one attains the success, he or she will be happy, and content with life. But this is not necessarily the case. Success is not your instant ticket to happiness. So what is happiness? Generally, there is no correct definition, because it is different to all people, what makes you happy, might not be what makes me happy.
3/27/2019Daily Motivation - Whatever you are, be a good one
How To Love Whatever You Do, And Be Good At It - Whatever you are right now is exactly what you chose to be. Consciously, or subconsciously, your past thinking, and your actions, brought you to where you are today. This statement might frighten some of you, because you may not like your present situation. Following is a story of a friend of mine who decided early on, what he wanted to do with his life. It illustrates precisely what Abraham Lincoln was saying, "Whatever you are, be a good one"! "When I was in first grade, my teacher came around asking us whatever we wanted to be when we grew up. Almost everyone wanted to be a doctor, an engineer or lawyer, and I was the laughing stock when I said I wanted to be a shopkeeper. "I grew up with my father, who had a small shop in the country. I used to admire every little effort he made, to make sure that all his customers were happy. His motivation, commitment and relentless quest to keep the business up and running, made me fall in love with this job. "Looking back, it seems I was one of the few individuals in our class, who knew what they wanted to be, at such a tender age. My father once told me that total satisfaction is not being what you want to be, but being the best in whatever you do.
3/26/2019Daily Motivation - We must be willing to let go of the life we planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us
Life is nothing but a dream, although it is very realistic. The words realistic and dream seem to mean complete opposites, yet, they are both linked in our lives. We dream and aspire, to reach new heights, and then the power of our dreams helps make them a reality. But how big should we dream, and should we curtail our dreams? Does our life's reality actually limit our dreams, and our ability to grow? To answer those questions, all we need is to look at the people, who weren't very comfortable with their reality, and used their inner forces to make their dreams become reality. The world is filled with such inspiring stories, and no doubt many people are going to create more of those stories in the future. The people and their stories are less important than their ideas and their thinking. A common thread of thinking runs through almost all the self-made success stories. In order to write your own success story, the first thing you need to do is empty your life of all distractions. It is important that you feel the hunger first, before you can enjoy a good meal. Similarly, it is important to clean up your past, and then start your future.
3/25/2019Daily Motivation - It is easy to live for others. Everybody does. I call on you to live for yourselves
A lot of times, we make decisions just to get the approval of others. Little do we know, that trying to live up to the expectations of others can lead to stress, and unhappiness. Joy in our life is achieved if we are true to ourselves, when we value our own self, before pleasing others. Please note, I am not talking about being selfish here. Take, for instance, the motivation behind going to school. We are encouraged to study hard, so we can get good jobs. Yet, your inner drive might be to become an entrepreneur, but you end up in a boring job, only to please your parents. Maybe you are the kind of person who always compares himself with others, and tries to live, and be like them. While it is nice to have a role model, the flip side of it is that you only see the outer appearances of somebody else's life, missing what goes on behind the scenes. Always remember that everyone has their own life to live, with all the weaknesses and struggles, that go along with it. Take a short inventory of your life, and you will begin to realize, how much time you spend doing things that have little or no meaning to you. Perhaps you say "yes" to everything, because you do not want to offend your friends and loved ones. Stop saying "Yes", before you get too overwhelmed, unhappy, and feeling like life is getting away from you.
3/24/2019Daily Motivation - The Only Person Who is Educated is The One Who has Learned how to Learn and change
These are wise words from a man who believed that the best teacher you can have is you, yes, YOU. While most of us think that the only way to be successful in life is by going to school, this is not quite true. Schooling is good, since it does provide numerous opportunities, that the students can use to move forward in life. One thing is very important to remember, education does not stop when schooling ends. It is actually the beginning of real education. It is not uncommon to find graduates, in any given field, who have no idea what comes next. Some are totally ignorant, when it comes to using the knowledge gained in their chosen field of study, and turn it into a way to make a living. Education is continuous, and comes only to an end, when you stop living. The best school you can ever attend is the "School of Hard Knocks", we also know it as "Life". Life is the best training ground to learn how to survive and thrive. The challenges life gives us, are lessons we need to learn, sometimes it is in the form of painful lessons. The lessons of life allow us to make changes necessary to get our life back on track, after we stumbled and fell. Embracing the challenges we face, and viewing them in a positive light, gives us opportunities to become a better person. Being positive about the process, teaches us to look forward to the lessons, that come with each trial we face.
3/24/2019Daily Motivation - The Only Person Who is Educated is The One Who has Learned how to Learn and change
These are wise words from a man who believed that the best teacher you can have is you, yes, YOU. While most of us think that the only way to be successful in life is by going to school, this is not quite true. Schooling is good, since it does provide numerous opportunities, that the students can use to move forward in life. One thing is very important to remember, education does not stop when schooling ends. It is actually the beginning of real education. It is not uncommon to find graduates, in any given field, who have no idea what comes next. Some are totally ignorant, when it comes to using the knowledge gained in their chosen field of study, and turn it into a way to make a living. Education is continuous, and comes only to an end, when you stop living. The best school you can ever attend is the "School of Hard Knocks", we also know it as "Life". Life is the best training ground to learn how to survive and thrive. The challenges life gives us, are lessons we need to learn, sometimes it is in the form of painful lessons. The lessons of life allow us to make changes necessary to get our life back on track, after we stumbled and fell. Embracing the challenges we face, and viewing them in a positive light, gives us opportunities to become a better person. Being positive about the process, teaches us to look forward to the lessons, that come with each trial we face.
3/23/2019Daily Motivation - We cannot become what we need to be by remaining what we are
We all have that one dream, the one we want to make our reality. The question now is, how do we achieve our dream? The answer is quite simple, we need to work towards achieving it. You may have had your dream for some time, but it has not become a reality for you yet. Why? When we look at some of the most successful people, do you think they were born that way? Of course, most of them were not. They worked hard, not only in their profession or trade, but most important, on themselves. Therefore, if you want to become good at something, and become a better, and more prosperous person, there are things you will have to learn. The improvements we are talking about, start with you. Are you the best you can be? Is your attitude sufficient to take you to new heights? If the answers are anything but YES, in capital letters, we have work to do. We all have some negative traits that keep us from moving forward. Every one of these traits are learned, through our upbringing, the school system, the company we keep, and so on. Most of them became habits through repetition, over time.
3/22/2019Daily Motivation - When you believe in a thing, believe in it all the way, implicitly and unquestionably
When it comes to believing, you really cannot go halfway. You have to believe totally, regardless of the circumstances that you are faced with. The real magic of believing will only begin to work when you hold a deep seated belief in what you want to accomplish, without being anxious, or easily discouraged, by what other people say or think of you, or your idea. For instance, if you believe that you can sing, you do not let anyone make you feel like you cannot. Your belief should be absolute, and unquestionable, if you are planning on becoming a successful singer. The road to being successful, or becoming great, is never an easy one. It is an undertaking that requires you to believe in yourself wholeheartedly, every step of the way. Taking a halfhearted approach, will derail you, and your project, before you even start. When you believe in yourself, and have an unshakable belief in what you are trying to accomplish, the entire universe will conspire with you, and give you exactly what it is that you want. You will see things happen that seem miraculous.
3/21/2019Daily Motivation - When it is dark enough, you can see the stars
Life seems to have a way of kicking us when we are down. Just when you think you can’t fall any further, we often get kicked again. One thing we should not forget though, is that failures, setbacks, and tragedy are part of life. Whether you can find joy and success in your daily struggles of life, depends largely on your ability to persevere through adversity. The seemingly long stretches of disappointment, fear, pain, or heartaches, are just brief and insignificant moments in your life, that will pass. Ralph Waldo Emerson puts it best, when it is dark enough, you can see the stars. The stars are a symbol of hope for a better tomorrow. Hope is all important, because it makes the present moments a lot easier to bear. If you have the belief that tomorrow will be a better day, it lightens the burden of any difficulty you have to content with today. There are a lot of positives in your life, which at times you may not even realize. Every now and then, you may lose your motivation, or you have a down moment. At a time like that, just remember the huge potential that sits inside of you, ready to be tapped.
3/20/2019Daily Motivation - Weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character
Benefits of Being Self-Assured - For us to enjoy positive experiences in life, we need to be self-confident. Believing in yourself helps you see the brighter side of things, and helps you cope with difficult situations. It is almost impossible to make it in life, without a good measure of self-confidence. - You Can Be Yourself - People who have a positive self-image, like being themselves, because they know, and accept who they are. They have a high self-esteem and will not have to struggle to appear to be what/who they are not. Accepting yourself is one of the pre-requisites for success. - You Can Express Yourself - A self-confident person can defend themselves, their ideas, and their action, when challenged. If you don't have that self-assurance, you may feel humiliated, or flustered, when verbally challenged. For instance, many employers in the career world look for articulate employees, who can express themselves, besides having the required qualifications.
3/19/2019Daily Motivation - We turn, not older with years, but newer every day
The Power of Staying Positive - The thoughts surrounding aging are becoming negative at times, which have prompted many individuals to find ways to preserve their youth. Declining health and appearance, are the top concerns of people all over the developed world, leading them to discover new ways of dieting, and exercising in order to stay youthful. However, what many do not know, is that by rediscovering themselves, in order to obtain a fresh, new outlook, and finding that elusive inner happiness, you can maintain your youthfulness, that seems so elusive to many. This quote says it best, "we turn, not older with years, but newer every day". This type of thinking will direct you to feeling younger in every way, and it is with that attitude, that you will find ultimate success. - Keep Positive - Certainly, aging is inevitable, but by keeping positive, and surrounding yourself with positive, like-minded people, you have the ability to stay physically and emotionally younger. People who adopt this special type of mindset, even have the ability to ward off disease.
3/18/2019Daily Motivation - We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are
The angry people see an angry, snarly world around them, just as the positive and upbeat people, from years of creating a positive mindset within themselves, see a world in a positive way, full of opportunities. Things in themselves never change, but we color them in a way that reflects our thinking. When we speak to a person who continually finds fault in the world around them, will never really be pleased with the way things are. Chances are, this person is extremely dissatisfied with himself, and their whole life is a mirror of that dissatisfaction. If you have been a critic your whole life, then the concept of positivity may seem a bit awkward to you. Your emotional, and mind habits are so ingrained in the negativity, that positivity may seem a little too foreign to accept. You maybe thinking that the world is entirely fixed against you, because things keep happening in your life that set you back, and don't allow any forward movement. The reason for that might be the way you think, and view the world.
3/17/2019Daily Motivation - Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind
Words are really powerful, they can change situations, and they can change the way we look at things. Like drugs, some can have a beneficial effect on you, while other are detrimental to your health. The same with the spoken word. The right words used at the right time, can have a positive impact, while the wrong words could be very harmful. Just a few weeks before Sam’s final examinations would begin, he was not able to concentrate, was scared, and quite sure he would fail. His mother knew he was a bright student, and was just nervous, and she knew exactly what her son needed now. She kept telling him, "You are a good student, you have always done well in your class, your teachers are proud of you, and I know you are going to do really well this time too". These words of encouragement worked like magic. Sam started to brim with confidence, and worked even harder than before, and had top grades in his examination. It was a big day in Jennifer’s life, as it was her first modeling assignment. She always had dreamed of making it big in the modeling world, and she had everything that she needed to make it big. But, one of the most important things you need in this field is confidence.
3/16/2019Daily Motivation - Today I will do what others won't, so tomorrow I can accomplish what others can't
Be Yourself and You Will Go Far - You never want to be afraid of doing things that are different from what everyone else is doing. You want to show your uniqueness. Certainly, you won't be conforming to whatever the rest of the world is asking you to do, but you will have your own life, as unique as you are. In setting your own path, you are going out there, telling the world that you are not afraid of anything, and that you are ready to change your world, and the world beyond. When you move down your own path, you will open up new and exciting opportunities for yourself. You will blaze your own trail, which will take you places that you never imagined before. Wherever your special interests are, be it your job, career, or a lucrative business venture, apply your unique talents, and go beyond what is ask of you, to achieve success. Do not limit yourself to the run-of-the-mill venture, that everyone else pursues, but go above and beyond, where the road is less crowded. Work on your special interests, and stick with what you are really good at, and what you are passionate about.
3/15/2019Daily Motivation - Vision without execution is just hallucination
Be the hero in your perfect vision - People have big dreams and ambitions, that sometimes even make an overachiever blush. All successful people have a grand vision of their future. So if you are an entrepreneur, who wants to be a business tycoon, whose reach goes beyond your local area, you have to dream big. Some people go to an extent of investing in their future plans, by consulting experts and professionals. That is awesome! However, what is a vision without action? Pure fantasy, and a waste of resources. In addition, it is a waste of your time and energy. - Stop the blame game - Who is to blame for not executing your vision? It is you. You are the owner of your vision. Start moving! Ever so often you will run into negative influences, that might intimidate you. Indeed, these challenges might slow you down, but they are also a terrific source of learning and growth, for you as a person. Brace yourself against these unforeseen circumstances, and be the light in your dreams. Stand tall, and be strong, as you take your vision from scratch to a life of independence. It all starts with you, the person who had the vision, the master of the original blueprint, who laid out the plan.
3/14/2019Daily Motivation - The secret to life is meaningless unless you discover it yourself
Do you ever take time to ponder over things that are unusual about your human existence? Why there are a lot of events occurring in your life for no apparent reason? Or, where they come from, and why they are happening? Some days you walk on the happy side of life, enjoying your activities, and other days, everything you touch seems to go wrong. When you work so hard to achieve your goals, putting in the extra effort and energy, but the desired results are not happening for you. You go through periods in your life when you are struggling. Every part of your life seems to be working against you, be it financial, emotional, spiritual, or physical. It almost seems like your positive perspective on life is lost. Now is the time to get a hold of yourself, and find the motivation within you, to break the cycle. - Find the Secret of life - It is time to discover the secret to life, and that is, do not surrender and succumb to the seemingly "unsolicited" circumstances of life. You need to know, that there are no accidents in life, everything happens for a reason. Your past thinking, and your actions created the life you live right now.
3/12/2019Daily Motivation - To lose patience is to lose the battle
Have you ever been in a place in your life, where you feel like everything is falling apart? Or maybe you are tired of pursuing something you have wanted for so long? If yes, then you may want to consider exercising a little more patience. Why patience, you may ask? This is because patience is one of the key virtues that differentiates winners and losers. If everybody was a little more patient, the world would be a better place. Decisions would be made based on facts, and not assumptions, there would be less quarrels among partners, spouses, and people would maintain healthier relationships. Most of us are quick to jump to conclusions, without having all facts at hand. This often leads to making decisions, that are rash and costly. So, if you want to improve your life, it is important to exercise a little more patience. Being patient enables you to make informed decisions, have healthier relationships with your friends and colleagues, and above all, avoid unnecessary frictions. Patience will also teach you how to control your emotions.
3/11/2019Daily Motivation - To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong
Fear of being wrong - the enemy of a creative life - With the constant pressure to succeed, and expected to be right at all times, what stands in the way of meeting these high expectations in our world today? Well, when you think about it, there are a few things that can hinder us from using our creativity, in whatever endeavor we are undertaking. These can range from procrastination, a lack of commitment, and a poor character and attitude, just to name a few. Even then, you will agree with me, that there is one major reason that keeps us from doing our best ... the fear of being wrong. Needless to say, most people are afraid of being wrong, making a mistake, not being perfect in whatever they are doing, thinking about looking stupid in the eyes of others, being laughed at, or worse, being rejected due to their failure. It is unfortunate, that this fear can prevent us from trying out new things, that may otherwise turn out well, not to mention being counterproductive in our daily activities. I’m certain you can attest to this, as you may have been dealing with this yourself, at one time or another. However, it is very important to understand, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being wrong at times. What is wrong, is actually the fear itself. Knowing that we are not quite perfect, trying to live in perfection in our imperfect world, sets us up to make more mistakes.
3/10/2019Daily Motivation - To be old and wise, you must first be young and stupid
It gets to a place in our lives when looking back at our youth, we sometimes ask the question, was that even me, way back there? It seem what we see, looking back when we were young, is a completely different person. As a young person, we made silly mistakes, that at an older age most of us would not make. Experience is the best teacher, so the wise people said. This statement holds a lot of truth for the older generation, who went through the whole process of making mistakes and learning. There comes a time in your life, when you have to let go of the things you used to do at a younger age, and get "more serious about life". This is because as you age, you have to face the reality of creating a life for yourself. You are "grown up", and you will have to handle a lot of responsibilities. Responsibilities are not to be taken lightly, and many people will agree with that. You may lose a friend here and there, as you set out to create a life for yourself, getting away from some of the foolish things you did in your younger years.
3/9/2019Daily Motivation - When I forgive myself I release myself from guilt
Have you ever wondered why so many people are still living with their past experiences, which bring them nothing in their lives but pain, anger and grief? The reason is simple, these people have not learned the power of forgiveness, or the power of letting go. It does not matter what happened in your past, a tough divorce, loss of a good job, or any mistake that you made, and still feel guilty about. Believe me, you will not have a happy life, if you do not teach your heart to forgive, and let go. Let go of what happened yesterday, and it doesn't matter whose mistake it was. It could be hard sometimes to forget certain incidents, but when your heart is healed, no pain, anger, or grief will be felt. Healing in life does not just happen when you wake up in the morning, saying, "well, from today I will forget everything that happened in the past" No. It doesn't work that way. Healing starts when you accept the outcome of what happened, no matter what, because its through acceptance, that we learn from our mistakes. This process helps us to grow emotionally, making us stronger, and anything that comes after, can be dealt with without weakening us, or breaking us down emotionally. Teach yourself to forgive, teach yourself to forget. Learn from your mistakes, so you avoid the same pain of the past. Just take it one step at a time.
3/8/2019Daily Motivation - Things change. Friends leave. Life does not stop for anybody
Changes are part of life ... take them positively - Let's be honest here, no one really loves change. Everyone wants to remain in their comfort zone. You like your old friends, and are happy to be around them. You may not love your job, but it gives you a decent living, and you love the security! But have you ever thought about what might happen in the future? Are your friends going to be around forever? And is your job really secure? If you intent to stay being the old self, who wants no part of change, you might be in for a shock. - Learn to move on even when things change - Change is ever present. You will not remain in the same life situation for ever. The most important thing is to accept change, as it happens, and move on. This is worth repeating ... "the most important thing is to accept change, and move on". Even if your friends move away, it does not mean the end of the world. You can always start over again and make new friends. The uncertainty of life should not scare you, it is a way to learn to live with change. Of course there are life changes that can be devastating, shaking your whole life to the core. But even in these circumstances, life goes on. It is tough to lose a love one, believe me, but it does not end your life.
3/7/2019Daily Motivation - To avoid criticism, do nothing, say nothing, be nothing
Most of us have big plans, things we want to do. But for some reason we hold back, fearing what others may think of us. They may even question our motivation. We have dreams, big dreams, dreams of the life we want to live, places we want to see, things we want to do, the life we have always longed for. But a lot of the times we fall mercifully short of our targets. Is it because we fear to be judged by our friends and family? Might that be the reason that some of us don't even try? The fear of judgement from those around us? Is it the society bent on criticism and condemnation? Every time you step out of your comfort zone, you take a chance of somebody making snide remarks, or criticising your plans or actions. That is just the way some people are. But never let the fear of being criticized hold you back, or even be a "justifiable" excuse to abandon your dream. There is always going to be someone who will criticize what you do or say, for what ever reason. Some people simply do not like us, others do not like what we do.
3/6/2019Daily Motivation - When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it
Each day, we wake up hoping to make strides toward our dreams. Even if we don't achieve everything we set out to do, we always want to make a little progress. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes, even after giving our best, and dedicating all our energy to the cause, we are not guaranteed success. That’s why we sometimes question what we do. Did I make a mistake pursuing this? Is life unfair? Or am I destined to fail? Despite all these struggles, business failures, failed and broken relationships, and betrayals, the worst you can do is to give up. In fact, the higher the hurdles and obstacles, and the nastier the nay sayers, the more you should push on, to fight and pursue what you believe in. It is these challenges, betrayals, failures, confusion, broken relationships, and health complications, that make you stronger. Through these challenges, you get hardened, more determined, and most important, you have more reasons for not giving up. Let’s face it. Moving from one challenge to another is not for the weak, or faint of heart. Sometimes, the journey can be so hard, the hill so steep to climb, and the life ahead may look tough to navigate. But with the right attitude, determination, and a strong heart, you can overcome anything.
3/4/2019Daily Motivation - The supreme happiness of life consists on the conviction that one is loved
It is our human nature to want to experience supreme happiness. We are constantly trying to look for ways to be happy. We go on family vacations, spending time with friends, and being surrounded by people we care about. All these things give us a sense of security. This is because we know that we're in a good place. Knowing within yourself that your friends and family love you, has a great impact in your life. It is very easy to assume that material things can make you happy. However, after purchasing your dream car, or going on your dream vacation, you most likely will still feel an emptiness. A lot of people chase after their happiness, not really knowing where they could find it. They just mindlessly go through their lives, looking for some way to put a smile on their faces. Supreme happiness can only be achieved, when we feel a deep love inside of us. It is a very special sensation, knowing that we are loved. When you truly believe that you are loved, it brings a massive amount of positivity into your life. You will have increased self-confidence, and you will lose your fears, when facing life's challenges. You will wake up each day feeling motivated, and inspired, knowing that you are loved.
3/4/2019Daily Motivation - Well done is better than well said
Putting it in action matters most, regardless of how well we say it - How many times have you said you will, but you did not? How often do you do what you say? Most people are good at saying things, but very poor when it comes to putting their words into action. Such people are likely neither trustworthy, nor reliable. The best way we can draw the attention of others, inspire them, and mobilize them into action, is by showing them, and leading the way. By doing so, we are using our full motivational and intellectual capacity. Even if we say something impressive a million times, and we are incapable of doing it ourselves, nobody will pay attention. In fact, no one will follow, and your speech becomes a bust, rather than an inspiration. When saying something, you want to make sure that it is followed by action. For you to accomplish anything, you need the knowledge and proper information that comes along with it. And how do you get it? By getting involved, and by taking action, using your full potential. We are all different, and our belief system doesn't always accept everything, until we see things in action.
3/3/2019Daily Motivation - The most precious gift parents can give their children is they love each other, respect each other, and care for each other
Love, Respect, and Care: The Not So Secret Ingredients To Happiness - Having a loving relationship at home, is setting a great example for your children. There will be challenges in the best relationships, but even the resolutions of those challenges, will reflect on your children positively, if handled properly. A relationship that expresses your happiness is beneficial for your children. They learn that happiness is something they have control over. At a very young age, it may not appear to influence the children, but they soak up a lot, you may not even realize it. When you take charge of your own life, your children will see, and follow your example. Setting the good example is worth more to them, than words can describe. Your kids watch you, explore your daily activities. A lot of the time, you don't even think about it. It's okay, you are human, and showing your children that you are, will make them respect you more. Embrace your relationships with your spouse, friends, and family, and accept each other's imperfections.
3/2/2019Daily Motivation - Success is going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm
Did you ever feel like giving up, because you kept trying, but you just could not get the breakthrough that you were looking for? If your answer is yes, relax, you are not alone. Most successful people in this world have tried and failed several times, but they never gave up. They kept on pushing forward, until the day they finally succeeded. Finding the break that will put you over the top is not that easy, it requires work, hard work, determination, and patience. You need to keep on trying, no matter how many times you fail, because success only comes to those, who keep getting up, no matter how many times they fall. Many people don’t appreciate the little things they achieve in life, they brush them aside, simply because they think that it is nothing. We should always appreciate every little things we achieve in life, because all those little things amount to a lot. Small successes will lead you to bigger successes, and eventually you will reach the success you have been dreaming about. Do not be afraid to fail. When you fall, just dust yourself off, and continue on your way. Let every failure be a lesson to you. Not only are you one step closer to your ultimate goal, but each failure makes you stronger, as you learn, and become a better person.
3/1/2019Daily Motivation - Life is ten percent what happens to you and ninety percent how you respond to it
When you feel that your life is crumbling, and you are facing a lot of challenges, your first thought might be to try changing things, suspecting that your current activities are the source of your problems. However, you may want to have a look at yourself first, there may be other issues that could be the cause of your challenges. First and foremost, your attitude and your general outlook on life maybe the cause of your struggles and stress. Life is a mirror, it reflects what is going on inside of you. If you have a negative attitude, you will most likely find life to be very hard and challenging. On the other hand, positivity enables you to see the possibilities in your life, and be optimistic about a better tomorrow. Your attitude is way more important than facts, than money, than circumstances, or anything else in your life. Attitude will make or break you, in respect to making your life a success or a failure. The best thing about attitude is that you are in charge. It is up to you to make the decision to look at life in a positive way, regardless of the storms that might be brewing.
2/28/2019Daily Motivation - The easiest thing is to react. The second easiest is to respond. But the hardest thing is to initiate
Only Initiative Matters - An American historian was once asked what he thought about the character of Thomas Jefferson, one of history's great leaders. The historian's remarks portrayed Jefferson as an extraordinary man in every respect. What distinguished Jefferson from other leaders of his time, was his devotion to the life of initiative. He did not just react or respond, he initiated. That is why he was chosen to draft the American Declaration of Independence. Every human being has it inside of them to take charge, to take the initiative, and lead when called upon. It is often said that nature is God's own blueprint, through which he gives us examples to follow, if we truly want to make progress in our life. One such example is the pattern in which ants go about the laborious duty of constructing their anthill. Those who have taken time to observe these tiny creatures at work, must have witnessed the deep sense of initiative, that governs their actions. We learn from the ants that there is nothing as powerful as collective initiative. Obstacles in life can be solved quite easily, if we learn to direct a single-minded approach just like the ants do. Nothing is beyond the reach of a focused mind. Fear, uncertainty, and procrastination, are some of the major obstacles that defeat man's destiny in life.
2/27/2019Daily Motivation - I have never let my schooling interfere with my education
Do you ever wonder what makes the formal school education different from what we are actually learning in life through our experiences? We know that even though the books tell us of experiences of great minds of the past, our own struggles of every day life is different. The knowledge we gain through learning in school and the books, is essential to understand the process of life, but what we actually face in life is more valuable. When our books teach us something that has occurred several decades before, it is up to us to internalize it or not. It is our choice entirely, to retain and follow whatever lessons appeal to us. But with the lessons given by life, it is totally different. Life is the true school of learning, that examines us before giving us lessons, unlike educational institutions, where we learn, and then take exams. However, the education is extremely important for us, but the things learned in life by experience, we have to treasure most. The experiences that we go through in the real world, cannot be taught in any school. And the lessons you are learning in school, may or may not apply to your practical life. Real education comes from living life, period. We must never let the formal education pose restrictions on the process of learning the realities of life, which confront all of us every day.
2/26/2019Daily Motivation - Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything
Why Change is Important In Your Life - As Benjamin Disraeli said, "Change is inevitable. Change is constant." That pretty well sums it up. We move to a new home, or start a new job. Make new friends, new neighbors move in. There are also unexpected things that happen. We have to cope with all these changes. Change is inevitable. You cannot avoid change. You have to adapt to the changes, and remain positive about them. There are benefits that arise from changes. Change leads to new experiences and opportunities - You will realize that each change in your life is an invitation to try new experiences. And be alert, to take advantage of new opportunities. Every new experience has its own benefits. You may be tempted to dismiss change, but before you do, always consider the benefits that the new opportunities will bring. Change can bring an exciting lifestyle - Change is one thing that makes our lives interesting. If you are used to doing the same thing over and over again for many years, you may get bored, and stagnation sets in. Life changes bring a breath of fresh air. The world is in continuous motion. Technologies, trends, and politics keep on changing. This makes life exciting. And it gives us a reason to remain positive about changes.
2/25/2019Daily Motivation - The more we become aware of who and what we truly are the fewer problems we have
You may have wondered throughout your life, where most of the problems you face are coming from. Did you ever try to understand who you really are? Let's face it, we grow up, guided by societal rules and norms, that in a lot of cases don't even make much sense. Think about it, just because we were told it is the right, or accepted way of life, following those rules, do we just accept them blindly? Never taking time to really look at what we really want, considering our dreams and goals in life? Yes, getting an education may land you a good job, maybe even as a doctor or surgeon. What if you can't stand seeing people suffer. What if your heart and soul ache after you lose a patient? Simply put, you will be struggling in a profession that seems very respectable, but deep down you know it is not making you happier. In fact, everyday will just be a struggle for you. What about your dreams? - Just because you were good with numbers, the suggested career path was to be an accountant, economist, statisticians, or mathematicians. However, you don't like being cramped inside that tiny cubicle, or standing in front of students, passing on the knowledge you were given as part of the curriculum.
2/24/2019Daily Motivation - The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra
Every one of us has the potential to excel, and do remarkable, and extraordinary things in our lives. The great men and women we read about, who excelled and soared to unprecedented heights of success, were not born extraordinary, they were like everybody else. They only exerted themselves a little more, and so were able to scale the ladder of success. And that is why Thomas Edison said, "genius is ninety-nine percent perspiration and one percent inspiration". The importance of such an effort is that hard work can catapult you from the ordinary, to the extraordinary. Henry Ford once said, the harder your work, the luckier you become. That, along with many statements from other high achievers, goes to show that there really is no substitute for hard work on your way to the peak of success. Intense hard work, with the proper skills, and good strategies, will help you to conquer success after success. Of course, there will be many hurdles along the way, but, what will make you stand out, and differentiate you from the just ordinary, is your ability, and your determination, to beat the traps in your path, to reach the glory of success, at the end of the tunnel.
2/23/2019Daily Motivation - The best way to cheer yourself up is to cheer somebody else up
Life – Does it have a formula? - Life can be a Roller Coaster ride, with its ups and downs, but ultimately, the choice is yours. You want to scream or enjoy the ride. There are times when you experience major setbacks in life, and everything seems upside down. You are not alone in this. This kind of experience happens to all of us, at least once in a lifetime. It can make you feel so vulnerable, and it becomes really challenging to recover from that phase. Nothing you try seems to work, not a good feeling, is it? Life can get pretty rough sometimes, and most of us question why “ME”? Done that before? But please do not forget that you are not alone. Every individual on this planet is fighting with their own share of problems. During those difficult times, we often forget the truth of life, that nothing, not even pain lasts forever. Trust me, during those hardships there is nothing that gives you a better feeling, than cheering someone up, and making his or her day better, and making them feel how much you actually care. Helping someone, and seeing someone smiling because of you, is such an amazing feeling. Undoubtedly it really is an excellent way to feel better about you, it is like medicine for the soul.
2/22/2019Daily Motivation - Risks must be taken, because the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing
To succeed, you need to take risks. When you spend your entire life fearing failure, failure is exactly what you get. Avoiding risk is not only a risk in itself, but in the avoidance, you avoid a part life as well. Risks are everywhere. When you laugh, you risk appearing a fool. When you cry, you risk to appear sentimental, when you love, you risk to be rejected, even when you live, you risk dying. But do you stop laughing, crying, loving, or living? Of course not. Because risk is part of life. When you risk nothing, you do nothing, and have nothing. Just to clarify, we are not talking about being careless, rather, we are talking about taking calculated, intelligent risks. Taking a risk with no possibility of reward, would not be very intelligent. Seek the risk with the greatest reward, venture out, stand out, and grow. To succeed, you must have a desire for success, so much so, that everything else is secondary. What is stopping you from taking risks? Fear of failure? Fear of rejection? Fear of getting out of your comfort zone? Don't let these fears be your greatest failure. Fear nothing, but fear itself. Mostly, the fear of suffering, can be greater than the suffering itself.
2/21/2019Daily Motivation - The only way to have friends is to be one
It’s so sad, but not really surprising, to find people whining and complaining about their friends. The majority of people have a negative bend, that tends to bring out their worst. Instead of complaining about your friends, and trying to pick out what is bothering you about them, why don't you ask yourself, have you been a good friend? Put aside any negative feelings right now, and search inside of you, are your complaints about your friends legit, or is it just a reflection of your negative attitude? I know, these are hard hitting questions. And I also know that most of you will stop reading right now, because it is starting to get uncomfortable, when confronted with the truth. You will just walk away, and carry on with your complaining, and maintaining your negative attitude. Let’s be real. If you want good things to happen in your life, then be good, and do good, and most of all, approach life in a positive manner. It is that simple. When it comes to friendships, it is like two-way traffic, and it works better when both parties appreciate one another, and show a loving and caring attitude.
2/20/2019Daily Motivation - Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off the goal
Goals are crucial, and very important in our lives. Achieving them gives us satisfaction and great joy, which boosts our self-esteem and confidence. Have you ever reached a meaningful goal? Can you identify with the joy we are talking about? No one has to fear setting goals, since they are achievable. Remember, if you can dream it, you can achieve it. But what does it take to achieve them? Two of the major components to achieving goals is determination and motivation. Determination will give you self-discipline, and is the force behind your actions. And the motivation is the fuel that drives you toward achieving your goals. Review your goals regularly. Most people set goals, and they never go back to check on their progress. Reviewing your goal is a major part of achieving them. It gives you a clear picture on where you are at, and what needs to be done. If you miss the mark, don't change your goal, put new strategies in place, and keep right on going. There will always be challenges that try to trip you up. Remember, nothing good is ever presented to you on a silver platter. Face your obstacles and be determined to overcome them.
2/19/2019Daily Motivation - The true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good
There is no doubt that most of us find it easy, or even natural, to be nice and generous towards our superiors or equals. After all, people who are our superior, whether professionally, or otherwise, are in a position to benefit or cause harm to us, in a number of ways. Not surprisingly, most of us, rightly or wrongly, tend to gloss over their flaw, and present our best side to them. Similarly, a lot of us behave in an identical way with our equals or peers. While there might be an element of rivalry with them, there is also a realization that, in the larger scheme of things, it is advantageous to be on cordial terms with your peers. However, what about those from whom we cannot expect any benefit, material or otherwise, at all? Do they not deserve a similar behavior from us? Unfortunately, it is a sad truth, that a large number of people do not deem such people worthy of a kinder and gentler treatment. On the other hand, it is also true, that a man's (and a woman's) true measure, of his character and integrity, truly comes to the fore, in how he conducts himself with people who cannot benefit him in any way whatsoever.
2/18/2019Daily Motivation - There are two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle
Is Life Miraculous? - You bet it is. We see miracles all the time. From lightning, to the rising and setting of the sun, from thunderstorms, to birthing of a baby, or even the inspiration we receive from love is a miracle. According to Marianne Williamson, "Everything that comes from love is a miracle". Every second is a miracle, and it brings with it opportunity. This very second, starting right now, is the first second of the rest of your life. So wake up, and watch miracles happen in your life daily. Don't take life for granted. We come across two different kinds of people, the ones who believe everything is a miracle, and the ones who believe nothing is a miracle. Which one is it going to be for you? If you are going with the former, then everything you see is a miracle. Everything that you love and adore, and even everything that is considered a challenge. By doing this, you will begin to learn that you can experience every facet of life, no matter what circumstance you are in. If you choose to go with the latter, you will have nothing to wake up for. The purpose of life is to grow, learn, and become a better you. When you think about it, a change for the better, is also a miracle.
2/17/2019Daily Motivation - The best way to predict the future is to invent it
Many people have tried to predict the future, with various levels of success. We live in the now, so there is no way we can go into a future, except through our imagination. A lot of people find the present world situation ugly, and figure it must be changed. But when you asked what they expect the future to be, the answer is often a great silence, or just general platitudes about a world. Up until recent history, we lived in an economic era in which an individual, in order to create value, had to do physical labor. He or she worked in the fields, factories, and success was in direct proportion to the physical effort. Then came the era of the mind, marketing, processes, lean production, and business organization. Once you had a method or a strategy that worked, when it paid off, you kept doing the same thing over and over again, until it stagnated, withered, and died. In our constantly changing world, using these old methods, and strategies will get you left behind. Today we live in another era, where just hard work is not enough anymore. To create a good future, one does not only need a lot of new ideas, but the courage to put those ideas into practice.
2/16/2019Daily Motivation - The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones
Start Small, Finish Big - Most people in this world desire to change their lives for the better. However, only a very few succeed in reaching their goals, even though some of those goals are really small things, like starting to exercise, losing weight, or asking someone on a date. The reason for this is that many people simply do not know how to begin. They struggle in the process of making plans, and worrying about the consequences of their action, which ultimately leads to them staying on the comfortable couch, in front of the TV. They are living a life, that could be much better, if they just put in a little bit of extra effort. Fortunately, this does not have to be that way! There is a way out the their predicament and, it comes in the form of a simple process, starting small. We all heard this before, "how do you eat an elephant?" ... "one bite at a time". I know this phrase is well worn, but still holds true. The reason for this is the proven fact that all things begin with the first step, a small step. This is true in everybody's life, no matter what you hope to achieve. It is crucial that you start your effort on small and achievable goals. These will teach you that you can reach your goals. As you move on to bigger goals, it shows you that you can attain them as well, just like you conquered the smaller ones.
2/15/2019Daily Motivation - The most exhausting thing in life, I have discovered, is being insincere
How being sincere will improve your life - More often than not, humans judge the value of an event, interaction, or relationship, based on how genuine it is. Having clear, truthful interactions will ensure deeper connectivity, better understanding, and overall great experiences. If all these are clear to us, then why do we have so few genuine friends, experiences, and relationships? A key ingredient of all these is speaking the truth, which sounds a lot easier than it really is. First things first, how hard is it to remember everything you were not sincere about? Do you remember all the little white lies you have told your friends or partner? That time you said the dress looks great on her, but it really, really didn’t? Do you enjoy being stuck in events you don’t want to be part of, just because you could not say "no"? How many times a day do you realize you are not being true to your own self, let alone others around you? Being sincere with yourself is the first big step towards genuine interactions, and a more relaxed life. You will suddenly have a lot more time for the people, things, and experiences you truly value. You won’t continue filling your life with toxic interactions, which drain your motivation and level of happiness.
2/14/2019Daily Motivation - There maybe people that have more talent than you do, but there's no excuse for anyone to work harder than you do
You Can Beat Talent if You Work Hard - There are so many people whose excuse for not working hard, is that they are not as talented as some other person. It is true that people possess different talents, and of course at different degrees. But it is not a given, that people who are better talented in a certain area, will always beat those who are not as talented. The determining factor is often the level of hard work that a person puts into whatever they are doing. As the saying goes, "hard work will beat talent, if talent fails to work hard". And that is always true. History is full of examples, where people with modest talent, but who were able to beat those who are extremely talented in a particular area, all thanks to the amount of hard work they put into their practice. Take, for instance, top athletes. Most high-achieving athletes do not soar into greatness on the wings of just luck, or pure athleticism. They spend countless hours practicing. While some are only riding on their talent, others are toiling to master their craft, and make up for a lack of natural talent. While some athletes excel in sports, based on only their natural talents, others hone their skills to perfection, become masters in their field, and soar to unprecedented heights of success.
2/13/2019Daily Motivation - There is nothing bad or good, but thinking makes it so
We all face different experiences in life. It is our attitude that helps us to deal with each event positively. Many people are depressed, not because of any negative life events, but the way they judge and respond to their daily lives. - Viewing life through a negative lens will get you down - Small life events like getting stuck in traffic, or ripping a new piece of clothing can happen to anybody, and here we have an opportunity to react ... positively ... or negatively. Viewing these events negatively puts us into a bad frame of mind, and over a period of time, it becomes a habit. This habit translates into more negative events, and finally, you may become a prisoner of your negative attitude. - Good and bad events - People project their fears, or past experiences, onto present situations, and in doing so end up with erroneous thinking. Preconceived ideas do not help you see things the right way, and will lead to wrong, and negative conclusions. Do your best to stay away from making any negative judgments about your daily life, and by doing so you will liberate yourself from a lot of unnecessary suffering, and life becomes, more or less, a smoother process.
2/12/2019Daily Motivation - When my soul is restless the sounds of nature bring peace
Nature and motivation can help you find inner peace - In the world today, restlessness is considered quite normal. A person may feel stressed out all the time, and everyone assumes there is no problem, it seems to be the norm today. The stress is blamed on the nature of the job, or the tension of everyday life. When you are continuously stressed and restless, you will start feeling tired, and depressed. You will be unable to concentrate on your work, and your goals. Restlessness is not normal. It shows you are unable to come to peace with yourself. In fact, you may even deny any restlessness in your life. That is a big mistake, because you are not going to find the solution, unless you recognize there is a problem. It is possible to feel at peace, even when you are stressed out due to so much tension, anxiety, and disruptions in your life? The first thing is to recognize the problem. This makes it easy to find the solution. Connect with nature. Nature has soothing properties. Whenever it becomes difficult to control your restlessness, rest in the lap of the nature. The vastness of nature, and its calming effect, will help sooth your nerves when you feel distressed.
2/11/2019Daily Motivation - The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why
You were born for greatness. You were born to be a leader, a legend, an explorer, a rich business person, a scientist. You are a gift to the universe. You are not your challenges, or your past failures, and definitely not your perceived limitations. What shines before you, and inside of you, is limitless potential. Achieving brilliance is not just for the powerful, the rich, or the famous. You can reach your full potential just the way you are. Some of the world's most famous scientists had much less education than you. The world's most powerful men or women were once crawling babies, at the mercy of older kids. Some of the world's richest men were once as "broke" as some of us. Only that they discovered their purpose in life. You deserve to bring out your unique gift, and magnificent purpose in life. You deserve to live your life with the freedom to chose your destiny. The world is full of limitless potential, all waiting for you, to discover your purpose in life.
2/10/2019Daily Motivation - Stop worrying about the potholes in the road and enjoy the journey
Are you enjoying your life, or are you worrying about the potholes you run into? What exactly do you focus on in your life? The truth is, with all the challenges that people deal with, they hardly take the time to recognize that there are many things to enjoy in this life. Those are the people who will complain about every discomfort, but forget to appreciate all the many things that make their life worth living. If you are a person like that, it is time to rethink your priorities, in order to start enjoying life to the fullest. You do not want to regret your decisions, when it is too late. One thing that we can all agree on, is that nobody has a perfectly smooth ride in this life. The people you see smiling, and enjoying every day, have their own hidden struggles, which most people know nothing about.
2/9/2019Daily Motivation - The most wasted of all days is one without laughter
The importance of laughter cannot be overstated. Writers, comedians, and motivational speakers have told their audiences, and for good reasons, to embrace laughter in their daily lives. Laughter is one of the things you want to enjoy in your life frequently. And it does not just feel great to laugh, but there is also evidence to confirm the fact, that laughter is good for your health. It can be a remedy for emotional pains. Bill Cosby once said, that through humor you are able to soften even the worst blows that life delivers. "If you find laughter," he said, "no matter how painful the situation might be, you will and can survive it." Scientists have discovered that when a person laughs, hormones, called endorphins, are released. The endorphins promote the general sense of a person’s well-being. Besides, endorphins can relieve pain, although only temporarily, and are sometimes known as the body’s natural pain killer. It has also been reported that when a person laughs, stress hormones, such as cortisol and adrenaline, decrease. Therefore, people who laugh more often, tend to have lower anxiety, and may not be as prone to depression.
2/8/2019Daily Motivation - One word frees us from all the weight and pain of life the word is love
Love is the greatest gift that God gave us, it allows us to deal with the weight of tragedy, and the pains of life, even if it is only for a short while. Love is what gives meaning to our life, and enables us to have strength, when things are tough. There is nothing as sweet as knowing that you have people around you, who care about you, and would go through any length to help you. Love can also create so much pain in our hearts, or create extreme excitement. Love usually creates pain when people around you, that you care a lot about, betray you or hurt your feelings. On the other hand, love creates excitement, when you have people around you who always support you, in both good times, or and in bad times. When I am facing challenges in life, I know that love, and the people around me, can help me overcome any burden. I believe that love can help me deal with any emotional pain of life. When stressed at work or at home, I always use the greatest gift that I have, love, to help me overcome stress.
2/7/2019Daily Motivation - Surround yourself with people who are going to lift you higher
Building a Positive Environment For Success - There are different factors that create and sustain success in our lives. Achieving your life goals and dreams requires that you develop a winning mentality. However, that alone is not enough, because the people around us, like family, friends, mentors, leaders in our community, and acquaintances, among others, play very important roles as we strive for success. You probably heard it said, no man is an island, and by our very nature as human beings, we cannot go it alone, all the way to the top. You will find that at some point you will need support in different areas, from those that you interact with in your life. Let's look at this, do your "friends" really want to see you succeed, or are they there only for the good times, to take advantage of whatever it is that you are offering to them, but secretly hope for your downfall?
2/6/2019Daily Motivation - Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple
Have you ever found yourself in a situation that seems too complicated for you, or seemingly too difficult to overcome? Do you sometimes fail to find solutions to problems that keep rocking your life? The truth is, that everyone goes through such situations. You, however, should know that there is no challenge, where the solution does not already exist. No matter how big it is, or how complicated it looks, there always is a way out. The only problem is, some people believe that they cannot solve the situation, even though they are fully capable of overcoming the challenges. You need to train your mind to find the answers. When faced with a situation that seems beyond your capabilities, just change your perspective. Look at it from a different angle. Is it as difficult as you think? The truth is, humans often tend to think that things are difficult, because of the way they perceive them. We also over think things.
2/5/2019Daily Motivation - Some people dream of success ... while others wake up and work hard at it
In this life you make your own success - There is a strong possibility that you are reading this article, expecting a miracle answer to why your dreams of "success" are still just dreams, and it might not become a reality anytime soon. Unfortunately, there is no quick fix solution to your dilemma. While you have high hopes and aspirations of some amazing future success, in the light of reality, such high hopes and aspirations will never come true magically. I have to add, that this is not to suggest, that your high hopes and aspirations will never come true at all. Some of you might be familiar with the phrase, "in this life you make your own success", and for those of you who are not, you better familiarize yourself with it pretty quickly, because it is absolutely true. We all have dreams of a great future success, such as a better career, a loving family, a profitable business, or some personal goals. These dreams remain just that, dreams, because most of us do not bother to make an effort to make them become a reality.
2/4/2019Daily Motivation - My goals are attainable because I believe in my abilities
No matter what other people think of you, you have to believe in your own abilities. Always do your best to show the world your uniqueness, the special person that you are. Every day when you wake up, promise yourself that you will do your utmost best, to make a difference in this world, because you believe that you have the ability to do just that. Have confidence in yourself. Believe that nothing is impossible with hard work, and a commitment toward your cause. Have hope that you will reach your lofty goals and dreams, because of the unique abilities you posses. In fact, you might surprise yourself, because you will be able to demonstrate your unique talents, some of which you thought you did not possess. When in difficult situation, remind yourself repeatedly that nothing is impossible, that ALL things are possible. No matter how big your challenges might be, always use your positive mindset, as well as the positive energy around you, and you will overcome anything that comes your way. The path to success will not be easy, there are many obstacles that will block your way, but you will overcome them all, because there is nothing that will stop you from attaining your goals and dreams.
2/3/2019Daily Motivation - Logic gets you from A to B, imagination gets you everywhere
You can ask anybody, friends, family, or acquaintances, everyone wants to experience all the good things life has to offer. You want to achieve your greatest dreams, and live the lifestyle of the rich and famous. There is one little challenge however, most people have no idea how to achieve all these beautiful things. The transition, to take you from your current situation, to the one that you yearn for, can be mapped out as going from point A to point B, right? So what is so difficult? Point A ... your present situation ... point B ... the hoped for dream lifestyle. Most people rely on logic to take them from one point to another. What they do not know, is the secret ingredient, to bridge the gap from point A to point B, which is right in their own mind. What is that secret ingredient? It is your imagination! Your logical mind is like a vehicle, but it is your imagination that steers the ship. It is your imagination that creates the vision for your whole life. Your logical mind is the action plan, but your imagination sets the path to follow.
2/2/2019Daily Motivation - Showing my gentle side brings me quiet joy
What is the one word you can think of, that calms you right down? How do you feel, when you are in that frame of mind? Do you feel like hugging people? Do you feel like hugging yourself? Do you feel a joy inside of you? For some strange reason, some people get joy out of being rough and arrogant to others, perhaps they are trying to cover their own weaknesses. Real joy and satisfaction in life come from being calm and gentle. No matter how angry you might be, or the challenges you face in life, be calm and feel the joy in your heart, thinking of that one word. Never fight fire with fire. Two wrongs do not make a right. Don't even think of revenge, or being insensitive to others. The only personal satisfaction you will get is by handling people and situations by being calm and gentle, even when you are dealing with people that don't like you. Some days you may be angry with yourself, or upset because you were betrayed by someone you hold close to your heart, keep calm, and be gentle with yourself, instead of having thoughts of revenge. If the situation is too much to handle by yourself, talk to a close friend or family member to help you calm down. And remembering that one word, will certainly help as well.
2/1/2019Daily Motivation - You can't put a limit on anything. The more you dream, the farther you get
How much you dream determines how far you go - The majority of people have a desire to achieve something great in their life. Whether you are a young person in school, a person in formal employment, or self-employed, a professional athlete, or stay-at-home mom, it’s human nature to desire a life that is satisfying in every way possible. A life that brings you joy and success, in whatever endeavor you set your mind to. A life with achievements, that have possibly never been achieved by someone else before. If all these describe you, then you are a dreamer. What is a dreamer? A dreamer is someone who is unafraid to challenge the society’s norms, and is bold enough to walk his/her own path, instead of following the crowd. He or she is someone with a big futuristic vision, and works to achieve it, at all cost, by doing all that is necessary, no matter the challenges that may come along the way.
1/31/2019Daily Motivation - Persistence is important to me
The number of years we spend on this planet is not really that important, unless we are committed to making each and every day productive, and make everything we do, leave a positive impact on the world around us. This could be as simple as volunteering, and helping others improve their lives in a positive way. Or it could be a persistent effort, practicing to perfect some of your skills, that you can share with the world. Regardless of what you do, make it something that really matters. - Look for things that are bigger than you - Life begins to have more meaning the moment we start caring about other people. That includes making friends, and sharing our time with those in need. The more we give, the more we receive. But remember, giving must come from the heart. Giving and receiving are two sides of the same coin, however, this does not mean that we give to get. Always have your heart in the giving. - Get started today
1/30/2019Daily Motivation - Poor is the man whose pleasure depends on the permission of another
Human life is a blessing. During our everyday activities we often tend to forget about the beauty of life, and end up searching for joy from the avenues which are not likely to bring us the desired satisfaction. Pleasure comes from within, and when it does come, it tends to spreads throughout every single area of our life. It does not come from sources that are outside us. Most of us tend to ignore the fact, that it is an inside out process, rather than the other way around. Why should we worry about receiving appreciation from some other person in order to feel good? That would clearly put the key to our happiness in the hands of some other person, which is certainly not the way it is supposed to be. We have created some criteria, which suggests that certain situations in life are going to make us unhappy. We have to eliminate those criteria, and explore the infinite potential that we as human beings can experience.
1/29/2019Daily Motivation - Losing is a learning experience. It teaches you humility. It teaches you to work harder. It is also a powerful motivator
Why Success always starts with losing - Life is sometimes a comedy. But often, it is tragedy. We lose in small things, like failing to stay on a diet, keeping the New Year’s resolutions, or simply controlling clutter in the home. We lose in larger things, for instance finding employment, running a business, or overcoming addiction. Losing will mostly impact your life negatively, losing your job, or failing in business could mean a lifetime of debt. But in each setback, whether great or small, you find opportunity to grow. In losing, you find opportunity to be humble, and turn to others for help. You find an opportunity to try harder and work harder. Losing is in itself a powerful motivator, as long as there is a glimmer of hope. Losing creates a deeper sense of humility. One of the most humble moments in life is when you find the courage to meekly accept the outcome of failure, and finding courage to let go of what cannot be changed. Many people go to great lengths to hide it. Those that find growth in failure, are those who admit its existence in their lives, and even freely talk about it publicly.
1/28/2019Daily Motivation - Stay hungry, stay foolish
There is one thing that can hold us back in our lives, and that is the idea of celebrating, and feeling satisfied by what we achieved in the past. You must have noticed that most people who become successful in life, are those that continue challenging themselves, even after making great strides in their lives. Being persistent and ambitious, are two significant characters traits, that must be part of you, if you want to progress. Being relentless in the way you approach your tasks, will eliminate the feeling of being satisfied. What ever little, or plenty you have right now, does not mean you can relax, or even boast about it. You never know what tomorrow brings. Never lose the urge to continue improving your life. Stay hungry, and elevate your life to even greater height. There are bigger and better things waiting for you. Never fear taking risks, just because of the notion that you might feel embarrassed if you fail. You never know what you can achieve, if you don’t try? Although risk taking is considered "foolish" by most people, you have to remember, taking risks always brings the greatest rewards.
1/27/2019Daily Motivation - The best revenge is massive success
What is success? What does it mean to you? - The definition of success varies widely among people. There are those who will count themselves successful by having a loyal family with children, which in my eyes is one of the most important things in life. Generally speaking, success is mostly associated with wealth and power. So how can you become a success in your life? Here is a short list of thing that will help you. - Self-development - The most important person in your success is you! In order to be successful, you must improve yourself. You are the central figure in your journey to success. Your mindset needs to be positive, and focused on the goals and dreams you set for yourself. What ever your endeavor is, you want to become leader at what you do. Learn everything you need to know about your field. Strive to be the best! - Love whatever you are doing - Most people settle for their mediocre jobs until retirement comes calling. No need to wait that long. Everyone has something that he/she loves to do. It could be singing, writing, programming, selling, or anything that really gets your excitement going. You want to be passionate about whatever you are doing. Make it your goal to spend your life doing what you love.
1/26/2019Daily Motivation - Tact is the art of making a point without making an enemy
Every human being feels differently, and approaches various aspects of life in their own individual way. When we endeavor to make a point, in communication with others, it is important to be tactful, because how we put our point across matters a lot to the people we are communicating with. There are two ways you can make a point. You can make a point by being blunt, and take a chance to alienate the person you are talking to, and perhaps create an enemy in the process. Being tactful in your approach, can help to deliver your message without arousing negative feelings in the person you are talking to. We interact with different people everyday, some are close friends, while others are acquaintances, or strangers. The ability to perceive, to be flexible, and to respond well to feedback is critical, if you want to make a point without hurting their feelings. Beyond doubt, tact is a quality that will make your life run smoothly. Using tact genuinely will eliminate any blocks and grudges, when you interact with others. In our social lives, we will agree on some points, and disagree on others. But does it mean we should create enemies now and then? Of course not. Some people will show signs of being annoyed, or irritated, while others may not react at all.
1/25/2019Daily Motivation - My ambition is on the rise
One of the most important personality traits that a human being has to possess is ambition. The degree to which one strives to succeed, even under adverse conditions, is something that defines a person. Having the drive to achieve the desired goals is the cornerstone of prosperity. The initial step is to believe in our own self. As long as we don’t believe that we are capable of attaining a certain thing, it becomes just about impossible for us to motivate ourselves, because we will lose our focus, and start to doubt. It is of the utmost importance to realize that our potential is limitless, and that we are here on earth to make use of our tremendous potential, in order to reach our goals and dreams. Every single one of us is gifted in some way, and we live to explore those gifts to the fullest. Rather than spreading the seeds of self-doubt, we need to convince ourselves, that we are capable, and that right now is the time to go ahead and claim our freedom. It is necessary to visualize our dreams in detail, and in living color, to see just how great things will turn out when we arrive at our destination. Get excited about all these possibilities, it will fuel your ambition even further.
1/24/2019Daily Motivation - Remember that not getting what you want is sometimes a wonderful stroke of luck
Imagine you could get everything you wanted, every time you wanted it. Life would be easy. Maybe a little too easy? At first, a life free of disappointments, heartaches, and struggle sounds nice. But of course, an overabundance of those things would not be a thrill either. Take a moment to imagine a life completely free of all undesirable events. Who might you be? The truth is, even though not getting what you want might hurt, sometimes that pain can be an incentive for personal growth. We are, who we are, because of how we've adapted to life's twists and turns. When life doesn't give you what you want, perhaps it is time to reflect on what life is trying to tell you. It maybe time to work on yourself to become a better person. With disappointments, with setbacks, and with occasional breakdowns, we learn and mature. Is it possible that what we want is a reflection of our greed, or insecurity? Does the gratification of our desires feed the qualities that do not serve our higher selves? If that is the case, not getting what we want is exactly what we need.
1/23/2019Daily Motivation - It is better to be hated for what you are than be loved for what you are not
Benefits Of Being Your True Self - Why would anybody pretend to be someone they are not? What a way to go through life, trying to impress others by showing a fake persona, just to be loved for what they are not? Isn't it a lot easier to just be yourself? Your true self? Do people fear losing their "friends" by being themselves? This might be one of the reasons why so many people lead fake lives. Why spend your life doing what others expect you to do? It will leave you unfulfilled. You are masking who you really are, and end up fearing to reveal your true personality. Think of all the benefits you get from expressing, and living who you really are. You will actually be a better person, by living your true self. - It increases your confidence - Self-confidence is vital in life. When you live a life of trying to impress others, you become a prisoner of your fake persona, robbing you of your self-confidence. Living as, and being proud of the person you are, builds your confidence, which enables you to do great things in life.
1/22/2019Daily Motivation - Patience is the companion of wisdom
Patience is truly a trait that most people struggle with. In our fast paced 21st-century environment we live in, everything is instant, and has immediate results. Because of this, we are used to getting what we want in a matter of a few seconds, or minutes. When we experience situations which take a little extra time, most of us find it difficult to cope with this change. We fail to realize that sometimes, certain things require more time than others. Our emotions are heightened due to the small inconveniences we experience in our everyday lives. Since we are so used to instant gratification, patience is getting harder and harder to practice. Although the technological advancements that we so highly rely on these days are a great innovation, it also has its negative effects. In the not too distant past, errands and tasks which were more time consuming allowed people to be naturally patient. However, these days it's the norm to live a fast paced lifestyle, because if you don't keep up, you will get left behind. Traffic is one of the most common challenges we face in our day to day lives. It's inevitable that most places get busy and crowded. As a result, it will take more time to get from one location to another.
1/21/2019Daily Motivation - Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing
In today's time it seems that people put a price tag on everything, except on some of the most invaluable gifts life has given us. It’s hard to put a price on happiness, friends, and family. Yet they are the very things no one can actually do without. It’s as if we've forgotten how to attach value to priceless things, and in the process ended up confusing their real worth. The present world we live in is for the most part dominated by the kind of people you would call cynics. Best described by the Oscar Wilde quote. From the government, media, to the people we interact with every day, no one even looks at cultural, moral, or philosophical values on the same scale as economical or financial values. While being able to quantify things, compare, analyze, or measure them up, appear to make our life easier, this at times, makes us miss some of the most valuable things. To put it into plain language, judging everything solely on the basis of the price attached on it, can easily make us fail to see the real value of the things that mean the whole world to us.
1/20/2019Daily Motivation - You can't put your feet on the ground until you've touched the sky
Eagles are one of the most successful hunters in the animal kingdom. They escape the rain by flying above the sky, and only come down to catch their prey. Mother Nature is an awesome source of inspiration. The powerful eagle, the king of the sky, can teach us all a strong lesson. The message is simple, and very subtle, and might elude some of us. It is very important to have high aspirations and expectations, and dreams of the impossible. Our aspirations should touch the highest clouds in the sky. Our hope and ambition is what motivates us to chart out new territories. It is these high hopes that inspire new thoughts and ideas. Even when the whole world is against you, even if the odds of failure are sky high, don’t be afraid to walk the road alone. When you look down from the sky, you always have a clear vision of where your destination is. Be like an eagle, which soars the sky among tall clouds, in search of its prey on land. It has a clear vision when it looks down from such a height. Take your mind to that height, and know within your heart, that the path you take can never be wrong.
1/19/2019Daily Motivation - Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I'm possible
Everyone was created with a potential that goes beyond what we would ever expect, and could even imagine. Our potential is virtually unlimited. Our mind is the only limit. If you look around you, every one of us is equipped with the tools to make our lives a success. Whatever people chose to do, and set their minds to it, they can achieve it. No problems is ever big enough to stop a determined soul, a soul that knows what it wants to achieve. A soul that says I will achieve my dreams. At one time, all of us have dreamed of achieving a particular goal or objective. The process of achieving your success starts at the point of dreaming. All of us should be dreamers. All successful people are dreamers, so use your imagination, and focus on what you want. Then decide what it takes to achieve your dreams. Don’t let your dreams be just a mirage. With faith, will power, and determination you can make your dreams materialize. Lay down a plan of action to achieve your dream, and roll up your sleeves and start working.
1/18/2019Daily Motivation - Nobody can make you feel inferior without your permission
As a Man Thinketh His Heart, So Is He - As you go about your everyday life, you will come across all kinds of people. There are those who will want to build you up, while others will try to bring you down. With all of these, it is important to remember, that you hold the power to determine your own destiny. People will try to destroy your self-confidence, and make you feel as if you are not good enough, but this will only happen if you let them. You have the ability to be anything you want to be, because your mind is such a powerful weapon, that can unlock even doors which you initially thought were inaccessible. There are those who will try to prove to you, that you can't really attain the heights of success that you dream of. That kind of negativity can only affect you if you allow it to. There is not a single person walking the surface of this earth, that can determine how far you can go, except you.
1/17/2019Daily Motivation - My success is my responsibility
Your success is in your hands - Everyday is a new day, and it brings with it a lot of things that you can be excited about. So look forward to each new day, full of opportunities and new experiences. Being optimistic is a prerequisite, but success is something that may not come easily. You need to be prepared for a lot of hard work, before you can crown yourself with success in your chosen field. You must proceed step by step, and there will be many barriers that you need to overcome, before you can finally say that you are successful. Everything you do will have a bearing on whether or not you will attain success. Every day of your life will be exciting, and full of anticipation, because what you do today, will have an impact on your tomorrows. Being open to new possibilities is essential, and you have to consider every move carefully. At times you will have to step out of your comfort zone, and push the envelope of your perceived limitations.
1/16/2019Daily Motivation - Live out of your imagination, not your history
Almost everyone has a "skeleton" in their closet. A dark "thing" that they are not proud of. Equally, everyone has something in the past that they can be very proud of. The pleasant "things" boost your confidence, and improve your positive outlook towards life. However, the unpleasant "things" leave an impact as well. As you reminisce on the bygone days’ unpleasant memories, you may hear a scolding voice reminding you, "you failed", "you are no good at anything", "you will never amount to anything". It is painful to listen to. What you should keep in mind, is the fact that the past does not really matter any more. That is history, especially the unpleasant "things" should immediately be denied power over you. It does not help dwelling on the past, it is history, and should be forgotten. Just pick out the lessons from past failures, and move on. Life is not about looking back in regrets. Life is something you want to live every day, enjoying every moment, living life to the fullest. Get rid of disturbing memories of the past.
1/15/2019Daily Motivation - I've learned that people will forget what you said ... but people will never forget how you made them feel
As you go through life, you realize that what you do or say, is not nearly as important as how you do it or say it. The tone of your voice, and the expression on your face, can sometimes betray the ill will in your heart, even when you are pretending to be friendly. How you do what you do, or how you say what you say, has a greater impact in another person, than the deed or speech itself. Once all is said and done, people will remember what you left unsaid, because that which you hid in your heart, made them feel how they feel, after leaving you. It is therefore not the actual words, or the visible deeds, that shape another person’s feelings after meeting you, but rather the inner experience they leave with. To bring it to perspective, can you ever forget how to ride a bike? The simple answer is NO! The memory on how to ride a bike is not stored as words, that you can share with another person, it is stored as an experience.
1/14/2019Daily Motivation - Love is an irresistable desire to be irristably desired
Why You Need to Love and Be Loved - There may be nothing special about you. Perhaps you are a "normal" lady or gentleman, with "normal" thoughts, and living an "ordinary" life. Maybe there are no monuments dedicated to you. Perhaps your name will be forgotten, soon after you die. However, if you love someone with all your heart, mind and soul, then that is all that matters. Having eyes that can’t see, lips that can’t speak, or ears that can’t hear, is better that having a heart that can’t love. This is because love is a fruit, which is always in season, a low-hanging fruit, that can be picked by any hand. Hatred may paralyze love, but love will release it. It may confuse life, but love will harmonize it. Hatred may darken life, but love will brighten it.
1/13/2019Daily Motivation - Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away
Are you a perfectionist? I have good news for you! - The characteristics of perfectionists is that they always strive to do their best, welcome new opportunities and challenges, and they love learning new things, and stretching their thinking. They study, work and practice, just for pleasing themselves. They try to learn from mistakes, and are most likely not to be disappointed, because those mistakes are just part of our life journey. According to researchers, positive perfectionism is nothing but an ordinary thing, in an individual who strives for excellence. There is a difference between perfection and success. It is not essential that a successful person or their works are perfect. In simple terms, the primary form of their work doesn't prevent them from getting the benefits or profits. They use their imperfections as a base for improving their performance. Such individuals achieve despite having many flaws. They have the courage not to be perfect.
1/12/2019Daily Motivation - Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far can one go
Why Should we Keep Trying? - Well, each one of us has their unique abilities and talents. Similarly, we also vary in our limits, based on our skills. But the big question here is, how do you know your limit? The best answer to this question is to take a task and run with it, and keep going as far as you can, till you find your limit. At this point, you will have realized your present potential, and learned how far you can stretch yourself. But what do most of us say? I don’t have the right tools, I don’t have the skills, I don’t matter, and I am incapable ... among other lame excuses. We are the destroyers of our own dreams, and this is why so many of us are being locked up in our small world, forever. It’s time you rise to the occasion, and test just how far you can go. There are various benefits you can gain by testing your abilities. It can be hard sometimes to determine the potential that is inside of you, but you can only realize your potential by undertaking a task that will stretch you, a task that pushes your boundaries and limits.
1/11/2019Daily Motivation - My Vibrant Nature Is Contagious
It is important, when you lay out the plans of your life, that you consider your strong points, and the areas that need to be improved. Be confident and excited about your abilities, that allow you to take on the world. If you want to go far in life, you have to be excited about your dreams and goals. You have to feel the desire vibrating in your body. Most of our goals and dreams involve other people, who we will be working with. Your excitement will be contagious, and spark the desire and excitement in others. Feeling the excitement, instills a positive attitude in you, which allows you to take on anything that comes your way. You will confront any obstacle with a smile on your face, giving you the extra energy to breeze right passed it. Your energetic and vibrant nature shows the world that you are confident, and not afraid to pursue your dreams. Your confidence attracts people into your life, who want what you have. Your vibrant nature makes you a leader, a person people want to follow.
1/10/2019Daily Motivation - Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever
An approach to life and learning - Many of us take life for granted. We always keep postponing the things we have to do, and by the end of the day, we have a lot of unfulfilled obligations. Sometimes we forget the fact that time waits for no man, and the time that has passed, is gone forever, never to be seen again. Life is so precious, that you should live it like there is no tomorrow. It has been said many times, "tomorrow never comes", and if you are living with unfulfilled dreams, then you know that this is the truth. Learning is another part of life that many of us take for granted, or even completely ignore. The opportunity to learn things that will help us in life, should never be ignored. Learning new things never stops. In fact, we must realize, that we are eternal students. There are those who will be satisfied with the official learning curriculum, and once they are done, they will never touch another book in their life. This is a troubling trend, since new things are discovered every day, and this new knowledge could be very crucial in understanding the world we live in.
1/9/2019Daily Motivation - I have the power to change myself
What You Need in Order to Make a Positive Change in Your Life - Challenges are regular visitors in our life, and nobody is immune to them. They can either make you lose hope, and even give up, or we can use these challenges to make positive changes in our life. - Develop your passion - Having a passion for something, will motivate you towards achieving your goals. When setting your goals, you always want to be passionate about those goals, because if you love what you do, you will be driven by the desire to achieve success. This will go a long way towards reaching your dreams. - Believe in yourself - To believe in yourself is a prerequisite for success. When you have doubts, or negative feelings about yourself, you are sabotaging your progress. Instead you want to see yourself as a winner, and believe in yourself. Feeding your mind with positives, will reinforce your beliefs, and sweep any doubts out of your system.
1/8/2019Daily Motivation - My best friend is the one who brings out the best in me
This statement is a perfect description about friendship. While all friends can buy you drinks, drive you home, and/or spoil you in any other way, only the best of them will help you to realize the awesome potential within you. It is only the best among them that can push you to achieve you full potential. It is only the best friend, who is able to give you the confidence to see your capabilities, and help you harness them, in order to set, and reach your lofty goals. It is not surprising, that such an expressive quote came from Henry Ford. Henry Ford is a legend in the automotive industry. The companies he set up continue to thrive, and are enjoying exponential growth. He himself was a remarkable success. To be, where he was, he must have experienced the upsides of many good friendships. Good friends, who spurred him on to become the success as we know it.
1/7/2019Daily Motivation - My Words and Actions Represent My Heart and Soul
What we speak, our attitude, and our behavior, are a reflection of what is taking place in our hearts and souls. The positive and/or negative attributes we display, are the result of our awareness, and the feelings inside of us. Consider, as an example, where you feel stressed, because of a particular situation. Even though you try to act normal, the result maybe that you find yourself having difficulties in your relationships, being unable to work with others, having sleepless nights, or even finding it difficult to follow your dream. For a lot of people today, the world is proving to be a bit of a mystery, that needs to be unfolded, primarily for those who have not yet discovered, that any change in our lives starts from within. If you fail to recognize that your negative thoughts are the reason that keep you from achieving your dream, no matter what you try, those negative thoughts and feelings will keep you from making progress.
1/6/2019Daily Motivation - Play is the highest form of research
What do you do if you have a new business idea? Most people will go through a research phase, to find out if their idea is viable, if there is a demand for their product or service. Unfortunately, this is where budding entrepreneurs tend to get stuck, in this research phase. After all, there's always a new research to be done, there's always a new things that crop up, that need to be followed up on. If you find yourself in this situation, just stop. Start thinking outside the box. Free yourself from all the data and research that you compiled. Do not be afraid to play around with the newly gained knowledge. Amazon started in business as a virtual bookstore. From there they used the knowledge gained, to expand the ecommerce platform, to where they are today, the world's biggest retailer online, even surpassing Walmart. It took a lot of out-of-the-box thinking to achieve that. On the other hand, look at Sears, they researched and researched, and saw the internet as not really viable, and as a result missed the gravy train.
1/5/2019Daily Motivation - Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself
Reasons Why You Should Take Charge of Your Life Today - Taking charge of your life is about managing yourself, and taking control regardless of what life may have in store for you. It makes you pro active to various situations. Consequently, you will make efforts to make good things happen, instead of waiting for them to happen on their own. You may not achieve everything you set out to do, but taking charge will make your life more rewarding. When you decide to pursue your own objectives, the benefits you will enjoy are numerous. - Self-awareness - By taking charge you will get to know the kind of person you are, your beliefs, values, and things that you want to pursue in your life. You will only achieve true personal fulfillment, if you go after your own dreams. Self-awareness will allow you to design your life depending on who you are. It will open your eyes, and help you identify the relationships that you need to let go, and the ones that are worth investing time in.
1/4/2019Daily Motivation - Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent
Music has the power to influence our everyday life. It motivates and inspires us. It has the ability to trigger emotions, which is a wonderful thing, because it then determines our mood, as well as our actions. If you want to be happy, you should listen to music that triggers happy emotions, and makes you think positively. If you have never tried this, start listening to good music today, and you will be amazed by the transformation. The power to change people - Ever wondered why babies stop crying whenever a certain song is playing? It is because the music changes them. Or do you ever stop to ask why grieving people listen to music, and as they sing along, they start feeling better? Well that is the power of music. It is what makes people to listen to their radios, watch music video on television, or spend time at concerts. At the end of the day, what counts is not where you are listening to the music, but rather the type of music that you are listening to.
1/3/2019Daily Motivation - Money and wealth flow to me easily
Attracting Wealth and Happiness - Money and wealth are like a cat. They have no interest in being around you, when you demand that they come, however when you're having have fun, and doing your best to enjoy life, they just pop up, and cosy up right next to you. This was when I realized that limiting beliefs are what holds us back from achieving riches and wealth. People in this day and age spend a lot of their time in misery. They have debt piling up and work in jobs that bring them no joy. Their prevailing thought processes dictate to them that they have to live life this way and that is absolutely false. Once you realize what these limiting beliefs are, you are able to deal with them in a healthy way and remove the blocks, that keep you from bringing wealth and happiness into your life. Wealthy people have replaced limiting thoughts such as "I don't have enough", and "I can't afford that", with empowering thoughts about money such as "I have plenty", and "It is easy for me to make money".
1/2/2019Daily Motivation - Maybe our favorite quotations say more about us than about the stories and people we're quoting
Who Do Our Favorite Quotations Talk More About? Is It Us or their Authors? In most cases, when you read or hear a quotation, and it has a lot of meaning for you, chances are you are relating it because of certain experiences in your life, or they may reflect your beliefs. We can therefore say that, quotations are more about you, and less about the author. This means that, when someone looks at a collection of your favorite quotations, he is able to tell who you are, what you like, which things appeal to you, and what you stand for in life. You should be careful to choose quotations, when you put them up on your social media page, that represent who you are, and what you believe in. Even though, in most cases, the name of the author is attached to the quote, the reflection of the quote is pointing back to you.
1/2/2019Daily Motivation - Maybe our favorite quotations say more about us than about the stories and people we're quoting
Who Do Our Favorite Quotations Talk More About? Is It Us or their Authors? In most cases, when you read or hear a quotation, and it has a lot of meaning for you, chances are you are relating it because of certain experiences in your life, or they may reflect your beliefs. We can therefore say that, quotations are more about you, and less about the author. This means that, when someone looks at a collection of your favorite quotations, he is able to tell who you are, what you like, which things appeal to you, and what you stand for in life. You should be careful to choose quotations, when you put them up on your social media page, that represent who you are, and what you believe in. Even though, in most cases, the name of the author is attached to the quote, the reflection of the quote is pointing back to you.
1/1/2019Daily Motivation - My Life is a wondrous journey
My Life is a wondrous journey - Enjoy It To The Fullest - Life is not just about discovering beautiful experiences, it isn't always sunshine and daisies. Life can be disappointing at times, and during those difficult times, it can take an extra effort to remain optimistic and hopeful. However, amidst all those positive and negative experiences, life is a wondrous journey, for those who know how to get the best out of everything. Just enjoy each and every moment of your life to the fullest. Memories are built with these happy moments, which will follow you wherever you go. Material things give momentary joy and happiness, that will fade away after a while. Therefore, on this wondrous path of life, enjoy every moment with your loved ones, your surroundings, and with yourself.
12/31/2018Daily Motivation - Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up
Old Winston Churchill was credited with the quote, "Never, never, never give up." A quote that should be engraved on our foreheads, especially when we are pursuing our goals and dreams. Dreaming is what gets us started on our way to success. If you're not dreaming, it means you are not living, you are existing. One of the biggest gifts we have, is the ability to dream and pursue our dreams. Giving up on your dream should never be part of your vocabulary, since everyone of us is destined for great things. The famous writer, "unknown" said, "When you feel like giving up, remember why you held on for so long in the first place." Time and again, challenges, dilemmas, disputes, and outside daily pressures, make people lose focus, and they stop to think about what they really want. When the dream seems to slip away, they play with the idea of giving up.
12/30/2018Daily Motivation - My achievements make me proud
Are you proud of your achievements? What is the role of the accomplishments in your life? Being proud of your victories (irrespective of how big or small they may be) and having a positive mindset gives you strength to face difficult situations without fear. This will allow you to strive for excellence, and use the past successes to remind you that you’re improving and learning. If you reflect on your past achievements, you will realize that you're moving up the ladder of success, gaining confidence with every step. Perhaps you have bigger (nay sayers might say "impossible") dreams. Being proud of your achievements will be the driving power in chasing your dreams. Why? You will have the confidence, and be self-motivated. Remember, being self-motivated, and with an unshakable confidence, you will be able to conquer the world, no dream will be unreachable.
12/29/2018Daily Motivation - I embrace my identity
Embrace your inner power - A lot of people in world today no longer believe in themselves, they have lost faith in their own abilities. They lack the drive to achieve great things in their lives. The constant disappointments they faced throughout their lives takes its toll. Most of them have lost touch with the power, that resides within, the power to drive them in the direction of their dreams. Instead, they now settled for mediocre achievements, and successes that fall short of their potential. They no longer think of the great things they are capable of achieving. Their limiting mentality becomes a barrier for them, falling short of the dreams they once held. They have fully convinced themselves that this is all there is for them. This could not be further from the truth.
12/28/2018Daily Motivation - A person often meets his destiny on the road he took to avoid it
This quote seems like a puzzle. It was hard to figure out what it really means. At first I was not going to use it, but that would be the easy way out. I don't throw in the towel that quickly. I asked some questions and received various opinions. Our destiny are the goals we set, and the dream we envisioned. A dictionary definition of destiny is, "what happens in the future : the things that someone will experience in the future". In order to reach our destiny we have to conquer our fears. For most of us it might be the fear of failure. But in a lot of cases it could also be the fear of success. We all have some fears in life. In our day-to-day living we try to avoid the things we fear. These are things that hold us back as we are reaching for our goals and dreams. When we start to deal with the fears in our life, we are attracting the lessons we need to learn to overcome what we are afraid of. Ironically, it is possible that the lessons we need to learn might actually be part of the fear that we have to face.
12/27/2018Daily Motivation - It's very easy to be different, but very difficult to be better
Jonathan Ive once said "It's very easy to be different, but very difficult to be better." If you have ever thought what this quote is about, you may have been confused, just like me. The truth is many people get confused on its true meaning, and because of this they don't live their lives to the fullest. Being different is pretty easy. All you need is make a decision without giving it much thought. It doesn’t matter whether it affects anyone or not. For instance, today you may decide to wear red hair, just to look different, you will choose to speak in British English to standout from the crowd, or become a vegan in a family where everyone loves meat. As you might have noticed, your being unique doesn’t really affect the people around you. In fact, it doesn’t add any real value to your, or their life. I mean, anyone else can also choose to dye the hair different, fake a foreign accent, or avoid meat. Unfortunately, this is what we seem to care most about ... being different regardless of the zero-value.
12/26/2018Daily Motivation - Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage
When we think about love, we immediately think about romantic love. But there is love between parents and children, between siblings, relatives and friends. Then of course there is the love that binds all of mankind. The love that we receive from others is what helps us get through tough times. When someone loves you no matter what, you gain strength, and you feel comforted. The love we receive makes us feel supported and uplifted, it instills a sense of security, that allows us to stand up to fear of failure, or any rejection. To put it in plain English, "I love you, I got your back!" You feel the love and support, which gives you strength. On the other hand there is the love that we are prepared to give to others. While the love from others provides us with inner strength, the love we pass on to others, helps us derive courage in our actions and thoughts.
12/25/2018Daily Motivation - It is enough to do my best
We are all aware that we have to deal with challenges, obstacles, and hardships throughout our lives. Indeed, it is this awareness that fuels some of our negativity. Negative thinking is what holds us back in our lives. If we allow it to penetrate our thinking, it’s like condemning ourselves to quicksand. The key to knowing, unlocking, and exercising your true potential, lies in addressing the negative thoughts that plague you. Let's stop for a moment, is it really right to label challenges or hardships negatively? What most people fail to see is that these difficulties are necessary. They are the catalyst that drive us to learn, strive, do our best, and, in the process, grow. When you start seeing hardship in a completely different light, then you would practically be erasing a large chunk of negativity from your life. And, once you start leaning more towards optimism, you’d also find that it won’t be as difficult anymore to start taking action and solving your challenges. As you learn to be more positive, you also begin to understand the value of doing your best in everything that you do.
12/24/2018Daily Motivation - Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving
You Must Keep Moving - Many of you rode on a bike at one point, or even ride it regularly. When you are on it, you must keep pedaling, covering some ground, moving forward, or you fall over to the side. In life, too, you must keep moving, if you stall, you may not fall over, but you will become stagnant. Looking at a stream of water, what happens when it stops flowing? When water stops flowing, it stagnates. Once it stagnates, it becomes a habitat for various organisms. Mosquitoes find a breeding ground. Frogs, insects, and other hideous life-matter settle in the area, finding a home. We can also consider the act of driving up a hill. What happens when you do not accelerate up the slope? The moment your vehicle loses the forward thrust, when you are driving it up a hill, it starts to slow, and in time will start moving backward.
12/23/2018Daily Motivation - It always seems impossible until it's done
The human spirit, since the beginning of time, was on a quest to conquer new frontiers, and overcome challenges that tried to hold it down. In this quest, we had many instances where somebody tried to convince us, that what we are pursuing is beyond us, and cannot be done. A little passing of time, and someone else does exactly what we thought was beyond our capabilities, and we had to realize that it wasn’t impossible after all. History has, time and again, shown us that women and men of high repute in the past, with conviction and optimism, have conquered barriers that had remained impossible in the eyes of their peers. As man thinks so he is. Our self-image has a lot to do with how we look at our challenges. From the onset it should be clear to us, that we are the stewards of this universe, that being so, we have immense inherent power to influence everything and anything, in any way to produce the results we want.
12/22/2018Daily Motivation - Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see
Reasons why You should be kind to other people - Kindness is a virtue that not everybody is practicing. If you know a kind person, appreciate him or her, and never take them for granted. Most of those people express their kindness in good faith, never expecting anything in return. We should be kind to everybody, regardless of their religion, or race. Everybody deserves kindness. Some people may have the attitude, "what's in it for me?" There are huge benefits, in addition to being a decent human being. - It makes you feel good - It is really gratifying to be kind to other people. It makes you feel good. You will notice, whenever you show kindness to others, you will have a happy feeling, and their gratefulness gives you a warm feeling in your heart.
12/21/2018Daily Motivation - My cheerfulness is contagious
Happiness is the key to a fulfilling and satisfying life. Being cheerful is an awesome feeling, and very fulfilling, but to experience ultimate satisfaction, you need to make your cheerfulness contagious. Life does not always serve us roses. Sometimes the best we get from life are bitter lemons. However, a cheerful person should go along with the saying, "When life offers you lemons, make lemonade." This lemonade is best when shared with others. Just like the majestic sun, that brightens every object it shines upon, so can your happiness brighten any dark heart around you. Cheerfulness is universal and non-partial. No matter how hard life has hit someone, a smile cannot fail to put life into a broken and emotionally dead heart. A lot of people around you believe that there is no time to be happy in this "problem-filled serious world".
12/20/2018Daily Motivation - It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are
Stay True to Yourself - It is hard to stay true to yourself if you have not figured out who you are, what you want from life, and how to get everything that, according to you, would make you whole. While in this situation, people tend to live in the past, and dwell on bad memories, because they feel they can identify more with the person they used to be, than who they can be. Others tend to live their lives based on how they think others want them to live. Living life like this is not very satisfying. You are not what people say you are, what you own, or what you were in the past. What defines you each and every day are the choices you make, and what you think about each day. Thinking positive thoughts on an everyday basis, and making choices that will make you happy, will go a long way in making you feel fulfilled. You will be able to shine bright instead of walking in other people’s shadows. It is always better to fail in an attempt to do things you like, than stay unhappy doing what you think everyone else want you to do.
12/19/2018Daily Motivation - My achievements make me proud
Are you proud of your achievements? What is the role of the accomplishments in your life? Being proud of your victories (irrespective of how big or small they may be) and having a positive mindset gives you strength to face difficult situations without fear. This will allow you to strive for excellence, and use the past successes to remind you that you’re improving and learning. If you reflect on your past achievements, you will realize that you're moving up the ladder of success, gaining confidence with every step. Perhaps you have bigger (nay sayers might say "impossible") dreams. Being proud of your achievements will be the driving power in chasing your dreams. Why? You will have the confidence, and be self-motivated. Remember, being self-motivated, and with an unshakable confidence, you will be able to conquer the world, no dream will be unreachable.
12/18/2018Daily Motivation - It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change
Why Change is Important in Your Life - You have heard it said many times, the only thing constant in life is change. Change applies to every area in our lives. Moving into a new apartment or home, happy or sad occasions within the family, economic changes in career or business, and so on. We cannot avoid change in life. We can dig in our heels, or we can cope with change, or better yet, adopt a more optimistic outlook. Let's see how we can make change work for us in positive ways, and why change is important in our life! Change leads to opportunities - You will realize that each change in your life is actually an invitation for new experiences. You should take advantage of each new opportunity. Remember, every new experience has its own benefits. You can be tempted to dismiss these chances, whenever they come, but it is always advisable to consider the benefits that those new opportunities will bring. If you accept change in your life, you will profit from each new opportunity.
12/17/2018Daily Motivation - My independence brings me pride
Is there something in your life that you really feel proud of? Normally you would be proud once you have achieved something great. Essentially, showing pride is painting a picture of the passion for yourself, and for life itself. Personal independence allows you to experience such pride in great measure. Personal independence is when you decide to take control of your life, and fully devote yourself to creating something that gives you meaning and purpose. If you have been working hard, for far too long, with little to show for, like running around in circles, then the best you could ever do is make a commitment to yourself, by declaring your own personal independence. Remember, pride is like being completely aware of yourself, and accepting the power of your mind and body. And personal independence unchains you from intolerable and vain pursuits enabling you to experience this terrific feeling that is personal pride.
12/16/2018Daily Motivation - It is never too late to be what you might have been
Regardless of whether you are 16, 25, 40, or 70, you can always get it right one more time. If you are to create the life of your dreams, then know, that it is never too late to start, just by changing your priorities. Often, deciding on a path to follow, starts by thinking, and looking for what is meaningful to you in life. You get to know, and understand yourself better, giving special focus to what matters to you. For most people, pondering about their past, is a reality check. "What did I do, spending the last 5 or 10 years with the wrong person, or hanging on to a failing business, or a wrong job?" Or perhaps you are even thinking that you may have spent all this time with the wrong you! This can give you the feeling that you may have wasted your life, and you might even feel useless. Realistically speaking, the time you lost cannot be recovered, but you can make up for it. It is never too late to start over, and to work toward the things, or the life you desire.
12/15/2018Daily Motivation - I am happy with who I am
Reasons Why You Should Be Happy With Who You Are - People in this world are all different. We have different talents, abilities, skills, and competencies. We are stronger in some areas, and more talented in others. When we look at the people around us, we should never feel inferior, because somebody might run faster, or has the looks of a movie star. This does not diminish our own being. The good news is that you are unique in your own way. You have a set of talents like nobody else. You are a unique being. Say it twelve times a day, "I am happy with who I am", and really mean it. That does not mean that you cannot improve some areas in your life, everybody should make some sort of self-improvement part of their life, just like exercising. My friend Todd has a picture on his timeline, saying, "Self-Improvement is the New Sexy!" Wouldn't you want to be sexy?
12/14/2018Daily Motivation - In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life, It Goes On
Letting Go, for the Life You Want - Living a happy life becomes very difficult, when you can’t let go of the past. The effects are far reaching, since it gets us caught up in a false state of mind, making it appear as if only the past mistakes seem to matter. Some of the effects include squashed dreams, stressful relationships, and a distorted view of yourself, which can make you feel sad and frustrated every day. The good thing is that you can easily heal the pain of the past, and let us deal with that right now, so you can live life in happier ways. - Let your emotions flow - One common mistake that we make, is ignoring our emotions. Learn to cry if necessary, forgive, and move on. Make your tears the seeds of a happier life. Feeling emotions will make it easier to understand why you were upset, and subsequently will let you move on with life.
12/13/2018Daily Motivation - I dedicate myself to causes that interest me
Important things that you need to consider for a well-rounded and joyful life - You may have heard it said before, "there is more to life than just work"! In society today, it really rings true, that we should stop and think about what we are doing with our life (I almost said, what we are doing to ourselves - and that would not be too far off the mark). Yes, we have to make a living. Yes, we want the life that we dream of. We want all the fancy things that the advertising merchants show us in living color every day. The online "gurus" take advantage of the fact that most of us crave for a better life, painting a rosy picture of instant riches. There is nothing wrong with wanting a better life. The question we have to ask ourselves is, at what cost? We need a balance in our lives. We have to dedicate part of our lives to interest that are dear to us.
12/12/2018Daily Motivation - It all starts with a goal
Setting Goals to Keep Yourself Motivated - Some of us look at the achievements of successful people in awe, and think that you have to be some kind of a god to elevate yourself to such high standards, but the truth behind their success is that they take all of the emotions that come their way, whether good or bad, and direct them towards achieving their goals. We are all human, and as humans we are prone to ups and downs. You will undoubtedly find setbacks along the way. This is just the way life is. What keeps successful people going, is that they react to these setbacks by picking themselves up, and keeping their minds focused. - Making Your Mind Work for You - Successful people always have "success" on their minds. This is why, wherever they are, or whatever they do, the one thing on their minds is how best to achieve the goals that they have set out for themselves.
12/11/2018Daily Motivation - I successfully manage challenges in life
As some of you may have found out already, life can be tough and at times it is hard to go on. It might just last for a short period of time, or seemingly forever. Do we quit? Do we give up? Definitely not! If you have a strong purpose in life, a big WHY you do what you do, you will never be defeated! Don't forget, and keep in mind, you are not the first person to face a challenge, and it also won't be the last time you will be challenged. Hope will carry you through, and hope will never let you give up. With hope in your heart you will see better days ahead, and look at the hardships you are facing, as a means to elevate yourself to a higher plateau. Look at a person enjoying a great mountaintop view, they did not fall up the mountain. They went through the challenges of climbing up the mountain, finally reaching the summit.
12/10/2018Daily Motivation - An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind
Revenge is very often promoted as a reprisal for a wrong that might have been carried out against you. However, the unfortunate thing in all this, is even if you have the last laugh, the pain, which you experience will still haunt you. Ideally, obtaining revenge, is definitely not the final answer to your predicament. You need a much better way of dealing with hardships that come your way, especially if it is through the vicious actions of other people. By considering to punish those who spitefully use, and abuse you, you will be carrying a heavy load that will eventually wear you down. The sad thing in all this, is the undeniable fact that those individuals, whose actions or words may have harmed you, never waste a second thinking about what you may be going through. Consequently, it is best if you also cease to think of them, and try to find another means of handling your problem.
12/9/2018Daily Motivation - I deserve to experience success
Factors that shows you deserve to experience success in your life - Despite all the attempts to achieve life and work balance, do you still feel out of balance? Or is your work overtaking your life? You need to understand that persistence is an essential part of success in your life. In fact, without it, you risk being defeated by challenges that seem too small to worry about. You may already know that an optimistic outlook in life is a vital part of persistence. Let's look at some of the indicators showing that you are on the way to experience success in your life. - Having adopted an optimistic, positive mental attitude - Adopting an optimistic, positive mental attitude will give you the capacity to absorb many of the bumps on the road of life. When you’re pursuing bigger, as well as more demanding goals, which can take you out of the comfort zone, the bumps usually get bigger, and sometimes a little frightening.
12/8/2018Daily Motivation - It is important to remind young people that peace is the only victory
Peace is a small word, it has however, a deeper meaning attached to it. Some people think of peace as simply the lack of disputes, wars, or disagreements. Well, this is one of the viewpoints on its meaning, and understandably, different people would have different interpretations of the word. However, the understanding of peace brings a meaning to the word that every individual knows, and applies that specific attitude to their life. It has been said that you should first find peace, and build your life around it. True to this statement, our accomplishments in life would be useless without peace, more specifically, the peace of mind. Peace is truly a magical word that points to a soul that is happy and satisfied, and not just the presence of quietness or calmness. When quiet or silence prevails, it could be for a night’s sleep, remembering someone, or even worse, mourning the death of someone.
12/7/2018Daily Motivation - It's very easy to be different, but very difficult to be better
Jonathan Ive once said "It's very easy to be different, but very difficult to be better." If you have ever thought what this quote is about, you may have been confused, just like me. The truth is many people get confused on its true meaning, and because of this they don't live their lives to the fullest. Being different is pretty easy. All you need is make a decision without giving it much thought. It doesn’t matter whether it affects anyone or not. For instance, today you may decide to wear red hair, just to look different, you will choose to speak in British English to standout from the crowd, or become a vegan in a family where everyone loves meat. As you might have noticed, your being unique doesn’t really affect the people around you. In fact, it doesn’t add any real value to your, or their life. I mean, anyone else can also choose to dye the hair different, fake a foreign accent, or avoid meat. Unfortunately, this is what we seem to care most about ... being different regardless of the zero-value.
12/6/2018Daily Motivation - I embrace my identity
Embrace your inner power - A lot of people in world today no longer believe in themselves, they have lost faith in their own abilities. They lack the drive to achieve great things in their lives. The constant disappointments they faced throughout their lives takes its toll. Most of them have lost touch with the power, that resides within, the power to drive them in the direction of their dreams. Instead, they now settled for mediocre achievements, and successes that fall short of their potential. They no longer think of the great things they are capable of achieving. Their limiting mentality becomes a barrier for them, falling short of the dreams they once held. They have fully convinced themselves that this is all there is for them. This could not be further from the truth.
12/5/2018Daily Motivation - If you can light the spark of curiosity in a child, they will learn without any further assistance
Can Curiosity Make Your Child A Better Learner - When it comes to venturing into the uncharted waters, children fare far better than adults. As a parent, teacher, guardian, or any other care giver, the question that we should all strive to settle is not whether or not our children will be adventurous, but rather whether their curiosity will get the better of them? As we may all be aware, there is no better way to help your child learn other than make him or her explore her own little kingdom to the fullest. The truest educator of every child is not the information we try to drive into their heads, even when they are least disposed to take it. The truest educator is experience, and there is no better way to help our kids leverage experience, than letting them wander to whatever places their wild dreams take them.
12/4/2018Daily Motivation - I seek exciting adventures
If you were to sit back and evaluate your life, would it be a predictable and a monotonous one, or one full of excitement and adventurers? Well, to live life to the fullest we need to explore the daring adventures, that we once dreamed of while growing up as kids. Pushing the limits of your comfort zone, and exploring the most exciting experiences available, is both exhilarating and mind blowing. Any accomplished corporate executive will tell you that it is not by default that they got to where they are, but it involved a journey of risk taking as they push themselves to the limits, both in life and in business. To make any dream, or a goal a reality, we have to overcome our perceived limits. Ever wondered what it took for the first human to conquer the highest peak on earth, Mount Everest, in 1953? Climbing to about 29,000 feet is an impressive and dangerous undertaking, it was thought of as an impossible task. The stakes were high considering the harsh environment that one had to endure.
12/3/2018Daily Motivation - To acquire knowledge one must study. To acquire wisdom one must observe
It is very surprising that in this day and age, despite the milestones we've made in the literature world, very few people read nowadays. And by reading, I mean 'real' studying, and not just scrolling web pages and social media feeds. In fact, a recent research study shows that only 12% of the present, modern-day population read for leisure, compared to the 45% that could be seen reading regularly ten or fifteen years ago. Bookshops and libraries have been neglected in favor of movies, Pay TV subscriptions, and hilarious social media posts. The result is a society that reads only for the purposes of exams. And even then it is not 'reading' but merely memorizing facts. If the current generation wants to scale greater heights than those reached by previous generations, then it's high time we dropped those smart phones, switched off those TVs, and picked up books to improve our lives instead.
12/2/2018Daily Motivation - I have courage in new situations
Finding Strength in New Challenges - Sometimes in life we find ourselves in unfamiliar territories, way out of our comfort zone. Some people totally panic when faced with new situations, afraid of how they will face the future, in circumstances they are unfamiliar with. We have to realize, that the only thing constant in life is change, and it will always be that way. It does not help to fear the future, or panic because suddenly the ground under our feet has shifted, as we are faced with the unknown. It is important to face every new situation with courage, because that is the only way you will find your path in a world, that is ever changing. Draw inspiration from the fact that you are entrusted with unique gifts, which will help you get through any situation you face in life.
12/1/2018Daily Motivation - The miserable have no other medicine, but only hope
Hope is undoubtedly one of the most important, but commonly overlooked components of success. There are many reasons behind this, the most notable being the fact that life at time can seem very difficult. I am sure you’ve heard the phrase, "life is hard" many times. Most importantly, this phrase manifests itself in many people's lives numerous times. There’s no question about it! Life can seem hard at times. There are many obstacles that manifest themselves in our lives, and just having goals may not be quite enough. You have to keep getting closer to your goals amidst all the uncertainties that life throws your way. Life is very unpredictable, and hope lets you to deal with life’s challenges with the right mindset. Hope also allows you to keep the eyes focused on the goal, and increases your chances to eventually accomplish your goals and dreams.
11/30/2018Daily Motivation - A friend is a gift you give to yourself
Investing in Your Friends is Good for Your Health and Happiness - If we were to list the most important things in our lives, our friends would likely be near the top, so we know that it is important to maintain our relationships with them. Having a good group of friends is not just fun, but it can significantly improve our quality of life. So let's treasure our friends for their benefit and yours! Many people who express regrets at the end of their life say that they wish they had kept in closer contact with old friends. While sometimes we drift apart from our friends, it has never been easier to keep in touch than it is now. We can call, text or email our friends, we can message them on Facebook or follow their Twitter feed. It only takes a minute to send a message to someone you care about, so try to do it every day!
11/29/2018Daily Motivation - Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius, it's better to be absolutely ridiculous, than absolutely boring
Life Lessons from Achilles Tomb - There is No Voodoo Arithmetic to Success - History remembers Achilles as an exceptional hero, who led the Greeks to triumph against unsurpassed odds during the Trojan War. A story is told of how the gods consulted with his soul shortly before his birth to map his life in advance. The gods gave him the choice of a long boring life on earth, or a short but highly adventurous existence. Achilles settled for the second option and subsequently charted the short course of his life with his brand of heroic exploits of legendary proportions. Without the spirit of adventure, humanity would hardly make any progress. Every human being is born with enormous abilities to achieve remarkable feats of success in the business of life. Unfortunately, many people tend to squander wonderful opportunities in life, because of yearning and striving for the mirage of perfection. Success is planned. There is no voodoo short cut to victory.
11/28/2018Daily Motivation - I am where I need to be
Did you ever feel that your life should be different in order to do accomplish something? Like you should have more finances in order to invest, or that you need to acquire more knowledge before you can influence the world around you? If you ever feel this way, you need to rethink again. The truth is that regardless of where you are, who you are, or what you have, you already have what it takes to achieve your life goals. Start from where you are - There is a reason why you are in that situation now. If you keep waiting for something to happen before you can start working on your dreams, you are wasting much more time. In fact, the things you are waiting for might never come, unless you bring them on yourself.
11/27/2018Daily Motivation - If Opportunity Doesn't Knock, Build A Door
Throughout your life, you may have heard people talk about waiting for opportunity to knock. How many times has opportunity knocked on your door? Are you still waiting? Let's start thinking outside the box. Instead of being a passive observer, waiting for someone to come along and give you something, why not take action, and create something new. A new idea. A new business. How do you build a door? How do you create your opportunity? You may be building your door, creating your opportunity, by seeing a need that is not being filled by anyone at this time, and you go out and fill it. You may see existing ideas, and improve on them.
11/26/2018Daily Motivation - Everything is clearer when you are in love
When it comes to human emotions, nothing beats the feeling of falling in love. If you are in love, you look at the world around you in a very positive and optimistic way. Your love for someone, or something, encourages you to be the best that you can be. In other words, love is what's behind passion and inspiration. Just the mere sight of the person you adore makes your heart beat faster, and your brain work more efficiently. Even if you are going through something, love will be there to lighten the burden, and carry you through. In other words, you need love to fully enjoy life. Love makes everything better.
11/25/2018Daily Motivation - I see my goals with clarity
Tips on How To View Your Goals With Clarity - Everybody wants to be successful in life. However, success does not come on a silver platter. It is also difficult to inherit success. To be successful in life, we have to have a dream. A dream strong enough to give us wings, the desire to achieve our dream. It starts with setting goals. The following are some tips you can use in order to see your goals with more clarity - 1. Define your goals - 2. Set realistic goals - 3. Set a time line - 4. Ensure that your goals are measurable.
11/24/2018Daily Motivation - You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough
Living right every day is experiencing life more fully - Life is a collection of single days, one after the other. Each day, the sun rises and gives us an opportunity to live our life as we desire. The sun then sets in the evening, marking the end of that life-shaping opportunity. Living right is making sure we get the best out of each day. We need to live each day, and not survive through it. Each day is an extraordinary gift to embrace. It does not matter how yesterday or any other day was. Today is the best day ever. Many a times we worry so much about our tomorrow. Little do we know that our tomorrow will be the best day of our lives, IF we live today to the fullest. Below are a few things to do to ensure you live right each day.
11/23/2018Daily Motivation - I Choose To Live Life Heroically
We were never promised to live our life on a bed of roses. As you know, even roses have thorns. At many points in our life, we will encounter numerous challenges and hardships, many of which may even threaten to overwhelm us. As an example, a loss of a loved one, a heartbreaking divorce, or perhaps a loss of a promising job. All these circumstances can put us into a state, where there is nothing more to hope for in life, other than more disappointments. However, it does not have to be that way. We can draw on our inner power and put our life back on a positive track. By choosing to live heroically, you will essentially place yourself on the highroad of life, looking at setbacks and challenges you encounter as opportunities. There is always light at the end of a long, dark tunnel, that shines the light on the opportunities that lay before you.
11/22/2018Daily Motivation - Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all
Daring to Live a Bold Life - Most of us already know that there is no security in life. So why not be adventurous and dare to go after your goals and dreams. Step out into life and dare to live the life that you always dreamed of. Since there is no security in life, the fearful people, trying to avoid any unpleasant situations, are just as susceptible to danger, as the adventurous person. You should therefore be bold and take any step you think necessary to make your life better. Fear does not protect you from anything. Having faith that things will work out the way you want them to be, will help you take that first step toward your dream. Faith in your own ability, and the belief in your dream, give you the desire to overcome any fear that you might have.
11/21/2018Daily Motivation - I follow my instincts
Did you ever get that tingle, the tiny voice in your head telling you to do, or not do something? Well, that weird urge, or the gut feeling that you have, is your instinct. A lot of people say, "I saw it coming", even though the event didn’t seem predictable. You guessed it, this is the instinct again, giving us a hint of what is about to happen. The thing is, most people just can’t explain how this works, and ignore it! Tap into your instinct - Becoming aware of our thoughts is a good start. I had an experience last year, I was cutting tomatoes for lunch with a sharp knife. A thought flashed across my mind, blood shooting out of my fingers. Did I stop cutting? Unfortunately not, because a few seconds later I had a deep cut in my finger.
11/20/2018Daily Motivation - If you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything
When you believe in something, stand up for it, even if everyone else is sitting, otherwise, and you may not even realize it, you will be falling for anything. Every time you see something inappropriate, or morally wrong happening around you, and you think it is none of your business, it makes you a part of the "crime". Rather than being a silent spectator, stand up for what is right, for what you believe in. Taking a stand will only make you stronger, more confident and independent of other people's opinions. Act, and do the right thing, because it is your responsibility. Speak out, before it "kills" you - It is said, "We only regret the chances that we didn't take". If you believe in something, but are afraid to speak out, it won't let you sleep. Your mind will replay the event continuously, and it will affect your confidence, and it may start eating you inside.
11/19/2018Daily Motivation - Each Day I Strive To BE ME
I am where I need to be - It is unfortunate that we live in the world that has set expectations of who, and what we should be. We see it all around us. The pressure comes from friends, family, and our peers. The media dictates what we should wear, which fashion trend to follow, what to eat, what to study, and what beliefs we should have, among other things. The political correctness has run amok, it is almost impossible to express ourselves the way we want. Most of the time, we are left with no room to be ourselves, which will be a big hindrance in reaching our potential, and reaching our destiny. It is not easy to be YOU in a world that is constantly pushing us to be different. We are forced to forgo so much about ourself, that in the end, we realize that we have been living a lie, and the person we present to the world, is far from the person we are on the inside.
11/18/2018Daily Motivation - Indulging my curiosity brings new dimension to my life
Curiosity - The Key to an Extraordinary Life - Curiosity is a quality in us that is a virtual key to unlock an extraordinary life. Do you often ponder and question? Are you curious about things? Life is constantly changing, and every single moment is different from the next. So there is plenty to be curious about. Curiosity, or the joy of exploration, is not just for children. Curiosity is that hidden force that can add a new dimension in your life. There are always things that are new to us, even if they have been know by others for quite some time. Staying wide-eyed about the world around us, makes life more fun, exciting, and interesting.
11/17/2018Daily Motivation - Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings
How lack of ambition can prevent you from moving forward even if you're intelligent - Being gifted with an exceptional mind can give you many advantages in life. It positions you in such a way to have influence in your community, to be recognized for your intelligence. It allows you to navigate through difficult situations. But what many people fail to realize is that while being a highly intelligent person is clearly a blessing, it can also be a curse in disguise. The trap that a lot intelligent people tend to fall into is having a lack of ambition. As much as the gift of intelligence has given them, the lack of ambition takes away. Fortunately, just by realizing this, things can be changed for the better!
11/16/2018Daily Motivation - I let go of pain and anger
Life will bring us many situations that affect our emotions. We sometimes are exposed to people who anger us, or even cause us pain. Sometimes they may even get us to a point where we just want to give up. But what do we gain by being so angry and in pain? The truth is that these things add absolutely no value to our life. In fact, they affect our happiness, and may also distract us from realizing our goals and dreams. If we want to really enjoy our life, we have to let go of pain and anger. Shake off the negative energies - Anger and pain are negative energies that can lead to many unpleasant situations. When we are angry, we are blocking our positive thoughts and emotions, and we can get to a point where things like revenge, or even something worse, can pop into our minds. Unless we control situations like this our thoughts may spiral to a point when we start experiencing excessive stress.
11/15/2018Daily Motivation - If you're going through hell keep going
The Biggest Difference Between Successful and Unsuccessful People - Did you ever wonder how some people just never seem to get anywhere in life, whereas others seem to succeed no matter what? I am sure you answered 'yes' to that question, as nearly all of us have seen both scenarios, at some point in our lives. This may come as a big surprise, but unsuccessful people are born with just as much potential as successful people. But this brings up the question, why do some succeed and others don't? People that are extremely successful in life are born with no more innate capabilities than the most unsuccessful people. One of the things that make people a success is the fact that they do not float through life, they make decisions, and they make wise decisions, based on their goals in life.
11/14/2018Daily Motivation - I am a positive leader
The Power of a Positive Mental Attitude - It is a fact that a positive mental attitude will improve our outlook in life. Instead of seeing dark clouds when we face a challenge, we tend to see opportunities in those challenges. Life is not always a bed of roses, but as we work through our challenges, a positive mental attitude allows us to smell the scent of the roses, even though we may not see them. Here are some tips on how we can develop a Positive Mental Attitude that helps us through the ups and down of life.
11/13/2018Daily Motivation - You miss 100 percent of the shots you don't take
Taking Risks, and How to Win, even if you Lose - Sometimes in life we want something so bad that we feel like we couldn't cope with trying to get it, and failing. Fear of failure is a common way of self-sabotage that everybody had to deal with at one time or another. Can anybody influence, or even predict, how something is going to turn out if they have no control over it? You can drop a pencil and know that it will fall to the floor, but how will you know, for instance, if your new home business is going to work out for you, if you don't give it your best to succeed? Legendary ice hockey player Wayne Gretzky summed it up well, when he said that, "You miss 100 percent of the shots you don't take". The illusion, or the false sense of hope you get, from not acting and taking a risk, will only transform into guilt once you see that opportunity slip away from you.
11/12/2018Daily Motivation - I take time for relaxation
Taking Time for Relaxation is Important - Are you pressed for time? Having problems managing stress? Feeling like you need to work harder? Relax, take it easy. Life isn't suppose to be stressful. Calm down. Take a deep breath, and exhale slowly. Feel the relief? Taking time for a proper rest and relaxation is a key factor to maintaining mental health. Managing fatigue is important. Our body is not a robot, we need to take care of ourselves, and resting from time to time ensures that we stay in optimal condition. Resting and relaxation is an important part of it. So what will happen if we don't relax from time to time? Your stress will accumulate and affect your daily life. The more stressed you are the more you will keep stressing. Before long you will keep stressing about minor things. Your moods will change and people will start to avoid you. Your social life will suffer.
11/11/2018Daily Motivation - If you can't outplay them, outwork them
Get up and fight! The Will and the power to defeat the odds - Legendary golf star Ben Hogan once said, in reply to the question of how he managed to accomplish so much, "If you can't outplay them, outwork them". It is easy to be confident about your skills, but then loose heart, and start to doubt yourself, once you face the competition. The reality is that no matter how good anybody is, there will always be someone better, faster, stronger, or more skillful. Talent is never a sure ticket to victory, unless we put in the effort, the work to achieve your goals and dreams. If there is something true in this world, it is that we must fight for what we love. In todays society, with all its comforts and distractions, it always seems to offer us plenty of excuses for our personal failures. Politics, social situations, family issues, and all kinds of other factors that seem to play against us.
11/10/2018Daily Motivation - Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage
When we think about love, we immediately think about romantic love. But there is love between parents and children, between siblings, relatives and friends. Then of course there is the love that binds all of mankind. The love that we receive from others is what helps us get through tough times. When someone loves you no matter what, you gain strength, and you feel comforted. The love we receive makes us feel supported and uplifted, it instills a sense of security, that allows us to stand up to fear of failure, or any rejection. To put it in plain English, "I love you, I got your back!" You feel the love and support, which gives you strength. On the other hand there is the love that we are prepared to give to others. While the love from others provides us with inner strength, the love we pass on to others, helps us derive courage in our actions and thoughts.
11/9/2018Daily Motivation - Improvement begins with I
Have you ever thought of how you can improve your life? What is the best way to improve? What areas of your life need improvements? What exactly do you have to do? These are some of the questions you have to ask yourself, before you think of making changes in your life. Typically, improvement is a change that is believed to have a certain outcomes and directions. It is only achieved by providing significant efforts. You must be actively involved if you want to improve. That is the "I" in Improvement. There is no magic here, examining, planning and action! Improvement is a continuous process, starting with taking stock of where your life is at. Then ask yourself the question, where and what do you want to improve? Remember, if you do not put in an effort, there will not be any advancement, and your life will stagnate.
11/8/2018Daily Motivation - I deserve to be happy and successful
Happiness is our birthright - As a living, breathing, loving, feeling, thinking, aging human being, our most basic purpose is to thrive. Happiness is simple. All we have to do is look inside and find that, beneath any feelings of sadness or anger or low self-worth, there is a growing sensation of happiness, love, forgiveness, joy, elation, contentedness, and gratitude for life. Sometimes it takes courage to be happy. In those moments, it might be hard to remember what happiness feels like. It is very important during those times to remember that we deserve to be happy. We don't ever need to prove your worthiness to be happy. You don't need to be anyone other than who you are, in order to be happy. You don't need to earn happiness. You deserve to feel happiness simply by virtue of being an alive human being.
11/7/2018Daily Motivation - If my life is going to mean anything, I have to live it myself
"If my life is going to mean anything, I have to live it myself" is a true indicator of a person seeking to live a life of purpose and meaning. It simply drives home the time-tested truth, that no one can ever live your life for you. It does not matter how accomplished your parents, mentors, or friends are, you have to do your own growing and living. You have to find the meaning and purpose of life by yourself. No one else has the capacity to do that for you. Most people live their lives without understanding the purpose of being alive. As Socrates said, their lives are unexamined. They hardly stop to think where they have come from, where they are and where they are headed. A meaningful life involves following your passion and keeping your eye on the finish line. It means setting specific goals and aligning them with your life's purpose.
11/6/2018Daily Motivation - I anticipate challenges and opportunities
If one door closes ... Open the next one! - They say that there are two kinds of people in the world, those who see a glass of water as half full, and those who see a glass of water as half empty. A large number of people tend to believe that our lives are, in part, determined by fate, and that we can't escape some of our circumstances. If we float through life, like most people do, I could even agree. But the truth is that even the worst setbacks will bring us new opportunities that we can benefit from. You may have noticed already that life is a succession of challenges that we must overcome. However, they never become a chore until you loose focus on our dreams and goals. Getting a promotion may bring more responsibilities, but it will also bring a better salary, and an increase in your reputation, as an example.
11/5/2018Daily Motivation - I have no special talent. I'm only passionately curious
Talent vs curiosity - Albert Einstein never considered himself special, or a genius, as some people call him. Yet he made a number of brilliant discoveries. This should be inspiring to all of us, considering everyone is curious to some extent. And the only thing that makes some people special, is within all of us. You don’t need any special talent to be curious. All you need to do is develop a passion around that one thing you are super-curious about. Contrary to what most people believe, talent only has a small role to play in determining whether or not we are going to be successful. Some great talents live up to the lofty expectations, while others give up along the way, because they weren’t passionate enough to follow their dream.
11/4/2018Daily Motivation - I Enjoy Being Unique
If you are like most people, then you probably care about what people say or think about you. But why would you think that way? Consider the fact that nobody acts like you do, thinks like you, or even has the skills and talents you have? Let's be clear about this, you are special, gifted and unique in your own right. Think of it this way, your looks, body appearance and even thumb prints are different from anyone else’s. Do you want to live a fulfilling life? Then dare to be different in everything you set out to do, and also celebrate the uniqueness that defines your character. Just like a portrait painted by an artist, the experiences that have shaped you throughout your life regardless of how long or short, will never be identical to any other. However, there may be some similarities here and there, but the portrait of you life has different paint combinations and brush strokes.
11/3/2018Daily Motivation - Happiness often sneaks in through a door you didn't know you left open
Happiness is a choice! I wonder how many people would realize that? We were born into this world being happy. Just watch babies and younger children, they are happy and eager to explore the world. Everybody would agree that we all would love to be happy with our families, finances, health, relationships and everything that surrounds us. Why aren't we? The door to happiness is always open. When our lives run smoothly, we are happy. But watch what happens when our life takes an abrupt turn. What happens to our happiness? Does this mean despair? No. We become negative over what happened, we feel distracted, depressed and frustrated, but we should never give up.
11/2/2018Daily Motivation - If we have no peace it is because we have forgotten we belong to each other
LOVE IS PEACE - There is one big problem with humanity. And yes, I am talking about you, me, and everybody who considers themselves part of the human race. The majority of us human creatures lack empathy. We have stopped caring for each other, in order to get ahead of the next guy, to boast, hey I am better than you guys. But most of the time we forget that being more skillful, or more successful does not mean being superior to anybody. Never forget, we are all the same, and we should love everyone around us as an equal. Love and Empathy are the real measures of greatness, not power. We want no harm to be done to us, but do not care about others? Where is the golden rule, when we need it. For what purpose do we want to gain power and create an illusive environment around us, at the expense of others that are in the way?
11/1/2018Daily Motivation - I trust in the process of life
Everything Comes At It's Own Time - Life is a process, or a journey if you like. A baby will be born, crawl, talk, take the first steps up until he or she turns into a grown adult. Most people find themselves struggling in life and unhappy because they tried to rush it. It is necessary that we appreciate every stage of life and enjoy every little thing that comes with it until we outgrow it. Enjoy your life when young, travel the world, meet new people and pursue different interests as you try to find your footing. Do not be uptight, treating life like a rehearsal because then you will miss out on the fun part of it.
10/31/2018Daily Motivation - If it is still in your mind, it's worth taking a risk
Take the Risk and Pursue Your Dreams - Like a lot of people we choose to follow a certain path in life, but along the way we give up. Maybe because of new interests, or changed priorities, or unforeseeable circumstances. But there are some desires and dreams that just don't go away, however much we try to ignore or run away from them. Some of these dreams could be something like pursuing a different career path, trying a new venture, or going after the person we are attracted to. If you find that such thoughts are still in your mind several months, or even years down the road, then it might be worth taking the risk, and pursuing those desires.
10/30/2018Daily Motivation - I calmly release my stress into the wind
Techniques Of Reducing Stress - What is stress? "Stress is a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances." Stress can basically be defined as the response we have when facing circumstances that force us to act, change, or adjust in some way to keep things balanced. Stress can be caused by both good and bad experiences. Some of them make us happy while others leave us frustrated. Stress can be beneficial when it is in the right dose. However, it can be very detrimental when it becomes excessive, and lasting for a period of time. It can harm our health, happiness, performance, and our relationships.
10/29/2018Daily Motivation - If you tell the truth you don't have to remember anything
The Art of Real Honesty - Truth! A five letter word that we wish would make the world run! A clear word that wins you respect, trust, and favor. A tiny word that brings to you friends that are worthy of your character and your direction in life. Truth is a virtue that will help you live a stress free life, with no fear of repercussions. Many people have had to live a life of mastering lies upon lies, in order to escape the disgrace of being found out. Yes, some may have succeeded at it, and still survived up till now, but they live in constant fear of what might happen to them the next day, or hour or minute. People who tell lies put a huge burden on their backs, and have to twist words and use tricks in order to get through the day.
10/28/2018Daily Motivation - I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots
The Greatness of Human Interaction - It is impossible to deny how the new technology has literally transformed the way the human race lives and communicates. Right now, as long as we have an online connection or a smart phone, anyone can instantly reach another person around the globe, thanks to the various social media platforms. All these electronic approaches of interaction have different ways to facilitate effective communication. However, along with the ease of communicating comes the immense threat to our personal human interaction.
10/27/2018Daily Motivation - I feel that luck is preparation meets opportunity
Preparation and Opportunity - With all the twists and turns on life’s highway, being prepared can become a daunting task when we don’t know what’s waiting for us just around the next bend in the road. Oftentimes, preparation is a benefit we gain through living, loosing, and learning what it takes, not only to survive, but to succeed. We learn what unique attributes we as individuals posses, that will keep us moving forward, when our feet get weary and the road gets long. These trials in life are an essential opportunity to get to know ourselves, our talents, and our strengths a little bit better with every win or loss. They give us the personal preparation and know-how to succeed when faced with new trials in the future. After all, it’s only after we have tasted defeat that we know what it takes to win.
10/26/2018Daily Motivation - I strive to be self-disciplined
Self-Discipline is Crucial to Success in life - When we were younger, our parents were always on hand to keep us in line, when we did something wrong. In a way, because of our very nature as children, we got used to acting properly around them, but being total brats when they were not around. Some will say that it is a stage that everyone goes through. That is true, however, when we grow older, will we still wait for someone to watch over us, in order to act properly? Growing up means taking responsibility for our behavior, and our life. Self discipline is very important in leading a successful life.
10/25/2018Daily Motivation - I am excited about my life
4 Tips To Spark Excitement In Your Life and Live It To The Fullest - "You live only once, but if you do it right, once is enough." - Mae West - Most of us believe that we only have one life. And that life is short. We can either live it, or waste it on things that do not matter. At the end of our life, we never regret not making enough money or achieving more success. But we will always regret not having lived the life the way we always wanted. And the truth is, we never know when the end will come. So it is better to live our life today. Don't postpone it for tomorrow. Following are tips to start living, and put new excitement into your life right now.
10/24/2018Daily Motivation - I am the greatest; I said that even before I knew I was
Like many people, you might be confused when you read, "I am the greatest; I said that even before I knew I was". I mean, how can you possibly be great, before you even achieved anything? To a lot of people, it may appear like wishful thinking, or too bold of an attitude, or even arrogant. But the truth is that the quote is actually true. Unfortunately, many are yet to understand it. You see, it is all about positive thinking. Every human being will go through ups and downs in life, twists and turns, and bumps on the road. There will be times when nothing seems to work. And yes, you will have to deal with imbalances in your body, mind, and soul. But by thinking positively, you draw your inner energy that inspires you to move on, no matter what the challenges are.
10/23/2018Daily Motivation - Your philosophy of life is evident in your actions
Our daily actions always show a direct link to our life's philosophy, and our commitment to a better and more meaningful life. Our philosophy is a vision of our life, and our life purpose. Everything we do should be based on our purpose, if we want to be true to ourselves. Most people follow the flavor of the day. They take their lead from what is happening around them, the movies they watch, the soap operas on television, with a sprinkle of the evening news. What is your life purpose? How many people do you know, who actually sat down to think about their life, and the purpose they want their life to reflect?
10/22/2018Daily Motivation - I am beautiful inside and out
As much as we would like to appear beautiful and attractive to the people that we encounter on a daily basis, we should always work at improving our inner beauty. How beautiful we are on the inside depends on the strength of our character, and the principles we build our lives on. People might devalue us, or be attracted to us, based on our outer beauty and our appearance. They will always value us for our characters and the principles that we stand for. Every individual is unique, and wonderfully made. We possess unique attributes and personalities that no one else among the seven billion people across our planet has. This fact alone should make us stand tall and be proud, because we are one-of-a-kind.
10/21/2018Daily Motivation - Formal education will make you a living. Self education will make you a fortune
The Master Key To All Round Success - Self Education - Let me ask you, would you rather be a person with seven diplomas, or more, and a relatively low wage job, with a jerk for a boss, or would you fancy to be a self-made millionaire, who carves the road to his own destiny, unhinged from the mediocrity of formal education? Don't get me wrong, highly educated people might be able to afford a decent meal at a posh restaurant, but wouldn’t you rather own the entire restaurant? The fine line between these two scenarios is only separated by countless years in a mundane education system, and getting a head start in life early on.
10/20/2018Daily Motivation - I accept myself wholly and completely
Accepting yourself wholly and completely entails valuing every part of yourself unconditionally. You have to be able to value both the good parts, and those parts that you think need to be strengthened. Unfortunately for many people, self-acceptance is a hard thing to do, especially when they look at the mistakes they make. But the good news is that self-acceptance is something that can be nurtured. It is a process that starts with acknowledging the judgments you usually make about yourself, and then being able to soften those judgments. We have to recognize that this process is a skill that you can practice, as opposed to being an inborn trait, that you either have or do not have.
10/19/2018Daily Motivation - Everything you can imagine is real
The power of imagination - The power to imagine is an inherent gift within every person. Each one of us can imagine. All great paintings, buildings, cars, songs, or movies begun with an image in somebody's mind. The ability to create something in our minds is one of the most powerful tools man has been given. Think about a world where there is no imagination! What a dull world that would be. People sometimes call dreams imaginations. And rightly so. Dream, imagine, the kind of life you want to live, and the world you want to belong to. Then make all your dreams come true.
10/18/2018Daily Motivation - Each and every day I feel fulfilled and joyful
How to Feel Fulfilled and Joyful Every Day - Feeling fulfilled and joyful each day is something that everyone throughout the world regardless of their background yearns to achieve. Call it bliss, joy, happiness, delight, ecstasy, elation, euphoria, the name does not matter, it is THE feeling we want to experience. In achieving the highest fulfillment, we first need to ask ourselves these questions: - What makes me joyful now? - How fulfilled am I on a daily basis? - What can I do to increase the feeling? - How do I react to negative happenings?
10/17/2018Daily Motivation - I check my pulse and if I can find it, I know I've got a chance
Finding Hope Even When The Odds Are Against Us - Sometimes in life we get knocked down by tragedies or adverse circumstances. The normal reaction for most people is usually to give up, viewing their setbacks as the final straw. Some people choose to focus on the bad things rather than finding hope in the unlikeliest of situations to overcome setbacks. Challenges will always be with us, because I doubt that there is anyone in the entire universe who has a perfect life. Even if we are rich in material wealth, there is always the possibility that we can still suffer physical and emotional pain, and in some cases money will not even be the solution to those challenges.
10/16/2018Daily Motivation - Each day I strive to learn something new
Life is constantly changing, and different aspects of our daily routine change with it. Things related to our professional lives and even our hobbies are affected by those changes. Unfortunately, we may not even be aware of the changes that are taking place. There is a thin line between success and failure and learning something new on a daily basis can essentially offer new possibilities through simply altering how we view things. It need not be anything overwhelming, but just a new bit of small, but interesting information that could change our life forever.
10/15/2018Daily Motivation - Empty pockets never held anyone back. Only empty heads & empty hearts can do that
Tips To Practice Positive Thinking - Early in life children have great aspirations. They want to emulate mom or dad, and become like them. Some want to be fire fighters, astronauts, or movie stars. Growing older, reality sets in. Or perhaps I should say conditioning sets in, from parents, schooling, church, and, not to forget, the media. They learn how to be victims of their circumstances. Little do they know that circumstances should never be a hindrance toward achieving our goals in life. Challenges are part of life. It is stuff that we can deal with as it comes up. It is no refection on who we are.
10/14/2018Daily Motivation - Happiness depends upon ourselves
Aristotle, the great thinker of the past, believed that the purpose of our being is to find happiness. He believed that the goal of life is to be happy, and this happiness depends entirely on the individual. It is never about what happens to us, or the events around us. We are responsible for our happiness. It is always a choice that we make. The challenges in our lives should never be a hindrance to our happiness. When we make the decision to be happy, the universe will conspire and help us to experience that joy. It should always be our goal in life to find the happiness within ourselves, and never in the events of our lives. We wish our lives away when we get involved in linking our happiness to different stages in our lives.
10/13/2018Daily Motivation - Being successful is my natural state
Does Success Come Naturally? - Ever taken the time thinking about how your subconscious mind manifests itself in your daily life? All goals you want to achieve, start as an idea. Having positive thoughts and visualization prepares your mind to turn the goals to a successful conclusion. Sometimes you may wonder why other people have success in life, while you fail in some of your undertakings. Does this mean that you are cursed? No one is cursed, unless you call "stinking thinking" a curse. I am talking about a negative mindset, because everything starts in your mind.
10/12/2018Daily Motivation - Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds
What is one of the most common themes in the lives of all of the great individuals in the human history? No matter when these extraordinary people lived, almost all of them had a hard time presenting their innovative ideas to the people around them. This includes artists, forward-thinking leaders, scientist and pretty well everyone else, who ever dreamt of a better world, and had the desire to make these dreams come true. Almost all of these people experienced resentment and rejections from many others who wanted to hold onto the status quo. This has been true since before the dawn of civilization, and it is still true today.
10/11/2018Daily Motivation - For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness
Tips On How To Manage Your Anger - There are many encounters in our daily lives. Some of them make us happy and others leave us with frustrations, or even outright anger. Living a life full of anger is a waste of our own time and energy, that would be better spent on something more productive. Prolonged anger can be very detrimental to our health. How can we avoid anger, or deal with it?. The following tips will help us tame our anger, so we remain happy most of the time.
10/10/2018Daily Motivation - Having Less Than I Need Drives Me To Work Harder
I consider myself lucky because I know the life I want to live, and the kind of life I want to wake up to on a daily basis. I look at different neighborhoods as a way of reminding myself what is possible if I work a little harder. I have a list of everything I want to achieve in life, and this has become my daily motivation. Every minute when I feel less motivated, all I need to do is look at that list, and visualize the fulfillment my dreams.
10/9/2018Daily Motivation - Everything is Possible - Think Possibilities
We are the sculptors of our destiny. We have the ability to drive our future into any direction we desire, but often we give up on our dreams for fear of failure, and fear of the unknown. But you can achieve anything you desire by having the right mindset and a strong will to pursue it. Some of the greatest individuals, past or present, neither had an exemplary childhood, nor did they attend the best colleges or universities in the world. They have one thing in common though, a commitment to their dreams.
10/8/2018Daily Motivation - Even If You Fall On Your Face, You're Still Moving Forward
One of the most common attributes that successful people share in common, is the virtue of perseverance. If you are going to look into the lives of high-achieving people, you will realize that they had to go through a lot of failures before they gained their current status. What does this teach us? Well, first of all, falling flat on your face doesn't mean it's the end of everything. The road towards success is filled with potholes and roadblocks. What you need to do is keep on moving forward, no matter what. Always keep in mind that if you fall, you can still get up and continue your journey.
10/7/2018Daily Motivation - Good things happen to me every day
In life, there are times when negativity seems to surround us, smothering our dreams and destroying our hope. But if we become more observant, we will see that the present moment is filled with a lot of beauty. We can either allow this negativity to saturate us, and hold us back, or we can let our positive attitude propel us forward. When we allow negativity to suffocate our dreams, we start to accept it as a way of life. It is very true that we cannot control what happens to us, but we certainly can control how you react to it.
10/6/2018Daily Motivation - He who has a why to live can bear almost any how
Tips On How To Find Your Life's Purpose - We face many challenges in our lives every day. Most of them are minor, but major challenges can make us feel like giving up. At a time like this, we are really tested, and can show what we are made of. People with a strong purpose in life have a much better chance to get through rough spots in their lives. When we have developed a purpose in our life, we are less likely to feel discouraged. We will remain optimistic, and stay focused on life. What is your purpose in life? If you are still working on finding your purpose, here are a few points that may help you...
10/5/2018Daily Motivation - Generosity is giving more than you can, and pride is taking less than you need
Go out of your way give to those in need - The world we are living in today is full of self-centered people. Everything that people are doing is aimed at benefiting themselves alone. Sometimes it seems that we live in a dog-eat-dog world. Is this the way we were meant to live? The world can be a better place if we all became a little more generous. By going out of our way to help our friends or neighbors in whatever they need, we will do more for them than we can ever imagine. Good deeds never go unrewarded, whatever good we do to others, comes back to us tenfold or more.
10/4/2018Daily Motivation - Enthusiasm permeates whatever I do
To be enthusiastic means we are inspired by a cause, which could be our dreams, or our purpose in life. Enthusiasm is an intense enjoyment of what we do. When we have enthusiasm for our goals and dreams, we will do anything to make it happen. If we lack some skills that are required, we show a willingness to learn, and want to become the best at what we do. Work will not feel like work at all. It becomes a pleasure to pursue our objectives, because we love what we do. With enthusiasm we tackle every aspect of our endeavor, and we do it with excellence. Our enthusiasm will be visible to everybody around us. They will wonder what we are up to.
10/3/2018Daily Motivation - Common Sense Is not So Common
What is common sense? Somebody once told me that common sense is what the general population on this planet lacks. Food for thought! Talking about food. Would you blame obesity, which is rampant today, on the fast food industry? Or would the answer be that people should know that fatty foods make them fat? The essence of common sense is in those questions. The best definition I found was on Wikipedia, "Common sense is a basic ability to perceive, understand, and judge things, which is shared by ("common to") nearly all people and can reasonably be expected of nearly all people without any need for debate."
10/2/2018Daily Motivation - Remember fear doesn't exist anywhere except in the mind
7 Ways to Overcome Fear and Improve Your Life - When fear takes over our lives, it expresses in all kind of different forms, gloom, depression, despair, and discouragement, among others. Where do we find the fear? Fear is a mental habit, that only resides in our minds. It simply does not exist anywhere else. Fear enters our mind when we start having negative thoughts, and negative feelings. And these thoughts translate into negative expectations.
10/1/2018Daily Motivation - Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school
The Real Meaning of Education - Education is very important in our development as a person. But do all of us know what education really means? When we were kids, we probably heard countless warnings for us to study hard. But when parents are asked why education is important, most of them will say it is for us to be able to get a good job. But is the reason for us to get a good job the real purpose of education? Do we really go to school just to be able to survive?
9/30/2018Daily Motivation - Don't re-open old wounds in order to examine their origins. Leave them healed
Healing on physical terms refers to the body's recovery, whether towards regaining health or that of a wound. On the other hand, it can also refer to something more of a deep emotional wound, which almost everyone knows, that the pain due to an injury or cut is nothing compared this miserable feeling of an emotional wound! Despite this truth, why do people tend to hang on to the past, rummaging through bad experiences, and even attempt to re-open old wounds? What's past is past. It is gone. We cannot change it.
9/29/2018Daily Motivation - Every obnoxious act is a cry for help
Ever noticed how kids throw tantrums when things don't go their way? Did you know that adults behave the same way, except they use a different technique. If you live with an obnoxious person, you know what I am talking about? Or perhaps your boss exhibit obnoxious behavior occasionally? It can be a nasty affair, so I am suggesting to add a little humor to the situation. Of course, I do not mean that literally, but create a little humor in your mind to make it easier to deal with. Imagine the person with a silly cartoon face, or even in diapers. It might also help to dilute the nasty things that might be said. After all they are the ones with the problem, not you.
9/28/2018Daily Motivation - Demonstrating self reliance increases my confidence
Self-reliance and self-confidence are two words very closely related, whereby one can’t do without the other. In other words self-reliance and self-confidence are dependent qualities. Let's define each one: SELF-RELIANCE - Self-reliance means depending on our own inner strength, abilities, power and resources to overcome the daily challenges. SELF-CONFIDENCE - Self-confidence on the other hand is trusting in our own abilities and judgement. These two qualities are very important in our self-improvement.
9/26/2018Daily Motivation - Do what you want with what you have where you are
Work With What You Have To achieve Great Results - Many times people harbor dreams of success and a good life but never really take realistic steps towards achieving them. The main excuse is that they lack the resources, and are waiting for the right time to pursue their dreams. There is never a right time to chase your dreams, because time waits for no man. Many people around the world today have enormous wealth, and successful businesses, not because they inherited some big chunk of money, but because they had the drive to start with whatever little resources they had at the time.
9/25/2018Daily Motivation - Consistency The Key To Success
When a person lacks the natural talent or ability for something, the best way to attain success is through consistent effort and practice. A less gifted footballer, for instance, can do well on the field in a competitive match, even better than the more talented individuals, because of consistent practice. The same player will be selected again and again because of the consistent performances, while others may have one great game, but are relegated to the bench, because of inconsistent efforts, in-spite of their natural talent.
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