posted on: 10/12/2011 11:16:57 AM EST
5 Reasons to become an Affiliate
Pain Relief, Health, Income, Home Business

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5 reasons to become an Affiliate Member

Our simple Share & Earn business model empowers you to share Nopalea’s wellness benefits with others – while revitalizing your own life.

Why you should join us today:
1.Work with a mission-driven wellness company – We’re guided by passion. And purpose. We inspire people to experience wellness and create wealth for their life purposes. Everything we do is based on this mission.
2.Share products you believe in– We’re committed to developing custom-formulated products that help people in their pursuit of wellness. That’s why TriVita uses only the highest-quality ingredients and bases each product on the latest scientific advancements.
3.Reach more customers – With our multimedia Cooperative Marketing programs, you have a whole host of proven advertising tools at your disposal, from engaging DVDs and brochures to co-op advertising programs through TV and radio.
4.Build long-term wealth/create a legacy– Our proven career path and compensation plan help you build true wealth by creating residual income and growing a long-term asset that can be sold or inherited.
5.Rely on trusted leaders – Members of the Executive Team lead with passion, purpose and integrity and demonstrate their commitment to leadership through leading by example.

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Elaine Logan   1567 day(s) ago
Good reasons! Wish you all the success!
Renita Lowry   1567 day(s) ago
Those are 5 excellent reasons to be involved with a compnany..thank you Patrick
Mike Grimes   1567 day(s) ago
looks good wish you luck
Sharee Johnson-Cammon   1573 day(s) ago
Thank you for sharing why I should join with Trivita.
Sigurd Skeie   1579 day(s) ago
5 good reasons indeed. Thx for the info in this article. TeamSig - Sig

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