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POWERFUL TriVita Business Building Tool at NO Cost to You!

We all have access toTriVita's powerful "Video Email" feature in your online back office. Simply log in and go to the "Sharing Tools"tab, and then click on "Video Library".

The Video Library is a great way to promote TriVita to new prospects and a great way to connect with current Members and Affiliate Members on your team. Our exclusive Video Library enables you to not only educate, but also motivate your prospects and current team through a variety of videos that are informative and can include a call to action, if you choose.

Consider these benefits:

Variety - you have a choice of different videos to email.
Impact - each video is carefully crafted to deliver lively, upbeat and colorful action messages for greater impression and influence - plus, you can add your own personalized message to any video email.
Tracking - track valuable information on each email you send, including: date sent; recipient; video title; whether it was opened or not; percentage of video viewed; and other details.
NO Cost - there is no charge to use the Video Library. You can send as many videos as you like to as many prospects and customers as you choose.

Tip: Send avideo to your own email address first - this gives you the opportunity to testout which videos you want to send and view them from your customer'sperspective.

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