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Algarve Auctions Portugal Investment Property Guide
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Welcome to our quick guide to Algarve Property In 2012

Having lived in The Algarve for ten years and being involved with Algarve Property for that time I have seen a lot of property bought and sold. The Algarve property market is a shadow of what it was in from 2002 until 2007 when the recession started to take hold however it has not been as badly affected as the UK or Ireland. The reason for this is that the Portuguese government did not allow Algarve property to be built as the same rate as neighbouring Spain. One resort near Mar Menor had a planned 15,000 properties on one site so thankfully nothing like that happened in The Algarve.

The Algarve is a beautiful place to live and many different areas suit many different people. The east coast is more popular with the German, Dutch who visit whereas the Villamoura and Almancil (Central), areas are more popular with the Irish and British.

Lagos and the west coast are more windswept and rugged, quiet inland towns suit the country dwellers, Albufeira and Portimao suit the nightowls and clubbers. The Algarve also has excellent healthcare, schools, and shopping for anyone who wants to bring up a family here. The roads are relatively quiet, queues are short and life is easy enough,….went you get down to speed!!

There are many reasons why you should think about an Algarve Property in 2012.

1. The prices! Algarve property has risen and fallen in price but many bargains can still be had. Small developments mean rental returns are still strong. Detached properties built in the early 90's for one hundred thousand euros were being sold for one million in 2007 but now are getting back to realistic prices. Lots of people in the UK, Ireland need money to keep their lives going and a second property with no mortgage in the Algarve can be sold for whatever the seller needs to survive!! These are know as distressed sales and do come up from time to time.

One example would be a large four bedroom villa on 14,000m2 of land which was €950,000 in 2008 and can now be bought for €299,000. It is in a fantastic area between Vilamoura and Albufeira and is an urgent sale.

How’s about a five bedroom villa in The Golden Triangle? With swimming pool, barbeque and walking distance to the shops, schools etc.

This is an absolute bargain Algarve Property at €480,000 but can be bought today for only €298,000. Again this is an urgent sale but there are a few around if you know where to look.
Click to see more info.

There are also now many places where you can pick up bank repossessions, government repossessions, urgent sales, fire sales, distressed sales and people returning to the UK.

You can see a selection of these at Algarve Bank Repossessions. Here you can find a selection of Algarve Property from apartments, villas and land that has been repossessed by the banks and now available for sale at a knockdown price.,name,100738,user_id,shop

There are also many Algarve Businesses For Sale and again if you want to come and live in The Algarve and start a business there are opportunities in all areas. Click for a list of bars, restaurants, hotels and other Algarve business property for sale.,category,887,parent_id,categories

If buying an Algarve Property is on your mind but you would like to rent first there are also many great value Algarve Property Rentals available.

Algarve Auctions & Free Classifieds is the Algarves Number one site for Algarve Property Sales. Why? Sellers can list their Algarve property for as long as they wish with ten photos and video completely free. Algarve auctions & Free Classifieds then advertise the property on their Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin Networks which contain over 40,000 followers. All initial contact from buyers is made by email so annoying sales calls and agent enquiries can be ignored. Algarve Auctions admin vet all new users and monitor messages to ensure enquiries are genuine.

The websites Algarve Property section has the largest selection of reduced Algarve Property from all areas. If there is something you want that you do not see on the site just contact and their property sources will find what you need.

With over 500,000 page views per month and thousands of buyers, sellers and renters involved Algarve Auctions & Free Classifieds is the Rightmove, Ebay and Guntree of Portugal.

Click to find your dream Algarve Property today!

Algarve auctions & Free Classifieds

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mai-ling cox   828 day(s) ago
Thanks for Sharing this is great information..
Joseph Monsen   828 day(s) ago
Very good information thank you for sharing.
Dave Kavanagh   830 day(s) ago
Very Interesting Brian,I may take a further look at this once I accumulate a little more funds,are you from Ireland Originally?Thanks For sharing.
Herman van Niekerk   830 day(s) ago
Thanks for sharing Brian..

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