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Is Karatbars the Best Way To Buy Gold Online? I test it! - Week 9 Results
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Welcome To Week 9 Of My 12 Week Plan......

To Find out if Karatbars Really Works... 


Karatbars Questions

 Karatbars Prices


I am trying to find out if Karatbars works as a product and as a home business?



Is the product any good and at a good price?



Is the company trustworthy?



Can you actually make any money? 


My Karatbars Strategy


My plan is simple enough, I joined, bought a €249 Marketing Package and set about building a small team.



My personal target was to find two new people to do the same thing… join, buy a marketing package and teach them to copy what I am doing.



The hope is that within twelve weeks I will have a team of 24 people and  be making a substantial monthly income.



Karatbars 12 Week Plan 


Karatbars Bronze Plan

Above is a theoretical plan of how it should work…. the theory anyway! Smile


Just to clarify a few things about Karatbars

this week…. (For newbies and some oldies!)


1. Joining Karatbars is 100% free of charge and without obligation. You do not have to buy any package in order to make money.




A free affiliate with 100 customers saving 1 gram of gold per week will be earning $1000 per month.. (at least)


Why did I buy a silver package for €249 then? 


I decided to buy a Silver Package for €249 because I wanted something tangible to hold in my hand and I wanted to have my own Karatbar in my wallet.


My pack also came with 3 x 3% discount cards and 3 x €100 Discount cards and brochures etc.



These cards are €80 each to buy in the back office and the marketing material is excellent. You really do get much more value in your pack than the €249 price tag.




My Karatbars Marketing Pack




If you can’t afford €249 buy a bronze digital pack which contains 2 discount cards, all your marketing material but without the gold. This costs €99.



Karatbars Packages



If you can’t afford €99 well just register for FREE, start giving out your landing page links and start building your own customer base. Save up some commissions and then buy your bronze/silver marketing pack.



Karatbars is a gold savings program. You are not spending, just exchanging paper money for a better currency.




Karatbars want to make it as easy for you as possible to run a Karatbars business.




This is why there are options to suit EVERY budget… even those without a budget! Get your free account HERE



2. Karatbars do not store the gold. It is stored with   A very well regarded worldwide security company.  There is no risk of you losing it. 



3. Karatbars will deliver your gold to your home for €13.50 inside Europe and €18.50 outside Europe. It is delivered by Fedex. Again… no risk. 



4. Every time one of your customers makes a purchase you earn commissions. You earn commissions on everyone in your team and in their teams.




I have only registered 60 people but there are 370+ in my total team. I earn from all purcases on all these people! 

Commissions are paid every Friday morning. I have been paid every Friday on time and without issue. Once you earn €35 the company will issue you with your Mastercard.


Karatbars also supports, Ipayout, Bank Transfer and Ezybonds so lots of other options as well as your Mastercard.


Karatbars is the easiest business to build I have seen in eighteen years!

This is all you need to say…..

Hello,  Do you know what 24 karat gold is? Yes…    Would you like to own some? …….  yes…  How much is it?  

Well with my new company you can buy it for as little as €50 per gram and I can show you a way that you can have it for free?

Just register on my site, its free of charge and without obligation, 


Check out the back office, all the great products and if you want to buy gold or become an affiliate all the instructions are there. 

That sound Ok?”  ……Yes… why not? 


There is no reason why someone would not want a free account? 

The only way your business isn’t growing is because you are not asking anyone… there can be no other explanation. 

If there is an easier product or easier business out there I need you to email me now at and tell me what it is.


Karatbars doesn’t have any objections…. The company is solid, the product can never be bettered, we have the best prices, there is no risk to your pocket or reputation by asking people to open a free account.


If anything you are helping them save their existing paper money in a better, safer way!


Karatbars banner


Karatbars 12 Week Plan – Week 9 Results…


My personal goal was to show my team how much you can make by starting on a Silver package and getting two others to do the same for 12 weeks.


This will give an honest representation of the business. If you feel you can do ten per week please go ahead. :)


I am on target now, 63 people have registered for a free account and 18 have decided to buy a silver package. 1 person has gone straight in at Gold. (Up to them).




Karatbars Earnings

My total earnings now stand at €1300 for the nine weeks but this still leaves me ahead of target as far as a 12 week plan goes. It is in the coming few weeks where my income will start toy rise.


How can you build a Karatbars Business?

You don’t need any skills, no experience, you just need to be able to listen to instructions! I will walk you through it week by week and show you what to do.

If you can copy and paste some adverts I will show you where to place them. I will even speak to your clients for you.

You also need to commit to building your business. No one has ever built a successful anything by doing a bit here and a bit there.

I am at my desk every day helping my team and although 17 people have bought packages it is only two or three that are in touch every day.

I am proving Karatbars works…. I just know that there will be an avalanche of people joining once I start making larger sums of money but that’s life.

Some people will see the opportunity now and start, some will wait for solid proof of big earnings. (They are coming to me and I know someone who is earning 17k per week already!) 

My advice is to register NOW, buy your package NOW and start building NOW…  Get ahead of that avalanche and build while it is relatively easy to do so.

As always I am here to help at Skype onlinecompanyreview  



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Lonnie E. Shipe, M.A.    840 day(s) ago
Excellent wise info, thank you Brian,

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