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Imagine...Getting Paid when Others Use The Internet
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Less than 4 months ago I was introduced to a biz opportunity that just left me speechless, in a good way. I ask myself if it was possible to get paid just for signing on my computer, just for taking a look at advertiser’s product for about 10 seconds. I didn’t believe it was possible until I sign into my back office and I notice there was extra money sitting there. Wow…getting paid when I use the internet, getting paid when others use the internet for anything they do on the internet: shopping, education, surfing etc.

Imagine, You have a marketplace of 2 Billion people and you give Home Page Pay$ away for FREE. They use the system and wherever they go on the Internet, any website;THEY are getting PAID… and YOU are getting PAID!

Smart Media Technologies is following closely in the footsteps of Skye, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and SMT have learned a great deal from their success. These innovative companies created their success by giving a valuable FREE service to the global community.Smart Media has taken this proven system to a whole new level… Our goal is to offer the most valuable free system to anyone using the Internet through our Web App, to PC users through our Super App for PC’s & to Smart Phone/Mobile users through our Smart Media Mobile App.

How Does Smart Media Compensation Works

Smart Media Technologies shares 75% of the advertising revenue with you to help them expand their free network. There are 13 streams of income as outlined below. Please feel free to email me for a more detailed breakdown.

*40% Level One Affiliate Income
*10% Level Two Affiliate Income
*25% Residual from Advertising Packages
*$25 Direct Bonuses from $125 Basic Package
*$50 Direct Bonuses from $200 Standard Package
*$150 Direct Bonuses from $400 Super Package
*2xInfinty Team Bonuses
*20% Level One Matching Bonus
*20% Level Two Matching Bonus
*10% Level Three Matching Bonus
*One-Time Mega Bonuses
*Monthly Lifestyle Bonuses
*Monthly Leadership Bonuses

Now I know you are thinking where will SMT get the money to pay us. SMT has copied the success formula from companies such as Google, Facebook, Yahoo, etc. These companies has made billions of dollars from advertising revenue but they don’t share it with us when we invite friends to use their system. This is where SMT sets themselves apart from these other global giants. Just remember we will be sharing in 75% of the advertising revenues.
Is SMT The Real Deal

For a company that has been around for 3 years and is also paying reps 5-6 figures monthly income and come 2012 a lot of those folks will be making 6-7 figures monthly,I would say this is the real deal.Smart Media has a 10 year plan and by then a lot of millionaires will be created. Will you be one of them? I know I will.

Click here to become a FREE member or a Super Rep.

Vivette Harris

SMT Super Rep
Biz# 289 314 2815

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Leroy Ross     908 day(s) ago
WOW What a great PR>>Thank you.
Vivette Harris   1437 day(s) ago
Thank you Jackie for your support.
jackie wilson   1438 day(s) ago
your blogg was very informative, 75% of advertising revenue for viewing ad's that's something to look into and you explaned very well,ill keep that in mind thank you.
Vivette Harris   1438 day(s) ago
Thank you Tommy. SMT is truly a unique opportunity.

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