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Google, Facebook, Twitter Makes Mega Billions In Profit....So What's Your Share
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Global technology giants like Google, Yahoo & YouTube have been making a lot of money online for years…when folks like you and I use the internet. These companies makes a lot of money from advertising revenues that we bring in but that revenue is not shared with us.


A company has designed a system that pays you automatically for sending people to a “Home Page” that PAYS YOU whenever they spend time the Internet! You may ask how is this possible and like you I question that at first. Unlike those other global giants in the technology arena SMART MEDIA TECHNOLOGIES has a system in place to share 65% of the advertising revenue with their representatives. I think that is more than generous, don’t you.

JUST IMAGINE...You get paid automatically every time your friends and associates log on to Facebook or YouTube or any of the most popular social networks, search engines, news sites or any other popular sites they love


Has over 100 Billion web pages and whenever they visit ANY of those…
YOU get Paid!

This is because SMT have the only system that allows you to get paid any time they log on the Internet.It’s That Simple!

It doesn’t matter what browser they are using: Internet Explorer, Firefox or any other browser

Once it is set up, every time they use the Internet YOU get paid!


Exactly the same way the largest sites on the Internet like Google, Yahoo, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter have been doing for years… By tapping into the same powerful advertising revenue that has generated billions of dollars in profits for these companies.

The Internet has over 2 billion users and I intend to have my piece of the pie (strawberry anyone…lol)

Vivette Harris
SMT Super Rep

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Vivette Harris   971 day(s) ago
Thank you for taking the time to read and comment Steve. Thanks for sharing

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