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Who Wants To be A Millionaire
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Did you sign onto Facebook, Google, Twitter or even open your email today? If your answer is yes, how much did you get paid. How much did Facebook pay you....I can't hear you, you gotta speak loudly. Did you say Zero! ..Let me tell you about a fantastic site that I love because I getting paid to use it. Imagine getting paid for whatever you or others that you give away a free tool to do on the internet.

* People log onto the Internet - YOU GET PAID!
* People do a search online - YOU GET PAID!
* People go online shopping - YOU STILL GET PAID!
* People advertise online - YOU GET PAID
* People make charitable donations - YOU GET PAID!
* People play games online - YOU GET PAID!
* People Do online banking - YOU GET PAID!
* People go to their favorite websites - YOU GET PAID!
* People chat or socialize with there friends online - YOU GET PAID!
Friends click on Your website.....YOU GET PAID!
Great advertising packages.

Yes, there is such a company that is sharing 65% of it's profit with it's members. The name of that company is Smart Media Technologies. A recent article was written by a university professor that says Facebook can afford to share it's wealth with it's users. Isn't it time we share in mega wealth that we help to create?

Home Page pays already created several 6 figure income earners and in 2012 will created lots of millionaires. HPP is free to join and promote. Once you sign up as a free member you qualify to enter into the daily, weekly & monthly prize draw.(someone won $500 in Feb)

Are you the next millionaire?

Vivette Harris
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