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Honesty in Network Marketing.
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OK, this is a story that shows a common occurence in network marketing. It is a story that is all too common in network marketing. You get a call from someone wanting to work with you. To that you respond, sure why not. For a second you start to think, ok, this is it. This is someone who has looked at my opportunity and evaluated it in details and have come to the conclusion that this is a great opportunity for them. So, you sit there, and you listen, and you converse with that person. About halfway through the conversation, the person starts to talk about his/her opportunity..

There is nothing wrong with that. It is part of network marketing, you listen to other people's ideas, as well as you tell others of your ideas. But, here is a difference, and where the whole process lose credibility and it really changes into someone trying to lead you in the wrong direction, not really wanting to help you. This person readily admits, you have a great company, you have a great compensation plan, I know the owner of your company, I meant with him, he is a nice person, and the rest. Now, right about this time, I want to say, OK, so why are you not with the company since you know so much about it. But, I listen more to find out more about this person, who said, "I want to work with you".

As I listen more, I find out that this person has a timeshare business that is turned into an MLM business. And, OMG I start to laugh. Are you kidding me? Timeshares. Everybody knows the debacle of that industry and the huge mess that it is. I know people that work in timeshares that would not even give you a minute to sell them a timeshare. It is the worst type of investment out there. Why do I tell this story?

It is to make a point. We need to have honesty in this industry. There are so little honesty in network marketing, the dishonesty is promulgatted even by good people. Because, as you stay long in the industry, if you are not careful, you begin to pick up some bad habits. Dishonesty in network marketing is very common. Imagine someone offer you a tradeoff where you give him/her your brand new Honda Civic, or a brand new Altima for the person's Hummer. This would work with someone that has absolutely no knowledge of cars and the Hummer.

If you want to have long success in network marketing, have something good to offer people. Have something of value that will help people, either to enhance their business or to better their lives. Be honest with people, don't get into bad programs and then later feel that you have to offer someone a bad program, which will make you money, but will not help the other person at all. Dishonesty is hurting the industry a lot and therefore hurts everybody. Let's reduce the amount of junk programs by letting them fail in the free market. Let's support good programs, good people and good companies. That is how we can leverage our strength and have a positive impact for change.

Patrick Saint-Jean

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Patrick Saint-Jean   1476 day(s) ago
There are some negative aspect to network marketiing.

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