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Top Five Tips For How to Work from Home.
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If you're going to start your own business online working from home, here's the top five tips you should remember and apply:

1) Everyone Needs A Mentor To Show Them The Way.

Working online isn't easy especially if you're just begining. You may need help with simple things like setting up payment processors, creating websites, builing traffic to attract buyers, creating videos, etc...

A good mentor will walk you through all these steps and then some. With all the communication tools that currently exist online, it's simple to hold live meetings with your mentor to begin the learning process. Something as simple as Skype will allow you both to share your desktops so that you can visually take in everything.

Not only will a good mentor take you by the hand and put you on the right path for online success but, they will definitely save you a lot of grief by showing you how to avoid the common mistakes that 95% of most online marketers make!

2)You Need To Brand Yourself.

I'm not talking about some generic brand here. What you need to do is establish yourself as a professional in your chosen field of expertise. there are several ways of doing this but, don't expect it to happen over night.

You can write articles in ezines and establish yourself as an expert author for starters. Literally thousands of ezines exist that would love to scoop up your fresh content once you've created it. All you have to do is write about your chosen field and then go do a search on Google for "Ezines". Open up new accounts and start getting your work published. Each Ezine could be packed with thousands or hundreds of thousands of subscribers that will see your work and the link leading to your place of business.

Another way is to start your own blog, monetize it with adsense, write artciles on your business and point your ezine readers to your blog link. When doing this, always be sure to have both articles related to each other. Don't write about watches in your ezines and send them to a car blog. The first thing they'll do is click off when they get there!

A good mentor will show you all this as well. This is why I have chosen it as number one here today. In fact, he can probably show you anything on this top 5 list so be sure to get one for your own sake.

3) You Need To Get Targeted Traffic To Your Place Of Business.

Yep! You already knew that right?
But, what kind of traffic you get can be the big difference in whether you make it or not.

Oh sure you can go out and use Traffic exchanges, Text ad exchanges, Safelists and you can even just purchase leads. But these methods in my own opinion do not produce lazer targeted traffic and here's why!

Everyone in a Traffic exchange is promoting their own product so they will hardly be there to purchase.

The same can be said for Text ad exchanges and safelists!

You can go out and purchase leads but, you will never know exactly how many people are using those leads since quite often the same leads get sold multiple times.

The best way to get lazer targeted traffic is by using the two methods above. Write an article for multiple ezines and point them to your blog where they can signup as a potential prospect. This kind of prospect has already shown interest in what you're selling simply by reading your ezine article and then taking the next step by clicking to your blog.

Nothing but nothing can compare to this kind of prospect for your new business!

4) You Need To Create Relationships.

Working any business Online or Off is all about relationships. You don't just go out and get prospects to treat them as numbers that will provide for you. That's what they do in factories and I know because I have over 20 years of factory work under my belt.

Treat your prospects just as you would expect to be treated as a buyer and you will have no problem at all. Listen to their concerns and let them show you by doing that exactly what they are seeking. And hey! if you don't have it for them, just go out to Clickbank and get iot for them. you will still earn a nice commission and come off like a hero in their eyes!

5) Learn Who Your Target Market Is And Go After It.

Let's assume your selling your own baby product like maybe socks or other clothing. Logically, you want to find customers who are interested in buying those right? Do you think you would be better off selling to a bunch of sports freaks or mothers with new borns? Yes! I know you know exactly where I'm going with this or at least I hope you do. lol

Now that you know who your target market is, all you need to do is go start forming those relationships we spoke of earlier. just go to good old Google again and start searching for online forums for "Mothers With New Borns."

You may be surprised by the number of prospects you will get through this. All you have to do is go to a different forum on a daily basis, create an account with a link in your profile and signature ad leading to your blog or site. Spend about a half hour in each by commenting and starting your own threads. I guarantee people will take notice and start purchasing your goods!

Article Summary:

In summary, find yourself a good mentor you can trust who will show you how to get started with your new online business while avoiding the pitfalls related with doing so. Start writing in Ezines and point them to your blog or website related to the same topic through your author signature file and brand yourself as an expert in your field of choice. Avoid purchasing traffic and wasting time with marketing tools that don't produce the kind of prospects you really need for your business. Create real working relationships as you would in the real world and learn who your target market is.

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Daniel Vincent   1197 day(s) ago
Excellent advice.
Lonnie E. Shipe, M.A.    1197 day(s) ago
Fabulous Maurice
Kevin Davies   1197 day(s) ago
Hi Maurice, great piece of work, I started Better Web Systems working with those ideas. But that only came about after I discovered how good Banners Broker are.
Maurice Bernier   1197 day(s) ago
Holly crap Batman! Look at all the action I missed in here. Thanks and best wishes to all of you for your great IBO Spirit, and great reviews. Please watch for the paybacks from me and pm me if I forget anyone! :)
Don Sabelhaus   1197 day(s) ago
Maurice, thanks for sharing a very informative article for starting a HBB. These are great tips for new comers to network marketing. TB&L my friend

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