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How do You Love Your Home Business ...
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The enthusiasm we have for a new home business opportunity reminds me of the way we feel when we first fall in love. Today being Valentines Day is the perfect day to look at this phenomenom.

Remember the excitement, the immense hope and promise for a great future...good times and no problems..or so we believe. It is exhilarating, and can be addictive. I wonder if this is one of the driving forces behind people jumping from business opportunity to business opportunity. What one finds is that this feeling or sense leaves quickly and off you go to the next great promise only to have the same results. Perhaps the best question to ask oneself is..what is it that I am really looking for, is it for immediate gratification or long term success. Most programs take a while to yield results so if you seriously want to have the financial success you are chasing, this needs to be taken into consideration in your business planning.

Long term love changes as the relationship deepens, matures. We come to appreciate nuances and see and understand benefits as we have never seen before. We become loyal to the people, program and system and trust the process of ebbs and flows that are inevitable in any it love or life. We also grow and mature because of the learning and understanding we have gained, becoming invaluable assets to our junior partners in business and in life.

Where do you find yourself in this scenario. Do you go from business to business and hope that something will work eventually, or do you carefully choose your program and work it diligently day in and day out until you reap what you sow. Are you in lasting love with your home business opportunity.

I hope you have great success in your choice of business because that is what I believe we are here do well and to be able to help and care for those we love in the way we have always wanted to.

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Annemarie Berukoff   1455 day(s) ago
Excellent blog and I agree with your interesting point of view. You can not take home business success for granted. Like any need to work on the little things that matter and appreciate its potential for life-long security. Continued success.
Sigurd Skeie   1455 day(s) ago
Very nice article, I wouldnt miss this one :) Shared and recommand more to check it out Sig
Carolyn Coleman-Grady   1455 day(s) ago
Renita great blog, good sound advice, and I agree, liked and shared for you. Have a wonderful day.
Mark Zedlitz   1456 day(s) ago
Sound Advice! Tweeted!
David Levitt   1456 day(s) ago
Wonderful stuff Renita. Shared and tweeted.

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