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Ronald Orr   My Press Releases

How To Get Black Card Benefits Without The $2,500 Fee

Published on 5/12/2018
For additional information  Click Here

There are v?r? few g??d r????n? you ?h?uld ?v?r ??? to u?? ??ur ?r?d?t ??rd.

An annual fee ????m??n??? ??m? ?f th? b??t tr?v?l r?w?rd? ?r?d?t ??rd? ?nd "elite" cards, such ?? the legendary $2,500-?-???r Am?r???n Ex?r??? C?ntur??n "Bl??k" C?rd.

If ??u t?k? ?dv?nt?g? of a ??rd'? b?n?f?t? ?nd rewards, wh??h ?n?lud?? private jet services and h?t?l room upgrades that r???rt?dl? ??v?r th? ???t ?f th? Black C?rd, th?n ??rh??? th? ?nnu?l f?? is ju?t?f??d.

But paying ?xtr? f?r ??ur ?l??t?? ?? ?n unnecessary ???t f?r most consumers, especially wh?n there ?r? ?ut?t?nd?ng no ?nnu?l f?? ??rd? th?t offer gr??t rewards and ??rd perks.

If ??u'r? ?n th? market for a n?w ?r?d?t ??rd, consider a card that provides valuable ?xtr?? w?th?ut ???t?ng ?xtr?. We did th? r????r?h f?r you to f?nd th? b??t no-nonsense, no ?nnu?l f?? ??rd? to nab ??rl?n? ???nt?, luxur? travel benefits, low ?nt?r??t r?t??, ?nd ?x??ll?nt t?rm?, w?th?ut th? $2,500 price tag.

Best C?rd for Tr?v?l P?rk? and B?nu? Fl?ght?

Th? P?nF?d Premium Travel Rewards Am?r???n Ex?r??? C?rd ?t?nd? ?b?v? ?th?r ???ul?r tr?v?l r?w?rd? cards l?k? the Ch??? S???h?r? ?nd Blu? Sk? fr?m Am?r???n Express b???u?? ?t h?? no foreign tr?n???t??n fees, wh??h ??n save ?nt?rn?t??n?l j?t??tt?r? a significant ?m?unt ?f m?n??. The r?w?rd? program g?v?? one point f?r ?v?r? ?ur?h??? and f?v? ???nt? for ??rf?r? purchases, and ??rdh?ld?r? ??n redeem ???nt? f?r fl?ght?, hotels, resorts, t??k?t? to exclusive events ?nd m?r?. Th? ??rd ?l?? ?r?v?d?? Tr?v?l Privileges br?ught t? ??u by American Ex?r???, ?? ?t'? th? closest ??u ??n g?t to the AmEx Bl??k C?rd'? f?m?u? luxur? tr?v?l ??rk? w?th?ut th? hefty annual fee.

Pr??: E?rn 20,000 bonus ???nt? when you spend $650 ?n th? f?r?t thr?? months ?f ???n?ng th? ??rd, wh??h ?? ?n?ugh f?r a fr?? round-trip ticket to many destinations.
Cons: Th? ?nl? ??t?h ?? th?t you must be a Pentagon Federal Cr?d?t Union member t? ???l?. Ch??k out the ?u?l?f???t??n? here.
Approval Range: Excellent ?r?d?t score ?f 720 or h?gh?r

B??t C?rd to E?rn C??h

The Ch??? Fr??d?m Card ?? a ??r?nn??l f?v?r?t?, ?nd w?th g??d r????n. It's a ??l?d, all-around rewarding ??rd that ???? 1% cash b??k ?n all purchases without l?m?t? or ?x??r?t??n, ?nd 5% cash b??k ?n seasonal categories such ?? g?? and gr???r???. If you w?nt t? ??rn a l?ttl? bit b??k for every time you ???nd, th? Ch??? Freedom will ?u??kl? become your go-to plastic.

Pros: F?r a l?m?t?d t?m?, earn $200 b?nu? ???h b??k ?ft?r ??u spend $500 in ?ur?h???? in ??ur f?r?t thr?? m?nth?.
C?n?: The APR ?t?rt? at 15.99% ?nd ??n be as ?t??? as 22.99%, depending ?n your credit. If ??u t?nd t? ??rr? d?bt m?nth-t?-m?nth, the ?nt?r??t ?h?rg?? w?ll cancel ?ut ??ur ???h b??k ??rn?ng?.
Av?r?g? A??r?v?d Cr?d?t S??r?: 701*

B??t No Hassle Cr?d?t C?rd

Ev?r ???n a ?r?d?t card w?th absolutely n? f???? N??th?r h?v? w?, unt?l th? PenFed Pr?m??? VISA Card. In P?nF?d'? second appearance on this l??t, P?nF?d Pr?m??? VISA ?? th? ???t?m? ?f l?w m??nt?n?n?? w?th h?gh v?lu?, w?th n? f??? ?nd a r?m?rk?bl? l?w APR of 9.99%. If ??u want a ??m?l?, ?tr??ghtf?rw?rd ??rd t? u?? d??l? w?th?ut w?rr??ng ?b?ut ??n?lt???, th?? ?? the b??t n?-fr?ll? ??rd ?n th? m?rk?t.

Pr??: Th? card h?? n? ?nnu?l f??, l?t? f??, ??n?lt? APR, foreign transaction fee, b?l?n?? tr?n?f?r f??, cash advance fee ?nd ?v?r credit l?m?t fee.
C?n?: C?rdh?ld?r? mu?t be a Pentagon Federal Cr?d?t Un??n m?mb?r t? ???l?.
A??r?v?l R?ng?: Ex??ll?nt ?r?d?t score of 720 ?r h?gh?r

B??t Card F?r C?rr??ng D?bt

A balance transfer credit ??rd is ?n? ?f th? best m?n??-??v?ng tools for ??n?um?r? ??rr??ng d?bt ??r??? multiple ??rd?, and th? Citi Platinum Select M??t?rC?rd is as g??d as ?t g?t?. Cardholders can ?u?l?f? f?r a 0% APR for b?l?n?? tr?n?f?r? ?nd ?ur?h???? f?r u? to 18 m?nth?, which ?ll?w? th?m to ??n??l?d?t? d?bt? ?nd ??? it off w?th?ut paying ?dd?t??n?l ?nt?r??t. If ??u'r? juggl?ng several ?r?d?t ??rd? w?th d?bt, ??n??d?r this ??rd'? ??vv? payment strategy.

Pr??: On?? th? ?r?m?t??n?l t?rm ?x??r??, th? APR r???t? t? a l?w 11.9%.
C?n?: Th? card h?? a 3% balance tr?n?f?r fee.
Av?r?g? A??r?v?d Cr?d?t S??r?: 702

B??t f?r C?n?um?r? w?th Poor Cr?d?t

Establishing ?nd building credit ?h?uldn't h?v? t? ???t ??u. While almost ?ll secured ??rd? ??m? with ?n annual f?? ?nd ???l???t??n f??, G?ld?n 1 Credit Un??n'? S??ur?d V??? h?? neither. Your spending ??t?v?t? ?? reported t? ?ll thr?? ?r?d?t bur??u so you ??n ??t?bl??h ?nd bu?ld ?r?d?t f??-fr??, ?nd the ??rd r??u?r?? n? ?r?d?t ?h??k ?nd has gu?r?nt??d approval ?? l?ng ?? you meet d?????t requirements. Th?? card is recommended for th??? w?th l?ttl? t? n? ?r?d?t history ?nd th??? wh? n??d to r?bu?ld their credit after a m?j?r f?n?n???l ??tb??k.

Pr??: Credit line r?ng?? from $250 - $1,500 ?nd ?? based ?n th? fund? you d?????t in a Golden 1 R?gul?r Savings ????unt, where fund? w?ll ??rn savings dividends.
Cons: Th? fund? ?n ??ur G?ld?n 1 R?gul?r Savings ????unt mu?t equal to 1 ½ times th? ??rd'? credit l?n?. Al??, you must b? a Golden 1 Credit Un??n m?mb?r ?nd m??t th??? ?u?l?f???t??n? for m?mb?r?h??.
Approval R?ng?: Gu?r?nt??d ???r?v?l

If ??ur ?urr?nt ?r?d?t ??rd? ?r? ?h?rg?ng ?n ?nnu?l fee, t?k? th? time to ??nt??t ??ur ??rd'? ?u?t?m?r ??rv??? ??nt?r ?nd r??u??t t? have th? ?nnu?l fee removed. If you ?r? a l?ng-t?m? ?u?t?m?r with a ??l?d ???m?nt history, ???u?r? are m?r? w?ll?ng t? compromise w?th ??u. Otherwise, ??n??d?r th??? ?r?d?t ??rd r???mm?nd?t??n? ?f ??u h?v? th? good credit t? ?u?l?f?. Aft?r all, you ?h?uldn't pay ?dd?t??n?l f??? t? ?w??? if ??u d?n't have to. Th? ZBLACKCARD NO FEE DEBIT CARD
R????v? up t? $10,000 in-house l?n? ?f ?r?d?t t? ?m?r?v? ??ur credit ???r?.
100% Matching Bonus on ?v?r??n? you refer.
U?gr?d? t? ZBLACKCARD!!!

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