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RGCSL Daily Insights – Every One Of Us Is Our Own Savior…
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RGCSL Daily Insights

Rio Grande Center For Spiritual Living, Albuquerque, NM

Around the year with Ernest Holmes
Compiled by Serving New Thought

We give thanks to the Divine Journal for their work in providing this.

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You will find a new and wonderful insight!

The insight for today:

"Every man is his own savior, because every man has a direct approach to Reality"

"Let us learn to believe and to perceive and daily to announce; and whenever negation comes up into our consciousness, let us declare the affirmative, and know that there is One bearing witness with us, even the Spirit of God, that wherever there is light there is no darkness. Every man has the power of faith and understanding to remold and remake his life, to recreate his destiny; not by willing, but by being willing to know. Not by coercion; the race is not to the fast but to the sure-footed. The race is not to anyone who contends with any powers, visible or invisible, but to the one who knows. 'God is not afar off; the word is nigh unto thee, even in thine own mouth, that thou shouldst know it and do it.' Let us feel the direct, indwelling presence of a Power and Spirit, sufficient to meet every human need; and accept that It not only desires to, but that it is Its business to; that Its whole purpose and time shall be devoted to supplying that need, if we live in unity with It. Living in unity with It is very simple—the act of acceptance, belief, acquiescence, and embodiment."

"Then will our Oneness with Spirit be so complete, there can be no question as to what we may pray for. Our every prayer will be a song of praise: 'Yea and Amen.'"

"It Operates Simply By Speaking"

– Ernest Holmes

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11/30/2015  All is Love, God is Love, Love is God
11/29/2015  Dancing With Mother
11/28/2015  In the Land of Faith
11/27/2015  God’s Heart Is Wide Open
11/25/2015  One Infinite Source of All Good
11/23/2015  Well Being For Leasha
11/22/2015  I am Gratitude
11/21/2015  Choose Happiness
11/20/2015  I Live in the Absolute
11/19/2015  I Am that which You Are
11/18/2015  In the Quiet: God
11/17/2015  God is Everywhere
11/16/2015  I am Connected
11/15/2015  The Families of France are Healed
11/13/2015  This Thing Called Truth
11/12/2015  A Treatment to Reveal Our Wholeness
11/9/2015  The Circle of Protection
11/8/2015  Reveling in Happiness
11/6/2015  God is Wholeness and this Wholeness is Who I Am
11/4/2015  Releasing Judgment
11/2/2015  I Hope You'll Dance
11/1/2015  Calling on the Blessings of the Ancestors
10/30/2015  Our Phenomenal Power to Manifest
10/29/2015  God Is Limitless and Abundant
10/28/2015  Featured Client Website
10/27/2015  Living in Divine Namaste
10/26/2015  One with God and One with All
10/25/2015  I am Loved and I am Home
10/23/2015  God Is Pure Love and Acceptance
10/22/2015  I Plant the Seed of Love
10/21/2015  Faith is the Substance
10/20/2015  Deep Love Resides in the Center of My Being
10/18/2015  Joy and Peace Are Truth
10/16/2015  Today, I Am
10/15/2015  I Unify with This Thing Called Life
10/14/2015  Fatigue Has No Power in my Life
10/13/2015  I Remember God As Me
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10/12/2015  A Lesson in Forgiveness
10/11/2015  Prayer for Beverly
10/8/2015  Creative Expression is Who I am!
10/5/2015  I turn to the Oneness, the Wholeness, and the Perfection
10/4/2015  Peace Creates Peace
10/2/2015  One Mind, One Life Permeates All
10/1/2015  God is Constant
9/30/2015  No More Tomorrows
9/29/2015  God is in Every Moment.
9/28/2015  I Just Allow, No Need to Cling, No Doubts to Entertain, I Just Al
9/27/2015  Surrendering to Love
9/26/2015  Every Word we Think or Say is a Prayer
9/25/2015  Glory is in the Deepest Part of Me
9/24/2015  If I could put Time in a Bottle…” JIM CROCE
9/23/2015  Spirit is my Companion
9/22/2015  Give God the Glory
9/20/2015  There is One Love
9/19/2015  I AM the Oneness Expressing
9/17/2015  The Abundance of Spirit is There For Me
9/16/2015  I Express Success in My Life
9/15/2015  One Divine Intelligence in All
9/14/2015  One Power That is Everything
9/13/2015  My Soul Sings In the Divine
9/12/2015  A Meditation
9/10/2015  Real Time Reputation Management - RepWarn
9/10/2015  Surrender and Acceptance
9/9/2015  The Beauty of the Crooked Way
9/8/2015  Love is the Ultimate Elixir
9/7/2015  Belief, Faith and Prayer
9/6/2015  I Am the Love of God Made Manifest
9/5/2015  Reputation Management - An Easier Way
9/5/2015  Treatment/Prayer is Active, Not Passive
9/4/2015  I Release this Word into the Law
9/3/2015  Going Within
9/2/2015  God Expresses Through Each of Us in Whatever Way WE Decide
9/1/2015  In this Playful, Unstoppable Life, I Let God Handle the Details
9/1/2015  In this Playful, Unstoppable Life, I Let God Handle the Details
8/31/2015  God's Embrace
8/30/2015  Good Prevails
8/29/2015  One Loving Source
8/27/2015  Prayer to the Great Comforter
8/26/2015  The Law is the Servant of the Spirit
8/25/2015  I Learn Life’s Lessons with Grace and Ease
8/24/2015  My Word is Law
8/23/2015  The Love Affair with the Divine
8/21/2015  Let It Go! Let It Go!
8/20/2015  Gratitude Comes Naturally and Effortlessly!
8/17/2015  Spirit is the source of all life, all love, all abundance, all h
8/16/2015  Lighting the Candle of Faith
8/15/2015  I Am Grateful for the Blessings and Miracles…
8/14/2015  I Know The Truth
8/13/2015  I Am Happy
8/12/2015  Strength and Grace in the Face of Life’s Challengers
8/10/2015  I Recognize a Masterpiece that is Me, that is You
8/9/2015  The Rio Grande Center Transforms Society
8/7/2015  This Perfect Moment
8/4/2015  I Turn to the Great I AM
8/2/2015  My Goals Are Easily Achieved
8/1/2015  Settling Into Forgiveness
7/31/2015  God Says Yes and Yes
7/30/2015  Allowing Forgiveness
7/29/2015  In The Light of Divine
7/28/2015  Loving Power is in every moment of this Glorious Day
7/27/2015  Prayer for My Artist Heart
7/25/2015  I Release this Prayer into the Universal Law…
7/23/2015  The Beauty of Spirit
7/21/2015  Your Life is Easier than you Think
7/20/2015  Love and Joy are in the Center of my Being!
7/19/2015  Dedicated to the New and Current Practitioners at the Rio Grande
7/17/2015  I Release My Words to the Answer
7/16/2015  Mind Creates Prosperity in My Life
7/15/2015  The Goodness of Life
7/13/2015  I See With Divine Eyes
7/12/2015  Abundance and Peace Everywhere I Look
7/11/2015  I Release my Words into the Law
7/10/2015  The Divine
7/9/2015  Pursuit of Happiness
7/8/2015  My Peace, I Give Unto You
7/7/2015  The One Power of Good is My Life
7/5/2015  Unlimited Abundance and Freedom are My Experience
7/4/2015  Freedom From Outside Rule
7/3/2015  Love is the Foundation
7/2/2015  The World Operates in Sync with our Highest Energy
7/1/2015  God is Peace
6/30/2015  We are that Beauty
6/29/2015  Love is the Foundation, the Expression…
6/28/2015  The Sacred Marriage of God
6/27/2015  We are Souls Dancing in the One Life of God
6/25/2015  The Divine Source within Me
6/23/2015  My Connection with God
6/22/2015  Dedicated to Spirit
6/21/2015  The Families of Charleston are Healed
6/20/2015  All Limitation Melts Away into the Nothingness in Which It Came F
6/19/2015  Prayerful Response to Charleston
6/18/2015  There is Only Love
6/17/2015  Take a Breath and Slow Down
6/16/2015  Believing In Truth
6/15/2015  “I Give Thanks for This Truth”
6/14/2015  Hatching Joy
6/13/2015  “The Road to Freedom is not Mysterious”
6/12/2015  I Picture In Every Way the Perfection of My Being
6/11/2015  We are Perfect as We Are
6/10/2015  God Looking Back at Itself
6/9/2015  Freedom to Choose Our Life’s Journey
6/8/2015  Out of Life Came I
6/7/2015  Happy am I
6/6/2015  I Live in the Moment, which is God
6/5/2015  Life is Harmonious, One Moment at a Time
6/4/2015  Divine Power acts upon my Word
6/1/2015  Richard's Tech Tips - Live Audio Streaming
6/1/2015  Spirit Is This Life
5/31/2015  The Perfect Life of Our Rio Grande Center Community
5/30/2015  I Know God as Love
5/29/2015  Truly, God is All there Is
5/28/2015  A Gift from the One Source of All Creation
5/27/2015  How Sweet the Clarity of God
5/26/2015  Thank you Spirit for your greater Sight
5/25/2015  I Give Thanks for the Love
5/24/2015  “Knowing Vitality and Zest”
5/23/2015  Spirit is the Voice Within
5/22/2015  I Speak My Word
5/21/2015  Surrender to Spirit
5/20/2015  The One Loving Spirit Resides in My Deepest Desires
5/19/2015  Gratitude for Perfect Unfoldment in Every Moment
5/18/2015  God Is Still there for Us
5/16/2015  God Gives Abundantly
5/15/2015  Energy is Ongoing, Eternal and Indestructible
5/14/2015  Life has No Beginning and No End!
5/13/2015  I am the Divine Expressing
5/12/2015  My Life is Filled with Blessings
5/11/2015  Loving Acceptance
5/10/2015  Affirming Good for Mothers Everywhere
5/9/2015  A Prayer For Love for All
5/8/2015  A Heartfelt Prayer of Surrender
5/7/2015  Every Place I Am
5/6/2015  Lightness, Joy, and Freedom Are Mine Now
5/3/2015  God is Essence and Energy
5/2/2015  A Treatment For Baltimore
5/1/2015  We are the Perfect Conduit of Spirit and God
4/30/2015  The Engine of the Subjective Mind
4/29/2015  Let Us Not Fool Ourselves
4/27/2015  Parade through my Heart
4/26/2015  Surrendering to More
4/25/2015  The Law of Circulation (Matt. 10:8)
4/21/2015  If I Were Brave
4/20/2015  I See Perfection in Everyone Today
4/19/2015  A New Beginning Today
4/16/2015  My Life Unfolds Perfectly
4/15/2015  A Treatment for Peace of Mind
4/14/2015  The Unfolding of Kindness
4/13/2015  I Accept Life
4/12/2015  Knowing Only Good – La Ilaha illallah
4/11/2015  Divine Harmony
4/10/2015  Calmness and Peace are Mine Right Now
4/9/2015  The Search for God – An Inward Journey
4/8/2015  Life, The One Source
4/7/2015  The Nature of Spirit
4/6/2015  The Divine Essence at the Center of Al
4/5/2015  I Am Led By the Light of Spirit
4/4/2015  Coming into Unity
4/3/2015  God is Spirit, Spirit is Substance and Substance is Supply
4/2/2015  One Perfect Energy
4/1/2015  The Light Within You, Shines, Shines, Shines
3/31/2015  Being Happy by Remaining in Faith
3/30/2015  The Divine Operating System
3/29/2015  Bathed in Love
3/26/2015  God is Divine Love
3/24/2015  Spark of the Indwelling God
3/23/2015  Immortality
3/22/2015  Healing the Children
3/21/2015  God, Show me the Way
3/20/2015  Spring is the Newness of Life Right Now
3/19/2015  Love is the Ultimate Wayshower!
3/18/2015  I Say “Yes” to Blessings Everyday
3/17/2015  I am one with this God/Love
3/16/2015  Now. There is only the Now!
3/15/2015  Profound Sweetness in My Life
3/14/2015  Embrace Your Godlike Qualities
3/13/2015  Perfect Health, Abundance, and Divine Flow is my Proclamation!
3/12/2015  A Treatment for Trust
3/11/2015  All Exists Within God
3/10/2015  I Experience Life to the Fullest
3/9/2015  The Divine Journey
3/8/2015  Loving My Life
3/7/2015  Indra's Net
3/6/2015  I Nurture my Spiritual Growth
3/5/2015  I Trust; I Surrender; I Allow
3/4/2015  Knowing that Divine Power
3/3/2015  God is NOW: Prayer for Returning to Center
3/2/2015  God Consciousness
3/1/2015  Appreciating My Life
2/27/2015  Prayer for Faith Sublime
2/26/2015  I Have an Attitude of Gratitude
2/25/2015  Divine Knowing
2/24/2015  Prayer for Abundance
2/23/2015  Today, I am a Success
2/22/2015  My Desires Are Fulfilled
2/21/2015  Solutions Are Just Thoughts Away
2/20/2015  Gratitude For Ordinary Things
2/19/2015  I Accept Who I Am
2/18/2015  Grateful for all the Blessings
2/17/2015  Abundance is All I See
2/16/2015  I Live in Perfect Love
2/15/2015  The Time is Now
2/14/2015  I Am Aware
2/13/2015  Allowing Love
2/12/2015  Surrounded in Divine Love
2/11/2015  I Contemplate The Presence
2/10/2015  Today I Open my Heart to Forgiveness
2/9/2015  Realizing Our True God Selves
2/8/2015  Abundance Meets My Needs
2/7/2015  The Inner Wayshower Shines Through in This Day…
2/4/2015  I am One With the Loving Presence
2/3/2015  Let go or be dragged. – Zen proverb
2/2/2015  God is Always Present
2/1/2015  Una Oración Por Jennie Goff Who Left Before Dawn on Saturday
1/31/2015  "God’s Love Envelops You Always – I Claim it for You NOW"
1/30/2015  Trinity of Being
1/29/2015  “I am a Deliberate Thinker that Plants Seeds of Goodness”
1/28/2015  The Shining Light of Power is in the Center of My Being!
1/27/2015  Prayer for Loving Kindness
1/26/2015  Spiritual Mind Treatment for Health
1/25/2015  I am in Love with Love
1/24/2015  I Show Up as a Point of Consciousness
1/23/2015  Practicing the Presence of NOW
1/22/2015  I am in Perfect Alignment in this moment with Divine Providence
1/21/2015  Change is in the Air!
1/20/2015  There is One Magnificent Presence
1/19/2015  The Law of God Is One of Liberty (II Cor. 3:17)
1/18/2015  The Vitality of God Is My Life
1/17/2015  Look Past Appearance
1/16/2015  Spirit Within
1/15/2015  We Are One With Spirit
1/14/2015  The Universe Says “YES”
1/13/2015  Self Acceptance
1/12/2015  Fill My Vessel With Spirit
1/11/2015  Releasing Limitation
1/10/2015  A Time To Contemplate
1/9/2015  The Year of the Mystic – Authenticity and Uniqueness
1/8/2015  Wherever I Am, God Is
1/7/2015  Good As God
1/6/2015  I am that Eternalness that is God
1/5/2015  It is an Inside Job
1/4/2015  A Vortex of Blessing
1/3/2015  Divine Oneness
1/2/2015  God is the Experience of Life
1/1/2015  God, that Something, Hears All Your Prayers
12/31/2014  God Expressing As Me
12/30/2014  We Are Divinely Guided
12/29/2014  I Reconnect With Divine Purpose
12/28/2014  Living in Grace Throughout the New Year
12/27/2014  I Grow and Achieve Success
12/26/2014  Everything Experienced or Dreamed is God’s idea
12/25/2014  Christmas Times
12/24/2014  This Power I call God is Love beyond Words
12/23/2014  There is Nothing that is not a part of this One Perfect Thing.
12/21/2014  Affirming the Light of the Holiday
12/20/2014  I Invite in Joy and Abundance to My Day
12/19/2014  Surrendering to a Greater Sense of Love
12/18/2014  What We Believe
12/16/2014  The Season of Light
12/15/2014  There Is No Power in the Past
12/14/2014  Affirming the People of the Rio Grande Center on Its 5th Birthday
12/13/2014  I Am Worthy
12/12/2014  A Prayer For Our Country
12/11/2014  I Am an Original Idea of God
12/10/2014  The Peace of God
12/9/2014  There Are No Limits
12/8/2014  The Prayer of Illumination
12/7/2014  Declaring the Peace of God and Laying Down All Burdens
12/6/2014  I Honor the Divinity within Myself
12/5/2014  Light Filled Beings
12/4/2014  God As Light and Love
12/2/2014  My Life Is Harmonious
12/1/2014  Grateful for the Love
11/29/2014  Is God a Being of Moods?
11/26/2014  Give Thanks
11/24/2014  Mental Practice Deals Only with Thought
11/23/2014  For Every Member of the Rio Grande Center
11/22/2014  I Know Love Is My Truth and My Way
11/20/2014  I Am a Beacon of Light
11/19/2014  Appreciation, Gratitude and Thanksgiving
11/18/2014  Attitude Of Gratitude
11/17/2014  I am One With Spirit
11/15/2014  I Am Divinely Guided
11/14/2014  God is Perfection Unfolding
11/13/2014  Healing The Heart
11/12/2014  “I Exercise my Use of Thought as well as my Body”
11/11/2014  Power of Thought
11/10/2014  A Cure for Loneliness
11/9/2014  Dedicated to the Practitioners at the Rio Grande Center for Spiri
11/8/2014  The Fundamentals of Belief
11/7/2014  My God Given Passion For Life
11/6/2014  Our Dream is Real
11/5/2014  As We Believe
11/4/2014  What is Spiritual Healing?
11/3/2014  Opportunities are Infinite and Endless
11/2/2014  Peace is the Benefit
11/1/2014  Prayer of Faith
10/31/2014  I Am The Presence of Abundance
10/30/2014  The Purpose of the Science of Mind
10/29/2014  I Am Aligned With The Divine
10/28/2014  One of the First Things to Do, is to Love Everybody
10/27/2014  Return To Serenity
10/26/2014  Mom Lives Safely in Her Home
10/25/2014  The Seed of Perfection Is Hidden Within
10/24/2014  I Release My Word Into The Law
10/23/2014  You Always Have Choices
10/22/2014  The Universe Never Plays Favorites
10/21/2014  The Thing Itself — The Power Back of Creation
10/20/2014  I Focus This Day on My Good
10/19/2014  Surrounded by Good and Bathed in Love
10/18/2014  I Am Grateful
10/17/2014  I Sit Still and Breathe in Peace
10/16/2014  I Create My Future
10/15/2014  I Accept Miracles that Flow into my Life
10/14/2014  Theme2Html - Live examples - FAQ
10/14/2014  There’s More Than Enough Time in God
10/13/2014  Theme2Html - Professional Website Builder - Increase Your Convers
10/13/2014  I Am One With God
10/12/2014  Universal Mind Contains All Knowledge
10/10/2014  One With God
10/9/2014  We are all individualized personifications of God as the One Sour
10/8/2014  Spirit, My Entire Being
10/7/2014  Be the Light
10/6/2014  Life is the Ever Flowing Goodness Available to Every Single Momen
10/5/2014  Affirming My Belief in Self
10/2/2014  Everything is Energy, Everything is Consciousness
10/1/2014  God is In Everyone
9/30/2014  Home is Where I am
9/29/2014  Life is the Expression of the One Loving Source, God
9/28/2014  A Mighty Convergence of Ministers
9/27/2014  Love is Who We Are
9/25/2014  The Peace that comes from Faith
9/24/2014  “”The Christ” is a Universal Presence”
9/23/2014  Adplotter - Manually Posting Your Ads is so 2013!
9/23/2014  A World That Works for Everyone
9/22/2014  I AM The ONENESS In All ITS GLORY
9/21/2014  For John Conrad
9/20/2014  Loving Power Pours through my day!
9/19/2014  I Release and I Let Go
9/18/2014  I Live a Conscious Life
9/17/2014  Practice of Gratitude
9/16/2014  Principle is not Bound by Precedent
9/15/2014  Love Heals Me
9/12/2014  A Healing Place
9/11/2014  I Look Around at all The Beauty
9/10/2014  Experience Life to Its Fullest
9/9/2014  Sweet Surrender
9/8/2014  Appearances Are Deceiving
9/7/2014  Rio Grande Center is Alive with Happiness!
9/6/2014  In This Moment, I am Love
9/5/2014  A Riddle Out of Simplicity
9/4/2014  God is Love
9/3/2014  Thoughts On Change
9/2/2014  Thank you Grace, Thank you Faith, Thank you Light
9/1/2014  The Electricity of Life
8/31/2014  Giving Thanks for the Rio Grande Community
8/30/2014  Divine Right Action
8/29/2014  God is All That Is
8/28/2014  I am in Complete Control
8/27/2014  Surrendering to Possibility
8/26/2014  God is the Loom upon which the Universe is Woven
8/25/2014  Thank You For All of It
8/24/2014  I Claim Truth
8/23/2014  Standing In My Truth
8/22/2014  It is the Living Spirit and Essence of Life
8/21/2014  Life is an Adventure
8/20/2014  The Beauty of Life
8/19/2014  Let Truth Be Revealed
8/18/2014  God is All, All is God
8/17/2014  It’s a Good Day!
8/16/2014  I Alone, am Responsible for my Experiences
8/15/2014  Smiles are the Word for the Day
8/14/2014  I Am Free From Clutter
8/13/2014  This Power I call God
8/12/2014  In Service to Life
8/11/2014  I am One with the Source of my Being
8/10/2014  Forgiveness for Myself and Others
8/9/2014  Compassion and Joy Pours through every moment!
8/8/2014  The Thing Itself
8/7/2014  The Power of One
8/6/2014  Essence of Life, One-Whole, Perfect and Complete
8/5/2014  The Heart of Wonder
8/4/2014  Divine Peace Now
8/1/2014  Each Person is the Divine Expressing
7/31/2014  Our Practice is to Affirm the Truth
7/30/2014   How Could God Ever Condemn Itself
7/29/2014  I Trust, I Allow and I Release these Words into the Law
7/28/2014  You are BE-YOU-tiful
7/27/2014  Peace is the Harmonizing Agent of Life
7/26/2014  My Thought Creates My Worl
7/25/2014  Harmony Flows Through Every Moment
7/24/2014  Divine Guidance
7/23/2014  Releasing Attachment
7/22/2014  No Separation
7/21/2014  Take a Vacation in God's World Everyday
7/20/2014  Clear Loving Communication With All People
7/19/2014  There is a Power and Presence Greater than I Am
7/18/2014  God Is Perfect Love
7/17/2014  The Spirit is Love and Law
7/16/2014  The Power of My Thoughts
7/15/2014  Turning From the Problem to the Solution
7/14/2014  Be A Friend
7/13/2014  Faith Affirms Life
7/12/2014  I Am Nourished by Life
7/11/2014  Our Path is Divinely Guided
7/10/2014  Gratitude is the Essence of all Happiness
7/8/2014  It's An Inside Job
7/7/2014  Loving Kindness
7/6/2014  I Am Renewed
7/5/2014  The Pathway to True Freedom for Anyone
7/4/2014  The Greater I Am is always with Me
7/3/2014  Letting Gratitude Flow
7/2/2014  All of Life is God Expressing Itself
7/1/2014  God Always has “The Way” Covered
6/30/2014  My Life is a Living Prayer of Love and Light
6/29/2014  Alive with the Idea of Good
6/28/2014  My Willingness to Trust Divine Providence
6/27/2014  I Allow My Prayers to Be Answered
6/26/2014  Spiritual Independence
6/25/2014  I am in Perfect Health
6/24/2014  Spirit is in My Life
6/23/2014  I am Grateful for the Teachings of Science of Mind
6/22/2014  Declaring Pure Joy Today
6/21/2014  Willing to Change
6/20/2014  I am Fully Abundant in All Aspects of Life!
6/19/2014  Revealing the Truth
6/18/2014  God is Peace and Calm
6/17/2014  Let Your Light Shine
6/15/2014  A Father’s Love
6/14/2014  I am Grateful for all of my Experiences
6/13/2014  Coming Home To Peace
6/12/2014  Own Your Truth
6/11/2014  Sacred Ground
6/10/2014  Today, I stand, speak and share from the infinite well of love!
6/9/2014  I Marvel at Spirit’s Creativity
6/8/2014  I Live In This Container of Good
6/7/2014  Celebrating Our Oneness With Spirit
6/6/2014  With God, I Claim My Greatness
6/5/2014  God is Infinite and Timeless
6/4/2014  The Great Reality, Which I Call God
6/3/2014  Love is Who We Are
6/2/2014  My Mind is a Microcosm of God’s Mind
6/1/2014  Each Day is a New Beginning
5/31/2014  Prayer For Energy
5/30/2014  God is Expansive and Intricate
5/29/2014  I am an Expression of the One
5/28/2014  I Proclaim a Perfect Life For Today!
5/27/2014  Stepping into Goodness
5/26/2014  God is the Source of All
5/24/2014  I am One with the Creative Process
5/23/2014  Spiritual Mind Treatment for Radiant Health
5/22/2014  My Source and my Supply is The Activity of Divine Providence
5/21/2014  Love is the Central Flame of the Universe
5/20/2014  I Center My Life in the Divine Flow of Everything
5/19/2014  I Believe in that Which is Greater
5/18/2014  Peace Forms a Path in Front of Me
5/17/2014  There is a Motivating Force in the Universe
5/16/2014  All I Can Be, I AM
5/15/2014  I Am a Magnificent Expression of Life
5/14/2014  Living Heaven On Earth
5/13/2014  A Prayer For Peace
5/12/2014  I Accept My Divine Guidance
5/11/2014  Giving Birth to Evolution
5/10/2014  When Life Was Simpler
5/9/2014  I Turn My Thoughts To Gratitude
5/8/2014  I Provide an Opening For My Good
5/7/2014  One TRUTH is all There is
5/6/2014  I am One with the One
5/5/2014  Spirit is Everywhere Present
5/4/2014  Affirming Life
5/3/2014  Seeing Miracles
5/1/2014  A Light That Sweeps Away the Darkness
4/29/2014  I Surrender With Ease and Grace
4/27/2014  Falling in Love with the Creator’s Sweet Love
4/25/2014  Spring is a Beautiful Reminder of the Perfection of God
4/24/2014  Nothing Can Separate Me From The Love of God
4/23/2014  There is Only the Oneness of All Surrounding Me
4/21/2014  I Know and Acknowledge the Goodness in Life!
4/20/2014  Pray In Faith
4/20/2014  I Am Constantly Growing and Evolving
4/18/2014  One, only One
4/17/2014  Peace – God is Peace and Love
4/16/2014  With God I Will Make Decisions with Confidence
4/15/2014  Unconditional Love are the Words for the Day
4/14/2014  I Open and Allow God
4/13/2014  I am Home with God
4/12/2014  We are all One through God’s Eyes
4/10/2014  Forgiveness Brings Me Back to the Present Moment
4/10/2014  Love is the Essence of All Things
4/8/2014  Springtime
4/7/2014  Staying In The Flow
4/7/2014  The Glowing Light of God
4/6/2014  I am the One I’ve Been Waiting For
4/2/2014  I Am Always Home in God
4/1/2014  Opening My Heart and My Consciousness
3/31/2014  Turning Away from Conditions
3/30/2014  The Season of Spring
3/30/2014  Honoring the Youth at Rio Grande Center for Spiritual Living
3/29/2014  The Presence of God
3/27/2014  There is Nothing That Exists Outside of God
3/26/2014  Spirit is Perfection…Everywhere…Always
3/25/2014  The Presence of God is Everywhere
3/24/2014  One Incredible Power
3/24/2014  I Forgive Myself
3/23/2014  Affirming and Welcoming All People
3/20/2014  Creative Energy Is Mine
3/18/2014  Calling Forth the Discovery of Truth
3/17/2014  God is the Splendid Love that Fills the Universe
3/16/2014  Gratitude is a Most Effective Prayer
3/16/2014  I See Good Everywhere I Look
3/14/2014  Miracles Unfold Daily...
3/13/2014  March – The Cycle of Life
3/12/2014  God is in the Power of my Word
3/11/2014  Cultivating Our Beliefs
3/10/2014  I Am Whole
3/10/2014  I Focus Upon Gratitude
3/9/2014  Love is All That I Am
3/7/2014  I Release the Old Things that no Longer Serve Me
3/6/2014  God's Mirror
3/4/2014  All Things Transpire with the One Divine Spirit
3/3/2014  I Give Thanks for the Law, Knowing that it is the Canyon..
3/2/2014  I Am Comforted in the Arms of God
3/2/2014  Living In Respect
3/1/2014  Teach Only Love
2/28/2014  Treatment for Perfect Health
2/27/2014  My Supply is God and I Trust It
2/26/2014  Celebrating Life
2/21/2014  A Prayer for Our Country
2/20/2014  There is Always Time in Spirit
2/19/2014  I Recognize the Power of Oneness
2/18/2014  Each of Us Make a Difference
2/17/2014  Being Seen in 2014
2/17/2014  You Are This Amazing and Magnificent Creation of Spirit
2/15/2014  God is Perfect Love, Healing Love, the Greatest Love
2/13/2014  Prayer of Healing
2/12/2014  Seeing the Bigger Picture
2/11/2014  Love is in the Air
2/10/2014  God, The Highest Wisdom of All LIfe
2/9/2014  The Good in Me Honors the Good in You
2/8/2014  “I am so Grateful for the Infinite Abundance of the Divine”
2/7/2014  I am One with Spirit and I Embody my Divinity
2/6/2014  I Entrust My Prayer to the Law that Always says, “Yes!”
2/6/2014  Drinking in the Goodness of God
2/5/2014  Authorized Distributors of Thought!
2/4/2014  The Quiet Tranquility of Winter
2/2/2014  Love – The Most Powerful Presence
2/1/2014  My Life is Love, Beauty and in Divine Order
2/1/2014  I Clarify my Vision for New Possibilities in 2014
1/31/2014  I Respond To Life From Love
1/30/2014  The Answers I Seek, Are Seeking Me
1/29/2014  I Take Time to Listen to the Voice Within
1/28/2014  Dog is my Co-Pilot
1/27/2014  I asked spirit what needed to be said. It answered “Please pass
1/26/2014  Perfect Happiness for Each of Us
1/25/2014  A Treatment for Perfect Health
1/24/2014  Living a Life of Peace and Joy
1/23/2014  Spirit In Me
1/22/2014  Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Who’s The Fairest of Them All?
1/21/2014  I Release My Word Knowing it is Done
1/20/2014  The Presence is Every Where and in Every One of Us
1/19/2014  I Pray In and For This Dream
1/18/2014  Everything that Exists if Of God
1/17/2014  God or Spirit is Everywhere Present
1/16/2014  I Release and Let Go
1/15/2014  One Divine Presence
1/14/2014  God is that Amazing Presence of Love, Joy, Abundance and Perfecti
1/13/2014  The Time to Turn Within
1/12/2014  Loving the Original Source
1/11/2014  All is Well, All is Good, All is Love
1/10/2014  Perfect Health and Healing is Our Divine Birthright
1/9/2014  God Makes No Mistakes
1/8/2014  New Beginnings
1/7/2014  Thought Ancestor
1/6/2014  I recognize Kindness as my Truth
1/5/2014  Affirming Peace and Abundance
1/4/2014  I Am Truly Blessed
1/2/2014  The Power of I Am
1/1/2014  I Am One With Love
12/31/2013  I am Expressing God in everything I say, think, feel and do
12/29/2013  The Perfect Life of the Rio Grande Center
12/28/2013  Being In The Present
12/27/2013  Spiritual Mind Treatment - Prayer
12/25/2013  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
12/24/2013  The New Birth
12/23/2013  Asleep in the Heart of Cosmic Love
12/22/2013  I Am So Glad
12/21/2013  God’s Whispers Are The Source Of My Intuition
12/20/2013  Plain and Simple - We Are All Love
12/19/2013  I Know That All Is Well
12/18/2013  I Identify With This Thing Called Life
12/17/2013  Thank You, Spirit, for my Abundance
12/16/2013  Form Within The Formless
12/15/2013  Declaring the Peace of the Mystic
12/14/2013  A Prayer of Thanksgivng
12/13/2013  Our Inherent Brilliance
12/12/2013  Spirit Knows no Precedent, Only Now
12/11/2013  I Am the Beloved of God in every moment of my Life
12/9/2013  Love Is God In Action
12/8/2013  Mandela’s Prayer: Leaving the Prison of Our Own Prejudice
12/7/2013  We Are One
12/6/2013  The Spirit of Life Some Call God is Everywhere
12/4/2013  Life is Full and Full of Wonder
12/3/2013  I Am Divinely Guided, Infinitely Supported and Eternally Grateful
12/2/2013  Living in the Uncertainty Where God’s Got It Covered
12/1/2013  Knowing Freedom and Abundance
11/30/2013  In Everything Give Thanks
11/29/2013  Express Gratitude
11/28/2013  A Prayer of Gratitude
11/27/2013  Celebrating My Friend, Ruzande!
11/26/2013  I Give Thanks for This Presence Within You and Me
11/25/2013  I Surrender Myself to the Highest Good
11/24/2013  Everything Comes From this Place of Perfection, Divine Order
11/23/2013  I am Grateful for this Gift of Life
11/22/2013  I Remember That All Is God
11/21/2013  I Bless Everyone
11/20/2013  I Release my Word to the Law of Mind
11/19/2013  Life Unfolds in Divine Right Order
11/17/2013  Ruzande is Free and He is Home
11/16/2013  God is Love, Light and Joy
11/15/2013  Your Calling is Sacred
11/14/2013  A Prayer for the Philippines from Dr. Kenn Gordon
11/13/2013  God is Unconditional Love
11/12/2013  I Am a Conscious Thinker
11/11/2013  Divine Inspiration
11/10/2013  Each Veteran Lives in Peace
11/9/2013  Spirit Is In All I See and All I Do
11/8/2013  There is Nothing Outside of God
11/7/2013  Gratitude for Love and Forgiveness
11/6/2013  Moving Forward
11/5/2013  The Goodness of God Caresses Me
11/4/2013  Circle of Life
11/3/2013  Living in Heaven
11/2/2013  The Oneness of Divine Expression
11/1/2013  The Source of all is the One Mind, God
10/31/2013  Expressing Only Love
10/30/2013  World of Continual Change
10/29/2013  The One Power of Universal Love
10/28/2013  All There Is, Is God
10/27/2013  I Affirm and Declare My Own Magnificence
10/26/2013  God is the Beginning and the End
10/25/2013  Success and Prosperity are Spiritual Attributes Belonging to all
10/23/2013  As We Think and Speak, So It Is
10/22/2013  Attracting Success
10/21/2013  I Co-create With You
10/20/2013  Praising the Evolution of My Soul
10/18/2013  I Have Enough, and I Am Enough
10/17/2013  There is a Presence
10/16/2013  Love is the Language of Spirit
10/15/2013  Attracting Success, Third Part
10/14/2013  I know I am Worthy
10/13/2013  All is Well With Everyone Around Me
10/13/2013  Attracting Success, Second Part
10/11/2013  Attract Success
10/10/2013  Every Person is a Divine Expression of Unlimited Love
10/9/2013  Transitions
10/8/2013  The Pearl of Happiness
10/7/2013  My Steps Are Divinely Ordered
10/6/2013  We are Allowed to Choose
10/5/2013  I Feel Beauty, Peace, Joy and Love all Around
10/4/2013  I am so Blessed
10/3/2013  I Take Back My Power
10/2/2013  The Love of Spirit
10/1/2013  God is All of It
9/30/2013  The Seduction
9/29/2013  A Joyful Circle Dedicated to the Members of the Rio Grande Center
9/28/2013  God is Always With Me, As She is the Source of my Being
9/27/2013   I Surrender
9/26/2013  My Contribution is Unique
9/25/2013  Listening To My Inner Voice
9/24/2013  Evil is Created by Man
9/23/2013  There is One. One life, One love, One Spirit.
9/22/2013  This Infinite Power is Love, Abundance, Joy
9/21/2013  Creation and Expression are my Purpose
9/20/2013  Gratitude For Everything
9/19/2013  I See Clearly
9/18/2013  I am a Lover of Life
9/17/2013  All of my Thoughts Are Prayers
9/16/2013  God is the only Power and Presence
9/15/2013  I Forgive Easily and I am Easily Forgiven
9/14/2013  Drink the Wild Air
9/13/2013  Perfect Health and Peace of Mind
9/12/2013  False Evidence Appearing Real
9/11/2013  Peace is the Power at the Heart of God
9/10/2013  I Am The Beloved
9/9/2013  Community – Unity – Harmony
9/8/2013  Prayer for Inclusion
9/7/2013  There is the Warmth of Spirit to Brighten the Day
9/6/2013  The Whole Secret
9/5/2013  Spirit Reveals Our New Location
9/4/2013  Love is the Force, the Power, the Wisdom
9/3/2013  We Are Each On Purpose
9/2/2013  Hiring The Heavens
9/1/2013  Giving Thanks for the Rio Grande Center
8/31/2013  Love is the Essence
8/30/2013  Recognizing Our Own Self Worth
8/29/2013  I Am Surrounded by Love
8/28/2013  Celebrating All Good (God)
8/27/2013  My Total Responsibility
8/26/2013  Ask in Faith, Believing
8/25/2013  I Know That I Am One With God
8/24/2013  God is the One Infinite Power
8/23/2013  The Gifts of God Are Mine Today
8/22/2013  I Am a Part of Life’s Abundance
8/21/2013  There Is No Place Where God Is Not
8/20/2013  YES, God is Awesome and Life is Good
8/19/2013  I Rest In The Grace of uTHIXO(God)
8/17/2013  The Law Is No Respecter of Persons (James 2:1-11)
8/16/2013  Spirit as My Co-creator
8/15/2013  An Intelligence Far Greater Than Myself
8/14/2013  Change is Constant
8/13/2013  Shifting Our Experiences
8/12/2013  The Mirror
8/11/2013  I Affirm Perfect Health
8/10/2013  Spirit Always Says “Yes”
8/9/2013  Choosing Thought
8/8/2013  Being With The Divine Source
8/7/2013  Divine Forgiveness
8/6/2013  Infinite YES To All Life Offers
8/5/2013  Count Blessings
8/4/2013  I Am Alive
8/3/2013  Honoring The Divine
8/2/2013  All that God IS!
8/1/2013  Have Your Own Product to Sell. Create Your Own Affiliate Program
8/1/2013  I Surrender to the Infinite Potential
7/31/2013  The Law Of Circulation
7/30/2013  Inquiring Minds Want to Know!
7/30/2013  You Are My Loving Source
7/29/2013  Equal Time for the Physical, Intellectual and Spiritual
7/28/2013  Every Decision Flows From Peace
7/27/2013  Words of Power
7/26/2013  How Do You View Change
7/25/2013  The Goodness That Is God
7/24/2013  Attraction Of Personality
7/23/2013  You Are This Limitless Love
7/22/2013  The Truth Within
7/21/2013  The Love Affair With God
7/20/2013  The Word Of Spirit Moves Through The Law
7/19/2013  I Am One With The Divine Spirit
7/18/2013  Living Abundantly
7/17/2013  What Your Social Networking Links should look like and other info
7/17/2013  I Am Never Alone
7/16/2013  Every Thought Is A Prayer
7/15/2013  The Bliss of GOD is Present in its Entirety
7/14/2013  The Infinite Dance of Life
7/13/2013  One Power In The Universe
7/12/2013  For When I Need to Remember
7/11/2013  The Universe Holds Nothing Against Us
7/10/2013  Our Words have the Power Of The Universe
7/9/2013  Rattlesnake Wrangling and SEO
7/9/2013  I Listen To My Inner Voice
7/8/2013  Nourishment
7/7/2013  I am the Love Of Life Again and Again
7/6/2013  God's Law
7/5/2013  I Am Supplied From Spirit
7/4/2013  I am Free with the Freedom of God
7/3/2013  We Live in a Vortex of Peace
7/2/2013  The Truth Is Universal
7/1/2013  The Search For Perpetual Traffic
7/1/2013  I Choose Fearlessness
6/30/2013  Peace Guides My Way and Love Rules My Thoughts
6/29/2013  I Give Thanks
6/28/2013  A reminder of my connection with God…
6/27/2013  Shade or Sunshine
6/26/2013  Inner Peace
6/25/2013  God and I are One
6/24/2013  Being the Guardian of my Thoughts
6/23/2013  All is Well in the Lives of All Beloveds
6/23/2013  Keyboard Shortcuts - Part II
6/22/2013  You Are Love, Joy, Positive Energy and Prosperity
6/21/2013  Keyboard Shortcuts - Part I
6/21/2013  A Prayer for the Solstice
6/20/2013  No, I am not retired and Why
6/20/2013  Today, I share God’s Gifts
6/19/2013  Blessings and Miracles Flow into my Life Daily
6/18/2013  There is only One – One Spirit, one Source, one God
6/17/2013  My Nature Is Pure Joy
6/16/2013  I Speak My Word for Fathers Everywhere
6/15/2013  RGCSL will have a Home we can call our Own
6/14/2013  Life as an adventure, and Spirit is my guide
6/13/2013  Anticipation
6/12/2013  Simply Being Myself
6/11/2013  Words Have Power
6/10/2013  I Am Free
6/9/2013  Happy To Be Me
6/8/2013  The Rain Comes Down and We Feel It.
6/7/2013  We can still use your help. The Quest: The Rise of Emodo
6/7/2013  Perfect Health and Healing is Our Divine Birthright
6/6/2013  Uncertainty
6/5/2013  Beauty Is Everywhere
6/4/2013  The One Consciousness
6/3/2013  God Shots
6/2/2013  Love Is The Key
6/1/2013  God is the One Source, the Law
5/31/2013  Divine Guidance Of God
5/30/2013  For I Am One With All Life
5/29/2013  Answers Will Come
5/28/2013  Everything Good Flows Endlessly and Effortlessly!
5/27/2013  There Are No Secrets
5/26/2013  I Light the Candle of Faith and No Longer Curse the Darkness
5/25/2013  Love of Self is Love of God
5/24/2013  Prayer for Safe and Joy-filled Travels
5/23/2013  I AM One With Nature
5/22/2013  God is Everywhere Present
5/21/2013  I Manifest My Good
5/20/2013  I Embrace Change
5/19/2013  Water is Life
5/18/2013  Peace of Mind
5/17/2013  Abundance is Everyone's Right
5/16/2013  There Is Peace In The Storm
5/15/2013  Divine Life, Divine Intelligence, Divine Love
5/13/2013  Mindfulness
5/12/2013  The Mother's Ultimate Seal Of Approval
5/11/2013  Giving Thanks to the Mothers of the Earth
5/10/2013  Science of Mind Reminds Me How Powerful I Am
5/9/2013  The Presence Of God
5/8/2013  Changelessness and Change
5/7/2013  God Is Grace and Love
5/6/2013  Resting In Alignment
5/5/2013  Together, We Are The Rio Grande Center For Spiritual Living
5/4/2013  The Quest: The Rise of Emodo - Be a Part of this New Gaming Exper
5/4/2013  Quiet Moments Of Introspection
5/3/2013  Beauty Abounds
5/2/2013  Never Ending Spiral Of Good
5/1/2013  The One Power the One Presence - Love
4/30/2013  The Universe Is Always With Us
4/29/2013  God Is The Great Healer
4/28/2013  Prayer for Dianne Martin, Barbara Kraft, Liza Kerr, and Roxanna M
4/27/2013  The Goodness Of Love
4/26/2013  God, Dogs and Science of Mind
4/25/2013  A Powerful Promise
4/23/2013  The Presence That Is Love
4/22/2013  Filled With The Illumination Of The Divine
4/21/2013  Affirming Harmony for the People of Boston and Texas
4/20/2013  Abundance Comes To Me From All Sources
4/19/2013  Nature Waits For Our Comprehension Of Her
4/18/2013  A Time Of Renewal/Rebirth
4/17/2013  We Are One With Spirit
4/16/2013  Don't Worry, Be Happy!
4/15/2013  Life Is Dynamic
4/14/2013  I Am Graced
4/13/2013  The Ultimater Power
4/12/2013  Healing, Divine Perfection And Wholeness Are Natural Order Of Lif
4/11/2013  The Power and Presence In The Universe
4/10/2013  Peace and Serenity
4/9/2013  I Cooperate With The Source of All Power
4/8/2013  Spirit Is The Source Of All
4/7/2013  Prayer From Perfect Alignment
4/6/2013  I See God In Each Person I Meet
4/5/2013  God Is Joy and So Am I
4/4/2013  The Power Of Forgiveness
4/3/2013  The Spiritual Perfection Of Man
4/2/2013  The Power Of Life
4/1/2013  Remembering Who I Am
3/31/2013  I Am The Triumph Of Spirit
3/30/2013  Today I Simply Believe
3/29/2013  Let The Spirit Out
3/28/2013  God Is My Supply
3/27/2013  Springtime, Rebirth of Spirit
3/26/2013  Omnipotent Life Force
3/25/2013  Consciousness: Mental Awareness
3/24/2013  God, The Alpha and Omega
3/23/2013  Ah, Spring
3/22/2013  I Shall Never Die
3/21/2013  Celebrate Perfect Moment, Perfect Day!
3/20/2013  Everything That God Is I Am
3/19/2013  Garbage In, Garbage Out
3/18/2013  The Law Is Definite
3/17/2013  I Believe In Myself
3/15/2013  Attracting Miracles
3/14/2013  Love Is All There Is
3/13/2013  Thank You God For Letting Me Play
3/12/2013  Seeing Through The Eyes Of God
3/11/2013  Forgiveness
3/10/2013  My Deepest Desires Are Already Made Manifest
3/9/2013  I Am Here To Express God
3/8/2013  I Say "Yes" to God
3/7/2013  I Express Gratitude For Freedom
3/6/2013  I Watch As Miracles Unfold
3/5/2013  Thank You Life
3/4/2013  My Prayers Are Always Answered
3/3/2013  All People Benefit From My Work
3/2/2013  Abundance Is Ours Right Now
3/1/2013  Awareness of the Divine Guidance in my Life
2/28/2013  I Celebrate This Moment In Truth and Love
2/27/2013  White Cloud ( God Energy)
2/26/2013  One Powerful Universal Source
2/25/2013  How Joy Filled Is My Gratitude
2/24/2013  Any Thoughts Can Be Unthought
2/23/2013  I Celebrate My Connection With The One Source
2/22/2013  Divine Source Is All There Is
2/21/2013  Celebrating My New Beginning
2/20/2013  Unlimited Daily Blessings
2/19/2013  Rebelmouse - Another great free marketing tool!
2/19/2013  I Am Love...
2/18/2013  This Thing Called You
2/17/2013  I Believe and I Am
2/15/2013  God As The Source
2/14/2013  God as the Source
2/12/2013  Peace In The Middle Of A Storm
2/11/2013  Spirit Is The Source Of All
2/10/2013  I Am Heard
2/8/2013  Spirit Is Eternally Giving Of Itself
2/7/2013  Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life
2/6/2013  Come To The Edge
2/5/2013  God Is, Therefore I Am
2/4/2013  I am Humbled by this One Precious Life
2/3/2013  Drinking the Juice of Experience
2/2/2013  God is Grace and Love
2/1/2013  Empowerment
1/31/2013  Evolution Of Love
1/30/2013  Knowingness
1/29/2013  Love – Universal Source of Limitless Power
1/28/2013  In the One I Am At Peace
1/27/2013  Miracles Abound
1/26/2013  Love Is The Author, Love Is The Word
1/25/2013  I Am Grateful For The Life-Giving Spirit
1/24/2013  Celebrating The Spirit of Love and Peace
1/23/2013  Remembering That Love Is All There Is
1/22/2013  Celebrating Our Successes
1/21/2013  Abundance – The Path to Prosperity
1/20/2013  Prayer for the Inaugural Weekend
1/19/2013  Love Is The Very Essence and Core Of You
1/18/2013  Our Divine Source
1/17/2013  Gratitude - Giving Thanks
1/16/2013  Heaven Within
1/15/2013  Think On These Things
1/14/2013  I Breathe The Breath Of The Divine
1/13/2013  Claiming My Blessings With Conviction
1/12/2013  God Is Peace, Joy and Love
1/11/2013  The Loving Source I Call God
1/9/2013  In The Beginning
1/8/2013  God Is All There Is
1/7/2013  God Is My Source
1/6/2013  The Rio Grande Center for Spiritual Living is Filled with Good
1/5/2013  One Power, One Presence and One Life
1/4/2013  New Year, A New Way
1/3/2013  Love and Light
1/2/2013  I Am An Expression Of God
1/1/2013  The Power of Our Spoken Word
12/31/2012  I Am One With The Source Of Love
12/30/2012  The New Year is a Magnificent Opportunity
12/29/2012  Live in the Light
12/28/2012  Divine Promises Are Kept
12/27/2012  Love is the Inspiration of all Life
12/26/2012  Grace of God is Always Present
12/25/2012  Love is the Omnipotent Power
12/24/2012  Absolutes Of Your Truth
12/23/2012  Living in my Religion of Joy
12/22/2012  Love Transcends Everything
12/21/2012  New Era Of Love
12/20/2012  Spirit Is Love
12/19/2012  This Mystery Called Life
12/18/2012  Being In Service
12/17/2012  Divine Health is Revealed
12/16/2012  Living On Purpose and In Grace
12/15/2012  I Am Excited About Life
12/14/2012  Healing, Divine Perfection and Wholeness are the Natural Order of
12/13/2012  Comfort and Peace in Times of Loss
12/12/2012  Transitions and New Beginnings
12/11/2012  In The Season There Is Calmness
12/10/2012  With Love And Deep Appreciation
12/9/2012  A Prayer Dedicated to Tim Shahen
12/8/2012  One Presence - Love
12/7/2012  Spirit Is The Light Of Love
12/6/2012  Again I Turn To Divine Source
12/5/2012  Peace is the Power at the Heart Of God
12/4/2012  Christ Consciousness
12/3/2012  No Order Of Difficulty For God
12/2/2012  Being Lifted to the Highest Grace
12/1/2012  A Day Spirit Has Made
11/29/2012  One Power, One Life , One God
11/28/2012  Renewal In Your Life
11/27/2012  How To Concentrate
11/26/2012  I Am That Which You Are
11/25/2012  Living In Perfect Harmony
11/24/2012  Counting My Blessings
11/23/2012  Seeing The Truth
11/22/2012  I Am Thankful
11/21/2012  Unlimited Possibilities
11/20/2012  I Saw God In His Face
11/19/2012  Life Is Good
11/18/2012  Appreciating My Own Life
11/17/2012  I Walk In Faith
11/16/2012  There Is Only One Life
11/15/2012  Good Thoughts and a Good Harvest (Matt. 7:17, 18)
11/14/2012  Thy Strength Is Sufficient
11/13/2012  Prayer For The Holidays
11/12/2012  I Bring God With Me Wherever I Go
11/11/2012  Joyfully Accepting My Own Joy
11/11/2012  The Power At The Heart Of God
11/10/2012  Thank You God In Me
11/9/2012  I Know Only Good is Unfolding in my Life
11/8/2012  Only Love Speaks Through Me Today
11/7/2012  I Relax Into The Awareness Of The One
11/6/2012  Thank You God In Me
11/5/2012  All is in Divine Right Order
11/4/2012  Living in the Limitless Infinite Love of the Divine
11/3/2012  My Divine Inheritance
11/2/2012  Spirit – In, Through and As
11/1/2012  My Path is Illuminated by Love, Peace and Joy
10/31/2012  God Is Everywhere!
10/30/2012  Peace and Safety In Times Of Uncertainty
10/29/2012  I Am Grateful
10/28/2012  Living In The Sheer Wake Of Love
10/27/2012  God Shines the Light Of Love on Everyone!
10/26/2012  “Thank You”…….The most powerful affirmation of all!
10/25/2012  I See and Know The Truth
10/25/2012  What a Wonderful Life It Is
10/24/2012  God is in and through all we think and do.
10/23/2012  God Is The Center Of My Being
10/21/2012  I Declare My Own Good
10/20/2012  Spirit Is Limitless!
10/19/2012  All Is Well!
10/18/2012  Living In Good!
10/17/2012  As I Help Others, I Am Helped
10/16/2012  I Am One With God
10/15/2012  I Have Vision!
10/14/2012  Love of God Enlivens Me
10/13/2012  Anticipation of Good!
10/12/2012  Today I say “Yes” to Life
10/10/2012  I am a divine being having a human experience.
10/9/2012  The Creative Medium of Spirit
10/8/2012  I Am Happy
10/7/2012  Remembering the Good and Seeing the Miracles
10/6/2012  There is a Presence, the Source Of All That Is
10/5/2012  There Is Only One Life, One Power, One Presence.
10/4/2012  There Is One Life and It is My Life Now
10/3/2012  There Is Only One!
10/2/2012  There Is Only One...
10/1/2012  God Is All There Is...
9/29/2012  Our Words Are All Powerful...
9/28/2012  A Life of Love and Joy
9/25/2012  There is one Life, One Universal Source of Love, One unified pres
9/24/2012  A Prayer of Deepening
9/22/2012  God Is All There Is.
9/21/2012  The Power Of The Universe
9/20/2012  Positive Thoughts Are Mine, Today!
9/19/2012  I affirm, declare, allow and accept miracles
9/18/2012  With Spirit, I am at Peace...
9/17/2012  I Live In Spirit
9/16/2012  There is One Love, and that Love is Perfect. The Daily Meditation
9/15/2012  I recognize there is One Life, One Source, One Power of all that
9/8/2012  THE QUEST - New Game needs your Help!
9/4/2012  Be a part of the Birth of a New Adventure - The Quest
7/26/2012  Pearls and Swine
7/25/2012  The Holy Grail of Traffic and Lead Generation
7/5/2012  **Update ** On Pinterest - Pinning Your IBO Profile to Pinterest
7/3/2012  What does Ernest Holmes say about Freedom?
7/2/2012  When we are strong!
6/16/2012  Free Will
6/7/2012  Create Your Own Lead Generation Website With...
6/4/2012  Do Not Try to Go Beyond Your Understanding
5/31/2012  God as Conscious Mind Is Spirit
5/26/2012  The Power Of The Word
5/9/2012  When the Blind Lead the Blind (Matt. 15:14) - Center For Spiritu
5/7/2012  Let the game of living commence...
5/2/2012  Center For Spiritual Living - Insights - The Seeing Eye
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4/7/2012  Rio Grande Center For Spiritual Living – No Misrepresentations
4/5/2012  RGCSL Daily Insights – Why Do We Think Evil
4/4/2012  RGCSL Daily Insights – You think, and Mind produces the thing
4/3/2012  RGCSL Daily Insights – Easy to Believe That God Is Perfect
4/2/2012  All Solutions Network - No Reason For Failure Except Inaction!
4/2/2012  RGCSL Daily Insights – The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth
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3/30/2012  Update! Pinterest - Pin your IBO Social Page to Pinterest.
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3/28/2012  RGCSL Daily Insights – Sorrow Flees From Me
3/27/2012  RGCSL Daily Insights – The Quick Answer and A Song Of Joy
3/26/2012  RGCSL Daily Insights – Only Thoughts That I Allow Can Enter
3/25/2012  RGCSL Daily Insights – We Create Our Own Heaven and Hell
3/24/2012  RGCSL Daily Insights – No False Suggestion
3/23/2012  RGCSL Daily Insights – I Am Free From Belief in Sin
3/22/2012  RGCSL Daily Insights – Infinite Life Within
3/21/2012  RGCSL Daily Insights – No Condemnation
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3/8/2012  So what does $7 get you these days?
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3/3/2012  RGCSL Daily Insights - Creative
3/2/2012  RGCSL Daily Insights – Cast Aside All Doubt
3/1/2012  RGCSL Daily Insights – Love To The World
2/29/2012  RGCSL Daily Insights – A Definite Creation
2/28/2012  EZMobileSiteGenerator - How I build cool mobile websites!
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1/2/2012  Why Mobilize Your Business?
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12/3/2011  RGCSL Daily Insights – Losing The Trail…
12/2/2011  RGCSL Daily Insights – The Only Action There Is Is of Mind or Spi
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11/21/2011  RGCSL Daily Insights – Firmly Being Aware Of Your Oneness With Go
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11/18/2011  RGCSL Daily Insights – The Way Is Made Clear Before Me…
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11/16/2011  RGCSL Daily Insights – Prayer Is Its Own Answer As Spirit Is Both
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11/7/2011  RGCSL Daily Insights – Expressing The Real Self…
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11/3/2011   body, Center for Spiritual Living, Ernest Holmes, RGCSL Daily In
11/2/2011  RGCSL Daily Insights – Peace Is The Power At The Heart Of God…
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9/14/2011  RGCSL Daily Insights –There is no limit to the possibility inhere
9/13/2011  RGCSL Daily Insights – The 'Comforter' is 'Emanuel, or God with
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9/6/2011  RGCSL Daily Insights –No Delays…
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7/24/2011  RGCSL Daily Insights - A mental treatment is a definite act of th
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