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Stop Smoking Now
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I am here to share with you, 10 certain ways to quit cigarettes , that work every time. There are more factors that might help you kick this filthy habit, but I found these to be most effective.

1. The folks you associate yourself with every day that are smokers, let them know that you are quitting, therefore they don't provide you a cigarette and most people will avoid smoking when you're around them, once they recognize you're serious about quitting.

2. Once you're smoking friends are aware that you're attempting to quit, notice someone that needs to quit with you and this will help each of you during those high craving moments.

3. Be certain to wash-up any cigarettes, ash trays, lighters, anything that reminds you of smoking, especially in those places where you would normally light-up.

4. Have a glass of water or a bowl of hard candies beside your telephone, therefore you have something to grab next time the phone rings.

5. Keep reminding yourself of the harm you are doing to your body with cigarette smoke and also the harm you're doing to other people around you. Have a list of all the damaging factors to your body and look at these everyday.

6. Everyday place some money to the side that you would normally spend on cigarettes and keep a running tab of this amount. You may be shocked how fast this grows and have a goal on how you want to spend this money, whether or not it's monthly on smaller things or annually on major items, like payments on a replacement vehicle or perhaps a vacation.

7. Find a hobby or activity to participate with during this vital time. This can take your mind off cigarettes, particularly during those high craving moments.

8. If someone offers you a cigarette, take it and break it in half. This will strengthen your will power and I guarantee you, they won't offer you another cigarette.

9. Place your lighter away for a minimum of a few days until you'd gotten over the worst of the habit. Your lighter can cause issues in reminding you to have that cigarette.

10. It's important to consider all the difficult things associated with quitting smoking. As you experience these, you will understand that this is only temporary and it's going to get better everyday, otherwise you'll feel like discarding this battle if you do not notice what's inflicting all the pain. You may experience headaches, anxiety, nausea, insomnia, vagueness, irritability, constipation, gas, dry throat, vertigo, dizziness, fatigue, restlessness, weight gain from increased appetite.

These ten ways to quit smoking made a huge difference in my life. Today I feel great knowing that I live a healthier lifestyle and I make good use of all those dollars that used into smoke.

Do you want to quit in smoking? Learn tips in how to do this. Click here for more information:

To your success,

Rick Weitl

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