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MyAdvertisingPays is that company & its set
to revolutionise the way people make money online.

Position: The era of Multilevel Marketing Mobile has arrived
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*Mission, Vision and Values*

Build a solid, sustainable and accessible business model to all. Participate and contribute with social and economic progress.

Build society based on quality of life, bringing the individual potentials to a level of excellence.

Attitude, Ethics, Professionalism and Social Responsibility.

Wings and the Digital Market

The online universe exceeds our expectations every day. New technologies, new concepts, e unique ways to explore are built every instant.

Information technology applicable to mobile solutions is today a fast growing market. A reality that moves millions of dollars daily with downloads of every sorts of apps.

Wings Network will bring its Members into this global movement, helping them building and developing their own business and fulfilling their dreams, while having fun.

Welcome to Wings Network!