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Laminine testimonials.. is this possible ??

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The Avian Egg Extract 'Perfect Health' Report ===============================================

Hope you are feeling GREAT .. in Near Perfect Health ...
and you're Super HAPPY today !

Below are more Laminine Testimonials sent in from a few of my
( and even furry 4 legged Laminine users)

Plain and simple.. SUPER FOOD ,
Laminine.. is Changing lives !

Are YOU ready to take the 30 Day " Make me Feel GREAT" CHALLENGE?

*** Take Laminine capsules for 30 days ..
and You're Guaranteed to Feel better , mentally and physically, than you Ever thought you WOULD .. or You Ever COULD..

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End of Story.
..but the Beginning of a Re-balanced.. fortified Body.. and a 'Sharp as a Tack' Brain !

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a DOCTOR testimonial

I have been on Laminine for 3 weeks now. I am a Naturopath over 15 yrs. Always in good health and have normal blood pressure. Taking supplements over 20 yrs. Never on prescription drugs. 56 yrs old now taking small dose of Bio HRT for hot flash.

Ever since my 30 yrs old daughter passed away 16 mos ago. My blood pressure have been very high, the top number around 130, but the bottom number stay on high 90's and sometime went up to 107.

I have been using EFT to help me to release my emotional pain. It only helps very short period of time. I also add extra Omega 3 and extra antioxidants on my daily regimens. Still no help.

On Jan 20, 2011. A voice asked me to call Roger D. Roger shared with me about Laminine. I received my order on Jan 24. Started to take 6 capsules a day. The first 2 weeks, the blood pressure went up and down, never stable. Went through some cleansing process with my nose running all day.

The 3rd week, I have been checking my blood pressure every morning.
It is around 125/85. Sometime it can goes lower to 116/79. Now I muscle tested I only need 2 capsules a day.

Thank you God for giving me answer to help my high blood pressure.

Eda T


K. J. related this to me in the last few days about his father who had been placed in a hospice. His dad had suffered from several heart conditions, was incontinent, could not walk having to use a wheelchair, suffered from a confused state of mind & depression, had lost 50+ pounds, and not given much hope by his physicians.

He started taking 1 Laminine daily, slowly increasing his dosage to several Laminine daily, and by the end of 2 weeks was continent, being able to walk to the restroom, gained 5 pounds and, according to Kevin, in the best state of mind he has been in for two years.

The nurses at the hospice have been so amazed by his improvement that a half dozen, or so, have requested to meet with us on their day off on Tuesday of this coming week to learn more and order their own Laminine. Looks like the Laminine Crusade has caught fire here in south Texas!

All praise & honor to The Great Physician who has created our body to heal itself given the proper nutrients & care.


*** Sue has only been using the Laminine for one month!
Sue's testimony:

The first thing I noticed is hormones balancing and the edge was taken off stress. I can feel a calm like I never felt before.

The week of Thanksgiving (I am a mother of 6, with the last four being teenage boys:) My husband was out of town on a business trip, I was planning the family trip to drive north, the kids were off school, I am trying to build my business of Laminine, & helping a friend with cancer and running my so called normal household duties. Through all of this, I told my sponsor, "I feel as cool as a cucumber!" If this would have been before Laminine, I would have been stressed out, to say the least.

Previously, with hormones out of whack, I would cry real easy, when I didn't get enough sleep. If I was sad I cried, if I was happy I cried. Then my kids would look at me and they would say, "oh no, there goes mom again!" Speaking of sleep, I believe I am getting deep sleep, regardless of what hour I went to sleep. Here again, before Laminine, most nights I had difficulty getting to sleep.

With my vision, I have astigmatism in one eye. About a month or so previous to starting Laminine, I noticed at night it was getting a little blurry. Wasn't excited about another eye exam so was pushing the appt off. Now I noticed the lettering on signs are crisp and can read the numbers on the clock at night and they are not fuzzy.

A year ago I had fallen on ice, twisted my back as I was falling and landed on my right hip. I had pain! ended up going to the chiropractor and found it was torn ligaments/muscle tears & they would heal in a few months time. Well, almost one year later I was using a heating pad at night with essential oils on the area, in bed to take the pain away.

It would go away and the then next day
if I did anything to lift, bend or carry things...the pain would be back. With Laminine, I noticed right away it disappeared. It came back only one day, a week later when I wore high heels. I then stopped wearing them for a few weeks and now the last few days I'm
wearing high heals...No problems. :)

I have had sinus migraines for years, stuffed up head from allergies. Trying many natural remedies, going away from chemicals in the home, etc. Still had a couple of headaches this last year and one was just coming on previous to starting Laminine. I kept waiting for the headache to really kick in and waiting for the pounding in my head. bypassed me this time and I hope for good. :)

Just think about this, this all happened in ONE MONTH! but also............I have lost 4 pounds and some odd inches from my tire around the waist!

I have had some detoxing, flu like symptoms. Some will get them, some will not. Just think...for this product to work, it goes into the stem cells and rebuilds and maintains them. How miraculous is that?

The body will do the healing, as long as you give it the right tools. When you have all the amino acids in one capsule, the building blocks are there for repair, now all you have to do is take them! They don't work by looking at the beautiful container of capsules :) you need to get them into you and work on getting your body healthy now.

I have stopped all my other natural products so I can give a testimony without other products in the mix. I am so thankful for this product, it is truly a gem in a million.

Thank you for letting me share what Laminine can do for the body!


Testimonial for Zoé

Zoé is a thirteen and a half year old Bichon Frisé. She had been exhibiting signs of ageing in the past few years-----joint stiffness, less energy, some signs of "doggie dementia" meaning she was less alert and didn't seem to understand commands any more. We also had the impression at times that she was depressed.

Bichons are known as very nimble little dogs but these past few years, we had to help her get up on the couch. After a few days on Lamanine, (I give her the equivalent of one third of the powder in one capsule) Zoé began having more energy, jumping up on the couch without any problem and responding to commands again.

She actually seems to have gotten younger! Now, every morning, if I forget to give her the Laminine, she sits next to me and whines and gives me quizzical looks until I finally realize what she wants.

She's asking for her daily dose of Laminine! Watching the "rejuvenation" of my senior dog has
convinced me of the benefits of this supplement!

Denise R.
Ottawa Canada

Below is an amazing LAMININE VIDEO TESTIMONIAL given at a LifePharm meeting.

WHAT About You.. Will you be NEXT ? Will you share YOUR Life-changing testimonial ..

Tap Below and I will show you how to get Healthy .. .. get your Laminine for free, and
grow your bank account . .within days!

To the best health ever..
Richard Cooper

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Adrian Frank   1198 day(s) ago
GREAT Press Release, Richard, fellow Empower Network-er! See ya in Austin, TX where we will RELEASE our Inner BA$$! GO EMPOWER NETWORK!!! Thanks for sharing, so back to da top with ya! God bless! :D
Michelle Gabre   1234 day(s) ago
Thanks for sharing this great information!
Herman van Niekerk   1234 day(s) ago
Great release, thanks for sharing Richard.
DeeDee Coleman   1234 day(s) ago
This post is filled with really good information. Thanks for sharing with us.

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