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Social Media Is Being Sociable
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If we aren't really sociable we don't need to use social media, even for marketing. There are several great social sites that are specifically for online marketers but even there we still need to be sociable by looking at what other marketers are promoting and even sharing what other marketers are promoting. As the above article points out being "sociable" within the social media world includes having a sense of humor, being open and being considerate. Every post we make on a business social network "wall" or "dashboard" doesn't have to be promotional or a sales pitch. Simply sharing a salutation or an inspirational quote will undoubtedly brighten up another member's day. If we aren't a truly sociable person we should just stick to the anonymity of traffic exchanges and e-mail safe lists as far as online marketing is concerned because social media is being sociable.

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MIKE DIALS   1403 day(s) ago
Short and to the point Roosevelt! Thanks for sharing this about being sociable! have a great Easter! :)

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