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Good Advertising Etiquette and Getting Paid to Advertise FREE
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As online marketers, it is very important that we don't fall into spamming with our advertising by placing too many ads each day on the same site. Each site has their own specific rules as to what constitutes spam.

1-If you find your ads not appearing after you have posted them it is probably due to the fact that the advertising site has found your posts violate their many spam rules.

2-Most important is to find multiple sites to advertise on so you can mix up where you are placing your ads from day to day. You can use your search engine to locate many alternate advertising venues/locations. Find about six locations or so that you can rotate.

3-Change the advertising copy each time you post. Don't just copy and paste the exact same title and body of your ad into several categories on the same advertising site.

4- Change the category each time you post. There are usually more than one category where people would look for what your are offering.

5-Be adventuresome. Advertise all over the world.

6-Advertise in a different geographic area each time you post.

7-Do not post for more than one week. One week is optimal because older ads will probably not be seen any way.

All of these recommendations will keep you in good relations with the classified ad sites.

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This above video explains from A to Z how the money flows. It details how the RPP program works, the 2 x 5 matrix, the matching bonuses, and the rank qualifications. This video tells you everything you need to know.

If there is anything else you know of that offers this same awesome type of opportunity right now, please let me know.

I can be contacted at

May all your wishes come true!

***Embracing opportunity is living fully; shrinking into safety is to live a life of quiet desperation. Imagine your life because you said yes to opportunity. Imagine where you will be in one year, two or three. Amazing isn't it?

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