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Common Reasons Your Ads Might Be Denied! Part I
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Good Day Everyone,
I have just begun my journey with network marketing and all that involves. One of the big issues I came across early on was in posting free ads. I'm starting on a shoestring budget so I'm using as many free tools as possible.

I've learned the tough way that there are important guidelines that your ad will be measured against, so it is to your advantage to at least be aware of them if you want to post your ads as smoothly and successfully as possible.

Firstly there are a huge number of affiliates from many different marketing sites posting multiple identical ads in multiple states for the same exact business. You are most likely not the only affiliate from your company posting. The ad sites don't want every single category in every single state filled with endless pages of identical copy-paste affiliate ads for the same 10 companies. They consider that spam.

So if you sell Widgets in Oklahoma, ONLY post in Oklahoma. If you are an affiliate who sells Whatsits in California, ONLY post in California. Do not attempt to post 50 identical ads if you have not paid for the upgrade which allows you to do so.

Some sites will even shut down your entire MLM or affiliate program from posting ads at all with them, if your fellow members don't practice ad posting etiquette. Please, follow the rules, or your entire MLM or affiliate program could suffer being permanently banned.

The following is by no means a complete list as each site has their own particular spam rules. So check each site if you see your ad isn't being accepted.

Here you will find a listing of several of the common reasons that your ads might be questioned, denied or even terminated by the ad sites....

§ Entering false contact information during the User Registration process. They may ban any user who has filled in gibberish, swear words, or other rude / fake / offensive information.

§ Duplicate accounts, or similar registration information to that which has been previously entered by other users is prohibited. If you contact the ad site ahead of time and ask permission, they may be able to accommodate you if there is a good reason. But if they find 15 identical free accounts posting identical free ads without asking permission first, they may delete them and ban you or the company from posting in the future. So please, contact them so they know that you're not just another automated spam-bot.

§ Duplicate ads. As a Free user, you are usually limited to a few ads of similar (but not identical) content. Featured Members do not have this restriction.

§ Posting a website URL or link in the title of an ad.

§ Multiple external links per ad and linkspamming. One website reference per ad, please. There are clearly labelled areas where you may post your links in each ad.

Some of the sites I've visited are trying to stay legally compliant.....and usually don't allow ads for Loans, Credit Repair, Home Loan Modification, or any related industries, for the simple reason that these are high-scam industries.

Please look for the completion of my list in Part II Common Reasons Your Ads Might Be Denied!

Thank you for reading, please comment and I hope this will cut some of the advertising frustration I know we have all experienced.

Robin Rigoli

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