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How Compassionate Communication is Changing Our World
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I want to Welcome You All to join the 2012 Empathic Transformation Telesummit: How Compassionate Communication is Changing Our World, a 31-day event from March 20th through April 18th.

§ Have you ever heard of Nonviolent Communication (NVC)?
§ Are you interested in creating a more compassionate world?
§ Interested in working, playing, living together with more mutual understanding, acceptance, authenticity, and deeper connection with ourselves and each other?

Estrella Brighid is bringing people together to integrate the consciousness of Marshall Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communication (NVC)
and to co-create a world where we’re all committed to an awareness of universal needs, presence to our own and others experiences, seeing beyond right and wrong thinking, and power to seek that which would make our lives more wonderful.

My guess is that you’ve daydreamed often, like I have, about what it would be like to live in a world infused with this approach to relating to ourselves and to each other.

And that’s why I wanted to share Estrella’s vision with all of you. She has brought together her personal mentors and peers to share their presence and wisdom of their personal journeys with Nonviolent Communication. The event is bringing together a growing network of people committed to this vision. We are taking a look at the various ways NVC can be applied in our daily lives and I personally am inspired to seek the transformation necessary to bring about more compassionate communication in my life.

They are sharing how to integrate the skills and principles of NVC in real and tangible ways, inspiring all to integrate NVC with other modalities, and bringing us back to the heart in areas of our lives where we’ve previously found it most difficult to put these types of principles into practice.

The summit started March 20th but there are still several more leaders who will be speaking about how to integrate and apply Nonviolent Communication in our life’s work.

The summit provides…
§ Connection to a global community of people practicing and living the NVC principles all over the world.

§ Free access to live, 60-75 minute calls each day for 30 days through your choice of phone, skype, or web.

§ Free access to 72-hour replays at a time that works for you.

§ Recording packages of the entire telesummit will also be available.

Please Join Us and Register Free for access to the remaining sessions of this insightful telesummit

Have a Compassion-Filled Day!

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Sandy Blomstrom    1380 day(s) ago
Compassion Communication - what a concept! Thanks, Robin!
Robin Rigoli   1380 day(s) ago
So nice to know that someone is reading about something very important to me and understanding that skilled communication coupled with compassion could mean the difference between huge misunderstandings or successful collaborations.
Robin Rigoli   1380 day(s) ago
Thank you David for understanding the need for more compassionate communication!
Annemarie Berukoff   1384 day(s) ago
Great blog about an essential topic combined: Communication and Compassion. Thanks for sharing.
David Modica   1384 day(s) ago
Compassionate Communication - excellent information... thank you!

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