posted on: 4/17/2012 3:53:32 AM EST

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Social Network Marketing is the process of advertising,promoting and selling ideas,concepts,beliefs and philosophies in a social environment. Social networks provide the economic and communal algorith that people need to word-of-mouth information.
Social Media Can Build Trust:Just Follow These 10 Tips:
1.Use of graphics that help build your social media trustworhiness
2.Increase your social proof
3.Build strong real life relationships
4.Be consistent with your online and offline message
5.Be what you preach
6.Remember they are real people
7.Invite Users to talk to each other
8.Center around the customer,not the brand
9.Tweet-and tweet thing that matter
10.Help a slove their problems
Not Generating Leads From Social Media?
Here's Why:
1.You are in the wrong social media
2.Not putting likes and shares on your website
3.Not making the most of captured attention
4.Not adding value through content
5.Not combining with email
6.Not clearly directing users to take action
7.No clear Tracking metrics

See the blog to have more in depth details.There is a poll questions as well.Please give your answer for.You just need to answer the question your personal details will not be required.
Hope this blog would be helpful to you.

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petrus viorel   1391 day(s) ago
congratulations nice blog
Ron Kaiser   1391 day(s) ago
thank you for sharing this information with us Samirah. Much success!
Darren Hudson    1391 day(s) ago
Thanks for sharing, this is Helpful for everyone Samirah great value
Tony Jackson   1391 day(s) ago
Thanks for sharing Samirah. This is a very good list to follow.
Hitesh Sangani   1392 day(s) ago
thanks Samirah great blog

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