posted on: 6/5/2011 12:05:34 PM EST
Help for the New IBO Associate
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Help For the New IBOer

Making the most of IBO!!

First i would like to say welcome to IBO, I'm sure you will find a great place for you to network, and gain mass amounts of knowledge!

First things first, make sure you fill out your new IBO profile completely! This is a start on getting you and your business out there! IBO will promote everything you do on here ie..your blogs,ad's wall posts. So make sure to have all your correct information in place. network network! You need to start adding associates. The best way to start this is to go to the leaders board, click on names, and request association. I say to start with the leaders because they are there for a reason, connect your name to them and it will help you to continue to grow your connections! Hint...The more associates you have the more your name will pop up, thus more exposure!

Third thing, is make sure to watch the training videos. They are full of great information, and are really quite easy to follow, with out being time consuming.

Talk on the wall, keep in mind to keep it professional at all times, remember IBO spreads out to multiple sites, so a ton of people will be watching!

Ask questions if you need to, we are all here to network after all, and I'm a firm believer that what you put out you will get in return, and usually more!

Here is my last and I think most important tip...
HAVE FUN...if you aren't having fun you are doing something wrong!

Your Friend,
Sara Higgason
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