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How to achieve a successful Kleeneze business
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If you love to chat, genuinely love to help people and build rapport then this business model could before you. Having belief in the Kleeneze products and the company which is British which was started in 1923 helps your posture as you go to deliver the well known Kleeneze catalogues. You never sell products, just sell yourself, after all people buy from people that they like. Some people are lazy and some people can’t get out of bed to put out their catalogues. They start the business with good intentions by buying a business kit but they never make it out of the starting blocks. Panic and doubt has set in and the word ‘I can’t’ is all they see. Others set off but because no-one was agreeing to have a catalogue that day they decide to quit. Others put their catalogues out and go back in a couple of days. They also did not receive any orders so they also decided it does not work and pack up without giving it a chance. I remember when I started I came out my house turned left and knocked on doors, I had a straight 10 No’s from people when they answered. However, I had belief in what I was doing, so I continued and after those initial 10 people saying no to me, I was getting yes’s. I ended my first day by speaking to 50 people, leaving catalogues with them and collecting those 2 days later. My orders came from 8 people which came to a total of £169, earning myself £35.51 21% commission. Two days later I went out and repeated what I did on my first day, I gave catalogues to 50 people who I spoke to, 9 people ordered – total retail £221.25, earning £46.46 commission. When you start this business it is best to develop a habit which you keep for 30 days, when you keep going out and meeting people and handing over catalogues it becomes a way of life. It is such a simple business to do, but many people are not prepared to do what successful people are prepared to do. To find 50 people to talk to you might have to knock on 100 doors, it took me 4 hours doing that but that was last year in April was worth it I am now reaping what I is now 3rd June 2012 and I have 600 customers. I work my business part-time because I also have an IT Training & Life Coaching business. So, if your broke and just staying at home eating pizza, watching TV and playing computer games and are ignoring your situation, it will not be long before poverty sets in. As the Lord says Proverbs 14.23 “In all labour there is profit. But idle chatter leads only to poverty”. Reading the bible gives you food for your spirit man (soul, mind). You will always find the answers for your life when you read and search this book diligently. The Lord reigns!

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Bruce Ashman   1343 day(s) ago
Hi Sandy - thank you for sharing your story. Persistance and belief are core toachieving success. Congratulations and keep it going. Like and share coming your way.

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