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IBOtoolbox Overview Guide

Published on 10/26/2016
For additional information  Click Here

Hey, awesome one !

You know why?

Because  you are investing your precious time to learn more about this incredible platform. And that is awesome.

Let me tell you something…

If you will play your cards right this system can be ALL YOU NEED to build a successful (profitable) online business.

And in order to do so... all  you need to do is to invest time and effort (from your part) to make it happen.

So let’s not lose any more time and go straight to business, shall we ?  

What is IBOToolbox?

I read many websites/blogs to kinda get a feeling about what IBOtoolbox is all about.

My conclusion...

Basically, IBOtoolbox is a platform for marketers to connect and by using tools IBO offer for FREE, grow their business.

What else a good marketer needs?

Enough for everyone !

IBOtoolbox is in online space for years… so it’s well developed and grown as a huge MARKETPLACE for thousand of people, and thousands of thousand of people visit that site from all over the place and more, and more are joining every single day. There is enough for everyone -ABUNDANCE.

Destined To succeed !

The only factor (in my opinion) that will determine your success with IBOtoolbox platform will be...

  • How well you know the platform-system.
  • How well you use FREE tools.
  • And the work ethic you put it.

That’s it!

Nothing else (in my opinion) can stop you to succeed in utilizing this platform and growing your business so you can make money online.


I will help you with the first point ’’How well you know IBOtoolbox platform’’. And I will share and help with second point as well, but only for those who are in my business.

The reason I cannot share them with everyone is because, if I give those techniques to too many people, they will slowly lose their effectiveness. And of course, I’m building my own online business as well, so if you cannot succeed in yours, you can  always join mine and work with me.


In the end, we all know it’s all up to us.

I cannot help with the last one point ’’the work ethic you put in’’ it will be only up to you.

Example from bodybuilding,

I can give you the best training on how to train your muscles. I can give equipment all for free. I can make an ideal eating schedule and overall  plan -what you need to do to get your body in great shape. I can motivate you while you are training. I can do all sort of things.

But in the end, you are the one who will need to pick up that dumbbell and workout. And do it consistently for a long period of time to see results you seek.

Exactly the same applies here. Only your goal is not to get a great muscle tone, but to reach your income goal.

Don’t you ?

Dear online marketer. The money you want to make the life you want to live


and it can happen relatively fast for you if you are willing to do what needs to be done to get results you want.



                                                     IBOtoolbox Overview

Now let's take a closer look at IBOtoolbox platform.



1. IBO Wall. This is where all Ibotoolbox members post their wall posts (this is where you can spam your link with your offer but please, do it intelligently). Also when you publish a press release or a video, all people for a short time will see it and have a chance to click, watch, like and comment on your press release or video for extra exposure.

2. MEMBER ADVERTISING ADS.  They are placed all over the IBO-system unfortunately, they are not converting at a good rate but still, if you advertise those ads massively they will give you some results. However, many, many people do not click on the ad itself but rather on the person who advertises. And they do so to explore more about who that guy/girl is and what he/she offers.

I tested for a week and a lot of people went to my IBO profile even thought I didn't have a lot of stars and my ads were not as good as they could be.

Imagine... to have a great profile page loaded with value and real genuine  personality behind it. And those 95 % who fail and all are interested in making money lands on your page and sees... he/she can help me to finally make money online.


But in order to build a page loaded with a value, you need to be valuable. If one puts work -success is guaranteed.

And that is just 1 strategy into IBOtolbox you can (create, build)  to generate great, long-term, lasting results. And trust me... there are tons of them and we can create more. The most important thing is as I mentioned before. Thousand of thousand of people who are interested and want to make money online can be found in 1 place from who 95 % fail  making money online and are looking for the way to do it. Guys this is LASER TARGETED TRAFFIC to work with.

(Slowly you will realize... how interconnected this system is and why the more time you put in, the more expansionary results you will get.)

3. IBO FEATURED MEMBER OF THE DAY. Basically, everyday system randomly chooses one active IBOtoolbox member and gives him IBO featured member of the day. Once that is achieved his profile info is seen in that section for a whole day. In the results of that his traffic dramatically increases.

Imagine... if one create a massive value based profile through  (press release, videos and stuff) and gets featured one day as featured member of the day. In that moment he gets what ?

 That right a  MASSIVE exposure from all the system and now... a lot of people can see what a great value he has been created. And in that day he will get MASSIVE results and people will be amazed, but what they don’t see was all the work he put in before he gets featured.

The work is behind the scenes. Competition is the easy part. Behind the scenes is where all the work is done. Everything is done to get to that one race you need to run.

- Usain Bolt

4. SITE NAVIGATION (main menu).


Now we will explore all Site navigation (main menu) sections, so you will know them like you know some people in your life. You know their name and who they are. Same here. We need to know every section name and what it’s and how to use it. So we can use this platform as optimal as we can, so we can get great results four our business. The focus is on building a business the goal is to make money.

Always remember that !



There will be 15 sections. For best results go through every section slowly and sequentially.

You see... I know how our conscious and subconscious mind works. Consciously you can think ''O... I know that I read that text next, next ,next'', but your subconscious mind learns things differently more from pictures, images and experience. So the best way (long-lasting)  to learn is if you read the section and then go and explore yourself then come back and move to the next one.

Listen, you will use this platform for a long time, of course, if you are serious about building a long-term successful (profitable) business online. So there is no need to shortcut learning curve for something that you will use for a long time. BE SMART !




      1.Dashboard. Dashboard is like a home page in websites. Nothing too much else to say.

  1. My Earnings. Here you can see commissions you get paid if you refer someone to IBO toolbox and they buy IBO credits.

Note: you need to have a club IBO membership to qualify for commissions.

  1. My leads. Here you can find your leads that you generate throughout IBOtoolbox platform. Someone contact you or you invite someone through your referral link. Here you will find their contact information in lead form.
  2. My messages. This is simply the place through which you send and receive messages from your associates.
  3. My associate. As the title says the place you can find your associate and accept other people associated requests.

Bonus:. Every IBOsocial Profile has a built-in LiveChat system so you can communicate with your associates without leaving the site.


  1. My advertising. Place for you to create and monitor your ads. Those ads are quite easy to create and run. The only thing… probably many of you will not know is how to get ‘’GRAPHIC URL’’ from your pictures you want to create ads. You can manage to do it through this site Simply upload your image > copy DIRECT LINK code and paste it GRAPHIC URL section.

Please note that you need to have CREDITS in order to publish your Ads. Check the CREDIT CENTER section for information on how to earn CREDITS.


  1. Credit center. Is all about IBO credits. You need credits to convert them into impressions to run your ads.

You can buy credits at very low cost or you can earn them for free by just using the system. Learn more about it in EARN FREE section. Even though this system is completely for free you can increase your results and save time if you invest some money. But to get most of your credits you need to know platform well and do things in a smart way to get good results.

Abundance formula- Get more from less. When you will be able to get more from less then you will be able to do less and get more. ( I forget where I get this quote, but it just pup in my mind so I share it.)

  1. Edit profile. This is your profile page. Nothing to really talk about. Basically the page you for your personal information and links for your businesses that will be shared to the public.  Everything is in steps and you just need to follow and complete every step. SIMPLE.
  2. Edit account. Again nothing to really talk about. here you can change your username and password and change some general settings.


  1. IBO apps. Now things start to get more interesting. Here you can find some free application you can use to build your business.  I strongly suggest you to go through all the apps and try them. You need to do them not to I know level, but I did them level. To really remember information to the subconscious level you need to do things. When you only  know them  you forget very fast.

Probably in future, I will create guides specifically for each app (I don’t consider IBO Press Release as an app, but whatever)  but this is an IBOtoolbox overview guide.  Right?

  1. IBO resources. This is something I don’t suggest you to go through right now because it will take a long time to do so. But hey,  they can be a good tool for your business . Every tool is different and can be used in many ways. I suggest you skip this for now and put in your to do list, for something you need to do later. It will take a time to slowly sequentially go through all of them and implement in your business, but it will be worth it.

I can create a separate guide for each of them, but only if you guys will ask for it. Actually, I would love to do it. I love the process of exploring, learning and putting things together right and then teaching others, but if there is no demand and no reward for me, why should I do it?


  1. Newsletter. A place where you can follow for the latest news in IBOtoolbox.. Newsletter comes every Sunday. By the end of the newsletter, you can get a code that you can redeem for IBO credit.
  2. Referral links. Like the title says. Here you can get your referral link in various sizes and forms.
  3. Search. With this simple thing, you can  find all the members that are in IBO platform-system.  Most of you will not see the beauty in it, but trust me... if you use it right, it can be golden for you. because you can  find there all  members that are in IBO platform-system. With the right strategies and consistent work, this alone can get you a continuous flow of leads and sales.
  4. Helpdesk. This is pretty self-explanatory. A place to go when you have some issue or don't know what or how to do things in IBO system.



Now as you went through all the ( actually not all, as I create I see there are many more things that I could show and teach but again, this  was an overview training so  you will have and overall idea what IBOtoolbox is all about)

IBOtoolbox new member guide it’s a time for you to start building your business. As I said earlier and I mean it. 


IBOtoolbox will work if you do !

For extra resources and information visit this sites:

IBOtoolbox training- market with Cris

You'll find great courses there and  not only about the IBOtoolbox platform. 

IBOtoolbox rules  -IBO administrator

Good Luck  !



You don't need to know every single detail how everything works in order to make money online. You just need to do couple things that work and repeat them. And easily with time and work, make a substantial income online. So... find or build a little system that produces results and just keep doing it over and over again and when it works in small numbers AMPLIFY, AUTOMATIZE as much as you can, and then  WORK ON TO CREATE A NEW SYTEMS, WAY THAT WILL MAKE YOU MONEY AND MAKE YOU RICH. Multiple streams of income from multiple sources built one by one is the way to go.


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To Your Ultimate Success

Sany Fox

(Passionate Online Marketer)

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