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Our Mission Is Helping Single and Stay At Home Moms
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We all know that stay at home moms have the hardest job on the plant, so we would like to make your life a little easier.

We help moms start their own gift basket and flower career at home. Our 7 day jump start program (7 days for $1.97) is available for a limited time.

Did you know that everyday millions of people are sending gift baskets and flowers for Birthdays, Get Well Wishes, Thank You, Graduations, Teacher Appreciation Day, Congratulations, Holidays, Sympathy, Love & Romance, New Baby, Funerals, Corporate Gifts And many more!

Now you can receive training to become a professional gift basket consultant and help people with their gifting needs. No experience is required. We make the baskets and you earn the profits.

Gift basket business is one of the fastest growing businesses reaching a multi billion dollar level.


We currently offer over 300 different every day designs, many of which are available in various sizes and our selection is still growing. We offer new designs for each major holiday and additional every day selections throughout the year. You simply will not find a larger selection of beautiful gift baskets anywhere else in the industry.

All gifts with the exception of fruit and cookies are created and shipped directly from our facility by our own fantastic employees This offers a level of quality control unparalleled.

Rated as one of the top 20 businesses to successfully operate out of your own home by Small Business Opportunities Magazine, the gift basket industry provides a secure profession and profitable income for people like yourself.

La Bella Baskets Believes in the Power of Giving. When you buy gifts from LaBella Baskets you are directly contributing to our Basket of Hope Program. Every month LaBella Baskets will deliver single moms who are experiencing hardships and challenges in life a LaBella Basket. We are grateful for your support to make this program possible.

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