posted on: 5/10/2012 11:52:10 PM EST
Its Great To Comply Team!!

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ZEEK COMPLIANCE COURSE: By now many of you have taken the
compliance course (and everyone must so, if you have not, get to
it) and almost all of us agree it is nicely done and very
worthwhile. Robert reviewed it and was nice enough to send these

"Larry, Instead of drinking Margaritas on "Cinco De Mayo"(May 5th)
in a bar in the downtown San Diego Gaslamp District or "Old Town"
I decided to complete the ZEEK online compliance training.
(OUR NOTE: As huge fans of both the Gaslamp and Old Town
we would have toasted the day in Old Town first ... but that's
just us....)

"I just wanted to give you my review on the ZEEK MLM Compliance
Training. You are always so good at doing reviews and sending out
information for us, I wanted to give you my review. Feel free to
use this or distribute this information however you see fit.

"Once again ZEEK has impressed me with their professionalism and
dedication to withstand the test of time in the jungle of growing

Here are the categories of the training:

1. MLM Compliance / 4:21 Min

2. Pyramids / 5:06 Min

3. Income Claims and Earning Representations / 6:22 Min

4. Securities / 4:19 Min

5. Franchise & Business Opportunities

6. Lotteries / 5:30 Min

7. Buying Clubs / 2:44 Min

8. Certificate Programs / 1:59 Min

9. Auto Ships and Auto Order Programs / 2:07

10. Cooling Off Laws / 5:36

"The videos are first rate and well put together. I learned
a lot about home business requirements and the pitfalls we can
encounter if we misrepresent something. At the end of each section
there are 4 or 5 questions that must be answered correctly before
going to the next section. If you fail the test you can retest
again to complete the section.

"It took me about one hour total to get through this training.

"One thing I noticed is Zeekler appears to follow every rule and law
there is. Another reason to like Zeekler.

"I also noticed how many "Opportunities" I get online are blatantly
in violation of many of these laws.

"At the end of the training you can print out a
certificate. I will frame this certificate and put it on my
wall next to my Other trophy's.....

"Thanks for everything as always, Robert"

I think all of us have been pleasantly surprised to see
the quality and content of this helpful course.

A great Thank You to all of our team for your work today.

Ron Lee

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